Chapter 691 - The Final Trump Card

MGA: Chapter 691 - The Final Trump Card

However, Xia Yu and Dong Xue tightly furrowed their brows upon hearing Qiu Zhu’s words, disquiet and fear emerging onto their faces. Wuqing’s talent was too terrifying; again and again he continued to surpass their imaginations. At present, they could almost confirm that he was certainly, a true genius.

They clearly had a chance to befriend such a genius, yet they did not. Instead, due to their aim for selfish gain, they could no longer be on good terms as a result of their actions. They felt both regret and fear.

Regret—they shouldn’t have treated Chu Feng in such a way because of some minuscule benefit. They wasted the chance to befriend him, and missed the chance to be good acquaintances with a rare genius.

Fear—after seeing Chu Feng’s way of handling matters, they had to be fearful. If Chu Feng truly developed and clung onto past grudges because of their prior actions, a disaster would strike them sooner or later.

At that instant, Dong Xue and Xia Yu couldn’t help gazing at one another. Their eyes were both inundated with strong regret, yet they could do nothing. Ultimately, they could only lightly sigh and bear the consequences for their actions.

Just as the crowd looked at Chu Feng in a new light, and were astounded by his powerful fighting strength and profound attacks—whilst exclaiming without end—Zhan Feng’s forehead began permeating with perspiration from being suppressed by Chu Feng. He gasped roughly for air, seeming no longer be able to prop himself up.

In a situation like this, he too could no longer bear it. Disregarding any care for face, he turned his head back, and loudly shouted towards Ya Fei and Murong Wan, “You two, how long are you going to keep on looking for?! This child has obtained something great in this place; his power is strange and abnormal. If you keep on doing nothing and only watch on the side, after he defeats me, the ones who will be next are the two of you!”

Hearing those words, Murong Wan and Ya Fei looked at one another, and after communicating with the expressions in their eyes, they flipped their palms and both whipped out their Incomplete Royal Armament, pouncing towards Chu Feng.

At first, they truly wanted to do nothing and reap the harvests—after Zhan Feng defeat Chu Feng, they would go and collect the fruits of the Temple of Reproduction—but they did not expect Chu Feng to reach such a level of strength.

When things progressed to their current state, they could indeed no longer stand by and gazed at the sidelines. They had to quickly start and end the fight, otherwise, there would be a shift in power.

*whoosh whoosh*

*boom boom boom*

After Ya Fei entered the circle of battle, she started to throw fierce attacks at Chu Feng. The pink longsword in her hand was also an Incomplete Royal Armament, so its strength was similarly powerful.

As for Murong Wan, her Incomplete Royal Armament was relatively special. It was not in the shape of a weapon, but a zither.

The zither had the colour of emerald, as if it were forged by special jade. Circling about it was blinding light, and the zither flitted through the air, lying flat before Murong Wan.

When she strummed the strings of the zither, what came from the zither was a mellifluous and pleasant sound; however, appearing together with the sound were dark-green beams of various shapes.

The dark-green beams could turn into sharp blades, and into lightning bolts. Not only were they peculiar, they contained horrifying might. If Chu Feng were struck by them, even if he stayed alive, he would be crippled.

When Ya Fei and Murong Wan joined the fight, it had to be said that even Chu Feng felt an enormous pressure. After all, those two girls had very powerful strengths. There was absolutely no problem fighting against them one-on-one, but if he fought against these three alone, there would be pressure.

But even so, Chu Feng had not entered a disadvantageous state. With the profound Dragon Marking Sword Techniques, Chu Feng brought defense with his attacks. After experiencing the initial pressure, he had actually gotten gradually used to the rhythm. Boldly, he strengthened his attacks, and while fighting against three alone, he was, unexpectedly, on the superior side.

“Heavens! That guy called Wuqing is too terrifying, isn’t he? With his power alone, he’s suppressed the three peak geniuses of my Immortal Execution Archipelago!”

Seeing the combination of Zhan Feng, Ya Fei, and Murong Wan could still not defeat Chu Feng, the three rank four Martial Lords from the Immortal Execution Archipelago observing on the side were dumbfounded. They were thoroughly shocked.

As people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they were also born as geniuses. Thus, they deeply knew what sort of people Ya Fei, Murong Wan, and Zhan Feng were. They were true geniuses! The strongest youths under the age of thirty in the entire Immortal Execution Archipelago!

Yet, such exceptional people were currently suppressed to such a degree by a rank three Martial Lord. How could they not be stunned? If they hadn’t personally witnessed such an event, they would definitely not have believed it.

“Impossible, impossible. It must the power the Temple of Reproduction granted him! Otherwise, how could someone suppress those three with the strength of a rank three Martial Lord?!” In reality, they were not willing to believe this was true, even after personally seeing it.

As for whether Chu Feng’s strength was genuine, perhaps only Ya Fei, Murong Wan, and Zhan Feng knew best, because if one were to say Chu Feng felt pressure while fighting against the three of them, then they felt even more pressure fighting against Chu Feng alone.

At present, Ya Fei’s charming face was full of seriousness. She, who found difficulty in being defeated by those in the same realm, regardless of strength, did not dare to be any bit incautious and had to put forth her full strength.

As for Murong Wan, she pursed her lips, her pure face full of bitter agony. Although she held an Incomplete Royal Armament and threw attacks at Chu Feng from a distance, she was still unable to move Chu Feng. Not only were her attacks dissolved by Chu Feng again and again, he would even occasionally shoot surprise attacks at her, almost causing injury upon her.

Before, when she saw the exchange in blows between Zhan Feng and Chu Feng, despite already discovering Chu Feng’s power, after all, she was only watching.

At present, she was in the very situation she had been observing. Only now did she truly experience how terrifying of an opponent Chu Feng was. Fortunately, it was currently three against one; otherwise, she would have definitely been defeated.

As for Chu Feng, even though he had occupied the advantage, he did not dare to have the slightest trace of carelessness. Rather, there was a near undetectable hint of worry.

Although, if he continued like this, he would have no problem defeating the three of them, Chu Feng knew all of them had trump cards. They were none other than the Mortal Taboo martial skill Chu Feng had personally witnessed Ya Fei using back then.

The strength of the Mortal Taboo martial skill simply exceeded one’s imagination. Moreover, if Ya Fei grasped a martial skill like that, he believed Murong Wan and Zhan Feng also grasped a similar martial skill, judging by their statuses.

If one of them used a Forbidden martial skill, then Chu Feng, with the Dragon Marking Sword, could obviously not defend against it.

However, Chu Feng did not fear. After all, he still controlled three supreme Secret Skills. They became stronger along with the user becoming stronger. Their power would be completely different as well. So, that was why Chu Feng dared to be so arrogant. It was because from the start, he had already prepared a trump card for every retaliation.

“Zhan Feng, Murong Wan, we cannot continue exhausting our strength against him. The three of us will use a Forbidden martial skill at the same time to remove this blight from our eyes.” Indeed, just as Chu Feng had such thoughts, Ya Fei finally spoke.