Chapter 690 - An Unresolvable Onslaught

MGA: Chapter 690 - An Unresolvable Onslaught

“It looks like you’ve gotten quite a bit from this Temple of Reproduction. You’ve actually obtained such overwhelming strength.

“However, external power will always be external—it will never be comparable to true strength cultivated by yourself. Today, I will let you know what a true expert is!”

Even though he had also witnessed Chu Feng’s power, a conceited person such as Zhan Feng was naturally not willing to admit that Chu Feng’s own battle prowess was truly powerful. That he, as a rank five Martial Lord, was suppressed by Chu Feng, a mere rank three Martial Lord.

So, he identified Chu Feng’s current astounding power as an advantage he obtained from the Temple of Reproduction. With that, not only did it no longer seem that he was too weak. It instead made it look as if Chu Feng were the one who used evil and despicable methods, indirectly degrading him.

“Hoh. You do quite know how to console yourself. I don’t need you to judge how my own strength is. Right now, my cultivation of a rank three Martial Lord is indeed bestowed by the Temple of Reproduction; however, at the moment, I am the one defeating you. What can you do to me?” Chu Feng coldly smiled, his eyes full of ridicule.

Zhan Feng was arrogant and looked down on everyone. Moreover, not only did he handle matters ruthlessly, he was even more despicable. Particularly when Chu Feng recalled that he was going to attack Chun Wu, he was enraged and had already planned to give him a good lesson.

“What can I do to you? If I was serious, I could take care of you within seconds!

“What? Do you truly think you’re invincible after taking out an Incomplete Royal Armament? I’ll let you know what ‘There’s a sky beyond the skies and people beyond the people’ means. You are not the only one with an Incomplete Royal Armament.”

Zhan Feng flipped his palm, then a three-meter greatsword appeared in his hand. The sword had a body of silver and flashed with radiance. Moreover, with only a glimpse, one could tell it was very heavy.

After the silver greatsword appeared, the strength of Zhan Feng’s aura instantly rose as well. From his body, Martial power of the King level also faintly surged about. Without even thinking, Chu Feng already knew that the silver greatsword was an Incomplete Royal Armament as well.


Zhan Feng could not bear Chu Feng anymore. As he spoke, he flashed forward, and like a ghost, immediately appeared before Chu Feng.

*huu* The swinging of the greatsword made sounds of gales. Even the surrounding air started to twist and change, being affected by the powerful strength.

“Hmph.” But no matter how much more powerful Zhan Feng’s bravado was, Chu Feng still disdainfully smiled. The Dragon Marking Sword in his hand trembled lightly, then instantly became a pencil-straight golden light. With the fierce howling sound of winds, it jabbed straight towards Zhan Feng’s chest.

Quick, extremely quick!

Fierce, extremely fierce!

Chu Feng did not defend. Did not resist. Even more so, did not evade, but with lightning quick speed, he threw a fatal attack towards Zhan Feng.

It was not a simple attack but a deep and profound Dragon Marking Sword Technique. Not only did it have powerful strength, it even contained innumerable changes, and was supremely profound.


At that instant, Zhan Feng was abruptly alarmed. He was instantly frightened because Chu Feng’s jab was too sudden. It completely went beyond his expectations. Moreover, it was a very cunning jab. If handled improperly, it would truly be able to kill him.

Thinking up to then, how would Zhan Feng dare to continue hesitating? Gritting his teeth, enduring the fury in his heart, he retracted his attack and coincident with that, dashed to the side, aiming to evade Chu Feng’s strike.


However, Chu Feng seemed to have already expected Zhan Feng’s action. Before the golden light pierced into Zhan Feng’s chest, Chu Feng’s wrist moved slightly. The Dragon Marking Sword in his hand suddenly changed again. Before one strike struck, another came. With the sound of a gale, whoosh, the Dragon Marking Sword became a golden crescent blade of light, slashing towards Zhan Feng.

In a situation like this, Zhan Feng had no choice. He could only use his greatsword to block, defending against Chu Feng’s fierce attack.

*whoosh whoosh*

But it was useless. Before Chu Feng’s attack struck again, it suddenly changed again. It did not directly collide with Zhan Feng’s silver greatsword, but changed directions and stabbed at one of Zhan Feng’s fatal regions.


At that moment, Zhan Feng completely panicked. He never would have thought Chu Feng’s actions to be so quick and his attacks to be so cunning. It was as though Chu Feng had thought of every counter to him. Chu Feng was the first to strike, which prevented Zhan Feng from obtaining any sort of momentum.

In that situation, sweat came out of Zhan Feng’s face. Originally, he thought after taking out the Incomplete Royal Armament and with his cultivation of a rank five Martial Lord. He believed there would be no problem in defeating Chu Feng with his understanding of the Incomplete Royal Armament. He also thought of picking up the face he just lost.

But who expected that Chu Feng would be this powerful? Just now, after making his move, he was suppressed yet again. Moreover, he had no chance to retaliate. The control over the fight was firmly grasped by Chu Feng.

“How is this happening? Big Brother Zhan Feng is actually being strongly bound by that Wuqing!” At that instant, one of Zhan Feng’s subordinates had a face full of shock. The other two rank four Martial Lords from the Immortal Execution Archipelago were the same.

Murong Wan’s eyes glittered as well. Her expression was unstable, and she quietly said, “What a ferocious attack. It is simply unpredictable. One cannot guess what his next move will be.

“The Dragon Marking Sword in his hands is actually being handled even better than Temple Head Wuya himself. He’s beautifully displaying the power of the Incomplete Royal Armament. However, are these weapons so easily used? Wuqing has just gotten this sword, right? How exactly is he doing these things at present?”

Even Ya Fei frowned lightly. On her little alluring face, there appeared a hint of worry. She muttered to herself, “I didn’t think this Wuqing would grasp methods like these. It seems like we’ve truly underestimated him. If this person develops in the future, will he not become a great enemy of mine?

Ya Fei and Murong Wan sank into contemplation when they saw Zhan Feng’s actions. They clearly had an understanding of his strength; it could be said it was not the slightest bit weaker than them.

So, at that very moment, they were thinking if they were in Zhan Feng’s place, and were the ones fighting against Chu Feng one-on-one, how would they deal with Chu Feng’s fierce attacks? However, the more the two of them pondered, the tighter they furrowed their brows. Even their complexion began changing into a pale white, because the answer they had concluded to was actually “unresolvable”.

“So powerful. Junior Wuqing is truly powerful. Previously, when he defeated Zhu Tianming, a rank three Martial Lord, as a rank one Martial Lord, I thought there was some luck involved. However, looking at it now, this is true strength.

“After all, this Zhan Feng is a very famous genius in the entire Eastern Sea Region. I’ve heard that he is one of the most excellent in the younger generation before the age of thirty.

“From what I see, Junior Chu Feng truly is the powerful one. If he had the same cultivation as Zhan Feng, how would he appear then? Perhaps Zhan Feng would have no way of defeating Junior Wuqing.”

Qiu Zhu similarly had a face full of shock upon witnessing such a scene. She—also as a rank five Martial Lord—discovered her own strength in the exchange between Zhan Feng and the others. There was barely any difference, however, her own was still a bit weaker.

And when even Zhan Feng could not defeat Chu Feng, she knew in her heart that if it were her, she would have even less of a chance to defeat Chu Feng. The strength he showed not only made her feel admiration, it even made her exclaim at her own inferiority.