Chapter 689 - Overwhelming Battle Strength

MGA: Chapter 689 - Overwhelming Battle Strength

“Cleanout? You?

“I don’t care what methods you used to have raised your cultivation to a rank three Martial Lord, but let alone rank three, even if you’re a rank five Martial Lord, I would still be able to easily wipe you out.”

Zhan Feng who took a punch from Chu Feng felt he lost all face. His fury was overflowing, and when Chu Feng, at that instant, still spoke such arrogant words before them, he could not continue bearing it.

So, without caring what the golden aura surrounding Chu Feng’s body was, or how he arrived at that place, with a furious roar, he exploded his aura of a rank five Martial Lord and immediately threw an attack at Chu Feng.

*boom* Zhan Feng attacked. Though he was standing in the air and hadn’t moved, his boundless aura surged forth from his body. Instantly, it engulfed the entire palace.

At that very instant, almost everything in the palace was controlled by him. That was the terror of rank five Martial Lords. Even if they sat and guarded at one place, they could still attack cities, raid lands, and sweep through the world.


However, just as the Temple of Reproduction was drowned by Zhan Feng pressure, Chu Feng’s eyes flashed and his body trembled slightly. He then burst out his aura of a rank three Martial Lord

Not only did it act the exact same way as Zhan Feng’s—instantly enveloping the entire Temple of Reproduction—Chu Feng’s aura even equally matched Zhan Feng’s, perhaps it was even slightly superior. There was a strong trend of it suppressing Zhan Feng’s aura back down.

“How can this be? This guy called Wuqing… How is his aura so powerful? It can actually compete with Zhan Feng’s?!” Seeing that, Murong Wan’s alluring little mouth slightly widened. Her beautiful eyes were roundly enlarged as well, and her unendingly quivering brows exhibited her current shock.

“Miss, the golden aura surrounding Wuqing’s body is very strange. It has a very similar feeling with this Temple of Reproduction. I’m sure he must have gotten something in here so that’s why his current strength is so strong.” The woman behind Murong Wan replied respectfully.

“Doesn’t that mean this temple was truly opened by him?” When Murong Wan looked at Chu Feng, the expression in her gaze became even more complicated.

“I don’t know about that, but I’ve heard that this Wuqing’s Spirit Formation techniques are indeed very powerful. Though his cultivation isn’t too high level, his courage and abilities are not to be underestimated,” replied the woman, a rank four Martial Lord.

Murong Wan’s brows knitted slightly upon hearing those words, and said in a low voice, “I didn’t expect such a top-level character to have appeared in the Eastern Sea Region. Why has he been so unknown, and why has no one heard of his name?”

*boom* As they discussed, Zhan Feng had attacked once again, going straight to using a rank nine martial skill.

Rank nine martial skills were already very powerful. With the exception of Forbidden martial skills, they were the strongest attacks possible. When such a martial skill was in Zhan Feng’s hands, the power displayed surpassed one’s imaginations.

*ji ji ji ji*

Boundless Martial power was emanated, becoming countless black-coloured symbols. The shapes of the symbols were all sorts of peculiar, and they gave off strange black-coloured light. Moreover, as if they were alive, they made extremely odd ear-piercing cries.

That sound was too strange. After hearing it, it would make one’s heart feel confused. It was even hard to concentrate one’s Spirit power, as their nerves would be left disturbed.

Moreover, symbols increasingly began appearing, and in the end, they were spiraling about in a circular motion, becoming an enormous black-coloured formation. It was as if the formation could destroy everything—even the air from the places it passed were crushed into fragments.

Logically speaking, a martial skill like that would be extremely horrifying. If the Temple of Reproduction didn’t have a special composition, it was likely that the temple would have been thoroughly ruined just through the atmosphere of the martial skill.

“It’s the rank nine martial skill, Sky Devouring Spiraling Formation! It looks like this Zhan Feng has also discovered that Wuqing is not a simple person, so he’s serious now,” Ya Fei said with a dazzling smile upon seeing that. She, at present, did not have the slightest plans to attack. Like an observer, she focused on watching the show.

“Hmph. It’s just taking care of a mere rank three Martial Lord, yet he needs to make such a huge mess out of it. If he can’t use that skill to defeat that brat Wuqing, from what I see, he should just leave my Immortal Execution Archipelago. Otherwise, he would lose all of our face.” Murong Wan curled her lips. She seemed to be very dissatisfied that Zhan Feng used a method such as the “Sky Devouring Spiraling Formation” to take care of Chu Feng.

In reality, when the Sky Devouring Spiraling Formation appeared, Chu Feng knew that the martial skill was not simple.

Although it was a rank nine martial skill, it was definitely a top-quality martial skill within rank nine martial skills. Not only did it have ferocious power, it even contained a few illusory techniques. It could confuse one’s nerves, and cast their minds into disarray. If a person with inferior cultivation faced that martial skill, it was like they would immediately lose their ability to resist and become ashes.

It had to be said that the Sky Devouring Spiraling Formation Zhan Feng used was truly very strong. However, since he used such a powerful skill, it meant that Zhan Feng, in reality, feared Chu Feng’s strength a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have immediately used such a strong attack. Very evidently, he prepared to use it to obtain victory.

But it was useless, as he still underestimated Chu Feng. The power of Chu Feng’s battle prowess surpassed his imagination by a huge margin. Although he was only a rank three Martial Lord, when facing a rank five Martial Lord, Chu Feng had absolute confidence that he could win.

So, just as the Sky Devouring Spiraling Formation was going to collide into him, Chu Feng turned his wrist. The Incomplete Royal Armament, the Dragon Marking Sword, had appeared within his palm.


When the Royal Armament appeared, who would go head to head against him? Chu Feng slashed downward with his sword. A golden blade of light containing countless symbols—as well as Martial power of the King level—struck outwards.

The two forces collided, and with a breaking sound, kacha, it actually cut Zhan Feng’s Sky Devouring Spiraling Formation into two sections. The powerful rank nine martial skill, before Chu Feng, prior to being even proved useful, was destroyed just like that.

“That’s the Dragon Marking Sword?” Every single person in the temple was a knowledgeable person. Seeing the Incomplete Royal Armament within Chu Feng’s hand, they instantly recognized it to be Temple Head Wuya’s most precious treasure, the Dragon Marking Sword.

“It seems that the rumours are true. He has actually defeated Temple Head Wuya’s rank three Martial Lord disciple with the power of a rank one Martial Lord, and as a result, won the Temple Head’s Dragon Marking Sword.”

The people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago lit up their eyes. They now knew that the rumour was true. The rumour also meant that Chu Feng battle power was truly very outstanding. No wonder the current Chu Feng could slice open Zhan Feng’s Sky Devouring Spiraling Formation with a slash from the Dragon Marking Sword.

One had to know that if it were an ordinary rank three Martial Lord, even with an Incomplete Royal Armament, it would be impossible for them to defeat Zhan Feng. One could even say there was no chance of victory.

Yet, at present, Chu Feng truly—with the power of a rank three Martial Lord—used the Incomplete Royal Armament and slashed Zhan Feng’s rank nine martial skill, the Sky Devouring Spiraling Formation, into two. That clearly meant one thing: Chu Feng’s battle prowess truly went through the roof. He was able to fight equally—even defeat—an expert two ranks above himself.

At that instant, no matter if it was Ya Fei or Murong Wan, or the three other geniuses from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, all of them frowned tightly.

They did that because if even Zhan Feng could not defeat Chu Feng, then they would likely have great troubles even if they joined hands. Chu Feng, who was only a rank three Martial Lord, had truly threatened the six of them, the peak geniuses of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.