Chapter 688 - Cleanout

MGA: Chapter 688 - Cleanout

After the intense battle, Qiu Zhu, Xia Yu, and Dong Xue all suffered some injuries. Everything was set; they were no longer able to fight against Zhan Feng and the others.

As if intentionally humiliating them, Zhan Feng, Ya Fei, and Murong Wan did not do anything worse, nor did they force them to use their Immortal Talismans to leave the area.

They used powerful Spirit Formation techniques to temporarily seal their cultivation. Moreover, the three of them were locked into a Spirit Formation cage. Ya Fei and the others wanted them to look as they captured Martial Markings and snatched oddities, all the while powerless to do anything.

“Zhan Feng, may you have a horrible death!” At that instant, Dong Xue was truly furious. So furious her heart and lungs could explode. At a time like this, if she had a choice, she was truly willing to just crush the Immortal Talisman and leave this place; she did not wish to receive such humiliation.

But she could do nothing, as Zhan Feng and the others had already tightly bound her. At present, she lacked even the opportunity to break the Immortal Talisman. She could do naught but gaze at Zhan Feng and the others as they, without restraint, captured Martial Markings and gathered oddities.

“Lady Dong Xue, you are truly uncivilized. How can you curse someone after your inability to beat them?

“Don’t forget that the ones who attacked first were you. We were merely fairly returning blows.

“In comparison to you three greedy ones, Lady Chun Wu is a lot more interesting. You should really learn from her,” Zhan Feng ridiculed. As he spoke, he looked towards Chun Wu.

At that instant, Chun Wu was still standing at the entrance of the palace. Before, she did not participate in the battle so at present, not only was she uninjured, she wasn’t bound by Zhan Feng and the others either. As if she were an observer, she only looked at everything.

“Junior Chun Wu, what are you doing? Just now, why did you not join in the battle with us? Have you forgotten the oath that the four of us will live and die together?”

Only then did Xia Yu and Dong Xue realize as they were intensely fighting, Chun Wu was actually doing nothing on the side, only watching.

Especially when they recalled that Chun Wu normally had the most explosive temper out of the four of them, yet did not even make a sound when facing Zhan Feng and the others’ shameless behavior, it made Xia Yu and Dong Xue furious. They even thought that Chun Wu backed out from cowardice.

However, Chun Wu only shot them a glance as they yelled at her but did not pay them much heed. She faced Zhan Feng and the others, then kindly said, “I do not want to fight against you, nor will I fight against you. However, there is one thing here that I must obtain.

“You can ask for a condition, any condition. As long as you can give that item to me, regardless of the condition I will agree to it.”

Chun Wu’s attitude was very gentle, even a bit lowly. It did not match her nature at all, but in order to help Chu Feng get the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus, she forcefully suppressed the anger in her heart, and lowered her head at the people she hated the most.

“Lady Chun Wu, what are you saying? Logically speaking, this is the Misty Peak, it is your territory! Don’t you just take the things within the Temple of Reproduction as you wish?” Zhan Feng first laughed, then his tone changed sharply, and said very sinisterly, “But sadly, in this place, what we say, goes. Seeing that you were quite orderly just now, we will not make things difficult for you. Just stand over there and watch. Watch how we collect the things in this place. However, you should not even think of taking anything in this place.”

“You’ve truly gone too far!” Hearing those words, Chun Wu’s complexion finally changed greatly. However, she did not curse them but used a bodily martial skill and flew, like the wind, deeper into the palace, in the direction of the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus.

“Haha, Lady Chun Wu, you wouldn’t be thinking to forcefully take it away, right? With your cultivation of a rank four Martial Lord? Hahaha...”

Seeing Chun Wu aiming to forcefully take away the oddity, not a single person from the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s group stopped her. Instead, they stood still, and laughed loudly.

Only when Chun Wu passed them, flew deep into the palace, and was about to near the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus did Zhan Feng finally yell, “It seems that you also don’t know what good and bad. If I don’t give you a lesson, you will not follow the rules.”

After speaking, Zhan Feng leaped forward and flew out like the light. He actually, with a blink, arrived above Chun Wu, and at the same time, grabbed down with his large hand, aiming for Chun Wu’s hair.

“Dammit!” At that instant, Chun Wu was terrified. She, too, finally realized how big the difference in power was between her and Zhan Feng. For him to want to harm her was simply a matter of a finger flick.

At that moment, Chun Wu had already closed her eyes, preparing to receive Zhan Feng’s strike, awaiting the arrival of pain.

Zhan Feng, on the other hand, laughed continuously. He was incomparably arrogant, and his unruly laughter announced his power. However, he did not have the slightest trace of caring for a woman.

Thus, although Ya Fei, Murong Wan, and the others did not like Zhan Feng’s actions too much—in reality, they did not like Zhan Feng himself too much either—at that instant, they were, after all, standing on the same side. They did not want others fighting over the things at that place, so they did not interfere. With emotionless faces, they silently looked at it all.

“What is that?”

But suddenly, Ya Fei’s and Murong Wan’s pupils shrank and their eyes were widened roundly because they astonishedly discovered that as Zhan Feng was about to make a move on Chun Wu, on the other side of the palace, a person actually flew out of the wall. Their speed was quick, instantly coming before Zhan Feng.

“Who?” Zhan Feng too was surprised by such a sudden change. He hurriedly raised his head to look in front of him.

“Scram.” But just at that moment, the person had arrived with a great atmosphere. An iron fist with plentiful power had been thrown with a strong gale. In the instant Zhan Feng raised his head, the punch had landed on his face.

*bang* The fist collided, firmly hitting Zhan Feng’s face. The strong power not only made him fly, it even made his entire body spin a few circles in the air before finally he stabilized himself.

At that instant, everyone could also clearly see who the person was that suddenly appeared and struck Zhan Feng back.

However, when they saw that person, the shocked expressions on their faces rose to astonishment. They exclaimed simultaneously, “It’s you?!”

“Junior Wuqing?” Feeling the danger over her head resolved, Chun Wu raised her head in a daze, and only then did she find out another person standing above her. That person was Chu Feng.

“What? Surprised?

“Surprised that I, Wuqing, would appear here?” Chu Feng swept his gaze over the crowd derisively. Particularly, after meaningfully looking at Xia Yu and Dong Xue who were imprisoned within Spirit Formation, he flew down and said to Chun Wu very gratefully, “Senior Chun Wu, I thank you for everything you’ve done for me, Wuqing. However, right now, I ask you to back away a bit. It is not safe here.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he willed a purple-coloured Spirit formation to be laid. It covered Chun Wu, then with the wave of his hand, the Spirit Formation, with Chun Wu, drifted to a corner of the palace.

At that instant, Chun Wu’s beautiful face changed once again because she astoundingly discovered that the Spirit Formation laid by Chu Feng, whose cultivation was far below hers, was unbreakable even by her. It was simply incomparably firm.

“Wuqing, what are you doing?” Finally, Ya Fei and the others gravely spoke.

They could all feel Chu Feng’s change, especially the golden aura surrounding his body. It was as though it came from the Temple of Reproduction itself, making them feel unfathomable uneasiness.

And when he faced Ya Fei’s question, Chu Feng lightly smiled, then his gaze became incomparably fierce, and he said, indifferently, “Cleanout!”