Chapter 687 - Despicable and Shameless

MGA: Chapter 687 - Despicable and Shameless

Thinking of the various things he discovered after arriving at the Misty Peak, Chu Feng felt an increasing degree of unfathomability lingering about this place. It truly did not seem as simple as it appeared on the surface. There was undoubtedly a secret concealed within it, unknown to any, or an event that happened yet no one knew. However, as for what exactly it was, with his current cultivation he simply could not even touch upon the matter.


Just at that moment, a strand of light suddenly appeared within the palace. Quickly following it was the appearance of a Spirit Formation gate that stood erect above the center of the large palace, in the air.

*swish* Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly rose into the sky, came close, and carefully observed.

Through the Spirit Formation gate, Chu Feng was able to see another vast palace. That, however, was a palace dazzling in gold and jade, filled with strange and special treasures.

Large amounts of Martial Markings were wafting about within the palace, and many oddities were placed there as well. One of them lit up Chu Feng’s eyes, because it was the oddity Chu Feng painstakingly searched for yet could not find—the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus.

At that instant, Chu Feng truly was elated because on the other side of the Spirit Formation gate was the actual Temple of Reproduction. Inside, there was something he wanted.

However, just as Chu Feng was going to enter, he stopped, his gaze turning serious. Through the Spirit Formation gate, he could see a group of people from the other side of the palace entering. It was the four Misty Peak beauties as well as the six people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

At that instant, Chu Feng did not rush in because he found out even though he stood at the other entrance to the palace and could clearly see their every action, they seemed to be unable to do the same.

So, Chu Feng felt that the Spirit Formation entrance was concealed. Rather than immediately showing himself and forcing a battle with them, fighting over the treasures, why not remain silent and observe the changes, probing out their true thoughts?

“The Temple of Reproduction is truly as the legends say. There are so many Martial Marking here, and even if we evenly split them up it would be a simple thing to exchange them for Forbidden martial skills!” At that instant, Dong Xue smiled like a flower blossoming, truly being extremely beautiful.

There were really too many Martial Markings within the Temple of Reproduction—there were more than several thousand. Even if the ten of them divided them evenly each person could still obtain several hundred. Several hundred… That greatly surpassed the record Murong Xun left behind.

As long as they thought of being able to break the record set by Murong Xun, it really made them ecstatic. After all, he was the current number one genius in the Eastern Sea Region!

And other than Martial Markings, at that place there were also many rare treasures never seen before. However, for some treasures, one could tell they were cultivation oddities with a glimpse. It had to be said that it was truly a huge treasure trove.

“Divide evenly? Lady Dong Xue, I think you’re thinking a bit too much, right?” However, just as Dong Xue thought the suffering was gone and in came the sweetness, daydreaming of the wondrous future, Zhan Feng smiled maliciously. His eyes were also filled with unkindness.

“Zhan Feng, you aren’t planning to destroy the bridge after crossing the river, right?” Xia Yu chillingly asked, as she had already seen through the intentions behind Zhan Feng’s words.

“Destroying the bridge after crossing the river? Lady Xia Yu, please don’t misunderstand. Am I, Zhan Feng, that kind of person?

“However, you’ve said it before. In the world of cultivators, benefits are paramount, and those with power are supreme. Righteousness and virtue cannot allow one to be superior to others.

“Right now, in this Temple of Reproduction, with so many benefits before our eyes, do you think we truly have a need to split them evenly with you?” As Zhan Feng spoke, he shot a glance at Ya Fei and Murong Wan.

Hearing his words, though they didn’t reply, they wore light smiles on their faces. They walked with Zhan Feng and sealed the four beauties’ path to the palace.

As for the other three from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they were the same. At that instant, the six of them stood in a row and blocked the path. Their intentions were very clear: they were not preparing, in the slightest, to split the things within the Temple of Reproduction with the four Misty Peak beauties.

“Dammit. Your Immortal Execution Archipelago is really titled falsely as ‘righteous warriors who remove demons and guard the light’. I would not have thought you would do such low-class and shameless things. You invited the four of us to this place, yet push us on the side and enjoy the treasures in this place by yourselves. If this matter is known to the outside world, are you not afraid you would be laughed at by the world, and spat on for your despicable behaviors?” Qiu Zhu rebuked furiously and loudly.

“Haha! Lady Qiu Zhu, you are truly naive. Or too innocent?

“Only the ten of us know of today’s matter. Do you think anyone will believe you if you say all of that? From what I see, it would be quite decent of others to not take your words as slander.” Zhan Feng laughed loudly, reaching the extremities of shamelessness.

“God damn, so you’ve already made plans beforehand. From the start, you have never planned to share the Martial Markings in the Temple of Reproduction with us. What a disgrace it is for us to have believed you and helped you solve the barriers before,” Dong Xue reprimanded fiercely, gritting her teeth in anger.

“Zhan Feng, you better not do things too excessively. Do not forget this is still within the territory of the Misty Peak. This Temple of Reproduction is a part of the Misty Peak as well.”

“The Misty Peak invited all of you with kind hearts, allowing you to obtain the treasures of the Misty Peak. Yet now, you want them all for yourselves? Do you not fear being punished by my master, Lady Piaomiao, upon leaving this area?” Xia Yu was the smartest out of them. She immediately used Lady Piaomiao’s name to try and scare Zhan Feng and the others.

“Xia Yu, who do you think you’re frightening? Who doesn’t know that you all are only occupying the Misty Peak, but have no control over it? If you truly did, is there a need for you to fight over this place with us? Why did you not just go and take the martial skills?

“Moreover, don’t even think of using Lady Piaomiao to threaten us. Our Immortal Execution Archipelago simply doesn’t fear your Misty peak. If Lady Piaomiao dares to even touch us, I guarantee in less than a month, your Misty Peak will be flattened with no one alive.” Murong Wan spoke as well, her eyes full of disdain.

“Okay, okay. Why waste your breath with them? Since they are not willing to back away on their own, let us help them out.” Ya Fei charmingly smiled, but her gaze was full of malevolence. She did not speak many words, and was the most direct.

“If you want to force us away, that will depend whether you have the strength or not.” Qiu Zhu was enraged as well. She, as a rank five Martial Lord, was not afraid of Zhan Feng and the others.

“Haha, Lady Qiu Zhu, not to mention me joining hands with Ya Fei, I myself can defeat you alone. However, I see you have soft and weak skin, so I don’t want to harm you. It’d be better if you crushed your talisman and returned on your own.” Zhan Feng coldly smiled, not putting Qiu Zhu in his eyes completely.

“Then try and see,” Xia Yu loudly yelled, then attacked. Although she knew with her power, she could not defeat Zhan Feng and the others, and even when attacking she had to rely on Qiu Zhu, before so many Martial Markings and oddities, she did not want to give up just like that.

Thus, Qiu Zhu, Xia Yu, and Dong Xue moved at the same time, taking the initiative and throwing attacks at Zhan Feng and the others, wanting to find victory within risk.

But it was useless as the thought was good, but reality was cruel. The difference in both sides’ strength was too large. No matter how much stronger Qiu Zhu was, she was inferior to the combination of Ya Fei, Zhan Feng, and Murong Wan. As for the other three from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they were not inferior to Dong Xue and Xia Yu.

So, after only a blink, the outcome of the battle was determined. Qiu Zhu, Xia Yu, and Dong Xue were all defeated.