Chapter 686 - Horrifying Huge Face

MGA: Chapter 686 - Horrifying Huge Face

*hmm* Chu Feng waved his hands about when he spoke, and laid again, another Opening Spirit Formation. In comparison to the one he and Chun Wu joined hands to lay, this one was a lot simpler. So, with only an instant of work, Chu Feng had finished.

Shortly after, with a light yell, “Open!”, layers of golden light were uprooted, ultimately becoming a small-scale Spirit Formation door.

Although only one person could fit through that door, above it two big words were similarly written: “Temple of Reproduction”.

After the door appeared, there wasn’t even an iota of change on Chu Feng’s face. However, his smile became just the slightest bit more dazzling.

The reason why he did not fight before, and allowed Zhan Feng and their shameless group of people to kick him, the one who performed such a meritorious deed, away was because from the start, Chu Feng knew there were two doors to the Temple of Reproduction.

The first was the one that allowed ten people to pass. That was indeed the entrance to the Temple of Reproduction. However, one would need to experience some obstructions and tests before finally obtaining the harvest.

As for the second door, it too led to the Temple of Reproduction, but the only difference from the first door was that one’s harvests would be even greater after entering its door. It was the true shortcut to the Temple of Reproduction. However, it allowed only one person to pass through—the person who could see through the indication within the pillar of light, the person who was truly fated for the Temple of Reproduction.

With a light smile, Chu Feng stepped in. Immediately after doing so, the Spirit formation door vanished.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s line of sight was fuzzy. He had already entered into another space, but when he saw everything in his surroundings clearly, even he couldn’t help retracting his pupils and becoming dumbfounded. In his eyes, a shocked expression emerged.

At that very instant, Chu Feng was located within a mountain and sea of corpses. White bones stretching out forever spread to the ends of his sight beneath his feet. Some were lain flat, some stacked to form tall hills, and some even entered the clouds.

There were too many corpses in this place. So much it surpassed one’s imagination. However, something that could be ascertained was that none of them was a human corpse. Their shapes were very peculiar, and could be confirmed to be some sort of beast’s.

But some corpses were unimaginably enormous, akin to a huge peak lying on the earth. Their large sizes made Chu Feng associate them with the figure he saw before deep in the golden mist—the horrifying humanoid organism.

Most importantly, corpses of the same huge sizes were innumerous as well. Only the heavens knew how many there were at this place. Even Chu Feng could not count them all.

Other than the corpses on the ground, however, strange dark clouds covered the sky. The reason why these dark clouds were called strange was because they were clearly black, yet golden light seeped through them. Regardless, this world, no matter the location, had an indescribable oppressive atmosphere.

“What place is this? Why are there so many bones? What exactly happened here?” Chu Feng was stunned. With his sharp Spirit power, he could determine how genuine the bones were. At least, with his current strength, all the bones were from actual existences.

“Ahh, it is truly a shame. A devastating huge battle had actually occurred here and so many organisms were sent to their deaths, but regretfully, their Source Energy was all absorbed by someone. Otherwise, my cultivation would have increased greatly.”

Eggy exclaimed as well. Although, at present, she was quite sorrowful that all the remains had their Source Energy sucked away, preventing her from obtaining anything from them, her shock was greater than her regret.

From her experience, she could tell the bones at that place, when alive, were not simple existences at all. Even though their Source Energy was no more, just looking at their outer appearances, one could tell how powerful the bones’ organisms were before death.

And since so many exceptional existences died in this place, one had no problem imagining what sort of horrifying battle had happened here once. The Misty Peak concealing a secret like this made Chu Feng and Eggy feel more and more that it was not a simple place. The formation from the Ancient Era indeed surpassed one’s expectations.

They all said modern cultivation methods had reached the apex, but looking at it now, the cultivators during the Ancient Era seemed more impressive. At least, after entering the Eastern Sea Region, all of the things Chu Feng got in contact with relating to the Ancient Era were inconceivable.


Just at that moment, the strange dark clouds in the sky started to violently surge about. As it did, it actually started to transform, and in the end, became a huge face that covered the enter sky.

That huge face was odd—it kept on changing, and simply had no final state. Logically speaking, that face was very horrifying, but Chu Feng strangely had no such feeling. Instead, he felt that it was incomparably divine, akin to a god.

Weakness. An unprecedented feeling of weakness. Even within the Imperial Tomb Chu Feng had not discovered he was so weak. As he confronted the coalescence of dark clouds in the sky—the huge face that veiled the sky—Chu Feng felt himself to be akin to a speck of dust. So insignificant, so unworthy of mentioning.

But at that very instant, the pair of huge eyes on the huge face were staring at Chu Feng’s small body. Moreover, it made a voice more deafening than thunder, as if it were going to pierce through the heavens.

“I never would have thought humans these days were so weak. I waited for so long to see who could see through my formation, yet it’s such a puny existence.

“Whatever, whatever. No matter what, you still saw through some truths and because of that, I must give you some reward.

“However, if one does not experience tribulations in the journey of cultivation, they are fated to fail in becoming anyone useful. I grant you temporary power, but not power that will make you superior to all. As for whether you can obtain everything in the Temple of Reproduction, that will depend on yourself.”

*hmm* The voice that shook the heavens fell upon him, and a strand of golden light shot down from the sky, into Chu Feng’s body.

At that instant, Chu Feng felt only a warm current flowing into his body. His own aura also rapidly rose, and instantly, reached the level of a rank three Martial Lord.

However, Chu Feng knew that his current cultivation was not real. It was temporary because at that very instant, a golden aura was surrounding his body, and his increased cultivation came from that aura. If it weren’t there, then his cultivation would turn back into a rank one Martial Lord.

However, something that made Chu Feng amazed was after obtaining the strand of golden light, the scenery around him immediately changed as well. At present, he was no longer within the endless sea of corpses, but an exquisite and ancient palace.

Chu Feng swept his gaze over it, discovering that the palace was actually sealed. Moreover, it was completely empty, containing nothing inside.

“Strange. Since he bestowed upon me power, he should want me to fight Zhan Feng and the others over the treasures in this place.

“But why did he only give me power of a rank three Martial Lord? Could it be that he knows my cultivation of a rank three Martial Lord is exactly sufficient to fight a rank five Martial Lord? And that if I pass rank three, Zhan Feng will have no chance of defeating me?

“If that is truly so, doesn’t it mean it has saw through my entirety? That’s very terrifying. What exactly was it? Is it the creator of the Misty Peak or the ancient demon imprisoned in this place?”

Chu Feng was endlessly shocked. Everything just now happened too quickly and he pretty much had no chance of talking to the powerful existence before arriving at this place. But no matter what, Chu Feng knew that the sky-covering huge face definitely reached the extremities of terror.