Chapter 685 - Beneficiary

MGA: Chapter 685 - Beneficiary

When he saw that, Chu Feng’s heart couldn’t help warming up. Qiu Zhu had already gotten first and if she rushed in first, she would have definitely obtained an advantage of being first. However, she did not and instead, blocked the entrance to fight for Chu Feng’s sake.

No matter what she did before, her very actions right now made Chu Feng quite moved. It made Chu Feng know that even though Qiu Zhu was different from Chun Wu, she was also completely different from Xia Yu and Dong Xue.

“Lady Qiu Zhu, when you say it like that, you are wrong. You said this Temple of Reproduction was discovered and opened by Wuqing; however, do you have proof?” Zhan Feng asked with a firm tone.

“Just now, Junior Wuqing accurately stated when this pillar of light would disappear, and you’ve said it as well. Junior Wuqing and Junior Chun Wu were the people who appeared here first. Is that not sufficient proof?” Qiu Zhu justified.

“They indeed arrived here first, but what does that even mean? Perhaps they had good luck and located closer to this place.

“Moreover, before, he did accurately state the opening time of this Temple of Reproduction, but who can say he didn’t see a hint because he arrived here first?

“If this place was truly opened by him, why was there a need to wait for us to arrive? Why couldn’t he just open the entrance and enter? Everyone, am I right?” Zhan Feng loudly said.

“Yes!” Immediately after he spoke, the crowd all nodded and response. Especially so for those from the Immortal Execution Archipelago—their yell was loud and clear.

“You are forcing reason and being thankless!” Chun Wu roared furiously. As one of the people who opened the temple, seeing those people with no gratitude really made it unbearable for her.

“Lady Chun Wu, don’t be angry. If you want us to believe that this was opened by you and Wuqing, that’s fine. Right now, go open another entrance! If you can, we’ll believe you. But honestly speaking, if you truly had that ability, why would you fight over the ten slots with us?” Zhan Feng said very mockingly.

“That’s right. If you truly had that ability, go open another one yourself! Don’t fight over these ten slots with us!” At the same time, almost everyone else was stirred up by Zhan Feng.

During the period of time Qiu Zhu sealed the entrance, almost all of them arrived there. As long as Qiu Zhu deactivated the Sealing Spirit Formation she laid, pretty much everyone had a chance to enter. So, who would be willing to give up those two slots? It was simply diminishing their chances to be able to enter.

“Qiu Zhu, Chun Wu, don’t make a racket here. As the proverbs say: ‘Let those able do the work’. For matters such as this one, it cannot be dealt with ‘first come, first serve’. Besides, before the face of benefits, who would give up their part?

“Do not forget that the ‘strong eats and the weak’s meat’ is the rule of the cultivation world. Virtue and righteousness cannot allow one to be superior to others.” Just at that moment, Xia Yu spoke. However, she was standing by Zhan Feng’s side.

“Mm. Lady Xia Yu’s the one who’s logically sound.” Zhan Feng clapped his hand in agreement. Then, he loudly said, “How about this. Since the four of you are the masters of this Misty Peak, of the ten slots, four will be given to you.”

“As for the other six, naturally, they will be given to the strongest people in this place. And, in terms of who’s the strongest, I’m sure no one here believes they can defeat the people from my Immortal Execution Archipelago, right?” As Zhan Feng spoke, he cast his lightly squinted eyes at the people there. However, they contained clear threatening intents.

“This...” At that instant, everyone truly dared not to oppose his words. They never would have thought that a single sentence from him would immediately kill off all of their chances.

Moreover, the three rank five Martial Lords at that place were people from the Misty Peak and Immortal Execution Archipelago. If there were anyone who dared to go against their word... the outcome could be imagined. So, even though blazing fury was ignited within the crowd’s hearts, they all lowered their heads and said nothing, silently agreeing to Zhan Feng’s intentions.

“You all...” Seeing Zhan Feng lock in the ten slots with a few words—also completely dismissing Chu Feng in the process—Chun Wu’s face reddened with anger. She initially wanted to say something more, but…

“Senior Chun Wu, it’s fine. After entering the Temple of Reproduction, it would be hard to avoid a battle. With my strength, even if I come it will be useless. Rather than taking away a position, it’s better for you to represent me and enter instead,” Chu Feng said hiddenly via mental messaging.

Seeing Chu Feng, who wore a light smile on his face and lacked the slightest change in emotion, Chun Wu swallowed back the words in her mouth, then sent a mental message back, saying, “Junior Wuqing, don’t worry. I will definitely help you get the Martial marking Immortal Lotus.”

“Hoh. Senior Chun Wu, Senior Qiu Zhu, thank you for fighting for my sake. I, Wuqing, have remembered the favour today.

“However, dangers exists in that Temple of Reproduction. If you believe me, do not be the first to run out upon seeing large amounts of Martial Markings. Don’t fight for any opportunities either.” Chu Feng hiddenly sent mental messages, but only to Qiu Zhu and Chun Wu.

After hearing Chu Feng’s messages, the two of them both nodded their heads. Qiu Zhu also put away the Sealing Spirit Formation she laid. When things had developed to that point, she could only choose to compromise.

Afterwards, the four beauties of the Misty Peak, as well as six people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago—including Murong Wan, Ya Fei, and Zhan Feng—all entered the Temple of Reproduction. After the tenth person entered, the entrance of the temple indeed instantly closed, as though it had never appeared. Once again, that area was submerged by golden mist.

“Ahh, what has the world come to? This Zhan Feng is simply too domineering.

“Junior Wuqing, we truly cry out injustice in your place! This place was clearly discovered by you first. How could they be the ones to enter and obtain benefits?”

After the entrance to the Temple of Reproduction closed, many people who disbelieved that Chu Feng was the person who opened the temple now shamelessly mourned for Chu Feng.

“Actually, this is fine. Those people have left, so in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, the number of many powerful contenders have decreased. It will also be a bit easier for us to capture Martial Markings.”

“That’s right. Junior Wuqing, do you want to travel alongside us?”

Gao Xiong and the others even invited Chu Feng to go with them; however, Chu Feng could tell that they were not sincere. They were only showing sympathy on the surface.

Chu Feng didn’t even bother speaking to those who shifted their allegiance according to power only. So, he returned a smile, then paid no more attention to them. He put their actions today all into his heart. Those people will eternally never become Chu Feng’s friend.

“Since it’s like this, Junior Wuqing, let us meet in the future!” Seeing that, Gao Xiong and the others left one after the other, and with only a short moment, of the originally rowdy border region, only Chu Feng himself remained.

However, after everyone left, Chu Feng wore a light smile on his face and came up to the already closed entrance, saying with a faint smile, “You shameless people. Do you truly think you can kick me away just like that? I will immediately let you know who will be the greatest beneficiary in this Temple of Reproduction.”