Chapter 684 - The Temple Opening

MGA: Chapter 684 - The Temple Opening

The arrival of Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, and Dong Xue made Ya Fei tightly furrow her brows. After all, she could ignore Chun Wu, but Qiu Zhu, as a rank five Martial Lord as well, could not be ignored.

Besides, Murong Wan was there too. Recollecting on how Murong Wan was always in discord with her, and that she disliked Zhan Feng very much, since Ya Fei did not want to owe him any favours, she knew that most likely, she had no more chances to make a move on Chu Feng.

“Senior Chun Wu, Junior Wuqing, we finally meet again! How are you in the past few days? Were there anyone who bullied you?”

Seeming to feel shame in her heart, after seeing Chun Wu and Chu Feng, Qiu Zhu changed her usual cold attitude and actually came up and warmly inquired of their status. Looking at her appearance, she actually cared about Chu Feng and Chun Wu from her heart.

“Junior Chun Wu, I didn’t expect both of you to have arrived before us.” Seeing Chun Wu, Dong Xue’s face was full of surprise and there, perhaps, was a bit of sourness in her tone. It could be see that she was still angry because Chun Wu argued with her.

“Those words are quite interesting. Senior Dong Xue, do you know where this Temple of Reproduction came from?” Chun Wu coldly asked, curling her lips.

“Do you know?” Dong Xue chillingly smiled as well.

“I don’t know? This place was discovered by Junior Wuqing. It was opened by us both, and if it weren’t for us, how could you be looking at a sight like this Temple of Reproduction?” Chun Wu loudly asked.

“What did you say? This was opened by the two of you?” Hearing those words, everyone on scene were stunned. Especially after they learnt that a place such as the Temple of Reproduction was discovered by Chu Feng, they looked at him with even more complicated gazes.

After all, Chu Feng had only the strength of a rank one Martial Lord. However, with a glimpse, one could tell that the origin of the Temple of Reproduction was not simple at all. Yet against their expectations, it was Chu Feng who discovered it. That made people feel disbelief.

“Junior Wuqing can use a special Spirit Formation technique, allowing him to see things ordinary people cannot. For example, that Map of Unpredictability. Wasn’t it only Junior Wuqing who could accurately determine the numbers? Senor Qiu Zhu, you should realize that the most, right?” Chun Wu cast her gaze towards Qiu Zhu.

“Mm. Junior Wuqing’s Spirit Formation techniques are indeed superb. It is on a completely different level than ours, and that is not only shown through the Map of Unpredictability. Back then, during the banquet, the various Spirit Formation techniques he displayed showed his power.” Qiu Zhu nodded her head in strong agreement.

“Hmph. Even if he was the one who discovered it, so what? Right now, is he able to let us in?” Dong Xue had already cut all ties with Chu Feng, so she no longer played to befriend him. Facing the enemy, she would only speak to provoke, not praise.

“In another two hours, the pillar of light will disappear. The entrance to the Temple of Reproduction will then appear,” Chu Feng said calmly with a light smile worn on his face.

“You are certain?” But Chu Feng’s calmly spoken words gave rise to a commotion in the crowd. Almost everyone’s gazes were cast towards Chu Feng once again, especially so for Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and Qiu Zhu, who knew what the Temple of Reproduction was. On their faces, excited expressions more or less emerged onto their faces.

“It’s your choice to believe me or not.” Chu Feng indifferently smiled. He did not explain, and with the wave of his hand, he laid a Spirit Formation in the air and sat atop it. Seeing that, Chun Wu too sat by Chu Feng’s side.

“Lady Xia Yu, I wonder… What exactly is this Temple of Reproduction?” Zhan Feng asked with a smile. He was truly curious as to what kind of place the temple was. Moreover, from Xia Yu’s and the others’ reactions, he could tell that they definitely knew something.

“I haven’t heard of this Temple of Reproduction either, but Sir Zhan Feng, no need to be impatient. If Junior Wuqing’s words are true, then two hours later, we will naturally know what it is.

“However, I’ve heard my master say that there are many dangerous places in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm. So, I’d advise everyone to be a bit more careful if you are planning to enter the temple.”

Naturally, with Xia Yu’s deep scheming mind, she would not easily tell Zhan Feng and the others that the Temple of Reproduction was a place that produced Martial Markings and all sorts of other oddities. Even more so, they would tell them what it was a fabled huge treasure trove.

“Thank you, Senior Xia Yu, for the reminder. However, though I, Zhan Feng, don’t have many good qualities, I do have great courage. Perilous places are the places I enjoy challenging the most.” Zhan Tian was also not a simpleminded person. He knew Xia Yu was intentionally frightening him, so he spoke to provoke her.

“Hoh.” But Xia Yu didn’t even bother with a battle of words. She only smiled lightly, then said nothing more.

After the peak geniuses arrived, there were more people who hurried over continually. At the end, of the hundred geniuses who entered the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, there were eighty-three who arrived.

After the eighty-three arrived, it was just in time for—according to Chu Feng—the pillar of light to disappear.

The most surprising thing was that Chu Feng’s words were completely on point. The pillar of light truly started to gradually fade away, and a Spirit Formation gate with a boundless atmosphere appeared before the crowd’s eyes.

At that instant, everyone was stupefied because it not only meant that Chu Feng’s words before were absolutely correct, it also meant that he was, indeed, the person who unlocked the Temple of Reproduction.

Most importantly, on the two sides of the overbearing Spirit Formation gate, there were several rows of domineering words written:








*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

After reading up to that point, almost everyone moved at the same time. As if they were insane, they wanted to enter because not only did they see that the Temple of Reproduction was a huge treasure trove, it was limited to only ten people.

At that instant, not to mention others, even Ya Fei, Zhan Feng, Murong Wan, and Qiu Zhu, the four rank five Martial Lords, did all they could, used their quickest bodily martial skills, to fight for first entry.

*whoosh* However, something unexpected was after the first person flashed before the gate, it did not enter immediately Instead, it stood outside the gate and laid a Spirit Formation, sealing the entrance, and stopping everyone’s paths.

Focusing and looking over, it was the cold woman with beauty akin to a fairy, Qiu Zhu.

“Qiu Zhu, what are you doing?!” shouted Ya Fei and the others with a cold tone when they saw that. Their eyes were full of displeasure.

“Everyone, as the proverbs say, ‘do not forget the one who dug the well upon drinking water’. This place was discovered by Junior Wuqing first, and was opened together with Junior Chun Wu. However, this place is limited to only ten people. If it is fought over based off of strength, I’m afraid Junior Wuqing and Junior Chun Wu will be unable to enter.

“Do you think that this is fair? To know that without Junior Wuqing, you wouldn’t even have the chance to look at this entrance. However, not only has any words of gratitude been said, you are even preparing to take away their qualification. Do you not feel ashamed? Do you not think yourself to be shameless?”

Qiu Zhu completely changed from her usual silence and actually, with a face of seriousness and a ferocious tone, replied to the question at the crowd.