Chapter 683 - Everybody Hurrying Over

MGA: Chapter 683 - Everybody Hurrying Over

The Martial Marking Immortal Realm reached its final stages. Pretty much everyone knew that Martial Markings were hidden within the sandy winds up high. So, when a hundred people were confined within an area, it was hard to avoid battles fighting over Martial Markings, and they got only more and more intense.

In fact, at present, even Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, and Dong Xue—the three disciples of Lady Piaomiao—were fighting others. Moreover, their opponents were not simple at all either. They were Murong Xun’s younger sister, Murong Wan, as well as her four guards.

Eight beautiful women fighting in one place, none allowing any advantage over the other, reaching the extremities of ferociousness. It attracted quite a few passerby to witness.

*hmm* However, just as they were in a state of inseparability, a light was suddenly let out in the distance. It thoroughly lit up the Martial Marking Immortal Realm that had already entered the night.

Such a change attracted everyone’s attention. Even Xia Yu, Murong Wan, and the others who were fighting to the death temporarily halted their battles and cast their gazes towards the location that the light came from.

Though such a glance seemed insignificant, the faces of everyone on scene changed greatly because it was a boundless pillar of light that rose into the sky. Moreover, there were two big words written on the pillar of light: Temple of Reproduction.

“It’s the Temple of Reproduction? The temple from the legends has truly appeared?!” Seeing the three words “Temple of Reproduction”, Xia Yu’s and the others’ eyes instantly lit up. Others knew not what the Temple of Reproduction was, but they did.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* Thus, the three of them looked at one another, and without saying anything more, they leaped forward, and flew quickly in the direction of the Temple of Reproduction.

“Miss, where have they left?” asked Murong Wan’s subordinates confusedly as they hurriedly seized the Martial Marking upon seeing Xia Yu and the others leave, then presented it before Murong Wan.

Even though Murong Wan was young, she was a smart person. After crushing the Martial Marking her subordinate grabbed, she said in a low voice, “That pillar of light is really mystical. No matter what it is, since it made Xia Yu and the others fly there immediately, disregarding even the Martial Marking, there must be good things happening at that place. Following me closely. We cannot let them have an advantage.”

After speaking, Murong Wan leaped forward as well. While her skirt fluttered about, she was already chasing after them.

At the same time, those who did not suffer heavy injuries within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, or those who still had freedom over their movement, were attracted by the pillar of light and flew over with every fiber of their being.

On the other hand, Chun Wu who was currently in front of the pillar of light had a face full of panic. She said very worriedly, “This isn’t good. Why is the Temple of Reproduction like this? Will this not attract everyone in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm over?

“Dammit. Where’s the entrance? We must enter first, or else we won’t have the advantage of being early.” Other than being worried, however, Chun Wu started to carefully search. She wanted to find the entrance that would lead them directly in.

However, not only was the pillar of light bright, it even contained indestructible power. Even if it was Chun Wu’s most powerful attack it was completely useless which truly made her restless.

“Senior Chun Wu, don’t approach that pillar of light. It is like this because this place has already been opened. It is the intent of the Temple of Reproduction to attract everyone over. No matter what you do, it will be useless, and instead, you will only waste your strength for nothing.”

As Chun Wu’s head was drenched with sweat by panic, thinking of ways to enter, Chu Feng was very calmly circling around the pillar of light, looking at it.

Moreover, Chu Feng was using the Heaven’s Eyes to gaze. The reason for this was naturally due to the reason that his Heaven’s Eyes could see things ordinary people could not. Currently, the pillar of light was the same.

Perhaps normal people could see no more than the two big words, “Temple of Reproduction”, but Chu Feng was different. He could still see other content and indications, and it was also why he was currently so calm.

“Junior Wuqing, what do you see? Is this truly the Temple of Reproduction? Or is it just a display or trap that’s only for attracting one’s gaze?” Chun Wu asked curiously when she saw Chu Feng seriously examine it.

“It is undoubtedly the Temple of Reproduction, and the entrance is within the pillar of light. However, it will only disappear after four hours,” Chu Feng explained.

“Doesn’t that mean we will truly share everything in the Temple of Reproduction with them? This is not fair at all! It was clearly discovered by you and we opened it together, so why do we have to share it with others?” Chun Wu said, venting her displeasure at the unfairness.

However, Chu Feng wore a light smile on his face from start to finish, lacking the slightest trace of worry. He only said indifferently, “This is the scene that the creator laid. It is his intention, so we cannot do anything at all.”

“Ahh~~~~” In a situation such as that, Chun Wu too could think of nothing. So, she could only sit down cross-legged, awaiting the dissipation of the pillar of light.

While they waited, very soon several figures flew over. At the same time, those people had powerful auras, causing the entire world to tremble. Zhan Feng and the others from the Immortal Execution Archipelago had arrived.

When Zhan Feng came to that place and discovered there were actually people who reached there first, a hint of killing intent flashed past his icy gaze. However, when he saw Chun Wu and Chu Feng both waiting outside the pillar of light with their appearances of helplessness, only then did a cold smile appear on his mouth. Shortly after, he asked Chun Wu, “Lady Chun Wu, do you know what this Temple of Reproduction is?”

“Don’t know.” Chun Wu fiercely glared at Zhan Feng, then no longer paid any attention to him.

Zhan Feng was not angry at Chun Wu’s appearance because the more she was angry, the more he confirmed that despite arriving first, Chun Wu and Chu Feng hadn’t obtained any advantages. This resulted in her displeasure after he himself arrived there.

*swish swish swish...* Not too long after Zhan Feng reached that place, very quickly several more people flew over. It was Ya Fei and the others.

“Oh? Wuqing, what a coincidence meeting you here.” Ya Fei’s face instantly became joyed when she saw Chu Feng. To her, it seemed that Chu Feng was more captivating than the pillar of light.

“Ya Fei, what are you thinking about? This is the Misty Peak; I’d advise you to not act rashly.” Seeing her, Chun Wu quickly rose into the air, stopping before Chu Feng, deeply afraid that Ya Fei would harm Chu Feng.

“Oh? There’s a person protecting you already, and it’s even a small beauty. Wuqing, you’re quite impressive~” Ya Fei coldly smiled. She simply didn’t put Chun Wu in her eyes.

“Ya Fei, it seems that you’ve had some conflicts with this brat called Wuqing. With I, Zhan Feng, there is no need for you to do anything. I’ll capture him, then give him to you for punishment!”

An unexpected event was when Zhan Feng saw Ya Fei face Chu Feng unkindly, he actually provided his service on his own accord and wanted to attack Chu Feng for Ya Fei.

However, Ya Fei narrowed her eyes slightly, charmingly smiled, and loudly said, against Zhan Feng’s expectations, “Truly annoying and nosey.”


Zhan Feng’s complexion changed greatly upon hearing those words. He never would have thought that when he so kindheartedly offered his assistance, Ya Fei slapped his face in front of so many people.

“Junior Chun Wu, Junior Wuqing!” Just at that moment, a mellifluous voice suddenly rang out. Looking towards the origin, in the distant horizon, several people were flying over. Qiu Zhu, Xia Yu, Dong Xue, as well as Murong Wan and the others, had arrived.