Chapter 694 - A Confident Smile

MGA: Chapter 694 - A Confident Smile


When they heard those words, Dong Xue’s and Xia Yu’s initially joyous face changed with a whoosh. They never would have expected Chu Feng to treat them like this.

At that instant, Dong Xue and Xia Yu could really be said to be furious. They wanted to say something, but when they turned their eyes around and looked at Chu Feng, they instantly halted. Cold sweat immediately poured out from the forehead and streamed down.

At that very instant, Chu Feng’s gaze was full of killing intent. It was truly not a joke. If they dared to move on their own, it was likely Chu Feng would really kill them.

Originally, when they saw Chu Feng in a feeble state, Xia Yu and Dong Xue even wanted to go against Chu Feng’s words forcefully, but when they thought of Chu Feng’s actions before—even three peak geniuses were defeated by Chu Feng—they had no choice but to dispel that thought.

At the end, Xia Yu and Dong Xue—extremely arrogant, conceited, and forgetting camaraderie in the face of benefits—stood blankly in the air. They didn’t even move, and really didn’t do anything to the Martial Markings.

“This...” Seeing that, Qiu Zhu felt sympathy. She originally wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Chun Wu by her side.

“They are getting what they deserve. Before, they treated Junior Wuqing in that manner, yet now, they even want to be the fishermen that reap the benefits. They are simply dreaming,” said Chun Wu secretly as she pulled Qiu Zhu.

After hearing Chun Wu’s words, then looking at Chu Feng—pale-faced, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground with his eyes now shut, resting—she also felt Chun Wu was very correct.

The situation at present was all fought for by Chu Feng alone with his life. Before, due to how Xia Yu and Dong Xue treated Chu Feng before, they were indeed unworthy to collect the Martial markings and oddities at that place. So, she put away the words she wanted to say, and did not try to convince Chu Feng.

Afterwards, the two of them started to catch Martial Markings. Though they were very special—so special they could not be destroyed regardless of the strength in power—as long as one grasped them in their palm and lightly crushed, it would directly enter their bodies, and become markings that appeared on their arm.

Martial Markings seemed to have intelligence and their speed was extremely quick. They could even be said to be very sly and not easy to catch.

However, it was useless as there were many Martial Markings at that place. Regardless of how much faster they were or their ability to run, they were, in the end, confined within the palace. So, with Qiu Zhu’s and Chun Wu’s techniques, it was quite easy for them to catch the markings.

Seeing Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu taking in one Martial Marking after the other into their bodies, and with only a blink, had already captured over a dozen of Martial Markings, Dong Xue and Xia Yu were infuriated.

But even they could do nothing. Who told them to ‘have eyes but could not see’? They looked at Chu Feng wrong. Because of a tiny bit of selfish benefit, they pushed Chu Feng aside.

One could say it was all because of themselves that they were standing there longing to go, but only able to watch Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu capture Martial Marking.

Regarding that point, the two of them knew and understood it clearly. So, other than admiration towards Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu, the greater emotions they felt were regret and resentment. They regretted their prior actions and were resentful of themselves for how they treated Chu Feng. They hiddenly decided if everything could restart, they would absolutely not do that. However, the only thing the world lacked was medicine for regret. Everything that had happened could not be redone.

In comparison to those two, however, Zhan Feng’s, Ya Fei’s, and Murong Wan’s faces were fiery red. Their eyes could nearly spit out fire.

Things that originally belonged to them yet were taken away by others. How could they bear that?

“Aiyayaya, shooting through the Martial Marking Immortal Realm for so many days yet only now discovering that these Martial Markings are so easy to catch. I can’t even catch them all! Hehehe...”

As if feeling their admirative and furious gazes, Chun Wu, the naughty girl, showed off smugly as she caught the Martial Markings.

When he saw that, even the root of Zhan Feng’s teeth itched from anger. In the entire Temple of Reproduction, one could hear Zhan Feng’s teeth gritting, making creaking sounds.

“Prepared?” Suddenly, Ya Fei’s gaze changed, then looked at Zhan Feng and Murong Wan.

“Mm. Others should not even think of obtaining the things we cannot.” Murong Wan and Zhan Feng both needed.

“Crap!” When Chu Feng heard those words, his shut eyes suddenly opened and he quickly cast his fierce gaze at Zhan Feng, Ya Fei, and Murong Wan.

Also at that moment, Chu Feng could see clearly that they were staring at him as well. Moreover, a light smile of mocking arose on their mouths.

Quickly after, the three of them crushed their Immortal Talismans. They became strands of light which flashed, then instantly disappeared.

“What going on? They couldn’t get the provocation so they gave up on their own accord?” Seeing that, Chun Wu’s face was full of confusion.

“Wait, what’s that?!” But suddenly, Qiu Zhu’s complexion changed greatly because she discovered within the Spirit Formation Zhan Feng and the others were in, a round disk was left behind.

On top of the round disk were countless symbols. Those symbols were connected in rows, creating an extremely complex pattern. At that instant, the round risk was giving off blinding brilliance, and it was getting brighter and brighter. At the same time, an extremely horrifying aura emanated from it.

“Heavens! It’s an Explosion Talisman! It is extremely powerful, and will likely destroy this place!” At that instant, Dong Xue and Xia Yu exclaimed at the same time, and unhesitantly crushed the Immortal Talismans in their hands. Similarly, they became strands of light and disappeared.

“Senior Chun Wu, Junior Wuqing, quickly go! That talisman isn’t something we can endure. Don’t think about the treasures in this place! If we do not leave right now, we will lose our lives!” Seeing that, Qiu Zhu shouted loudly as well. Quickly afterwards, she too crushed the Immortal Talisman and escaped.

“Dammit, that is truly despicable!” Chun Wu, as a World Spiritist, naturally could feel how horrifying the round disk with symbols was. It was an Explosion Talisman used to drag one down with their enemy, and was probably something created by a very powerful World Spiritist.

Judging by the power contained within, perhaps even rank eight Martial Lords would be heavily injured. Those under rank eight would have no way of defending against it, let alone herself, a mere rank four Martial Lord.

So, Chun Wu did not hesitate either. She shouted loudly at Chu Feng, “Junior Wuqing, quickly crush your Immortal Talisman! We cannot stay any longer here!” After speaking, Chun Wu became a strand of light and disappeared as well.

At that very moment, within the entire Temple of Reproduction, only Chu Feng remained. In almost an instant, everyone had escaped.

Chu Feng looked at the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus in his hand, then turned around and looked deep into the palace, at the several thousands of Martial Markings, as well as various types of Natural Oddities that would assist his cultivation greatly. Chu Feng did not choose to leave. With a light smile on his face, he said, very respectfully, “Senior, I do not know who you are, but I do not believe you will allow that thing to destroy your Temple of Reproduction, nor do I believe you will allow that thing to kill the one who is related to you by fate.”

As he spoke, Chu Feng closed his eyes, but a hint of a confident smile was still worn on his face. As though he was certain he would not die.


Just at that moment, a deafening explosion rang out. At the same time, scorching white light filled the entire Temple of Reproduction, and berserk shock waves started to wreak havoc madly.