Chapter 678 - Nature Exposed

MGA: Chapter 678 - Nature Exposed

However, Chu Feng had already made his preparations. How could he allow it the chance to escape? He willed the Sealing Formation to quickly shrink, and in the end, the Martial Marking had no place to escape. It could only obediently come forth towards Chu Feng. Thus, it was easily caught by him as it entered into his palm.


After the Martial Marking entered his hand, Chu Feng opened it slightly and felt the marking instantly disappear. It became a golden light, and through his palm, it bore into his body, stopping finally on his arm.

When he pulled back his sleeve, Chu Feng couldn’t help but feel elated. He saw that the number of Martial Markings on his arm became three from two. The symbolic formations concealed on the hills were truly the Martial Markings they were so painstakingly searching for.

“Haha, I didn’t expect the Heaven’s Eyes to have such a great effect! It can actually find the hiding location of Martial Markings!”

At that instant, Chu Feng was truly overjoyed. He already found a Martial Marking at such a short distance, and since the Martial Marking Immortal Realm was so large, there were definitely even more Martial Markings for him to look for.

Moreover, since he felt that Spirit power had no effect, perhaps only he himself was the only one able to find the hidden Martial Markings in the hills. Him being in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm would then be like a fish obtaining water—he would obtain huge harvests.

Afterwards, Chu Feng examined the area he was in with the Heaven’s Eyes. After discovering there were no symbolic formations nearby, he returned to Xia Yu and the others. He did not make any noise, and just closed his eyes for a brief rest.

“Junior Wuqing, wake up~ We only have ten days of time. Right now, a day has passed already, and we need to use more time to search for Martial Markings, you know? You lazy pig! Quickly wake up!” However, Chu Feng felt Chun Wu’s voice ringing endlessly around his ears shortly after he had closed his eyes. Moreover, there was even some pain coming from his ears.

Opening his eyes, he discovered that Chun Wu was currently using her pure-white hands to twist his ear. Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and Qiu Zhu had already awoke and were fixing up some food nearby. Seeing his dazed appearance, they couldn’t help giggling immediately.

Chu Feng rose and looked into the distance. He saw that the sky had only started to let out light, but it wasn’t too bright yet. According to his estimations, he should have only slept for less than an hour.

But that was fine. In the realm that Chu Feng and the others belonged in, it was alright even if they skipped sleeping for several days and nights. At most, they would be a bit absent-minded. So, the hour of sleep was sufficient to restore Chu Feng’s energy.

“Let’s go. After a day of searching, I’m sure many people already know that Martial Markings are hidden within the sand winds. If we want to find more Martial Markings than others, we must be more hardworking than others.” After eating the prepared rations, Xia Yu and the rest of them rose into the air in succession, preparing to continue searching for Martial Markings.

“Junior Wuqing, fly higher. Martial Markings are very cunning; they will not hide in the low region of the sand winds. They will usually conceal themselves high in the sky amongst the wind,” Dong Xue reminded involuntarily when she saw that Chu Feng was flying very low.

“Seniors, I’ll be honest here. Last night, I’ve already discovered a new method of finding Martial Markings. Seniors, follow me. There will definitely be greater harvests,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Junior Wuqing, don’t joke around. My master personally told me that Martial Markings are hidden within the sandy winds high in the sky. Thus, if we want to find Martial Markings, it is best to search up high. How could you possibly find them by flying so low?” Dong Xue said with a faint smile, but within her voice, there was a bit of ridicule.

“Seniors, if you don’t believe me, you can look at this.” Chu Feng did not commence an argument when Dong Xue expressed her doubt. He pulled the sleeve above his left arm and showed it to the four beauties.

Actually, at present, if Chu Feng wanted to search alone, there would be no need to split the Martial Markings he gained evenly with them. With that, Chu Feng’s harvest would simply be unimaginable.

However, because Xia Yu and the others hadn’t abandoned Chu Feng and unconditionally shared their harvest with Chu Feng, naturally, Chu Feng could not be so disloyal. After all, in Chu Feng’s heart, friendship was more important than benefit.

For that reason alone, he did not conceal his unique method and, from the beginning, decided to share the Martial Markings with Xia Yu and the others.

“Really? Junior Wuqing, when did you catch yourself another Martial Marking?” Indeed, upon seeing that there were actually three Martial Markings imprinted on Chu Feng’s arm, the four beauties were all shocked.

“Seniors, last night, this is the Martial Marking I caught by myself last night. However, the method used is completely different from the one you used yesterday. I’m certain that only I can use this method, so that is why its efficiency will be higher,” Chu Feng said.

“Junior Wuqing, you should stop joking. Martial Markings are extremely cunning. Even the four of us must move together in order to guarantee a capture. A single person catching them really is too difficult of a job. Unless one has good luck, it’s impossible.” Dong Xue did not believe Chu Feng too much and felt that Chu Feng likely relied on luck in order to catch a Martial Marking on his own.

“Senior Dong Xue is very correct. The speed of Martial Markings is extremely quick. If it’s discovered in the air, its four sides of escape must be sealed with the cooperation of multiple people in order to have a greater chance of capturing it.”

“However, if we already know where the Martial Marking appears beforehand and a Sealing Spirit Formation is laid there, we only need to await its emergence to capture it immediately, and prevent the Martial Marking from escaping,” Chu Feng said with light smile.

“Hoho. Junior Wuqing, please don’t tell me you already know where Martial Markings will appear ahead of time!” Dong Xue suspiciously looked at Chu Feng. The derision in her eyes became stronger.

“As one would say, ‘The things you see yourself is the truth’. Right now, it’s reasonable that Senior Dong Xue does not believe me. However, if you personally see a display, you will believe me,” Chu Feng explained with a smile.

“Taking a while for testing? The Martial Marking Immortal Realm only opens for ten days. Right now, a day has passed already. What we must do next is to make every single minute and second count. Where do we have time to let you test?” Dong Xue said, sounding very displeased. At present, she was already a bit impatient.

From her perspective, Spirit Formation techniques were useless in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm. So, judging by Chu Feng’s strength, he simply did not have the ability to capture Martial Markings himself. The third one in his hands was definitely due to luck, and, right now, Chu Feng was lying.

“The Martial Marking on my arms already proves everything. If you don’t believe me, then I can’t do anything about it. Looking at it, we can only go our own ways because the method I use to search for Martial Markings is different from yours.” Chu Feng, too, was very displeased at Dong Xue’s doubt towards him.

“Junior Wuqing, you wouldn’t be thinking that I’m afraid of splitting up with you? Look at the Martial Markings on your arm carefully. Although you yourself have captured one, do not forget where the two others came from. If we did not give them to you, you would not have even gotten a strand of hair.”

Dong Xue’s countenance changed very abruptly upon hearing Chu Feng’s words. The former kindness was no more, and replacing it was a face flooded by fury and displeasure. This woman was indeed not as simple as she seemed on the surface.