Chapter 677 - The Heaven's Eyes Showing Their Might

MGA: Chapter 677 - The Heaven's Eyes Showing Their Might

When he went through the gate, Chu Feng felt his eyes going blurry and when his vision returned to normal, he was located in another world.

It was not the beautiful realm of immortals he saw before, but a continuous stretch of a mountain range. It seemed to span infinitely, and the end could not be seen. Moreover, that mountain range was very odd. It lacked any peaks, and consisted of hills upon hills, bare of life.

Indeed, they were hills. Rock hills akin to steamed buns, and there weren’t even any weeds. Moreover, the strangest thing within the mountain range were the occasionally gusts of wind appearing. Within the gales there were even specks of sand. It was extremely, extremely strange.

“This is the Martial Marking Immortal Realm?” Chu Feng felt quite surprised. How did that even look like a realm of immortals? It was simply a desolate place that could not be even more desolate.

“This is the true Martial Marking Immortal Realm. The scene we saw outside was no more than an illusion,” Xia Yu explained.

“Then how would one obtain Martial Markings?” Chu Feng had already spread out his Spirit power, but found other than bare hills and strange sand-specked winds, there wasn’t even a single hair.

“If Martial Markings were this easy to find, then they wouldn’t be Martial Markings. Just come with us.” Xia Yu lightly smiled, then rose into the air. Chun Wu and the others closely followed.

Those four grew up in the Misty Peak, so most likely, there was no one who knew the Martial Marking Immortal Realm clearer than them. So, Chu Feng didn’t express any objections and followed the four of them, flying above the seemingly limitless and borderless strange mountain range.

On their journey of flying, they did meet others. Chu Feng could see the confusion on their faces. Being in an environment like that, seeing not the slightest trace of Martial Markings, everyone felt huge pressure. After all, it was not easy coming to the Martial Marking Immortal Realm. Not a single person wanted to return empty-handedly.

So, in a situation like this, the people who saw Chu Feng and the others acted as if they saw a savior. Shamelessly, they wanted to travel alongside them, but were denied by Xia Yu and the others.

As they searched blindly, within the yellow sand that flew past, Chu Feng and the others suddenly discovered a strange symbol. It was as big as a mature pigeon, and it also had a pair of golden dazzling wings. It was flying within the gale of sand, and it was very sharp, its speed extremely quick as well.

“It’s a Martial Marking! Quickly!” Seeing it, the eyes of Xia Yu and the others lit up. Shortly after, the four of them went at the same time, instantly sealing the escape of the Martial Marking. Very easily and casually, they captured the Martial Marking.

“Senior Xia Yu, let the five of us split them equally. You take this first Martial Marking,” said Chun Wu, Dong Xue, and Qiu Zhu at the same time after catching the Martial marking.

“Mm, sure.” Xia Yu did not refuse the idea, and using her right hand, she grabbed the Martial Marking and lightly clenched. A dazzling light surged into her body from her palm, and ultimately, arrived at her arm before dimming down.

“Look, it’s a success!” Afterwards, Xia Yu even pulled up her sleeve, revealing her snow-white arm. At that instant, Chu Feng and the others could see, on her arm, that a small golden marking appeared. Just like that, it was imprinted on her arm.

And after the first success, Xia Yu and the others were elated. They started to continue searching, and obviously, the four of them had finished their preparations. Whenever they found Martial Markings, they would be caught by their lightning-fast techniques.

The markings caught were evenly split by the five of them. Although Chu Feng didn’t put much effort, he still had a split that belonged to him. Moreover, the four females did not have a single word of objection. Instead, they felt it was within reason.

Chu Feng and the others searched for almost an entire day and night. However, just as the colour of night was about to fade away, only then did Xia Yu and the others decide to take a small nap until daytime before continuing their search.

Seeing the four beauties sleeping by his side, and also looking at the two Martial Markings imprinted on his arm, Chu Feng hadn’t gone to sleep yet.

In a day’s time, the five of them caught ten Martial Markings in total. Evenly dividing them resulted in two for each. Extrapolating, ten days later, each one of them would procure twenty Martial Markings. That result was actually not bad, but it wasn’t something Chu Feng wished for.

“Heh, obviously these girls saw your potential, so they willingly sacrificed their benefits to bring you here and enjoy their harvest.

“Right now, what you are eating is equivalent to a free lunch. But I’m guessing you are really unwilling to let this go on, right?” Just at that moment, Eggy’s sweet voice suddenly rang out in Chu Feng’s head.

“Eggy, can you see the origins of these Martial Markings?” asked Chu Feng hurriedly. Eggy’s range of knowledge spanned wider than his, and even though she came from the Asura Spirit World, she still knew many things he did not.

“I can’t, but you can give the Heaven’s Eyes a try. Although the Heaven’s Eyes is a World Spiritist technique, it is different from Spirit power. Perhaps there would be some discovery,” Eggy said.

“That’s right! The Heaven’s Eyes! How did I forget about it?” A revelation came to Chu Feng after hearing Eggy’s words. After entering the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, he had always used his Spirit power to observe the realm, but there was nothing.

So, he subconsciously felt that there were no advantages in being a World Spiritist in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, which indirectly led to him forgetting about his Heaven’s Eyes.

After receiving Eggy’s reminder, Chu Feng dallied no longer, and without caring whether the Heaven’s Eyes would work, he had to at least give them a try.

In the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, during the day the sun lit up everything, but during the night no moonlight nor stars could be seen. It could be said to be pitch-black, but when Chu Feng used his Heaven’s Eyes, his eyes instantly lit up. Everything before his eyes were as though they were seen during daytime.

After a while of detailed searching, Chu Feng, to his surprise and joy, discovered on a nearby mountain head, there was a small-scale symbolic formation. Although it was very weak, so weak one that it was flickering in and out of existence, it was indeed a formation.

At that instant, Chu Feng first took down his Heaven’s Eyes. He then discovered that the formation disappeared, and after using the Heaven’s Eyes again, the formation reappeared.

Chu Feng carefully walked over and used Spirit power to examine it. He pretty much could not feel anything that differentiated it from its surroundings, as if it were an ordinary rock. However, when he used his Heaven’s Eyes to examining it, he discovered that it was like the formation had life. Indeed, only by using the Heaven’s Eyes could he see this thing.

“Chu Feng, lay an Opening Formation for a try. For some reason, I feel that the thing inside is very possibly a Martial Marking,” Eggy reminded.

“Mm.” Truthfully, Chu Feng had already thought of that too. With a thought, he first laid a Sealing Formation in his surroundings, then only after did he lay an Opening Formation.

“Open.” After the Opening Formation was operated, the symbolic formation quickly transformed and in the end, it actually transformed into an appearance of a Martial Marking. Moreover, it flew out of the rock, wanting to escape.