Chapter 679 - Each Going Their Ways

MGA: Chapter 679 - Each Going Their Ways

“Senior Dong Xue, what are you doing? Junior Wuqing is only thinking for our sakes. No matter if it’s useful or not, won’t we know if we give it a try? Why must you speak such ugly words?” At that instant, Chun Wu’s complexion changed as well. For Chu Feng, she, unexpectedly, reprimanded Dong Xue.

“Is it because I’m heartless, or is it because he lacks a conscience? If it were only the four of us, I dare to guarantee that our harvest would be greater.

“But right now, who are we doing this for? Is it not for him? Yet he talks to me like this, and even threatens me with ‘going our own ways’. What a joke. Do you truly think I’m afraid of splitting up with him?

“Chun Wu, if you didn’t plead to bring this Wuqing together with us that day, I would have never been willing to bring such a useless leech. So what if he’s good with Spirit Formation techniques? In this place, Spirit Formation techniques are absolutely useless,” said Dong Xue furiously, showing the displeasure in her heart. She was not as uncaring as it appeared on the surface regarding the matter of sharing Martial Markings with Chu Feng. Quite oppositely, she cared very much.

And at that instant, Chu Feng’s complexion became very unsightly as well because he finally learnt of the truth. Initially, he even thought Dong Xue and the others sincerely wanted to help him; however, looking at it now, it was completely different. At least in Dong Xue’s heart, not only did she feel bitter because of sharing Martial Markings with Chu Feng, even more so, she felt that Chu Feng was a leech; a burden. This was the reason why she was venting so much anger towards Chu Feng right now. It was because already at an earlier time, she disliked Chu Feng.

The thing Chu Feng could not believe the most was their “willingness” to bring and protect him was the result of Chun Wu’s imploration. As a result, Chu Feng’s heart became quite complicated. The good feelings that recently arisen for Dong Xue instantly vanished like a whisper of smoke.

“Senior Dong Xue, you’re wrong. That day... yes, I did suggest bringing Junior Wuqing with us, but I did not plead any of you. Clearly, all of you voluntarily agreed with me.

“Don’t think I don’t know what your thoughts were. When you agreed, back then, it was for no other reason but because you had your eyes on Junior Wuqing’s Spirit Formation techniques. You wanted to rely on them to obtain more Martial Markings.

“However, after arriving in this place, you discovered that Spirit Formation techniques were simply useless. No matter how powerful one’s Spirit power was, it would not be of any use, and rather, the method Master said was most direct and effective. You all felt that Junior Wuqing had no more value. You felt him to be a burden. How can you say something like this? If I am of no more value to you one day, will I become your burden as well?” Chun Wu, too, asked fiercely.

“Chun Wu, pay attention to your tone. Is this how you speak to your senior?” Dong Xue furiously rebuked.

“Chun Wu, silent. How can you be so impolite.” At the same time, Xia Yu also spoke and rebuked Chun Wu.

Only Qiu Zhu, at present, was in an awkward position. She advised quietly, “Senior Dong Xue, Junior Chun Wu, one less word from each of you, don’t argue anymore.”

“Hoho.” But just at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly chuckled. He clasped his hands towards Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and Qiu Zhu, then politely said, “Seniors, Wuqing expresses his thanks for the care yesterday. I give my endless gratitude for it, and if there’s a chance in the future, I will definitely repay all of you.”

“Junior Wuqing, don’t say it like that. This is something that we should be doing. What’s this about repaying or not repaying? If you must insist on repayment, then it should be me repaying you. After all, if it weren’t for you that day, my Spirit power very possibly wouldn’t have recovered, let alone be strengthened.” There was a bit of shame on Qiu Zhu’s face.

“Junior Wuqing, please don’t be angry. Although Dong Xue’s words before were a bit excessive, you don’t need to take them to heart. Her temper actually contains no malicious intent.” Xia Yu also spoke and urged, but very evidently, she stood completely on Dong Xue’s side.

At that very instant, although Xia Yu’s appearance was not clear, Chu Feng could tell that Xia Yu and Dong Xue were of the same temperament. Although kind normally, if they met a situation that related to their own benefit, they would change into another person.

Chu Feng did not have anything to say to those kinds of people. He sneered, then said, “Senior Xia Yu, you don’t need to say anything. I understand what you mean, but I, Wuqing, do not want to be any leech, nor anyone’s burden. I will take my leave here.”

As he spoke, Chu Feng rose into the air and flew towards the distance. At present, he did not care whether he would meet Ya Fei because he only knew that he did not want to stay behind and endure their vexation.

“Junior Wuqing! Wait for me!” But shortly after Chu Feng flew up, he heard Chun Wu’s voice from behind. Turning his head around to look, it was indeed Chun Wu who caught up to him.

“Senior Chun Wu, why have you come?” Chu Feng was a bit surprised when he saw Chun Wu.

“Since I felt Senior Dong Xue and the others are in the wrong, I want to follow you,” Chun Wu said.

“But Senior Chun Wu, are you not afraid that I was just boasting and in reality, I don’t actually have the strength to capture Martial Markings?” Chu Feng chuckled as he replied.

“So what? Do you think I can’t survive after leaving them?” Chun Wu’s face rose and slanted to the side—it was full of confidence. Afterwards, she quietly neared Chu Feng’s ear and said in a low voice, “I’ll secretly tell you this: I have five World Spirits and they are all in the Martial Lord realm!

“Although my cultivation is far from equal to my three seniors, there is still power in numbers! With them helping, I too can catch Martial Markings. At that time, you don’t even need to do anything. It would be fine to just observe on the side.

“So don’t worry. With your Senior Chun Wu, I guarantee you won’t return empty-handed. We can’t get Forbidden martial skills, but at least we need to get a rank nine martial skill, right? You must know that the martial skills in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm comes from the Ancient Era. Even if it’s a rank nine martial skill, its power is not something that can be comparable to a modern rank nine martial skill!” said Chun Wu with a light smile on her face as she patted her chest in assurance.

Seeing Chun Wu acting like this, though Chu Feng did not say much, his heart was warm. No matter how Chun Wu treated others, to himself, she was sincere and could talk about anything.

At that very instant, Chu Feng already truly, wholeheartedly, considered Chun Wu as a good friend. After all, “human hearts are made of flesh”—not rocks, otherwise they’d be coldhearted—and Chu Feng was a person who put emphasis on camaraderie. If others gave him a foot of respect, he would give them ten feet of respect. If others gave him a drop of water, he would give them an entire river.

So, Chu Feng determined not only to evenly split the Martial Markings he obtains in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, in the future, as long as Chun Wu needed it, regardless of what issue it was, Chu Feng would help her.

In the place before where they were arguing, Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and Qiu Zhu still remained standing where they were, unmoved. Qiu Zhu continued gazing in the direction of Chun Wu’s departure, knitting her brows slightly, and said very worriedly, “Senior Xia Yu, Senior Dong Xue, how can you two let them leave just like that?”