Chapter 670 - Cannot Even Take a Single Strike

MGA: Chapter 670 - Cannot Even Take a Single Strike


When the golden longsword appeared, the complexions of all the senior experts on scene changed. More or less, displeased expressions emerged onto their faces.

They all knew the origin of the sword in Temple Head Wuya’s hand. It was a very special weapon. To be more precise, it wasn’t an Elite Armament, but an Incomplete King Armament, the Dragon Marking Sword.

Although it was only an Incomplete King Armament and was greatly different from an actual King Armament, it surpassed Elite Armaments by a huge margin. It was also a very rare treasure in the Eastern Sea Region.

The Incomplete King Armament, the Dragon Marking Sword, was Temple Head Wuya’s precious treasure. It was also the weapon he used to be invincible in the realm of Martial Lords. Hence, after he took out the Incomplete King Armament, everyone knew that he was serious. To protect his disciple’s life, perhaps he would truly commence a slaughter.

If the senior experts on scene joined hands and fought Temple Head Wuya together, they could certainly suppress him. However, they wouldn’t confront Temple Head Wuya, who took out his real weapon, for the sake of Wuqing, a person completely unrelated to themselves.

Even though they greatly disliked seeing Temple Head Wuya’s haughty actions and felt even more displeased at his condescending attitude towards them, no one went up to stop him.

As for Chun Wu and the others, despite really wanting to help Chu Feng, Temple Head Wuya was really too strong. At that very instant, they had the desire but not the strength. After all, no matter how much more experts there were on the Misty Peak, they were only Martial Lords. Evidently, they were no match for Temple Head Wuya.

“Wuqing, kneel and admit your wrongs right now, then perhaps I can consider giving you a chance. Or else, even god won’t be able to save you.” Temple Head Wuya no longer cared about face when everything developed to that stage. He, who was initially in the wrong, actually wanted Chu Feng to kneel and admit his wrongs!

“That’s quite the tone you have. Today, let’s see if there’s anyone who can protect Wuqing.”

But just at that moment, a thunder-like voice suddenly exploded in the air. At the same time, a person descended from the sky and landed before Chu Feng.

It was Qiushui Fuyan. After she appeared, Temple Head Wuya’s pressure was immediately forced back. The peak also returned to its former state; it was even more serene and peaceful.

When Qiushui Fuyan appeared, everyone was shocked because her demeanor was really very special. She was simply like a fairy, untainted by the mortal world. Even though a veil covered her face, one could still see that she was a very rare beauty.

Most importantly, they could not see through Qiushui Fuyan’s aura, but seeing as she suppressed Temple Head Wuya near perfectly, they could still tell that she was a true expert, possibly a Martial King.

“Who are you?” Indeed, after Qiushui Fuyan appeared, Temple Head Wuya’s former arrogant atmosphere existed no longer as he asked very gravely.

At the same time, many people on scene stared at Qiushui Fuyan with unmoving eyes. They wanted to know where exactly she came from because at present, she was very low-profile and there weren’t many people who recognized her.

“Lovers Terrace, Lady Qiushui,” she replied very calmly.

“I have indeed heard of the Lovers Terrace, but it is merely a place where a group of conceited people live in. I do know a few with the most powerful strengths, but I have not heard of Lady Qiushui.”

After knowing Qiushui Fuyan came from the Lovers Terrace, Temple Head Wuya regathered his arrogant air because he knew despite there were many elite people living hiddenly in the Lovers Terrace, he didn’t even put the more famous ones in his eyes, let alone Lady Qiushui, one he had never heard of before.

So, he felt no matter how much stronger Lady Qiushui was, she would only be the same as him—a peak Martial Lord. Whilst holding the Dragon Marking Sword as well as grasping the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust, he felt he could definitely defeat Lady Qiushui. Thus, he said, “You and I do not know each other, but since you are Lady Piaomiao’s friend, I urge you to not be too nosy.”

“Nosy? Wuqing is the disciple of my friend, and right now, my friend is not here. When my friend’s disciple is being bullied, say, as a senior, where is the reason for me to not be nosy?!” As Qiushui Fuyan spoke, her eyes suddenly became fierce. The, the crowd had yet to react to what had happened.

With a poof, Temple Head Wuya knelt onto the ground. The powerful force actually made cracks appear on the peak that was covered by protective markings. Moreover, at present, his complexion was as pale as paper. He broke out in a cold sweat, and even his body was quivering. His gaze glittered unstably, filled with the expression of horror.

“How can this be? Is it possible that… she is truly a Martial King?”

Looking at that scene, almost everyone was dumbfounded. When they looked back at Qiushui Fuyan, in their eyes there appeared a bit more reverence.

They knew it was Qiushui Fuyan who did that. Without any change in expression, to be able to force Temple Head Wuya, a peak-level Martial Lord, to that state spoke of how powerful she was. She had to be at least a rank one Martial King in order to perform such a feat.

And Temple Head Wuya, as the victim of that situation, immediately reacted. The pressure on his body told him that his opponent was an existence he could absolutely not offend—his opponent was actually a Martial King.

“Why have you suddenly knelt? Where has your former arrogance gone? Didn’t you say, ‘If there’s anyone who dares to speak any more useless words, I’ll kill them, and even god won’t be able to save you’?” Qiushui Fuyan coldly smiled. The gaze she looked at Temple Head Wuya with was full of ridicule.

And at that instant, it was silent on the entire mountain peak. So quiet one could even hear the sound of a heartbeat and breathing.

None of them expected there to be a Martial King within the Lovers Terrace.

However, they knew that the Martial King would definitely not leave that matter—Temple Head Wuya abusing Wuqing—alone. They knew there was going to be a good show to watch soon.

In addition, Temple Head Wuya’s previous actions made them very furious. As a result, no one spoke up for him, and all of them wanted to see how he was going to suffer.

“Wuqing, what was the agreement before you and he fought?” Seeing Temple Head Wuya kneeling with an ashen complexion, unmoved from his original spot, and didn’t answer her, Qiushui Fuyan looked at Chu Feng.

“Senior Qiushui. Before, it was agreed prior to the fight that the loser dies,” Chu Feng replied respectfully.

“Then what are you still hesitating for? Since he’s unwilling to follow the agreement, why aren’t you helping him out?” said Qiushui Fuyan.

“Yes.” Hearing those words, Chu Feng first clasped his hands, then without hesitation, under the eyes of the crowd, he walked towards Zhu Tianming, one step after the other.

There was a reason why Chu Feng was so fearless and waged his life with Zhu Tianming in front of so many people.

It was because after defeating Zhu Diguang, he received a mental message. It was Qiushui Fuyan’s.

And she only said a few words to Chu Feng: “Fight to the death. I take responsibility for any incidents.”

With Qiushui Fuyan as backup, Chu Feng was naturally filled with confidence. So, that’s why he was so rampant and simply ignored any reactions Temple Head Wuya had.

At present, Qiushui Fuyan had revealed herself, so obviously, Chu Feng was even more fearless. Light flashed in his right hand, and the Asura Ghost Axe appeared within his palm.

At that instant, Zhu Tianming knew that a disaster had arrived. He used his full strength and was doing his best to climb up, but just as he arose, Chu Feng had neared. As he approached, he kicked Zhu Tianming’s face, throwing him back onto the ground.

“STOP!” Seeing that Chu Feng was about to kill his beloved disciple, Temple Head Wuya suddenly exploded and let out a roar towards Chu Feng.

“Scram!” However, just as his words came out of his mouth, Qiushui Fuyan lightly waved her hand, and with a bam, he flew backwards.

When he landed on the ground, not only was blood flowing out of his nose and mouth, everyone could even see the side of his face swelling highly, and a red-coloured handprint on his face.

In front of Qiushui Fuyan, the arrogant Temple Head Wuya could not take even a single strike.