Chapter 669 - Completely Shameless

MGA: Chapter 669 - Completely Shameless

“That is indeed the truth. Right now, I am truly curious what sort of divine figure this Wuqing’s master is, to be able to pass down such abilities.”

“Defeating a rank three as a rank one, he is truly an exceptional genius! In the future, his achievements are immeasurable. It seems that in many years, there will be another Martial King born in the Eastern Sea Region!”

After confirming what Chu Feng had used was a Secret Skill, even the senior experts were endlessly shocked. In their eyes, not only was there amazement, more or less, some admiration also surged. After all, Secret Skills were powerful legendary existences. Who wouldn’t wish to have them?

However, even though they admired, there was no one who dared to have any malicious thoughts. If Chu Feng was already so outstanding, the master behind his back would definitely be even more powerful, an existence they could absolutely not offend.

*boom* Just at that moment, a person suddenly fell from the sky and crashed into the mountain peak. The strong force shattered the banquet table on the peak into pieces.

Focusing their gazes and looking, they saw it was Zhu Tianming. However, he, at present, was truly heavily injured. He lacked even the strength to stand up, and other than the blood all over his body, he was also covered in food. He was in an extremely sorry state.

“Big Brother!” Seeing his elder brother in such a miserable condition, Zhu Diguang cried out and rushed forward. He wanted to help Zhu Tianming help.

*whoosh* However, before letting him approach, a person, like a lightning bolt, came from the sky. Not only did it stand by Zhu Tianming’s side, a foot even stepped on his head. That person was exactly Chu Feng.

“You bastard, stay away from my brother!” Seeing his elder brother humiliated in such a manner by Chu Feng, Zhu Diguang furiously dashed forward.

“Scram.” However, Chu Feng who had already used his real strength simply didn’t put Zhu Diguang in his eyes. With the wave of his big sleeve, he forced Zhu Diguang away through the air.

“God damn, I will kill you!” Zhu Tianming ferociously said when he heard his younger brother’s shout.

But before letting him continue speaking, Chu Feng suddenly put strength into his right foot and with a cracking sound, Zhu Tianming’s nose was snapped.


That pain made Zhu Tianming shriek, but there was not the slightest trace of sympathy on Chu Feng face upon hearing that sound. Instead, he coldly asked, “Shall I do it, or will you do it yourself?”

“He isn’t truly planning to kill Zhu Tianming, right?” Many people were frightened when they saw Chu Feng’s action. They didn’t expect Chu Feng to be so coldhearted: he was really going to kill Temple Head Wuya’s most valued disciple in from of him. That was simply equal to not putting Wuya in his eyes at all.

“If you dare to even touch him again, I will skin you alive!” Indeed, Temple Head Wuya wouldn’t just watch Zhu Tianming die like that. He pointed at Chu Feng and explosively yelled. At the same time, he emanated his aura of a peak Martial Lord.

The powerful aura was like the attack of a storm. The entire mountain peak sank into chaos, and slightly weaker people in the younger generation were getting destabilized and could not stand normally. Even Chu Feng felt huge pressure.

But even so, his face did not change. Instead, he laughed loudly, and said, “So, Temple Lord Wuya, you’re this kind of person. Before, you mocked that I, Wuqing, wasn’t worthy to receive the misty Badge, and now, with the defeat of this fight, you are going to go back on your word. No wonder your disciples were so shameless and despicable. It seems that they learnt it from you, their master.”

“Brat, don’t think that spitting words at me will do anything. It is only a matter of seconds if I want to kill you.

"However, for Lady Piaomiao’s sake, I now give you a chance. Quickly release Tianming, or else don’t blame me for not holding myself back.”

Temple Head Wuya’s face was ashen. At present, he didn’t even care about having face or no face. He only knew that he could not allow Chu Feng to take away Zhu Tianming’s life just like that.

“Temple Head Wuya, it is a pity that you are such an esteemed master and a senior. How can you be so unreasonable? When Zhu Tianming and Junior Wuqing made the bet, you did not stop him; when Zhu Tianming used the Forbidden Medicine, you did not stop him; yet now, you’re stopping Junior Wuqing? Do you have no shame?” Just at that moment, Chun Wu stood out, pointed at Temple Head Wuya, and fiercely rebuked.

“Temple Head Wuya, it’s not that I, Xia Yu, have no respect for you, but your very actions right now are truly inappropriate for your status,” Xia Yu also dissuaded.

“Senior Wuya, I urge you to think over this.” Even Qiu Zhu, the one with fairy-like beauty, dissuaded with her pleasant voice.

“Wuqing, you’re still not stopping? It looks like you are truly looking to die.” Temple Head Wuya paid no attention to the crowd. He waved his sleeve, then formless shock waves rippled outwards.

*hmm* At that instant, Chu Feng felt a bad situation approaching. Even though the shock waves were formless, Chu Feng could still feel pressure that was akin to mountains toppling and oceans overflowing. In a situation like that, he could only will his supreme Secret Skill—the Black Tortoise Armor Technique—to protect himself.

*boom* However, Temple Head Wuya was too powerful. It was on a completely different level than Chu Feng’s strength. Just as the shock wave neared, it threw Chu Feng back into the air.

“Kneel down.” But that was not the end. Just as Chu Feng was thrown into the air, Temple Head Wuya’s palm abruptly flew downwards. With a bang, Chu Feng crashed into the ground.

Even though Chu Feng had the Black Tortoise Armor Technique protecting his body, a mouthful of blood was still forced out. However, Chu Feng knew that Temple Head Wuya didn’t have killing intent. Or else, his strike could have definitely turned Chu Feng into ashes. In the eyes of a peak Martial Lord, he, a mere rank one Martial Lord, was akin to an ant.

“Temple Head Wuya, what are you doing?!” Seeing that scene, Chun Wu and the others were furious.

“Wuya, as a senior, how can you treat a junior in such a way? You have gone too far with your current actions,” Old Lady Wugong rebuked as well.

“Yeah! Wuya, you love your disciple closely, so sure, save Zhu Tianming. However, you are in the wrong by harming Wuqing.”

“That’s right. I’ve seen shameless and despicable people, but it is still the first time I’ve seen a person like you.” Temple Head Wuya’s actions stirred up the crowd’s anger. Almost all of the seniors there spoke to rebuke his actions. Even the younger ones stared at the three of them with disdainful gazes. No matter what after today, Temple Head Wuya’s horrid name was going to be spread for far.

“All of you shut the hell up! If there’s anyone who dares to speak any more useless words, I’ll kill them.” However, Temple Head Wuya suddenly shouted loudly, and at the same time, his palm flashed, a longsword then appeared in his palm.

That sword was not very broad, but it was very long. Moreover, it was exquisite and beautiful. The body of the sword was golden, and on it special markings were engraved. Most importantly was the aura that sword gave off. It was completely different from an ordinary Elite Armament, and it was more similar to the pink flower sword Ya Fei used before.

After the golden longsword appeared, the aura of the entirety of Temple Head Wuya became even stronger. A hurricane formed by martial power swirled endlessly with him as the core. The horrifying pressure had already engulfed the entire mountain peak.