Chapter 668 - The Outcome Has Been Determined

MGA: Chapter 668 - The Outcome Has Been Determined

“Wuqing, today, I, Zhu Tianming, will rip your corpse into ten thousand pieces!” When he received such humiliation in front of so many people, Zhu Tianming was ready to explode. With the flip of his palm, a medicinal pellet appeared on it.

The medicinal pellet had light swirling around it. Moreover, it was the three colours black, white, and purple. It emanated a powerful and strange aura, and it was actually able to automatically absorb the auras of the world.

“Three-coloured Forbidden Medicine?!” Everyone’s expression changed when they saw that Forbidden Medicine. The medicinal power was determined by colours. The deeper the colour, the stronger the medicine power. The more colours there were, the more ferocious the medicine power got.

The Black and White Rakshasa was a two-coloured Forbidden Medicine, but it was still able to cause a Martial Lord’s strength to increase greatly. Yet, at that instant, Zhu Tianming actually took out a three-coloured Forbidden Medicine. Its medicinal power was far above the Black and White Rakshasa’s, and if one consumed it, it wasn’t impossible for their strength to enter the realm of rank four Martial Lords.

*whoosh* When the pellet was taken out, Zhu Tianming had consumed it. When the pellet entered his mouth, instantly, three strange gases—black, white, and purple—gushed out of his body.

*huu huu huu~~*

The three gases were like flames, burning within his body. Not only did it bestow upon him power infinitely near a rank four Martial Lord, it even instantly healed his wound. The immense power of the three-coloured Forbidden Medicine was currently fully manifested.

“Temple Head Wuya, it is only a spar between those in the younger generation. There is no need to have a fight to the death,” Old Lady Wugong urged Temple Head Wuya.

“It’s that brat called Wuqing who precisely wants to have a fight to the death, not that I want him to.

“If you want me to tell Tianming, at this time, to stop, is that not equal to admitting defeat? If that Wuqing, regardless of what, uses that as a reason and wants to put Tianming to death, can you bear that responsibility?” At the same time Temple head Wuya coldly snorted, he also fiercely glared at Old Lady Wugong. He disliked very much that she was being so chatty at that time.

“Yes, that is true, but your disciple is a rank three Martial Lord. Right now, fighting against a rank one Martial Lord is already bullying the weak as the strong, yet he even consumes a three-coloured Forbidden Medicine. Even if he wins, it is not a proud victory. Quickly tell him to stop!” Old Lady Wugong continued urging him.

“The winner is the king, and the loser the thief. The three-coloured Forbidden Medicine Tianming used is his own. If that Wuqing can, he’s free to use it as well! Not to mention three-coloured Forbidden Medicine, even if he uses a four-coloured Forbidden Medicine, I will absolutely not care about it. I’m only afraid he has none,” Temple Head Wuya said while curling his lips. He, who had already lost all face, no longer talked reason.

“You… There is truly no medicine that can save you.” Old Lady Wugong was also endlessly furious with Temple Head Wuya’s attitude, but she could do nothing.

“Hmph. Everyone, that Wuqing wants to have a fight to the death with my disciple. I would advise that no one to interfere.”

In addition, the thing most unexpected was that Temple Head Wuya not only allowed Zhu Tianming to use Forbidden Medicine, he even stood up and threatened the crowd, warning them not to act foolhardy and try to save Chu Feng.

“It looks like he’s going to use the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust.”

Chu Feng observed the change in Zhu Tianming’s body, and discovered at present, the motion in his body was the exact same as his brother, Zhu Diguang, earlier. However, the power was many times stronger. That was indeed the prelude to coalescing the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust.


Upon discovering that Zhu Tianming was clearly going to use the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust, Chu Feng did not dodge, and instead, strode forward. Stepping on the air, he moved quickly towards Zhu Tianming.

“Seeing that Tianming will use the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust, so you want to stop him? Truly idiotic. Do you really think Tianming has the same strength as Diguang? I don’t mind telling you that Tianming’s Sky Breaking Sword Thrust can definitely make you die with no corpse!” Below, Temple Head Wuya loudly shouted. His tone was full of ridicule.

“Truly shameless.” Chun Wu and the others gritted their teeth in anger when they saw Temple Head Wuya’s actions. They, however, could do nothing. Since his strength was too powerful, and Lady Piaomiao was currently not there, no matter how much more furious they were, they were absolutely powerless.

“Come! Let me see how strong your Sky Breaking Sword Thrust is!”

Even though Temple Head Wuya was mocking him, Chu Feng did not slow his speed; instead, he flew quicker and quicker. Moreover, he started to provoke Zhu Tianming.

Many people could not understand Chu Feng’s move. They felt he was simply looking to commit suicide; however, no one noticed that the Asura Ghost Axe in Chu Feng’s right hand had been put away. Moreover, a special and strong power was currently gathering in his palm.

“Haha, you do quite have the guts. Since you’re so impatient to die, I’ll grant you that wish!”

Zhu Tianming, who used the Forbidden Medicine, was brimming with confidence. He felt that Chu Feng was undoubtedly dead. His loud laughter grew maniacal, and with the golden sword in his hand, he pointed it abruptly at Chu Feng. With a humming sound, a strand of light, full of limitless power, convened and shot explosively towards Chu Feng. Although, at present, it had yet to take form, it was indeed the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust.

“Then I must also let you see my own technique.” Chu Feng sneered. He suddenly threw out his right palm, and with an aoo—a roar—a wave of light covered in black stripes shot out from his palm. It was the supreme Secret Skill, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

*boom* At that instant, the distance between Chu Feng and Zhu Tianming was too close. Before the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust and White Tiger Slaughtering Technique even took shape, they collided into one another.

Instantly, a deafening explosion rang out when the two smashed together. A powerful shock wave swept through the world, and even the mountain peak below was engulfed. If it weren’t for the senior experts shielding it, likely, the banquet atop the peak would have been ruined.

Even though there were Spirit Formations from senior experts, everyone was still able to see how horrifying the berserk ripples were outside. Even though the battle between Chu Feng and Zhu Tianming hadn’t reached the level of rank four Martial Lords, it had already infinitely neared such a level.

Finally, when the never-ending ripples gradually faded away and the sky mended from its shattered state, caused by the explosion, the ripples, too, slowly dissipated.

When everything returned to their initial state, everybody on the mountain peak was dumbfounded. At that very instant, Chu Feng stood in the air. Although his clothes were a bit ruined, there were a few injuries on his face, and his face was a bit pale, he was still able to stand in the air.

Zhu Tianming, on the other hand, when others looked at him, not only did he have a body covered with wounds and dripping with blood, he was currently held by Chu Feng with his hands. The outcome of that battle had been decided.

“Powerful. The martial skill Wuqing used just now was powerful. Could that be a Mortal Taboo martial skill?”

“No. It doesn’t seem like a Mortal Taboo martial skill. To be more precise, it’s likely that it isn’t a martial skill, but the Secret Skill from the legends.”

“What? Secret Skill!”

“Mm. It’s not only the one just now. Before when he fought against Zhu Tianming, the shield he used is likely also a Secret Skill.” There were no ordinary people on scene, so in an instant, someone had recognized the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique Chu Feng used.

“Really? Having one Secret Skill is already outstanding. This child actually has two?!

“Does that mean he has an extraordinary origin, and that his master is incomparably powerful?”