Chapter 667 - Fighting to the Death

MGA: Chapter 667 - Fighting to the Death

“Zhu Tianming, you’ve lost.” Chu Feng, too, ignored the discussions of the crowd. With a light smile, he looked at Zhu Tianming in the distance, who had an ashen complexion.

“Lost? The one who’s lost is you!” However, that battle was about life and death, so how could Zhu Tianming admit his loss so easily? With the flip of his palm, a large golden sword appeared within his palm.

It was a Mastered Elite Armament. Moreover, the quality of it was superb; it was a lot more powerful than his brother’s silver Elite Armament. It could even be compared to Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe.

When that Elite Armament was taken out, Zhu Tianming’s atmosphere instantly increased by many times. Then, as he held the golden sword, he headed straight towards Chu Feng. He truly had the demeanor of a lord descending into the world, and was over several times stronger than when he previously used the Spirit Formation techniques.

Facing Zhu Tianming at present, even Chu Feng felt huge pressure. It had to be said that to Chu Feng, a rank three Martial Lord was still very challenging.

But even so, Chu Feng did not cower. Instead, he curled his lips up, forming a hint of a smile. Shortly after, radiance flashed in his right hand. The Asura Ghost Axe appeared within his palm.

*ta ta* After the axe appeared, he stepped on air and rushed towards Zhu Tianming. In only a blink, the two of them had come together and were fighting.

*whoosh* After Zhu Tianming neared Chu Feng, he waved his arm. A slash of a sword came slicing by, aiming straight at Chu Feng’s neck. He aimed to take Chu Feng’s life.

However, Chu Feng did not evade Zhu Tianming’s ferocious attack. Instead, he turned the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand and cleaved down from above, wanting to rend Zhu Tianming’s head into two.

At first, Zhu Tianming only sneered at Chu Feng’s suicidal method of fighting and felt he reached the extremity of stupidity. After all, he was a rank three Martial Lord. In terms of Spirit Formation techniques, Chu Feng could use his more practiced skills to patch the distance in strength.

But if they had a battle of Martial power, when Chu Feng was being supported by cultivation two full ranks below, Zhu Tianming felt Chu Feng simply had no chance to defeat him. So, he prepared to use his lightning-like speed of a rank three Martial Lord, as well as Chu Feng’s foolishness, to immediately strike Chu Feng to death with that one strike, to retrieve the lost face.

However, what he didn’t expect was Chu Feng’s speed to also be extremely quick. It was actually not the slightest bit inferior to his, and in that situation, if he continued, he would only suffer injuries along with Chu Feng, possibly even die alongside him.

*whoosh whoosh* So, at that instant, he dared not to continue fighting to the death. He could only dash away, and simultaneously retract his attack to dodge Chu Feng’s own attack. However, he could do nothing about Chu Feng’s axe being too fast and its power being extremely strong. Zhu Tianming feared that matter, and already, he couldn’t evade in time.

So, with a ripping sound, Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe passed through his left arm. The powerful might actually scraped Zhu Tianming’s left arm, and despite being only a light flesh wound, quite a bit of blood still flowed out.

“God damn, you want to fight to the death? Fine, I will!”

When he was injured after the first exchange of Elite Armaments, it made Zhu Tianming, who already had a stomach full of anger, even more furious. The golden sword in his hand sliced past, intending to slice Chu Feng’s waist into two.

*whoosh* However, Chu Feng, still, didn’t care about Zhu Tianming’s attack. Just as he retracted the Asura Ghost Axe, without an iota of hesitation, he prepared to smash it again at Zhu Tianming’s head from above.

“Damn your mother. You truly think I am afraid of you? Do you think my body of a rank three Martial Lord is not as hard as yours? Today, I will fight you to the death. Let’s see who will die first!!”

Zhu Tianming truly became furious. This time, he actually didn’t retract his attack and dodge. Instead, he willed, then a bright golden veil was born from his body.

That was a defensive martial skill, at least a rank eight. Zhu Tianming had firmly decided to fight to the death with Chu Feng.


However, in such a crucial moment, Chu Fen smiled faintly. The Black Tortoise Armor Technique birthed with his thought, and at the same time, a large area of white mist spread out, instantly overrunning that land, and covered Zhu Tianming’s line of sight.

*whoosh* In the instant that white mist appeared, Zhu Tianming felt his brain tremble slightly, as though it dulled for a moment. However, he didn’t dare to be certain of it.

The only thing he could be sure of right now was Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe cleaving down above his head. So, without hesitation, he continued sweeping his golden sword over. He was truly aiming to take Chu Feng’s life as Chu Feng took his, fighting straight until one was dead.

*whoosh* However, he only heard the sound of his sword slashing the air. Zhu Tianming’s face instantly changed greatly. He had actually slashed the air! Chu Feng was obviously no longer standing where he was just now.

And at that moment, the white mist started to slightly dissipate. Zhu Tianming discovered that there was indeed a change of Chu Feng’s location—he was standing by his side. Moreover, the Asura Ghost Axe Chu Feng held in his hand had fallen down.

The might of the Asura Ghost Axe was unstoppable. With a dang, it collided into the golden shield above Zhu Tianming's head. The strong power instantly deformed the shield, then at the end, it actually burst open.

“Dammit.” At that instant, Zhu Tianming subconsciously dodged, but it was just a bit too late. Although a large portion of the power had been canceled away from Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe, it still contained very powerful strength.

The axe slid across Zhu Tianming’s face, and with a whoosh, his left ear was sliced off. However, that was not all. Continuing the momentum, the Asura Ghost Axe continued downward, and with a puchi, it ferociously cut into Zhu Tianming’s left shoulder.

“Ahh!” At that instant, Zhu Tianming made a heart-wrenching cry. It was even more unpleasant than a pig’s cry.

Putting aside the fact that he lost an ear, at present, half of his shoulder was cut; it was almost chopped off.

However, Zhu Tianming was not a simple person. Although the pain was unbearable, he still forcefully bore with it. Not only that, he stepped, and flashed away. His entire body became a strand of light, flying back quickly.

“Heavens! The two of them just started exchanging blows, yet Zhu Tianming has already been heavily injured? This Wuqing is a bit too strong, isn’t he?”

Since Zhu Tianming had left the range of the Black Tortoise Armor Technique’s Illusion Formation, everyone could clearly see his current appearance.

When they saw the rank three Martial Lord with blood all over his face and body, lacking even an ear, everyone was greatly shocked. Although they already knew how powerful Chu Feng was, they never would have thought that Chu Feng actually reached that degree of strength.

“Heh. You thought I was giving my life up for yours, but you didn’t know I had a definite certainty that I could dodge your fatal attack.

“I initially thought that only your Spirit Formation techniques were weak, but I didn’t expect your intelligence to be that low too. I must say that a person like you is truly unworthy of your body of cultivation.” Chu Feng rested the Asura Ghost Axe on his shoulder and looked at Zhu Tianming with a smile, continuing to ridicule him.

Before, the reason why he attacked with no regards for his life was because he had the supreme Secret Skill, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique, protecting him. Not only could the Black Tortoise Armor Technique block Zhu Tianming’s attack, it could even confuse him with illusions. Although it lasted for merely an instant, it was sufficient to allow Chu Feng to obtain a huge advantage.

The facts proved that Chu Feng was right. Zhu Tianming, who was angered by Chu Feng, lost his rationality a lot time ago. Even though he was still a powerful World Spiritist, he still made a fatal mistake.