Chapter 666 - Unrivaled Genius

MGA: Chapter 666 - Unrivaled Genius

“What? Betting lives?!”

When Chu Feng’s words were spoken, it undoubtedly gave rise to another commotion. A rank one Martial Lord was requesting, on his own accord, a duel to the death with a rank three Martial Lord. It had to be said that everyone on scene were terrified by his words.

“Junior Wuqing, have you gone mad? He’s a rank three Martial Lord!” Chun Wu even hiddenly sent a mental message, wanting to stop Chu Feng’s insane course of action.

However, Chu Feng did not pay any attention to the crowd’s discussion, nor to Chun Wu’s warning. He said to Zhu Tianming who was below him, “Do you dare?”

“Haha, what a joke! If I don’t dare, I’m your grandson!” Zhu Diguang laughed. From his perspective, it was impossible for Chu Feng to defeat him. In addition, he hated Chu Feng to the bone. At present, Chu Feng was actually committing suicide on his own. What reason would he have to refuse?

So, not only did he agree, he even clasped his hands at the people below, and said with a bow, “Seniors, Wuqing wants to wager his life with me; he said this himself. So, I ask you, seniors, to be witnesses in case he doesn’t admit his loss.”


Up until now, most people stood on Chu Feng’s side. They could all see that Chu Feng was a genius, and moreover, it was indeed Temple Head Wuya and the others who were in the wrong at first. So, they didn’t want Chu Feng sending his life away for nothing just like that. Thus, there was no one who responded to Zhu Tianming.

“Sir Zhu, Junior Wuqing, you are here today because of your parents; do not use your life as mere games.” Xia Yu also spoke to advise him otherwise. After seeing Chu Feng’s talent, she naturally didn’t want anything to happen to him.

“I’ll be troubling you, seniors.” However, since Zhu Tianming had the intent to take Chu Feng’s life, how could he pay attention to Xia Yu? Disregarding the reactions of the people below, he stood in the air and saluted. He pointed at Chu Feng, and said, “You are arrogant and conceited, and have no one in your eyes. Today, I will give you a good lesson for the seniors here.”


As he spoke, Zhu Tianming had already attacked. However, it was different than his younger brother, Zhu Diguang. What he used was not a martial skill, nor did it use any Martial power. It was a Spirit Formation.

The Spirit Formation was indestructible, and was called the strongest defensive method. However, in Zhu Tianming’s hands, that power of indestructibility could also become a ferocious attack.

Although the Spirit Formation was used, it was not a wall. It became many pointed blades, and it could even pierce through space. It could even rend apart the air, and such strength was not the slightest bit weaker than Martial power.

“You want to have a battle in Spirit Formation techniques, to fight back some face for your master?”

“Naive. It is a rank three fighting a rank one. In the instant you attack, you have already lost.”

Chu Feng saw through Zhu Tianming’s plans, however, he did not back away. Similarly, he willed, then boundless purple-coloured Spirit Formation became tens of thousands of sharp blades as well. In a tight-packed manner, they fell down from the sky, and flew quickly towards Zhu Tianming.

*bang bang bang*

The Spirit Formations collided into one another, and shock waves rippled in all directions. They were as beautiful as fireworks, but everyone knew what sort of terrifying power was contained within the purple-coloured aureoles.

“You have a bit of skill, but if you fight against me with Spirit Formation techniques, you will undoubtedly lose.”

Seeing Chu Feng block his attack, Zhu Tianming’s hands waved about. Under his command, countless symbols and markings appeared, then he drew a gorgeous Spirit Formation in front of him.

*wuao* When the formation appeared, a fierce roar immediately rang out. Countless huge beasts were condensed by a Spirit Formation and while stepping on the air, they soared into the sky and surged forward.

“Chu Feng, do not be careless. In terms of Spirit Formation technique, yours is absolutely superior to his; however, he is a rank three Martial Lord. With the support of his cultivation, his Spirit Formation will not be weaker than yours, possibly even stronger.” At that instant, Eggy, who had stayed silent for quite a while, reminded Chu Feng gravely.

“Don’t worry.” Of course, Chu Feng could feel as well that Zhu Tianming had very powerful strength. But even so, Chu Feng would not admit defeat. Since he wanted to fight with Spirit Formation techniques, then he would use Spirit Formation techniques to crush him.

Chu Feng willed, and similarly, a powerful Spirit Formation birth upon his thoughts. In the same manner, several huge beasts, coalesced by Spirit Formations, leaped outwards. They fought against each other in the air, but like before, it still ended up as a draw.

So, more and more powerful formations emerged and a myriad of strange battles appeared before everyone.

Blades, swords, water, fire, wild beasts, plants, all things that exist in the world were all manifested in the fight between Chu Feng and Zhu Tianming.

“So powerful. So this is the battle between World Spiritists. Millions of changes, containing all imaginable oddities. Truly wonderful,” one senior expert exclaimed involuntarily. Since cultivators were skilled in martial skills, even World Spiritists normally used only defensive Spirit Formations and martial skills to attack. It was very rare to see such a thorough battle in Spirit Formations.

“No. The one powerful should be Wuqing. With the strength of a rank one Martial Lord, he is able to avoid being defeated while fighting a rank three Martial Lord. That alone says how powerful this child is,” another senior expert said.

“Mm. Your words reminded me that the situation is indeed as you say. This child’s Spirit power is very strong, and he uses Spirit Formation techniques as his heart wishes to. If both of them were in the same level of cultivation, Zhu Tianming definitely would have been defeated.” Hearing those words, the senior expert before nodded too and praised.

*boom* Just at that moment, another explosion that shook the world rang out in the sky. As dazzling radiance flashed, people astonishedly discovered that the Spirit Formation attack Chu Feng had created spread to Zhu Tianming’s location. Moreover, it engulfed him.

But soon, boundless Martial power burst out, dissolving Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation attack. However, when the Spirit Formation dispersed, everyone’s faces couldn’t help changing.

At that very instant, the Zhu Tianming that appeared before their eyes had chaotic and untidy hair. There were even some traces of blood on his face. Clearly, he was injured by the Spirit Formation attack by Chu Feng earlier.

“He was actually defeated! Wuqing, a rank one Martial Lord, actually wounded Zhu Tianming, a rank three Martial Lord, with Spirit Formation techniques! The outcome of this Spirit Formation battle has been determined.”

That scene made everyone shocked again, because in their eyes, being able to fight evenly against Zhu Tianming meant Chu Feng was extremely impressive. That not only meant his battle power was overwhelmingly powerful, even more so it meant that his talent was extraordinary, and grasped extremely powerful Spirit Formation techniques.

However, they never would have expected Chu Feng to actually defeat Zhu Tianming. That greatly stunned everyone, and it had to be said it was akin to a miracle. After all, the distance between the two was a full two ranks.

The Martial Lord realm was different than the four realms before—the Spirit realm, Origin realm, Profound realm, and Heaven realm. There was a huge difference in every rank, comparable to the distance between heaven and earth.

Normally speaking, to be able to defeat those in the same rank meant they were an expert with outstanding talent. To be able to defeat those one rank above meant they were a rare genius. To be able to defeat those two ranks above meant they were an exceptional genius.