Chapter 665 - I Want Your Life

MGA: Chapter 665 - I Want Your Life

As the light soared into the sky, it became a huge dazzling, silver sword.

The size of the sword was akin to a mountain peak being pulled out of the ground. Not only did it have an extraordinary atmosphere, its power was very terrifying.

The areas it passed—air—shattered. Cracks appeared in the sky, becoming tens of thousands of pierces of fragments. It was as if there were nothing that could stop its attack.

When it appeared, not a single person on scene wasn’t shocked because the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust did indeed surpass an ordinary rank nine martial skill, and was truly comparable to a Mortal Taboo martial skill.

“Good sword!” However, when facing such an attack, not only was Chu Feng fearless, he was instead elated.

*whoosh whoosh*

Chu Feng’s palms overlaid, and with a glint flashing in his eyes, the purple-coloured Spirit Formation, once again, emitted blinding light.

*hmm* Being veiled by that purple-coloured light, the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust actually took the same course of action as the Flaming Meteor Shower before—it was completely absorbed into Chu Feng’s Reversal Formation.

“How is this possible? Even an attack like that was blocked?” At that instant, not to mention Zhu Diguang, even the experts of the older generation were endlessly shocked.

Although Zhu Diguang had yet to thoroughly exhibit the power of the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust, that strike alone could wipe out, with no problem, rank two Martial Lords of the same generation. There was no pressure to him at all.

Yet, such an attack was blocked by Chu Feng, a rank one Martial Lord. Naturally, that made people endlessly shocked because it did not only mean that Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation technique was powerful. Regardless of how much more powerful one’s Spirit Formation techniques were, they were still Spirit Formation techniques. Without strong cultivation as support, it would all be for naught.

Chu Feng being able to do such a thing meant one thing: his battle prowess was extremely horrifying, and has already surpassed a rank two Martial Lord.

“Temple Head Wuya, you said with Spirit Formation techniques one cannot defeat those stronger than themself. Today, I’ll let you see whether my Spirit Formation technique can defeat your disciple, a rank two Martial Lord.”

In the air, a smile was worn on Chu Feng’s face, but his gaze had already turned cold. His palms suddenly rushed down, then the Reversal Formation explosively shot out a strand of light.

It was the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust, and its radiance in comparison to before was even more blinding, and its atmosphere was even more mighty. It was a lot more powerful than the one Zhu Diguang used before.

“Impossible! How can he also use the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust?!”

When he saw the huge sword descending from the sky, Zhu Diguang was instantly stupefied from terror. Since he still didn’t know what Chu Feng used was a Reversal Formation, in his eyes, Chu Feng also knew how to use the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust, and it was even more powerful than his own.

However, that was not the important part. After using the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust, Zhu Diguang’s strength was completely exhausted. At present, his face was pale and he was drenched in sweat. How could he, who was already extremely weak, find the power to defend against a strike that was even more powerful than one he put his full strength into?

If this situation continued, his life would be in peril. Chu Feng’s attack had absolutely no problem killing him.


Just at that moment, a person suddenly appeared before Zhu Diguang. It was his elder brother, Zhu Tianming.

He clenched one of his hands into a fist, and threw it outward. Boundless Martial power soared into the sky, and with that punch, he shattered the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust descending quickly from the sky.

“So powerful. Brother Zhu’s battle power is indeed very strong.” Seeing that, Gao Xiong who already knew Zhu Tianming at an earlier date couldn’t help but nod his head.

“Ahh~~~” However, in comparison to Gao Xiong, everyone on scene shook their heads and sighed because they all knew when Zhu Tianming came out, it meant that Zhu Diguang had lost.

A rank two Martial Lord lost to a rank one Martial Lord. It must be said it was quite an embarrassing thing.

Especially when their master shamelessly mocked Chu Feng before the battle. At that very instant, invisibly, Temple head Wuya and his two disciples had been slapped on the face, and it was even a very resounding slap.

“Temple Head Wuya, it looks like I’ve won.” Chu Feng seemed to have expected Zhu Tianming’s assistance. So he, at present, didn’t pay attention to Zhu Diguang and just spoke directly to Temple Head Wuya.

To Chu Feng, there was only one goal he had by choosing to fight against Zhu Diguang. Regardless if it was to take away Zhu Diguang’s chance to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, or to defeat him by using Spirit Formation techniques, either reason was to slap Temple Head Wuya’s face. Such was the price of making things difficult for Chu Feng publicly.

And after Chu Feng spoke, everyone’s gazes were cast towards Temple Head Wuya. Some expressed sympathy, but even more people had ridiculing smiles on their faces. They were mocking him for the boastful words he said earlier, enjoying his appearance of embarrassment.

As for Temple Head Wuya himself, his face was ashen. Even his lips were quivering, and if he could, right now, he would find a hole in the ground and bore himself into it. However, he could not, nor did he know how to reply to Chu Feng. So, he could only endure everything that was happening in front of his eyes.

“Wuqing, don’t even think of speaking such words. My brother is perfectly all right here. How has he been defeated by you?” Zhu Tianming shouted at Chu Feng suddenly as he pointed at him.

“What a joke. Do you not know whether your brother has been defeated or not? If a hindering dog like you hadn’t interfered halfway, do you think he can still stand behind you safely?”

Chu Feng sneered, his tone lacking any politeness. Since the pillars of enmity had already been set and they were also so shameless, Chu Feng had no need to be courteous to a person like him at all.

“God damn, who are you saying is a dog?!” Being insulted in front of the crowd, Zhu Tianming became even more enraged.

“He’s saying you are. The winner’s the king and the loser’s the thief. What is there to argue about this? Do you think that the people here are all blind?!” This time, before letting Chu Feng refute, Chun Wu pointed at Zhu Tianming in the air and started to curse him as well. She really could not get used to seeing Zhu Tianming’s shamelessness.

“That’s right. I didn’t expect the brilliant Temple Head Wuya’s proudest disciple to be such a shameless person.” At the same time, even some of the older generation jabbed at him with sarcasm.

Of course, Zhu Tianming didn’t dare to do anything to Chun Wu’s and the others’ insults, so he could only, once again, point at Chu Feng in the air and shout, “Even if my brother lost to you, so what? Do you dare to fight me?”

“Oh? The younger brother can’t do it, so the older one comes out? A rank three Martial Lord challenging a rank one Martial Lord? You truly feel no shame.” Chu Feng laughed, his words full of derision.

At the same time, many people on scene shook their heads helplessly. Some even spoke and criticized. They criticized Zhu Tianming’s action that cared nothing about face.

However, at present, Zhu Tianming who had his mind clouded over by fury simply paid no heed to those things, because he could not tolerate someone taking away his younger brother’s chance to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

So, ignoring the words of the crowd, he continued saying to Chu Feng, “If you don’t dare, then just say so!!!”

“Ho? Don’t dare? You truly think I will be afraid of you?” Chu Feng lightly smiled. There was not a single trace of fear on his face, then he said, “However, if I just agree to some unreasonable provocation from you, wouldn’t the people in this world think that I, Wuqing, am a person fun to bully? If you want to fight me, that is fine. But you must pay some sort of price!”

“If I lose, I’ll give up the chance to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm. Now, do you dare?” As Zhu Tianming spoke, he took out his own Misty Badge.

“No. That’s the price your brother ought to pay. Right now, you are challenging me on your own accord. You think you can do that with just a Misty Badge? That will not do.” Chu Feng shook his head.

“Then what do you want?!” Zhu Tianming loudly asked. He impatiently wanted to fight Chu Feng. One, to avenge his brother; two, to take back some face for his master.

And while facing Zhu Tianming’s questioning, Chu Feng had already worn a smile on his face, and said, “If you lose, then I want your life!”