Chapter 664 - Sky Breaking Sword Thrust

MGA: Chapter 664 - Sky Breaking Sword Thrust

*boom boom boom*

The powerful martial skill ignited the night sky. The strength of a Martial Lord was truly extremely powerful. If he were willing to, with that martial skill, it would be a simple action to turn a normal mountain range into ruins.

However, even so, Chu Feng didn’t fear it in the slightest. As he stood on air, his eyes were like a torch. His hands quickly moved about, then boundless purple-coloured Spirit Formation power gushed out of his body. In only an instant, it became a Spirit Formation.

“Hmph. You want to use a Spirit Formation to block my Flaming Meteor Shower? Truly naive!”

If Chu Feng used a martial skill to counterattack, perhaps Zhu Diguang would feel a bit of trepidation. However, seeing as Chu Feng actually chose to use a Spirit Formation to oppose his martial skill, he instead felt confident. The Martial power in his body circulated, and he currently started to channel his full strength into the rank eight martial skill, the Flaming Meteor Shower. He wanted to use the martial skill alone to defeat Chu Feng.


However, when facing Zhu Diguang’s powerful martial skill, Chu Feng merely smiled. When the sky full of flaming meteors shot up from below, his hands suddenly changed and formless power was sent into the Spirit Formation.

*poof poof poof poof poof*

At that instant, there was no expected huge explosion, nor the imagined terrifying shock waves and infernos. It was as though the many powerful balls of fire fell into water—they were actually all absorbed into the Spirit Formation in front of Chu Feng.

“How can this be?” Seeing this, Zhu Diguang’s expression changed greatly. He never would have thought that the martial skill he was most skilled in was not only unable to injure Chu Feng, it did not even create a tiny bit of deterrence.

“What is this situation? That isn’t a simple Spirit Formation! It actually forcibly consumed a rank eight martial skill?” In reality, not only was Zhu Diguang shocked, those of the same generation were all dumbfounded. They were stupefied by Chu Feng’s techniques.

“This formation, could it be…?”

“Impossible. He is still only a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, and right now his opponent is a rank two Martial Lord. How is it possible that he successfully executed this formation?” However, in comparison to those of the younger generation, the eyes of many of the senior experts lit up as they thought of a possibility.

Only, such thoughts merely darted past as they felt Chu Feng could not complete such a formation with his cultivation, nor could he use that formation to defeat Zhu Diguang who was an entire realm above him.

“Senior Zhu, you give off a decent atmosphere, but you’re a bit lacking in power. Let me help you out once and make up for your deficiency in this martial skill.”

Chu Feng, who was in the sky, sneered, and at the same time, the purple-coloured Spirit Formation also started to continue swirling. It even rumbled and violently trembled. In that situation, the radiance from the formation became brighter and brighter. Purple-coloured light started to expand in all directions, making it seem as though a purple-coloured sun was hung upon the night sky.


Suddenly, successive fierce cries rang out continuously. Boundless flames surged out of the purple-coloured Spirit Formation, and when those flames were spurted out, they became countless flaming birds.

A sky full of flaming birds descended from above. Not only did they make ear-piercing sounds, they even had horrifying might. That scene, that power, it was extremely similar to the Flaming Meteor Shower Zhu Diguang used before.

However, one thing that was completely different were the Flaming Meteors becoming Flaming Birds. Not only did they have intelligence, even in terms of the atmosphere they gave off, they were quite a bit stronger.

“Heavens! It truly is the Reversal Formation! How can he grasp this formation at such an age, and even use it so skillfully!” Some experts in the older generation couldn’t help exclaiming when they saw that scene. Their aged faces were full of shock.

“Master, what formation is this? It’s so powerful!” Gao Xiong asked his master, Old Lady Wugong, curiously. He too was currently stunned by the scene in the air.

“This is the Reversal Formation. It can absorb and change the attack of one’s opponent. Moreover, it can strengthen the attack, and return it back to them.

“This formation has extremely high requirements in Spirit power and control in formation markings. Usually, it can only be used on opponents weaker than themself, to give them ‘a taste of their own medicine’.

“However, not only has this Wuqing used it so proficiently, he even used it on a Martial Lord an entire realm above himself. He is truly not a simple person.” Old Lady Wugong spoke to that point, then shot Gao Xiong a glance and said, “Gao Xiong, you’re a Purple-cloak World Spiritist too, and your cultivation is even three levels above that of Wuqing’s. However, at present, he has already so ably grasped the Reversal Formation, yet you have not even heard of it. As one in the same generation, do you not feel ashamed?”

“I...” Being judged by his master in such a manner, Gao Xiong’s countenance instantly became a bit red. Shortly after, he looked back at the sky. His respect towards Chu Feng had become even stronger, because he knew that Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation techniques were indeed very outstanding and superior to his own.

*boom boom boom boom*

While Old Lady Wugong and Gao Xiong were conversing, Chu Feng’s counterattack had arrived. Zhu Diguang was currently using a powerful rank eight martial skill to defend himself against it.

However, he didn’t expect Chu Feng’s attack to be so powerful. He, as a rank two Martial Lord, even while using a rank eight martial skill to block, was gradually losing.

As he had no other choice, he clenched his teeth and roared explosively. Radiance flashed in his palm, as a silver longsword appeared within his hand.

It was an Elite Armament, but that was not the important part. The important part was that currently, the power revolving in Zhu Diguang’s body pretty much exhausted all his Martial power. An extremely powerful aura was coalescing.

“Is it possible that Zhu Diguang wants to use that?!”

Seeing him grasp an Elite Armament and condensing the power in his body, Chun Wu’s pupils abruptly shrunk. The worry on her face instantly became several times stronger.

“Senior Chun Wu, what is he planning to use?” Jiang Wanshi asked with concern.

“Temple head Wuya created a rank nine martial skill called the Sky Breaking Sword Thrust.

“However, this rank nine martial skill is different from ordinary ones. Its precondition of usage is that one must wield a sword Elite Armament.

“After usage, the power of the rank nine martial skill increases greatly, comparable to even Mortal Taboo martial skills. Temple Head Wuya had used this technique to defeat many experts of his generation.

“Looking at Zhu Diguang’s current action, he has clearly already cultivated this martial skill successfully. He is aiming to give this his everything, and decide the outcome of this fight against Junior Wuqing with this martial skill,” Chun Wu explained.

“What? Comparable to Mortal Taboo martial skills?” Jiang Wanshi’s expression changed greatly as well upon hearing those words. Having been with Qiushui Fuyan for such a long time, she had not only heard of the four types of Taboo martial skills—Mortal, Earthen, Heaven, and Divine—she had also personally witnessed the Mortal Taboo martial skill Qiushui Fuyan used.

That level of devastating, incomparable power was still vivid in her current memories. So, as long as she imagined Zhu Diguang actually using a technique comparable to a Mortal Taboo martial skill, she felt Chu Feng was in immediate peril.

“Sky Breaking Sword Thrust!”

And just at that moment, Zhu Diguang suddenly roared. He pointed at the sky with the Elite Armament in his hand, then a blinding pillar of light rose from the ground into the air, and shot straight towards Chu Feng!