Chapter 663 - Price

MGA: Chapter 663 - Price

“Doesn’t that mean it’s true?”

“Heavens! That’s so dangerous! If something bad had truly happened to Lady Qiu Zhu, Lady Piaomiao would have definitely been infuriated.”

“Yeah! Temple Head Wuya, you should truly thank this Wuqing. If he didn’t nullify today’s danger, I’m afraid your proud disciple would have had a disaster coming his way.” After hearing Old Lady Wugong’s words, everyone looked at Chu Feng differently. Some even urged Temple Head Wuya to instead express gratitude towards Chu Feng.

“I thought that Temple Head Wuya’s Spirit Formation technique was already very outstanding, but looking at it now, it seems that Wuqing’s master is definitely even stronger. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so familiar to such an extraordinary Spirit Formation technique.” There were even some people who started to praise Chu Feng and lower Temple Head Wuya’s status.

Such a dramatic change made his expression even more unsightly. He never would have thought that he, who initially wanted to make things difficult for Chu Feng and vent anger for his disciple, would actually be put in such an embarrassing situation along with his disciples because of Chu Feng’s words.

Thus, at that very instant, he truly gnashed his teeth in anger while fury took over his mind. Ignoring the crowd’s reactions, he pointed at Chu Feng, coldly snorted, and said, “So what if you have strong Spirit Formation techniques? The screening is about strength in cultivation, not Spirit Formation techniques. You think you can pass the screening because your Spirit Formation techniques are superior to other cultivators?”

“Hoh. Temple Head Wuya, your words are quite strange. I didn’t think that you, as a World Spiritist, would look down on World Spiritists so much!” Chu Feng wore a light smile on his face as he shook his head. However, the mocking in his words was evident without explicit expression.

“Yeah! What about World Spiritists? World Spiritists are the dragon within men, and their Spirit power is bestowed by the Heavens. Those who are both cultivators and possess Spirit power will, without a doubt, be superior to those without Spirit power.”

“That’s right. Powerful World Spiritists have no problem summoning strong World Spirits, and some World Spiritist’s World Spirits are even stronger than themselves. In the legends, mighty World Spiritists are able to summon an army of World Spirits, and alone, fight against a grand army of several tens of thousands. How can such battle strength even be compared to ordinary cultivators?”

There were many World Spiritists there, so Chu Feng’s words echoed throughout many people. Once again, they pushed Temple Head Wuya towards an unrecoverable situation.

“Everyone, don’t misunderstand. It’s not that I look down on World Spiritists. How could I, as a World Spiritist, not know how powerful World Spiritists are?

“However, the strength of a World Spiritist is closely related to their own cultivation. I do not believe that this Wuqing, with his cultivation of a rank one Martial lord, can defeat cultivators with cultivation above his.

“If he hadn’t received a Misty Badge, I dare to guarantee that definitely, he will not be able to pass the screening and gain the qualification to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.” Temple Head Wuya also felt pressure when facing the crowd’s berating. However, he still clung onto Chu Feng and did not release him.

“That’s fine. Since Temple Head Wuya doubts me, Wuqing, so much, I can indeed give you a method of testing.” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out his own Misty Badge, then actually threw the badge on top of the banquet table in front of the crowd.

“I, Wuqing, will spar with Temple Head Wuya’s disciple, Zhu Diguang. If I lose, I am willing to give up this Misty Badge and moreover, not participate in tomorrow’s screening. I will leave the Misty Peak today and not enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

“However, if I win, I hope that Senior Zhu Diguang can do the same decision as I—not participate in tomorrow’s screening, and give up the chance to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

“This is the price you will pay for your master suspecting whether I, Wuqing, have the qualifications to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm,” Chu Feng said to Zhu Diguang.

“Huu~~~” When those words were spoken, an uproar instantly arose. When everyone looked at Chu Feng, their eyes couldn’t help turning complicated. They never would have thought Chu Feng would have such courage, but something undoubtable was Chu Feng’s bravery alone made them look at him completely differently.

That was especially so for Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and Qiu Zhu. After the various events that happened before, when they personally saw Chu Feng, with his own strength, not only turn a risky situation into a safe one, and even shaming an existence like Temple head Wuya, making it so he would be questioned by the crowd, they started to admire Chu Feng more and more. Even though Chu Feng’s current cultivation was far weaker than theirs, they still saw how Chu Feng wasn’t a simple person at all. At least, even they didn’t have such a bearing.

“Junior Wuqing, do not act rash! If you cannot enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, who will save Lady Yan Ruyu?” But at that moment, Jiang Wanshi’s expression changed greatly. On the side, she secretly tugged Chu Feng’s sleeve and advised him to not do such a thing via mental messaging.

However, Chu Feng simply paid no attention to Jiang Wanshi and continued asking Zhu Diguang, “What? You don’t dare?!”

DIGUANG!” At that instant, Temple Head Wuya was enraged. He had no choice but to howl at Zhu Diguang who was standing still and staring at the scene in a bit of a blank manner.

It was because at that very instant, Chu Feng wasn’t provoking Zhu Diguang, but Temple Head Wuya. If Zhu Diguang refused, he wasn’t losing his own face, but his master’s.


Only after hearing his master’s howl did Zhu Diguang gradually come to his senses. To be truthful, he was really a bit scared. After all, he had heard that Chu Feng grasped special methods that enabled him to solve the Map of Unpredictability, which even his elder brother could not solve. So, he subconsciously felt that Chu Feng was not simple. At least, he was different than an ordinary rank one Martial Lord.

If he could choose, he would have definitely chosen to refuse. However, while being threatened by his master, he dared not to back away. So, preparing himself, he said to Chu Feng, “If you want to fight, then let’s fight! How could I, Zhu Diguang, be afraid of you?”

*whoosh* Immediately after Zhu Diguang finished speaking, a strong gale arose from the location Chu Feng was at, and looking at where he stood after the wind subsided, he had disappeared. He was standing in the sky that was full of stars, directing his finger at Zhu Diguang below, and said, “Please give me pointers.”

“Hmph.” Even though Zhu Diguang had no confidence when provoked by Chu Feng like that, he still decided to give it his all to fight in a fit of rage. After a cold snort, he rose into the air.

At the same time, not only did he emanate his aura of a rank two Martial Lord, he even activated an extremely powerful martial skill.

*huu huu huu*

The martial skill formed by Martial power became fireballs that flooded the air. Flames surged about and shot into the night sky, akin to a meteor shower flying backwards. Not only was it dazzling and eye-grabbing and lit up the night sky, it even had an extraordinary might and contained terrifying power.

“Such powerful techniques… He can actually use a martial skill like this in such a situation. Truly, as expected of one of Temple Head Wuya’s proudest disciples.” Seeing that martial skill, those in the same generation praised endlessly. Even senior experts nodded faintly.

But in comparison to the observers who were purely watching for fun, Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, Dong Xue, and Jiang Wanshi lightly knitted their brows and broke out in a cold sweat for Chu Feng. They could tell that Zhu Diguang’s strike was not a simple one—it was a rank eight martial skill!