Chapter 662 - Taunting Back

MGA: Chapter 662 - Taunting Back

*bang* Just at that moment, an explosion rang out. There was a person who suddenly stood up with a powerful might, and pointed at Temple Head Wuya.

“Wuya, I don’t care about rumours, but if you dare to suspect Lady Piaomiao again, do not blame me for not holding myself back!” It was an old man with a large and tall body. His face was full of righteousness. After hearing Temple Head Wuya’s words, he was so infuriated even his body was trembling. Looking at him, he looked a lot like he was going to attack Temple Head Wuya.

“Mr. Zhao, I know you feel great respect towards Lady Piaomiao, but do I not too?

“It’s just that it wasn’t a rumour, nor was it a lie. Everything I’ve said is the truth. Everyone, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Lady Piaomiao’s four disciples. Lady Xia Yu, what say you?” Temple Head Wuya said with a smile.

Everyone uniformly cast their gazes towards Xia Yu when they heard those words.

And when she faced such a situation, her complexion was not great either. She was really endlessly angry at Temple Head Wuya’s action, but she could do nothing as he was a senior. She didn’t know what to do about it, since she could not lash out in front of so many other seniors.

“That’s right. Master has indeed given Junior Wuqing a Misty Badge, but don’t be mistaken. Even though he is a rank one Martial Lord, he absolutely has the qualifications to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.” Just at that moment, Chun Wu suddenly stood out and while she spoke, she even pointed towards Wuqing who was by her side.

“There’s actually something like this? How can this be?”

“Yeah! Even rank two Martial Lords have to be in the screening. How can a rank one Martial Lord obtain a Misty Badge?”

When those words were spoken, the banquet immediately went into an uproar. Many expressed surprise regarding that matter, but that was that. There was no one who dared to express displeasure towards Lady Piaomiao. So, they involuntarily redirected all of it to Wuqing.

“Lady Chun Wu, you said he has the qualifications of entering the Martial Marking Immortal Realm. However, how can it be proven?” Indeed, some people who were unwilling to accept that started to question her.

After all, in terms of relation, they were indeed a bit related to Lady Piaomiao, and in terms of cultivation, their disciples’ cultivation was stronger than Chu Feng’s. So, they were very bitter. Bitter that Chu Feng received a Misty Badge, yet none of their disciples did.

“Proof? My master’s invitation has proven everything. With your attitude, are you suspecting my master’s decision?” Chun Wu said fiercely, her tone full of domineeringness.

Perhaps if she were facing those of the same generation, her attitude would be useful, at present, however, those she was facing were all her seniors. Naturally, those who had some sort of relationship with her master would not fear Chun Wu.

“Lady Chun Wu really does make sense. The so-called ‘famous masters produces great disciples’, huh? Perhaps it may be because of his master of exceptional status, that he receives such special treatment?” someone mocked.

“Hmph. Exceptional status? Which one of us doesn’t have status? On what basis can he have such a different treatment?” Indeed, someone was made displeased.

“That’s right. You said his master’s powerful, so let me ask Lady Chun Wu this: what sort of divine figure is this master such that it can make Lady Piaomiao make an exception like this, and give him such a special treatment?” asked Temple Head Wuya with a smile.

“This...” At that instant, even Chun Wu didn’t know how to speak out for Chu Feng. She could only cast her gaze at him, and immediately, he became the focus of the entire banquet.

But while he faced such a situation, Chu Feng was calm and composed. He stood up, looked around at the crowd, and said with a light smile, “It is not convenient to reveal my master’s name, and to be honest, certain people here are not worthy of my master’s grand name. Because they simply cannot be compared to my master.

“However, I, Wuqing, can give you an answer regarding your suspicions.”

“Answer? How would you give that?” Temple Head Wuya asked with a sneer.

“You’ve said so much useless words, asked so many questions, isn’t it only because you want to tell everyone that I’m not worthy to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm? But I want to ask something too. Do you feel that the two disciples currently by your side are worthy to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm?” Chu Feng asked with a smile, and replied with a question.

“Hmph. Tianming is a rank three Martial Lord and he has already received a Misty Badge. You say it yourself: is he worthy or not?

“As for Diguang, he is a rank two Martial Lord. Judging by his cultivation, even though he hasn’t received a Misty Badge, he can easily advance from the screening.” Temple Head Wuya said very confidently.

“Mm. Senior Zhu Tianming is indeed strong, especially so regarding his attainment in Spirit Formation techniques. It really does make others look at him in a different light.

“Before, we were in the Pleasing Palace with the four seniors, Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and Qiu Zhu, trying to solve one of Senior Piaomiao’s invaluable treasure.

“Not only did Senior Zhu Tianming help the other seniors obtain benefits from it, he even caused Senior Qiu Zhu’s Spirit power to be damaged, and it was nearly a permanent impairment. I, Wuqing, express admiration towards such abilities, and feel myself to be inferior.” Chu Feng coldly grinned at Zhu Tianming. On the surface, he seemed to be praising, but in reality, he was ridiculing him.

“Yeah! Sir Zhu is truly impressive, as expected of Senior Wuya’s proudest disciple. In terms of Spirit Formation techniques, he has received Senior Wuya’s...sensational legacy.

“If it weren’t for Junior Wuqing, who, by using a powerful Spirit Formation technique to solve my master’s treasure again, helped my Senior Qiu Zhu recover her Spirit power, then thanks to Sir Zhu, I’m afraid her Spirit power would have been eternally damaged, causing her advancements in Spirit Formation techniques to halt in the future.” Hearing his words, Chun Wu hurriedly flashed an insincere smile and “added oil and vinegar”, spicing up the story, and at the same time humiliated the very actions Zhu Tianming did in the Pleasing Palace.

“You...” Hearing those words, Temple Head Wuya’s complexion immediately greened. He never expected that Chu Feng would talk about that matter. After all, his Spirit Formation techniques were famous in the Eastern Sea Region. He became a Gold-cloak World Spiritist at the peak of the Martial Lord realm; that itself spoke of how powerful his Spirit Formation techniques were.

Yet, today, the things Zhu Tianming did in the Pleasing Palace clearly embarrassed his master and himself.

“What? There’s actually something like this? Doesn’t Temple Head Wuya’s disciple have extremely powerful Spirit Formation techniques, and is titled as the genius in Spirit Formations? How did he make such a huge mistake, and almost destroyed Lady Qiu Zhu’s future?”

“Yeah! That’s unbelievable! I wonder if it’s true or false… If it’s true, then doesn’t it mean this boy called Wuqing is very powerful? That at least, in terms of Spirit Formation techniques, he’s already surpassed Temple Head Wuya’s disciple?” Indeed, Chu Feng’s and Chun Wu’s words made the crowd greatly shocked. All of them looked at one another. They never would have thought Chu Feng’s attainments in Spirit Formation techniques would be that high-leveled.

“This is true. My disciple, Gao Xiong, was there to see today’s matter. He can verify.

“Indeed, because of a miscalculation, Zhu Tianming caused Lady Qiu Zhu’s Spirit power to be damaged. If Wuqing hadn’t used his special Spirit Formation technique to save her, it is truly unimaginable what would have happened instead.

“After all, Lady Qiu Zhu is a first-rate genius in the Eastern Sea Region. If anything happens to her, it is a loss for the entire Eastern Sea Region.” Just at that moment, Gao Xiong’s master, Old Lady Wugong, surprisingly stood out and spoke out for Chu Feng.