Chapter 671 - Warning

MGA: Chapter 671 - Warning

“Wuqing, do it!” Qiushui Fuyan loudly shouted after fanning Temple Head Wuya to the side.

“No, please!” Hearing that, with no regards for his injuries, Temple Head Wuya wiped away the blood stuck on his mouth, and howled hysterically.

However, how could Chu Feng, who had Qiushui Fuyan as support, care about what reactions Temple Head Wuya currently had? He raised the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand, and was preparing to smash it towards Zhu Tianming on the ground.

“Wuqing! If you must kill, kill me!” However, in order to save Zhu Tianming’s life, Temple Head Wuya actually offered his own life in exchange. That was something Chu Feng did not anticipate. When one looked back at him, his old tears streamed down his face. His appearance of snot mixing with tears truly reached the extremities of pitifulness.

“Kill you? It wasn’t you who made a wager with me. Why should I kill you? Give me a reason!” Chu Feng was slightly moved. He didn’t expect Temple Head Wuya, such a despicable, shameless person to also have a selfless side. He actually wished to exchange his life for his disciple’s.

But even so, Chu Feng would not easily let Zhu Tianming go because he personally witnessed how appalling this master and two disciples were. His current wretched state was likely only a pretense. If Qiushui Fuyan hadn’t come out, then the one with that appearance would very likely be himself.

“He, he is my son! Tianming and Diguang are my sons! The faults of the son shall be repaid by the father. Kill me, don’t kill Tianming!” Temple Head Wuya implored, and actually prostrated and begged Chu Feng.

“Huaaa~~~~~” And when those words were spoken, a commotion arose from the crowd.

“What? Zhu Tianming and Zhu Diguang are Temple Head Wuya’s sons?” Many people expressed astonishment at that because it was the first time they heard he had sons. On the surface, he had never married and was always single. Where could the aforementioned children come from?

“I see. No wonder he puts such importance on Zhu Tianming and Zhu Diguang and even brought the two of them to any occasion. After all this, it’s because they’re his sons that he put such emphasis on their development.” There were some smart ones who thought of the details of the situation. However, after thinking it through, they looked at Temple Head Wuya with even more disdain.

“Master! Ar-ar-are your words true? You are truly our father? Didn’t you say our father passed away already?!” Not to mention others, at that instant, even the two brothers Zhu Tianming and Zhu Diguang were stupefied.

“Children, I am truly your father. However, I tricked and lied to you because I wanted you to focus cultivating and not rely on me. I did this for your sake.”

Temple Head Wuya wiped away his tears, then slowly stood up and walked towards Chu Feng. However, when he was ten meters away from him, he knelt to the ground with a poof and said with a face full of sincerity, “Kill me! The father will atone for his son’s sins!”

At that instant, Chu Feng was really a bit moved. Although Temple Head Wuya and his sons weren’t any good people, the feelings between father and son really made Chu Feng quite touched. So, he did not continue doing anything to Zhu Tianming and cast his gaze towards Qiushui Fuyan.

At that instant, the fierceness in her eyes was no more. It could be seen that she felt surprised when a person like Temple Head Wuya could give up his life for his son. However, she did not easily say anything. Hiddenly, she sent a mental message to Chu Feng, saying, “If, other than his life, you were to choose one thing he has, what do you want?”

“Senior. If I have to choose something in exchange for his life, from what I see, that Dragon Marking Sword is not bad.” Chu Feng’s hearing was outstanding, so as he heard the crowd’s discussions, he knew that Temple Head Wuya’s Dragon Marking Sword was not simple. He also knew that surprisingly, it was not an Elite Armament, but an Incomplete Royal Armament.

That thing was a lot stronger than his Asura Ghost Axe. Although his axe had the special ability to train his Spirit power, in regards to actual power, it was clearly quite a distance away from the Dragon Marking Sword. If he had that sword, Chu Feng’s battle power would increase greatly.

Although, in terms of fighting strength, Chu Feng already had his Secret Skills, he still did not like to use them unless it was at a critical moment because Secret Skills were too troublesome. If he let a malicious expert know of them, it’d be very possible he would get killed.

“Although an Incomplete Royal Armament isn’t a true Royal Armament, it is still created by the coalescence of Martial power that only Martial Kings grasp. Its power isn’t something on a comparable level with Elite Armaments. This thing is very precious, and it’s likely that Temple Head Wuya’s most valuable treasure. Boy, your eyesight is quite harsh.”

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Qiushui Fuyan lightly smiled, but did not refuse the request. She then said to Temple Head Wuya, “Seeing as he’s your own flesh and bones and you are willing to exchange your life for his, I will give you a chance.

“Give that Dragon Marking Sword to Wuqing and apologize to him. Then, I will act as though I have seen nothing today.”

“What? You want Master’s Dragon Marking Sword? Don’t even think about it!” Zhu Diguang howled before Temple Head Wuya even responded.

“My master exchanged this Royal Armament with countless treasures and painstaking efforts. He will not give it to you. If you want to kill me, kill me. If you want to skin me, skin me. But don’t even think of taking my master’s Dragon Marking Sword.” At the same time, Zhu Tianming who feared death also summoned some courage.

“Shut up!” This time, however, Temple Head Wuya exploded. After howling at the two of them, he sent the Dragon Marking Sword up to Chu Feng and said, “My friend, Wuqing, we master and disciple were in the wrong before. I hope you can be magnanimous and give up a chance.

“I wish you can start anew and not always bully others. This world is so big and you are not the strongest here. If you continue acting so arrogant, the ones who will suffer will only be yourselves.”

Chu Feng wore a light smile and accepted the Dragon Marking Sword. He could see that Temple Head Wuya was really unwilling to give it up, and even more so, he could tell that it was a good sword. As expected of an Incomplete Royal Armament. It was indeed not something Elite Armaments could be compared to.

“Wuqing, Wanshi, let’s go. There is nothing to stay for in this banquet that lacks Lady Piaomiao’s presence.” After Chu Feng received the Dragon Marking Sword, Qiushui Fuyan turned around and left. Chu Feng and Jiang Wanshi closely followed.

However, after arriving at the path that led to the foot of the peak, Qiushui Fuyan stopped, turned her head around, and said to Temple Head Wuya, “You should rejoice that the one who appeared today is me, and not Wuqing’ master. Otherwise, not to mention you, judging by his master’s nature, your entire Limitless Temple would be eradicated.”

After leaving those words behind, Qiushui Fuyan left with a lofty bearing. However, that Temple Head Wuya had an ashen face and a face full of fear. After experiencing such a thing, he already believed that Chu Feng had an extraordinary origin, and even more so, knew that Chu Feng wasn’t a person he should offend.

In reality, not even him, almost everyone on scene could tell that Qiushui Fuyan’s words didn’t seem to be spoken in jest.

They could also tell that Qiushui Fuyan was not warning only Temple Head Wuya. At the same time, she was warning everyone. Warning that they better not have any malicious intents towards Chu Feng, otherwise, Temple Head Wuya’s state today was absolutely not the most miserable state they could end up as.