Chapter 659 - Demon

MGA: Chapter 659 - Demon

Thus, Qiu Zhu didn’t hesitate any longer. With a thought, she made the Map of Unpredictability change again. Afterwards, she said to Chu Feng, “Junior Wuqing, my fate is now in your hands.”

As for Chu Feng, he confidently smiled, and after sweeping over it with his Heaven’s Eyes, he said, “Senior Qiu Zhu, please write ‘six’.”

*whoosh whoosh* With not the slightest bit of pause after hearing those words, she waved her hand about and lightly wrote with her finger. In only a blink, an elegant but fierce character was written on the painting.

*hmm* When the number six appeared, light instantly shone everywhere and a strand entered Qiu Zhu’s body. At that instant, when they looked at Qiu Zhu, her pale complexion immediately returned to normal. Moreover, her visage was extremely beautiful, and on her icy cold face, there appeared a hint of a rare bewitching smile.

“Qiu Zhu.”


“Junior, it’s a success?!” At the same time, Xia Yu, Chun Wu, and Dong Xue quickly came up to her asking with faces full of joy.

“Mm. My Spirit power has been repaired; it is the exact same as before. This Map of Unpredictability is truly too mystical.” Qiu Zhu nodded her head in confirmation. Simultaneously, she still wore her captivating smile. It could be seen that she truly was happy. The joy came from her own heart.

“As expected of the person brought by Senior Qiushui. Junior Wuqing, you’ve truly concealed your ability deeply. I, Xia Yu, express my admiration.” Seeing Chu Feng successfully help Qu Zhu, Xia Yu’s attitude also did a complete turnaround. She actually bowed and thanked Chu Feng.

“Junior Wuqing, I was really too worried for Junior Qiu Zhu just now and have offended with my words. I hope that you don’t think too much of it.” Dong Xue also solemnly thanked Chu Feng.

“Seniors, you are really too polite. To be able to help Senior Qiu Zhu is my honour.” Even though Chu Feng did not like Xia Yu and Dong Xue, he was able to analyze the situation clearly. At present, they were in the Misty Peak. He had no need to pave a path of enmity.

Since they were able to put away their attitudes and admit their wrongs, no matter if they truly meant it or not, Chu Feng was always willing to be magnanimous and let bygones be bygones, and not make things difficult for them.

Afterwards, Chu Feng solved the Map of Unpredictability once again, and this time, it was still Qiu Zhu who reaped the reward. As for the result, not only was it successful, she even obtained the mystical power that could strengthen one’s Spirit power from the Map of Unpredictability.

“Junior Wuqing, it’s all thanks to you this time. I, Qiu Zhu, truly don’t know how I can repay you.” Currently, not only was her damaged Spirit power repaired, it even increased in strength. Qiu Zhu’s mood was great, and she was more and more affable when facing Chu Feng.

“Senior Qiu Zhu, you are really too polite. Since this Map of Unpredictability is Senior Piaomiao’s treasure, I’m sure she is able to solve it. Just now, I was only showing what little I can do. Even without me, I’m sure Senior Piaomiao would have used this Map of Unpredictability to allow Senior Qiu Zhu’s Spirit power to strengthen,” Chu Feng said very humbly.

“Junior Wuqing is truly modest. Indeed, Master can solve this Map of Unpredictability, but she has said she won’t grant us the power in this Map of Unpredictability. If we want to obtain it, we can only rely on ourselves to think of ways.

“Right now, in the same generation, only you, Junior Wuqing, can solve it. On this point alone, you have surpassed all of us. I’m sure in the future, your attainments in Spirit Formation techniques will be superior to us all.” Xia Yu had a light smile on her face, but finally, also spoke of the truth.

Today, the only reason why she brought the Map of Unpredictability here, in addition to also inviting several people in the same generation who had high comprehension in Spirit Formation techniques, was because she wanted to rely on the power of others to solve the painting and reap the benefits obtained from within.

“Brother Wuqing, you’ve truly concealed your abilities quite deeply! I didn’t expect your Spirit Formation techniques to have reached this stage at such a young age. Before, I, Gao Xiong, truly had eyes but could not recognize Mount Tai. I apologize to you here, Junior Wuqing.” Just at that moment, the person called Gao Xiong also walked up and apologized to Chu Feng face-to-face.

Actually, not only Gao Xiong, even several others men started to think of ways to get themselves closer to Chu Feng because the Heaven’s Eyes Chu Feng showed just now had already thoroughly convinced them. In their hearts, Chu Feng now had the qualifications to befriend them.

However, they didn’t know that in Chu Feng’s heart, for all of eternity, they were not qualified to be Chu Feng’s friends, because what he hated the most were ingratiating people who made friends only for advantages.

As everyone was conversing with Chu Feng, in the corner of the palace, Zhu Tianming on the other hand clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth. With a very hateful and begrudging gaze, he glared at Chu Feng. Only after a good while did he coldly snort, turn around, and left.

After that, Xia Yu put away the Map of Unpredictability. After strengthening all four of their Spirit power, she did not give others a chance to obtain that benefit, nor did she allow Chu Feng to help the person who touched the Map of Unpredictability first, Sir Li, whose Spirit power was weakened.

From that, it could be seen that not only did Xia Yu have deep schemes, as a person, she was even crueler. Those who were there all saw her nature, and knew that she was not a good person to anger. So, when she put away the Map of Unpredictability, there was no one who dared to say anything. As for that Sir Li, he could only curse his own luck.

After those things, Chu Feng had planned to leave and return to his place for resting, but he could do nothing, as Chun Wu stuck onto him and was unwilling to let him go. No matter what he said, she dragged Chu Feng to gaze at the beautiful sceneries of the Misty Peak with her.

It was difficult to refuse such kindness, in addition, Chu Feng wanted to walk around in the Misty Peak as well. So, with the company of a beauty like Chun Wu, they began to stroll around banned areas that prohibited outsiders.

Though the stroll didn’t seem like much, Chu Feng exclaimed more and more on how complex the Misty Peak was. Putting aside that the plants there were very special—outsiders had never seen them before—complicated symbols and marks were engraved on many large rocks.

They were all symbols and markings for formations. Moreover, they were extremely powerful ones. The more he observed in detail and used his heart to study, the more Chu Feng felt his soul shake because they were really too powerful. He could not even imagine what kind of formation it would be if he were to write the symbols down himself.

“Eggy, you see it right? Do you recognize the thing on top of the Misty Peak?” Chu Feng couldn’t help asking Eggy after exclaiming.

“I see it. It does indeed come from the Ancient Era, and they were indeed markings for a sealing formation. It seems like this Misty Peak is truly a remnant of the Ancient Era, and a very terrifying demon is suppressed within,” said Eggy with a very lazy tone, as though she had just awoke.

“It is truly a demon?”

“Of course it’s a demon. Furthermore, it should also be a very ferocious demon. Although I don’t really understand the symbols and markings here mean, I can roughly determine that one type of formation it produces is one that has extremely powerful killing strength. Yet the formation that these markings create can only seal it. You say, do you really think it would be something simple?” Eggy answered with a question.

“Then, how powerful do you think the demon’s power would be if it were released?” Chu Feng asked.

“Heh, destroying this Eastern Sea Region should be a very simple action for it,” Eggy said with a smile.