Chapter 658 - Chu Feng's Courage

MGA: Chapter 658 - Chu Feng's Courage

“Junior Wuqing, you really are the best!” At that instant, Chun Wu even danced in joy. As her skirt fluttered, she leapt and fell into Chu Feng’s embrace. Under the eyes of the crowd, she fiercely kissed Chu Feng on the cheek.

And judging from her elated response, Chu Feng could tell that in reality, Chun Wu wasn’t completely confident in her heart, and that exact result made even herself feel surprised. That was why she was so excited.

Although he knew that Chun Wu didn’t trust him entirely at the start, it must be said when Chun Wu’s soft red lips touched his face, undulations rippled out in his heart. He felt quite comfortable, and just because of that, Chu Feng decided to forgive her.

“Senior Qiu Zhu, quickly come over! Junior Wuqing can solve this Map of Unpredictability. He can help you recover your Spirit power.” After giving Chu Feng a kiss, Chun Wu ignored the shocked gazes of others and hurriedly pulled Qiu Zhu to the front of the Map of Unpredictability.

Like Xia Yu before, after Chun Wu imbued Spirit power into the map, the paper-like painting instantly became a painting of a scenery. Moreover, the same words as before appeared.

“Junior Wuqing, sorry to trouble you,” Chun Wu said gigglingly after the Map of Unpredictability changed. At that instant, she had no the single trace of doubt towards Chu Feng, trusting him completely.

Naturally, Chu Feng would not refuse Chun Wu’s request. Using his Heaven’s Eyes, his fierce gaze was instantly emitted. Only then did everyone notice that Chu Feng indeed grasped a special method as well. It was a different gaze compared to others.

Moreover, Chu Feng’s current gaze was completely different from Zhu Tianming’s special Spirit Formation technique. His technique was directly shooting two rays of light from his eyes, akin to the sharpness and fierceness of a martial skill. With a glimpse, one could tell it was not a simple technique.

However, Chu Feng only turned his gaze differently. If one didn’t look carefully, they simply wouldn’t see anything special. Yet, the gaze appeared to be nothing special. It could be called a type of deterrence, but to people who had cultivation above Chu Feng’s, that deterrence wasn’t useful in any way.

As World Spiritists, Chun Wu and the others, more or less, could feel that Chu Feng’s current gaze was not simple. As for which part, they didn’t know exactly either. However, it had to be said that Chu Feng’s gaze made them look at him with new lens.

“Three.” Chu Feng only swept his gaze over it once before putting away his Heaven’s Eyes and giving the answer.

“Junior Wuqing, you’ve seen it clearly?” Chun Wu asked.

“I am absolutely sure,” Chu Feng said confidently.

However, Qiu Zhu and the others seemed to not believe Chu Feng’s answer, which also caused her to tightly frown. She was very hesitant and she didn’t dare to easily write the answer. After all, if she got it wrong once again, to her, it was fatal.

*hmm* But just at that moment, Zhu Tianming used his special Spirit Formation technique again and carefully observed the painting. When he put away his special gaze, he said to Qiu Zhu, “Lady Qiu Zhu, do not believe him. The answer is two, not three.”

“Shut up!” At that instant, Xia Yu who had stayed quiet for so long finally spoke. After yelling at Zhu Tianming to silence him, she said to Qiu Zhu, “Junior, Master will definitely restore your damaged Spirit power. There is no need to take a risk and try. Let’s find Master instead.”

After hearing Xia Yu’s words, Qiu Zhu was, once again, hesitant. In reality, she really wanted to heal her Spirit power through the Map of Unpredictability. After all, if she was successful the first time, she could strengthen herself during the second time. She did not want to miss such a rare chance.

But on the other side, she didn’t trust Chu Feng completely. So, at that instant, she was endlessly struggling in her heart and entered an impasse.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me because your life and death has never been related to me. The actions that I, Wuqing, have done are all for Lady Chun Wu’s sake.

“So, open your eyes widely and look carefully. See if my answer is correct or not.”

Just at that moment, Chu Feng walked forward with a smile. He arrived by Qiu Zhu and Chun Wu’s side, extended his finger, and put “three” on the painting.

*hmm* When that number appeared, instantly a strand of light shot into his body. Chu Feng’s complexion also turned a bit brighter.

“It’s actually right again?!” Seeing this scene, everyone on scene was tongue-tied and dumbfounded. They never expected Chu Feng to solve the Map of Unpredictability two times in a row. Moreover, he succeeded when Zhu Tianming thought oppositely.

“Haha, Junior Wuqing, you really are the best!” As for Chun Wu, she jumped about like a bird by Chu Feng’s side, and cheered.

“Senior Qiu Zhu, Spirit power being damaged is no small matter. I’m sure you understand your current situation the best. Even if special medicines can heal you, it definitely won’t succeed after one or two days.

“Yet right now, there is a chance. Not only can it heal your Spirit power, it can even raise it to another level. But you just aren’t taking that chance and forcing yourself to exhaust large amounts of precious treasures. Do you think that this is an intelligent move?” Chu Feng smiled at Qiu Zhu.

“You’re describing it quite easily, but even though you’ve successfully solved two of the paintings, who can guarantee you will succeed on your third, fourth time?

“Who can guarantee you won’t make a blunder like Zhu Tianming after a few successes? At that time, if you harm my Junior Qiu Zhu and damage her Spirit power again, can you bear such a responsibility?” Dong Xue fiercely questioned.

“If I make a blunder, then I’ll cut off my own head. How about it?” Chu Feng lightly smiled. After he spoke, everyone’s hearts couldn’t help trembling, feeling the bone-chilling words.

Taking one’s own life to guarantee a matter. It meant that the person had great confidence in themself. It meant that such a person had an extremely insane nature. Though regardless of the reason, it was absolutely not an action that an ordinary person dared to do. At least, of the people there, not a single person had Chu Feng’s courage.

“Junior Chun Wu, it seems like your eyesight is quite good.” At that instant, Qiu Zhu first smiled at Chun Wu in an admirative manner, then looked at Chu Feng, saying with a slight apologetic tone, “Junior Wuqing, before, I was wrong. If there are any places I’ve offended you in, Junior Wuqing, I hope you can forgive me.”

Qiu Zhu’s attitude towards Chu Feng changed completely. It was not only because Chu Feng solved the Map of Unpredictability two times in a row, it was more because of Chu Feng’s fearless and confident attitude

Chu Feng’s character and bravery made her feel that despite having slightly weaker cultivation, he was definitely going to be exceptional in the future. The demeanor he had was something none of the males there had.