Chapter 657 - I Believe in Him

MGA: Chapter 657 - I Believe in Him

“Hoho.” Chu Feng was not angry nor annoyed at the crowd’s laughter and humiliation. He lightly smiled, and very casually said, “I’ve already said the things that I should have said. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not.

“However, Senior Qiu Zhu, I’d advise you to think this over or else with your talent, if your Spirit power is damaged, that would truly be a shame.”

“No need for you to worry, Junior Wuqing. I believe that Sir Zhu will not be wrong.” However, Qiu Zhu did not accept Chu Feng’s advice. Although she wore a faint smile on her face, it could be seen that in her heart, she too looked down on Chu Feng.

Afterwards, she waved her beautiful little hand that was as pretty as a jade, and wrote “four” on the painting.


But immediately after the number was written, the painting flashed with light, a strand of lightning then shot out and bore into Qiu Zhu’s finger. Following a bang, a muffled explosion burst out in Qiu Zhu’s head. The cold beauty then took several steps back, and at the same time, on her beautiful face, there lacked any trace of blood.

“Why is it like this?!” Seeing that, the faces of Zhu Tianming, Gao Xiong, and the others changed greatly. They did not expect Zhu Tianming to have seen the wrong answer.

“Qiu Zhu, are you okay?”

“Qiu Zhu, what’s the matter?”

“Senior, are you injured?”

At the same time, Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and Chun Wu, the three beauties, panicked. They quickly went to Qiu Zhu’s side and asked in concern.

“Senior Xia Yu, my Spirit power is damaged! I can feel it, my Spirit power is damaged!” At that very instant, Qiu Zhu’s complexion was very unsightly. But no matter how much more unsightly it became, her fearful expression overrode it. To a genius like her, Spirit power was something that could never, ever, be damaged.

“Zhu Tianming, what did you do? Were you intentionally harming her?!” At that instant, Dong Xue was instantly enraged. She pointed at Zhu Tianming and started loudly cursing.

“This, this, I...”

Zhu Tianming never expected he would miscalculate. So at present, even he himself knew not what to do about such an important matter such as Qiu Zhu’s Spirit power being damaged. Even if Lady Piaomiao did not blame him and let him go, if news of this were to spread outside, only God would know how many people who admired Qiu Zhu would come and take care of him.

“Qiu Zhu, don’t worry. Master once told me that the powers in this painting cancel each other out. If one is weakened by the painting, as long as they obtain another strengthening, they can nullify the harmful effect.

“Besides, there are countless treasures in the Misty Peak. Even if you cannot restore your power through the painting, Master can still use other precious objects to heal you. Don’t be too worried,” Xia Yu consoled.

“Senior, is what you said true?” After hearing Xia Yu’s words, the fearful expression on Qiu Zhu’s face couldn’t help but diminish quite a bit.

“Of course it’s true? When have I ever tricked you?” Although Xia Yu suspected outsiders greatly, it could be seen from her treatment of Qiu Zhu that she truly cared about her.

“Zhu Tianming, what are you staring at? Why aren’t you looking carefully and seeing what the answer is?!” Dong Xue shouted while pointing at Zhu Tianming.

“Lady Dong Xue, don’t worry. Let me examine it in detail.” At that very instant, Zhu Tianming’s face was drenched in cold sweat from fear. However, he dared not to dally, and after wiping away the sweat on his face, he stared to observe the painting once again.

That time, Zhu Tianming did not dare to have a single trace of carelessness. He looked back and forth at every aspect over and over again. However, the more he looked, the more his heart panicked. Not only did the cold sweat on his face not diminish, there was even more. It simply poured down like the rain, and even his body began to tremble.

“You’ve looked for so long! Do you have a definite answer or not?!” Dong Xue shouted loudly again.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Zhu Tianming was truly afraid at that moment. Daring not to hesitate, he hurriedly nodded his head.

“What is it, speak!!” Dong Xue fiercely pressed forward.

However, Zhu Tianming’s face was still full of anxiousness as his eyes glittered unstably. His expression was dreadful and full of horror. At the end, he spoke, stutteringly. “It’s, it’s, it’s four!”

“What?! Are you trying to make a fool of me?!” When she heard those words, Dong Xue immediately became infuriated. Boundless blue-coloured gas swept out, causing the entire palace to be instantly covered by a thick layer of ice and snow. The coldness was oppressing and extremely terrifying. Dong Xue’s ability in battle absolutely surpassed Zhu Tianming by a huge margin.

“Lady Dong Xue, please settle your anger!” Seeing this, Gao Xiong hurriedly stood before Zhu Tianming, and only with his aura of a rank four Martial Lord did he block Dong Xue’s horrifying pressure. Afterwards, he gravely asked Zhu Tianming, “Brother Zhu, you cannot make more jokes about Lady Qiu Zhu’s Spirit power. Exactly how many are there. Speak the truth.”

“Brother Gao, with my special Spirit Formation technique, I’ve carefully observed and found that it truly is four! I don’t feel that it’s possible for my special Spirit Formation technique to fail, so possibly something’s wrong with this Map of Unpredictability,” Zhu Tianming said, quivering.

“Shut up! Not only have you harmed my senior, you even dare to insult my master’s treasure? I see that you tire of living.” Dong Xue’s eyes could spit fire while her words were ferocious. How did she even look like the civilized, polite, and elegant lady from before? It was as though she were an old woman who had a wild nature.

In that critical moment, Chun Wu suddenly stood up and asked Chu Feng, “Junior Wuqing, what was the number in the answer you spoke of just now?”

At present, Chu Feng had a relaxed appearance and a light smile on his face. He was focusing and watching the good show, and had initially planned to ignore that matter. However seeing as Chun Wu spoke, he had to nose into it. So, he said, still with a smile, “Senior Chun Wu, it is five!”

“Let me try.” After confirming the answer, Chun Wu turned around, and beyond anyone’s expectations, walked towards the Map of Unpredictability. She raised her hand, and prepared to write the answer.

“Little Wu, have you gone mad? You actually trust in his words?!” Seeing this, Dong Xue hurriedly went to stop her. Although currently, Zhu Tianming had determined the incorrect answer, she definitely did not believe that the answer Chu Feng gave was correct.

“Yeah! Lady Chun Wu, this is not a game, you must think this over!” Coincident with that, Gao Xiong and the others all spoke out and urged her otherwise. They all felt that Chun Wu was taking her own future as a joke.

“I believe in him.” However, Chun Wu beautifully smiled. Then, while disregarding Dong Xue’s obstruction, she forcefully pressed her finger down, writing “five” on the scroll of painting.

At that instant, almost everyone held their breath, preparing themselves for the punishment Chun Wu would receive. Even Dong Xue quickly let go of Chun Wu and took several steps back. She feared that she would be affected as well.

*hmm* However, just at that moment, light instantly flashed on the painting and a strand of light rushed into Chun Wu’s body. At the same time, her complexion rosed quite a bit as well.

“Heavens? This isn’t real, is it?!” Seeing such a scene, almost everybody was stupefied. They were even more stunned than before when Qiu Zhu was struck by lightning, because no matter what, they didn’t expect that the answer spoken by Chu Feng, a rank one Martial Lord, would actually be correct.

“How is this possible, how is this possible? I’ve looked so many times, so carefully! It is clearly four. How can it be five?” As for Zhu Tianming, to a greater degree, his face was full of disbelief. He felt that it made absolutely no sense.