Chapter 656 - Chu Feng Speaks

MGA: Chapter 656 - Chu Feng Speaks

When the strand entered his body, Zhu Tianming’s expression changed greatly. However, it was completely different than Sir Li from before.

Zhu Tianming had a face of pain, but he was also elated. Even his expression reddened quite nicely, saying shortly after, “It is indeed mystical. As expected of Senior Piaomiao’s treasure.”

*whoosh* When such changes were happening to Zhu Tianming, the Map of Unpredictability once again became a sheet of white paper.

When they saw such change, everyone knew the result. Zhu Tianming truly saw through the Map of Unpredictability and received unordinary benefits.

“Sir Zhu, you’ve succeeded? How’s the feeling?!” Although they already clearly knew, Xia Yu still asked. At the same time, the others were staring at Zhu Tianming intently, awaiting his response.

“I feel very good, and my Spirit power has indeed been strengthened. However, this burst of power is really too strong. Obtaining it once will help greatly towards one’s Spirit power, but if obtained again, I’m afraid the result will be the opposite.”

“Sir Zhu’s words are extremely correct. My master has also said that the benefits of this Map of Unpredictability can only be received once. Otherwise, if one exceeded the limit, there will be very serious consequences.

“And since Sir Zhu can see through this Map of Unpredictability, could you complete the wish of others and allow us to also enjoy the benefits of this Map of Unpredictability?” Xia Yu asked with a smile. Within her eyes, there was actually a bit of pleading.

“Since Lady Xia has spoken, of course I have no problem with it.” Zhu Tianming agreed without any hesitation.

“Then sorry to trouble you, Sir Zhu.” Hearing that, smiled bloomed on Xia Yu’s face, and with a thought, she shot another strand of Spirit power into the Map of Unpredictability. Instantly, a painting full of weapons appeared, and on the painting, there again appeared the words similar to the previous ones, something about “how many axes”.

*hmm* Zhu Tianming’s gaze let out light, and after scanning it, he said to Xia Yu, “Lady Xia, one axe.”

“Junior Wuqing, are you a World Spiritist?” After knowing the answer, Xia Yu did not immediately go up and solve the puzzle, but looked towards Chu Feng instead.

“Senior Xia Yu, Wuqing is indeed a World Spiritist,” Chu Feng replied with a smile. Not humble, nor arrogant.

“That’s great! There’s a saying that goes ‘those who hear can have a part’. Since Sir Zhu is so willing to help others, I feel that the people here today should enjoy this mystical power from the Map of Unpredictability.

“Junior Wuqing, in here, your cultivation is the weakest. I’ll give this chance to you first,” Xia Yu said to Chu Feng with a face full of smiles.

However, at that very instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help cursing in his heart: “Bastard.”

It was because Chu Feng did not feel that Xia Yu would be that kindhearted as to give that chance to him first randomly. Clearly, she didn’t completely trust in Zhu Tianming’s strength and feared walking on the same path as that Sir Li. So, she wanted Chu Feng to test the waters.

“Senior Xia Yu, I think you’re not correct about that. Since Junior Wuqing’s cultivation is the weakest, naturally, he cannot enjoy such a good thing first. From what I see, this chance should be given to Sir Gao Xiong.” But just at that moment, Chun Wu suddenly spoke up with giggles. Although that girl seemed a bit slow-witted, in reality, she was very smart. She too looked through Xia Yu’s scheme, so she helped Chu Feng break out of the difficult situation.

“This...” Hearing those words, Gao Xiong’s face instantly changed. Those who were there were all intelligent people, so of course they knew what dangers the so-called chance concealed.

“Brother Gao, go ahead. Do you still not believe my strength?” Zhu Tianming said very confidently.

“This… Then fine. Since it is like so, I, Gao Xiong, will take this opportunity.” In a situation like that, it wasn’t too great for Gao Xiong to say much. So, he could only write the character “one” on the Map of Unpredictability.

After writing, a strand of light instantly flew up and rushed into Gao Xiong’s body. As for his reaction, it was the exact same as Zhu Tianming before. His former nervousness disappeared like a whisper of smoke, and replacing it was unspeakable joy.

“Mystical! Truly mystical! This Map of Unpredictability is truly a divine object.

“Lady Xia Yu, Lady Chun Wu, Lady Dong Xue, Lady Qiu Zhu, Brother Zhu, many thanks.” Gao Xiong was endlessly excited when he obtained such a benefit, and he expressed his thanks to all of them.

“Sir Zhu’s special Spirit Formation technique is indeed outstanding, we sisters express admirations from the bottom of our hearts. However, we must trouble Sir Zhu for a bit longer.” Xia Yu had very deep thoughts and after a while of praising, without letting Zhu Tianming catch a breath, she got him to continue solving the Map of Unpredictability and continued using him.

However, Xia Yu hadn’t completely believed Zhu Tianming’s abilities. Afterwards, she had two more people try it out, and only after seeing the successes was she convinced and started to personally go up to the map. She followed Zhu Tianming's instructions and solved the Map of Unpredictability.

But during that time, Chu Feng, who was always behind the crowd and not focused on, also secretly used his Heaven’s Eyes to observe the Map of Unpredictability. He even observed Zhu Tianming.

He discovered that the so-called special Spirit Formation technique, even though it was unique, seemed to be very draining.

Moreover, the painting shown on the Map of Unpredictability became more and more complex. It was much more harder than before, and in that situation, Zhu Tianming’s power started to faintly jumble up. However, for the sake of face, he said nothing, and continued solving the paintings.

After Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and the others successively solved the Map of Unpredictability, the people there didn’t doubt Zhu Tianming in the slightest.

Finally, Qiu Zhu, titled as one of the three great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region, came forth. She stood before the painting, and while doing that she truly appeared beautiful, akin to a fairy walking in the legends. She was very attracting as well.

However, when she extended her hand, preparing to solve the puzzle by Zhu Tianming’s instructions, Chu Feng suddenly said, “Stop!”

*whoosh* The sudden shout surprised everyone on scene. All of them cast their gazes towards Chu Feng.

“Wuqing, what are you doing?” Xia Yu asked with great displeasure. Her tone was full of fierceness.

“Senior Xia Yu, Senior Qiu Zhu, the number Sir Zhu said is incorrect. There are not four in this painting, but five. If Senior Qiu Zhu writes the number four, she will receive the backlash of the Map of Unpredictability,” Chu Feng calmly said.

“Rubbish! What ability do you have to dare and say what I’ve seen is incorrect?” Hearing those words, Zhu Tianming was instantly enraged. He pointed at Chu Feng and started loudly cursing.

“This brother is called Wuqing, right? Not denouncing you or anything, but if you want to ‘act the hero and save the beauty’, you should switch the method up. You are not helping Lady Qiu Zhu now, you are harming her.”

“That’s right! Even if you want to set up a connection you can’t do it like this. If Lady Qiu Zhu does as you say and writes the number ‘five’, then receives the backlash of the map, can you bear that responsibility?” At the same time, Gao Xiong and the others also started to taunt Chu Feng. At the same time they taunted, there was even faint smiling expressions on their faces, as though they were looking at a joke.

“Junior Wuqing, since you were brought here by Senior Qiushui, I will not argue this, but Sir Zhu’s special Spirit Formation technique is indeed very strong. We have already personally verified this.

“So, I ask you to not think that you are smart, or else don’t blame me for not holding myself back,” Xia Yu coldly shouted while pointing at Chu Feng.