Chapter 655 - Zhu Tianming

MGA: Chapter 655 - Zhu Tianming

“This map is indeed quite mystical. Let me give it a try.” Just as everyone studied it seriously, a fair-faced rank three Martial Lord went up, and without even thinking, he wrote the character “one” above the waterfalls.


However, when he finished writing and just as he released his hand, the painting flashed with light, and a flash of lightning struck out of the painting, entering his body from his finger.


A muffled sound rang out in the man’s brain, and simultaneously he was forced several steps back. His legs almost went limp, which would cause him to fall to the ground. Looking at his complexion, it was already pale white, akin to the colour of paper. Even his gaze became dulled. He was clearly greatly affected.

As she looked at the man’s circumstances, not only did Xia Yu not have a single trace of sympathy, she shook her head, seeming quite angry, and said, “Sir Li, did you do such a thing because you looked down on my master’s Map of Unpredictability?”

“I do not dare.” Seeing that Xia Yu was a bit anger, that Sir Li gradually came to his senses and apologized to her.

However, Xia Yu did not take that apology, and said in a chilly voice, “Just now, not to mention observing carefully, you didn’t even use Spirit power. Obviously, you randomly wrote a number, because you wanted to test if this map is mystical or not.

“However, no need to be complacent. The lightning just now has already eternally weakened your Spirit power. If you don’t consume precious supplemental medicines to recover, I’m afraid your attainments in Spirit Formation techniques will forever stop at this point. This is the price for doing such a sacrilegious action.”

“Lady Xia Yu, please have mercy. I really did not have the intention to commit such an offense! Lady Xia Yu, please give me another chance.” Hearing those words, Sir Li instantly panicked. He quickly bowed with clasped hands in front, and almost even kneeled for forgiveness.

After all, to a genius like him, being a World Spiritist was his pride. If, in the future, he could barely improve in terms of Spirit Formation techniques, it could really be said to be a fatal blow to him.

“This is your punishment from the Map of Unpredictability. Not to mention me, even my master cannot help you. Think of a way yourself to recover your Spirit power.” Xia Yu waved her hand.

“Brother Li, not that I want to criticize you, but you are in the wrong this time. Before, Lady Xia Yu already clearly stated the areas of mysticality in this Map of Unpredictability. But, you did not believe in such a thing, and now, you received the punishment. Who can this be blamed on?”

“Yeah! Regarding this matter, it’s best for you to return to your master and explain the situation. He will definitely help you, but do know that after your actions, I’m sure even your master will not easily forgive you, because in the entire Eastern Sea Region, there is none who dares to be disrespectful to Senior Piaomiao’s treasure,” said two men as they went up at the same time.

After hearing those words, that Sir Li’s face became ashen. He knew that this time, he really made a disastrous mistake, and was fated to have horrid luck.

“Hehe, it looks like Master’s Map of Unpredictability is truly quite mystical. Let me try and see how it goes.” Just at that moment, Chun Wu gigglingly jumped in front of the painting and with a hand extended, she was going to write a number on the painting.

“Chun Wu, stop.” However, before letting her do anything, Xia Yu who was on the side, quickly pulled her back. Her face was full of strictness as her lips moved a bit. It seemed like she was saying some warning words to Chun Wu, causing her to instantly look like a ball that lost all air and backed away to the side, silent.

“Everyone, can you see how many waterfalls are in his painting?” After stopping Chun Wu, Xia Yu smiled and presented a question to the crowd.

“This...” After seeing how powerful the Map of Unpredictability was, who would even dare to go forward and try? They really feared landing in the same situation Sir Li did.

“Sir Gao Xiong, I’ve heard that your Spirit Formation techniques are very outstanding. You became a Purple-cloak World Spiritist at quite an early time, when you were in the eighth level of the Heaven realm. I wonder... can you see through the mysteriousness of this painting?” Seeing no one responding, Xia Yu cast her gaze towards the man who had the cultivation of a rank four Martial Lord.

In comparison to others, the one called Gao Xiong didn’t have many changes on his face. He said, very calmly, “This Map of Unpredictability is truly extraordinary, as expected of Senior Piaomiao’s treasure. Please forgive my lack of talent; I cannot see through this painting’s obscurity.

“However, I do know of one person. He’s Temple Head Wuya’s proudest disciple, and Temple Head Wuya is also a rare and powerful World Spiritist in the Eastern Sea Region. I’m sure his disciple will be able to see through some of this profoundness,” Gao Xiong said.

“Is the person you’re talking about Zhu Tianming?” Dong Xue interrupted.

“Lady Dong Xue, it is indeed Zhu Tianming. Although Junior Zhu is exactly twenty-three years old, his Spirit Formation techniques are exceptional. I’ve heard that he became a Purple-cloak World Spiritist when he was in the seventh level of the Heaven realm, and at present, even though my cultivation is higher than his, my Spirit Formation techniques are inferior to his.

“Junior Zhu also received Senior Piaomiao’s badge, and right now, he’s in the Misty Peak. If you don’t mind, why not invite him over? Perhaps he will be able to solve this Map of Unpredictability,” Gao Xiong recommended.

“We have never seen Sir Zhu before, so inviting him so suddenly seems a bit inappropriate.” Dong Xue was a bit hesitant. Xia Yu and Qiu Zhu had the same expression.

“That’s fine. There’s a bit of a friendship between me and Junior Zhu. I can accompany Lady Dong Xue and invite Junior Zhu together,” Gao Xiong said.

“That would be the best.” Dong Xue was joyed, and as she spoke, she left along with Gao Xiong. Shortly after, the two of them returned, and a person also followed them.

That man had an ordinary appearance, superior to none currently in the palace. His cultivation was also inferior to Gao Xiong, being a rank three Martial Lord. However, his attitude was not the slightest bit worse than Gao Xiong—he was full of arrogance, and full of confidence. When he looked at Chu Feng and the others, his eyes more or less contained some disdain.

“Sir Zhu, do you see anything?” Xia Yu asked. It seemed like she hoped very much that someone could see through the Map of Unpredictability.

“To be honest, Lady Xia Yu, I have cultivated a special Spirit Formation technique since I was young, and I can concentrate my Spirit power into my eyes, allowing me to see things that ordinary people cannot see.

“Moreover, after many years of cultivation, I have some small achievements. This Map of Unpredictability shouldn’t be too difficult for me,” Zhu Tianming said, brimming with confidence.

“That’s great! May I ask Sir Zhu to show us your special Spirit Formation technique?” Xia Yu asked with a smile. Her attitude was very polite.

“Of course.” Zhu Tianming lightly smiled, then his gaze suddenly changed and actually shot out two barely perceivable light rays. After those light rays swept around in a circle over the Map of Unpredictability, his gaze changed again, returning to its former state.

However, the current him now knew what to do. Without wasting any words, he extended his finger and waved it about on the Map of Unpredictability, ultimately writing the character “six”.

At that instant, other than Chu Feng, every single person on scene had their nerves tensed up. Without blinking, they stared at the Map of Unpredictability. The atmosphere was nervous, and one could even hear people’s heartbeats.

*hmm* Just at that moment, the Map of Unpredictability changed and six waterfalls appeared. Simultaneously, a strand of light explosively shot out, and while following the finger, entered Zhu Tianming’s body.