Chapter 654 - Map of Unpredictability

MGA: Chapter 654 - Map of Unpredictability

“Heh, it’s nothing, it’s nothing. I was intentionally dressing up so naturally none of you could recognize me. If you were able to, then how could I continue stirring up trouble?” Chun Wu naughtily smiled. After putting away the badge she asked Chu Feng, “Junior Wuqing, have you remembered what this Martial Marking Immortal Lotus looks like?”

“Mm. If I see it, I will definitely recognize it.” Chu Feng nodded his head.

“Then let’s not continue staying here. I’ll bring you to see my three seniors. I heard my eldest senior brought something very fun from my master today!” As she spoke, Chun Wu extended her hand and grabbed Chu Feng’s. She pulled Chu Feng along and started running towards another palace.

“Three seniors? Senior Chun Wu, didn’t Lady Piaomiao only take in four disciples? Where did these three seniors come from?” Chu Feng asked in confusion on the way.

“Yes, it’s four disciples!” Chun Wu first nodded, then came to a realization. So, she dazzling smiled and said, “Ah~ I know. You must think that the Four Seasons are Chun (Spring), Xia (Summer), Qiu (Autumn), and Dong (Winter), thus I’m the eldest, and as a result, I should have three juniors. I just said three seniors, so instead, you don’t understand, right?”

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded.

“I’ll tell you the truth. What you just said were from people who don’t know the facts and are just randomly guessing. Of us four sisters, Xia Yu is the eldest. Dong Xue is the second eldest, Qiu Zhu is the third eldest, and in the eyes of outsiders, I, the so-called eldest senior, is in reality, the youngest junior.

“I’m only twenty-two years old. How do I even look like the eldest senior?” Speaking to that point, Chun Wu pouted, her face full of childishness and cuteness. She was very alluring and attractive.

The official disciple of Lady Piaomiao completely surpassed Chu Feng’s imaginations. Originally, Chu Feng thought that as Lady Piaomiao’s disciple, she would definitely be boundlessly arrogant, but he didn’t expect Chun Wu to be such a naughty and cute woman. Actually, it’d be more accurate to call her a girl. Anyway, Chun Wu’s attitude, Chu Feng liked.

With Chun Wu’s lead, Chu Feng’s arrived at a palace that wasn’t very spacious, but was very straight. In the center of the palace there was a table made of jade, and surrounding the table were five men and three women.

The five men had very majestic appearances and extraordinary strength. Four of them were rank three Martial Lords, and one strapping man was even a rank four Martial Lord.

In comparison to those five men, the three women were even more outstanding. Two were rank four Martial Lords, and one was even a rank five Martial Lord. Obviously, she was the strongest existence Chu Feng felt before when he was outside the palace.

Putting aside strength, their outer appearances were even more angelic. They could all be called outstanding beauties, especially so for the woman with the cultivation of a rank five Martial Lord. Although in terms of her facial features, she was not necessarily much better than Chun Wu, her unique demeanor enhanced her appearance perfectly. But, it was also exactly her demeanor that gave others an untouchable distant feeling.

No matter if it was strength, or beauty, that woman was indeed superior to the other two, including Chun Wu. So, without even thinking, Chu Feng knew who she was. Without a doubt, the great beauty whose name spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region, Qiu Zhu.

“Senior Xia Yu, Senior Dong Xue, Senior Qiu Zhu, look who I’ve brought!” Chun Wu yelled gigglingly after entering the palace.

After they cast their gazes over, varying degrees of surprise and shock emerged onto their faces. Especially that Senior Xia Yue. She put on a stern face and coldly shouted, “Little Wu, men and women do not touch one another. You are pulling him and shouting here and there. Where have your manners gone?”

“Eiya, Senior Xia Yu, I’ve never pulled anyone...” Seeing that, Chun Wu hurriedly released the hand she was using to hold Chu Feng. Then, she cutely smiled, pointed at Chu Feng, and said, “This is Wuqing, he came along with Senior Qiushui of the Lovers Terrace. Master granted him a Misty Badge, so he can enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm with us.”

“Oh?” Hearing those words, everyone’s gazes changed again and they couldn’t help reassessing Chu Feng. However, when they discovered Chu Feng’s cultivation of a rank one Martial Lord, disappointment surged in all of their eyes.

What Chu Feng wore was the Transformational Mask. Even his eyes could be concealed, and since they couldn’t see Chu Feng’s actual eyes, naturally, they couldn’t see the three lightnings condensed within them at present. Thus, they could also not see that Chu Feng’s current cultivation of a rank one Martial Lord was because he used a special power. As a result, all of them felt that Chu Feng was extremely ordinary. At least, he could not even be compared to them, so they didn’t put Chu Feng in their eyes.

Hence, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, and Dong Xue didn’t speak to Chu Feng and just turned around. As for the other five men, they greeted Chun Wu with faces full of fawning. However, none paid attention to Chu Feng.

He had already gotten used to a situation like that. In this world, the strongest were supreme. In the eyes of experts, weak ones were simply unworthy to be their friends. Especially for these geniuses. They were exactly that.

So, Chu Feng didn’t blame them or anything. After all, that was a normal human reaction. If Chun Wu hadn’t met him before, perhaps she would have had the same disdainful attitude when they met today.

“Senior Xia Yu, didn’t you say you have some fun thing? Quickly take it out!” Chun Wu came over with skips and jumps, and very impatiently pulled Xia Yu’s sleeve.

“You girl, you only know how to play. Here, this is it.” Xia Yu pointed at a white sheet on the table.

“What is this?” Chun Wu blinked and curiously looked at it.

“This is the Map of Unpredictability. It is our master’s treasure, and it helps World Spiritists greatly.

“Today, she gave this map to me and had me bring it here for everyone to play,” Xia Yu explained.

“Oh? What’s special about this map?” Chun Wu continued asking.

“So special it surpasses your imagination.” Xia Yu smugly smiled, then with a thought, a strand of Spirit power was imbued into that white paper.


When Spirit power entered, the white paper instantly changed. Lines of markings appeared, and very quickly, they formed a landscape painting. At the same time, there was even a row of words. It was: “How many waterfalls are in this painting?”

“How many waterfalls? What does this mean?” Chun Wu continued asking.

“There are waterfalls hidden in his painting, and each one is more difficult to find than the previous. Only powerful World Spiritists can see them.

“After seeing them, you can use your finger to write the answer on this painting. If the answer’s correct, then you will get a special power that would strengthen your Spirit power. If the answer’s wrong, you will also get a special power; however, not only will that special power not strengthen your Spirit power, it will diminish it,” Xia Yu explained.

“It’s that interesting?” After hearing Xia Yu’s explanation, Chun Wu was so happy she could dance on the spot. With widened eyes, she started to carefully look at it.

At the same time, almost everyone there went up to the paining, detailedly examining the so-called Map of Unpredictability.