Chapter 653 - Chun Wu

MGA: Chapter 653 - Chun Wu

“Who are you? How are you qualified to stop me?” Chu Feng disdainfully swept his gaze over the two of them.

“Who are we? We are people who received the Misty Badge,” one of them said.

“That’s right. This is the Pleasing Palace! Those who hadn’t received the Misty Badge cannot enter,” said the other, in also an arrogant manner.

“What’s the matter here?” Seeing an anomaly at the palace entrance, another male with cultivation of a rank two Martial Lord came over.

“Oh, so it’s Sir Lin. I don’t know how this guy came over here, but he actually wants to slip into the Pleasing Palace. We are only giving him a warning,” the two men said simultaneously.

“Why the need to waste your breath with people like him? Just call the Misty Peak guard and drive him out.” However, the so-called Sir Lin didn’t even look straight at Chu Feng. He was even more arrogant than the two of them.

Chu Feng never feared people like him. Just as he prepared to take out the Misty Badge and fiercely embarrass themselves, his eyes lit up because he saw a person currently approaching.

“Junior Wuqing, you’ve come!” Coincident with the ringing of a mellifluous voice was a person, like a fluttering butterfly, passing the three people and arriving before Chu Feng.

It was a young and beautiful woman. Not only did she have pretty looks, she even wore a sunlike smile on her face. She was clad in a pink-coloured skirt, embellishing her sunlike smile to an even more dazzling degree. Moreover, that young woman was a rank four Martial Lord; her cultivation was far above the three men.

“Lady Chun Wu, you know him?!” Seeing her, the three were taken aback, and their faces surged with different degrees of shock.

And after hearing the men’s words, Chu Feng’s complexion, as well, couldn’t help changing slightly because from that, he knew who the woman was. She was one of Lady Piaomiao’s four proud disciples, Chun Wu.

“This is Junior Wuqing. My master invited him here. What are you three doing?” Chun Wu smiled and scanned over the three people, but within her gaze there was a hint of fierceness. It was completely different from the one she looked at Chu Feng with.

“Eh, this...”

Hearing that, their expressions changed. They had no clue how to explain because never once did they imagine that the seemingly ordinary brat had some sort of unusual origin—he was personally invited here by Lady Piaomiao.

Moreover, looking at Chun Wu’s cheerfulness, they could also tell that his identity was absolutely not simple because they had never seen her so enthusiastic about other people.

At that instant, all three of them curved subconsciously. They knew they offended someone that they shouldn’t have.

“No matter, but it’s just these three brothers assumed I didn’t have a Misty Badge and entered by circumstance. They were even just preparing to drive me out.” Chu Feng had a light smile on his face, as though he spoke of a minuscule matter. In reality, however, he already told Chun Wu about their nastiness.

“This, n-no, it’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!” The men’s faces immediately paled upon hearing Chu Feng’s words. They were so frightened their bodies trembled once, intensely. Streams of cold sweat slid down their faces, clueless on how to explain themselves.

“Hmph. Three arrogant people. You think Junior Wuqing is someone you can stop?” Chun Wu coldly glanced at the three, but didn’t bother with them too much. She said to Chu Feng, “Junior Wuqing, pay them no mind. Quickly follow me, I’ll bring you to see the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus.” After speaking, she started to bring Chu Feng to the Pleasing Palace.

Looking at the departing backs of Chu Feng and Chun Wu, the expressions of the three standing at the entrance changed in bursts. In their hearts, there was unspeakable hatred. Although they did indeed receive the Misty Badge and the approval of the Misty Peak, they knew clearly in their hearts that they were no more than three existences at the very bottom. They initially planned to drive away an intruder to gain some good favours, but they didn’t expect to clash with various chances, and as a result, disastrously offended a person.

So, in their hearts, they knew they were finished. They offended Lady Chun Wu, so their future days there would definitely bear zero good fruits.

Chu Feng didn’t even bother paying attention to the changes in their hearts. At present, he was currently led by Chun Wu and walking towards the mural of a Martial Marking Immortal Lotus.

On the way, Chu Feng also discovered that the Pleasing Palace was very large, and there was not only one palace. Mainly, it recorded some situations within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm so people here could have a greater understanding of that place. However, only those who received the Misty Badge could enter.

In comparison to those things, however, Chu Feng was currently more intrigued by Chun Wu. He had clearly never seen her before, yet it seemed that she already knew who he was. She even treated him with great friendliness.

As for the people on the road who saw him and Chun Wu walking shoulder-to-shoulder, they couldn’t help casting strange gazes. Especially so for the males—within their eyes there were hidden jealousy and anger.

“Here, this is the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus.” After a short while of turning here and there, the two of them finally arrived in front of a huge mural.

A golden lotus flower was drawn on the mural. Not only was it beautiful, even more so it was domineering because above the golden petals, densely-packed runes and markings were carved. They were also golden, but they were very distinct. With a glance, one could tell that it was not an ordinary object.

“It is truly pretty. Now I also want to personally see the true Martial Marking Immortal Lotus.” When Chu Feng was engraving the specialness of the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus into his heart, Chun Wu too was gazing at the mural, but in comparison to Chu Feng, she was only admiring. In addition, there was a bit of yearning.

“Senior Chun Wu, have we met before?” Out of curiosity, Chu Feng finally asked that question because he clearly remembered that he hadn’t see Chun Wu before, yet she obviously recognized him.

*pu* Chun Wu let out a faint chuckle with her hands over her mouth. It was quite moving, and afterwards, she spread open her fair, jade-like hand, put it in front of Chu Feng and said, “Since you’ve entered and also gained my master’s blessing, return my Misty Badge back to me.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help re-examining the beautiful female in front of his eyes. Shortly after, he asked in amazement, “Senior Chun Wu, you wouldn’t be that...”

“You truly don’t recognize it? It seems like the Easy Transfiguring Pellet is truly impressive! Hehe.

“That’s right. I was the dirty woman back then who was selling fake badges.” Chun Wu sweetly smiled, her face still brimming with an expression full of complacency.

And after knowing the truth, Chu Feng couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief, saying hiddenly, “No wonder Chun Wu treated me so warmly. So she was the dirty woman then!”

“Wuqing has been foolish. Yesterday, I was unable to recognize Senior Chun Wu. I have offended greatly, so I ask Senior Chun Wu for forgiveness.” Chu Feng bowed respectfully, and at the same time, he gave Chun Wu back the Misty Badge she gifted him yesterday.