Chapter 660 - Temple Head Wuya

MGA: Chapter 660 - Temple Head Wuya

“Junior Wuqing, Junior Chun Wu.” After the sun set in the west, Dong Xue came over from afar. After nearing, she first took a long relaxing breath, and then said, “I’ve finally found you two.”

“Senior Dong Xue, what’s the matter? Looking at your worried face, have you been thinking of me?” Chun Wu asked while giggling. Her naughtiness was akin to a child’s.

“You girl, you’re bringing Junior Wuqing everywhere! I had quite some trouble trying to find you.” Dong Xue smiled while casting Chun Wu a glance, as if she was already used to her little junior acting so improper.

“Oh? So Senior Dong Xue wants to take away my Junior Wuqing! That won’t do. I won’t give Junior Wuqing to you...” Chun Wu pouted and actually placed her hands around one of Chu Feng’s arm. She had an extremely intimate appearance.

Of course, Chu Feng didn’t refuse Chun Wu’s action. First of all, not only did he have a very good impression regarding Chun Wu, just her beautiful appearance alone gave Chu Feng no reason to refuse.

“Oh you, stop disturbing me. I have something serious I need to tell Junior Wuqing.” Dong Xue helplessly sighed, then said to Chu Feng, “Junior Wuqing, tonight, my master is setting up a banquet to treat some old friends. Senior Qiushui will also come, and you can come too!”

“Really? That’s great! When does it start?” Hearing that there was a banquet, Chun Wu immediately jumped up and down, clapping and cheering. It was as though she had never had a banquet before.

“It will be starting soon, so both of you, follow me.” Dong Xue sweetly smiled. It was a very moving smile, as if it were the hint of sunlight during wintertime. When gazed upon, it made one’s heart warm.

From such, it could be seen that the beauty of the Four Seasons was truly not exaggerated. However, Chu Feng had already seen Dong Xue’s true face. Thus, he knew clearly that Dong Xue was absolutely not as benignant as she appeared on the surface.

Being led by Dong Xue, Chu Feng arrived atop a peak. At that instant, the banquet was already laid out on the peak. Moreover, several people had already arrived.

However, the guests who arrived weren't all young geniuses. The banquet was to welcome some old friends of Lady Piaomiao’s. Hence, the main guests were some experts in the older generation. As for the ones who could attend the banquet along with them, they were naturally people who were related to said experts; most of whom were disciples.

Chu Feng roughly examined and discovered that even though the ones who arrived were experts of the older generation, grand characters that had made a name for themselves in the Eastern Sea Region, they were only Martial Lords. Ones with slightly better cultivation were at the peak of the Martial Lord realm; however, none of them were Martial Kings.

From that, one could see that even in the Eastern Sea Region, the realm of Martial Kings was still a very powerful realm. One could say that only those who could enter that realm were counted as true experts.

And just then, Chu Feng spotted two familiar people. It was Gao Xiong and Zhu Tianming.

Gao Xiong’s master surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination. It was actually an old woman with white hair. Who knew how many months and years that old woman had lived for. Her face was full of wrinkles and full of spots. Although her hair was snow-white, since she had lost her hair like the sprinkling of rain, barely any strands remained. She looked akin to a living corpse; it was quite frightening.

Possibly because Gao Xiong told her some things about Chu Feng, the old woman actually bent her waist, leaned on her cane, and brought Gao Xiong over on her own accord and greeted Chu Feng.

“This is the hidden expert of Centipede Hill. People call her Old Lady Wugong (centipede). She only took in one disciple: Gao Xiong. She loves him as if he were her own grandson. She gives all her resources to Gao Xiong, so that’s why he has his current cultivation. It can be said that his cultivation is entirely raised by cultivation resources.

“Even though Old Lady Wugong has a scary appearance, I heard my master say that as a person, she’s actually not bad. She often travels the Eastern Sea to save others.” From start to finish, Chun Wu stayed by Chu Feng’s side, and every time Chu Feng cast his gaze towards a person, she explained that person’s origin for Chu Feng.

Of course, having the special treatment of a beauty accompanying him attracted quite a few people’s envy, especially men of the same generation. When they saw a great beauty like Chun Wu together so closely with a rank one Martial Lord, they, who saw themselves as exceptional, felt hugely displeased at Chu Feng. They all thought, Even I can’t enjoy such a treatment. Why can he, with his cultivation?

Particularly so for Zhu Tianming. At that instant, as he looked at Chu Feng, his gaze was like a blade. He wished he could kill Chu Feng with only his gaze, and the reason he had such thoughts was naturally not due to envy alone. The greater reason was the humiliation Chu Feng made him feel in the Pleasing Palace, giving rise to his hatred.

“What are you looking at?! Have you never looked with your eyes before?” Chun Wu also noticed Zhu Tianming’s unkind gaze. She put her hands on her waist and howled at him.

When such a sound emerged, it instantly attracted the attention of everyone there. All of them cast their gazes towards Zhu Tianming, and even though Zhu Tianming’s face was unsightly, he dared not to do anything to Chun Wu. He could only shift his gaze and walk onto the road towards the mountain peak.

“Junior Wuqing, with one glance this Zhu Tianming is not any good person. He seems a lot like his master, Temple Head Wuya: a despicable person with a narrow mind. In the future, if you meet him alone, you must be careful,” said Chun Wu with a secret mental message to Chu Feng.

“Huh, he’s come just as he was mentioned. Look, that’s Zhu Tianming’s master, the head of the Limitless (Wuya) Temple. He’s an animal with a venomous inner heart and feigns benevolence and righteousness. If he hadn’t helped my master with a tiny matter before, she would never have invited him.

“That’s right! The brat behind Temple Head Wuya is Zhu Tianming’s brother Zhu Diguang. Those two brothers are Temple Head Wuya’s proudest disciples.

“However, Zhu Diguang’s cultivation is a bit inferior, and since there’s a limited number of spots for giving out the Misty Badges, only Zhu Tianming received one. Zhu Diguang, on the other hand, must pass the screening before he can enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.” Chun Wu suddenly cast her gaze towards the two people walking over from the bottom of the peak.

Chu Feng focused his gaze over, and discovered that Temple Head Wuya wasn’t too old. He only seemed to be roughly fifty or sixty; however, his cultivation was not weak. It was likely at the peak of the Martial Lord realm, and judging by his age, perhaps he could become a Martial King some time in his life.

As for Zhu Diguang, he truly looked similar to Zhu Tianming, but was just a bit uglier than him. If one said Zhu Tianming’s appearance was acceptable, then Zhu Diguang’s appearance could only be counted as very ordinary.

Regarding his cultivation, it was indeed a bit weaker than Zhu Tianming’s: he was a rank two Martial Lord.

However, at present, no matter if it was Temple Head Wuya or Zhu Diguang, their gazes when looking at Chu Feng more or less contained ill-intents. Although Temple Head Wuya concealed his quite deeply, Chu Feng still caught it.

From that, it could be seen that the two of them likely also knew what happened to Zhu Tianming in the Pleasing Palace.

“Senior Chun Wu, just now, you said there’s a limited number of Misty Badges that get sent out. Then, how many in total have been dispatched?” Chu Feng asked curiously. In reality, on the side, he wanted to know if the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago had received the Misty Badge or not.

After all, he was fated to have a great war against that enormous power. So, he was very concerned about the situations regarding the Immortal Execution Archipelago.