Chapter 650 - Lady Piaomiao

MGA: Chapter 650 - Lady Piaomiao

“What? The Misty Badge in that boy’s hand is actually authentic?” The group of people watching the action behind Chu Feng dropped their jaws at the old man’s sudden change of attitude.

“Senior, you were only being dutiful. However, I still have a senior who is with me. I wonder...can we enter together?”

Chu Feng lightly smiled. Although the old man was unkind a moment ago, Chu Feng didn’t make things too difficult for him. After all, he had such strong cultivation. No matter what position he held in the Misty Peak, just based off of the difference in their cultivation, Chu Feng couldn’t make him lose face in front of so many people by insulting him.

“If I may ask, what is the name of your senior, and where did she come from?” Indeed, when Chu Feng was so polite, the old man very satisfiedly smiled, and his attitude and treatment towards Chu Feng became even more kind.

Simultaneously, the old man stated to flip through the thick book in his hand. Every single person’s name from all sorts of schools and sects in the Eastern Sea Region was densely recorded within. It was for verifying identities.

“My Senior’s name is Jiang Wanshi. She is the disciple of Lady Qiushui of the Lovers Terrace,” Chu Feng said truthfully.

“Oh? So it’s Lady Qiushui’s disciple. She is a close friend of Lady Piaomiao, and before she left, she had specially stated that if Lady Qiushui and her disciple comes, they can directly enter with no need for any badges. Only a proof of identity is required,” the old man said slightly surprisedly.

“Then thank you, Senior.” As for Chu Feng, he too didn’t expect Lady Piaomiao to have already left a message behind. So, he quickly called Jiang Wanshi over. After a simple examination of identity, the two of them were gazed at by countless numbers of people as they stepped into the Misty Peak.

“Damn, really? That boy and girl have actually managed to enter? They’ve truly cut the queue and entered!”

“How is this possible? Could it be that the Misty Badge he had was real? But with his cultivation, how could he have had the qualifications to receive one?”

Almost every single person was dumbfounded by that scene. Especially Tie Fan and the others who had clashed with Chu Feng. All of them stared with widened eyes, their faces full of the most extreme of expressions.

After entering the Misty Peak, Chu Feng and Jiang Wanshi were brought to a peak for resting.

There were several palaces on that peak, and even though it wasn’t that luxurious, there was a special sort of charm. Refreshing and natural structures perfectly harmonized with the beautiful sceneries of the Misty Peak.

Although the residential conditions were quite nice, there was no freedom of movement. On the way, Chu Feng discovered that there were truly quite a few Misty Peak experts. Moreover, in many places, there were people guarding. Aside from the specially set residential regions, it was forbidden to stroll about on their own. Even guests who received the best treatments such as Chu Feng and Jiang Wanshi could not.

“The guards in this place are truly not simple. They are actually all Martial Lords!” Chu Feng exclaimed in the palace.

“But of course. The Misty Peak is, after all, the strange land that can prolong one’s life. That’s also the main reason why many hidden experts are willing to come to this place and serve Lady Piaomiao.

“However, even though they have decent cultivation, they don’t have much of a status in the Misty Peak. Other than Lady Piaomiao, the Four Season Seniors’ position is the highest. All others are servants that they can order around,” Jiang Wanshi said.

“So that means other than Chun Wu, Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, and Dong Xue, Lady Piaomiao hasn’t accepted any other disciples?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Mm. These four seniors are disciples Senior Piaomiao meticulously selected. All of them are true geniuses, something that is far from being comparable to my sisters.” When the four people, Chun, Xia, Qiu, and Dong, were mentioned, there involuntarily appeared some shame on Jiang Wanshi’s face.

“Senior Jiang’s talent is already very outstanding. In a few years, you may even surpass them,” Chu Feng consoled when he saw Jiang Wanshi’s feeling of inferiority.

“Junior Wuqing, you think too highly of me. Others do not know, but I do. We sisters cannot be discussed on the same level as the four of them.

“They are geniuses carefully chosen by Senior Piaomiao. Not only in terms of talent, even in terms of beauty they are superior. They are the people beyond the masses, the geniuses within geniuses.

“As for us, we are no more than orphans kindly raised by Master. If it weren’t for our master’s devoted development, it would be impossible for us to have our current achievements. Even the Spirit power we have was passed down by Master from her great, painstaking efforts.”

Speaking to that point, she seemed even more ashamed because in her heart, she knew clearly that she was no more than a genius—she could even barely call herself that—that wasted large amounts of resources. If her master weren’t Qiushui Fuyan, then her current achievements would most definitely be as ordinary as possible.

“Senior Jiang, please don’t think like that. Even though large amounts of cultivation resources can indeed make a person have greater accomplishments, if a person has mediocre aptitude, their accomplishments will still be limited.

“Senior Jiang already has such cultivation at such an age. Becoming a Martial Lord is only a matter of time.

“You need to know that in the place where I grew up, almost no one could become a Martial Lord. At that place, Martial Lords were legends. To be able to enter the Heaven realm meant you were a peak genius.

“But do you know how many people there are in that continent? Any random power has several million disciples, and for slightly larger ones they even have several tens of millions of disciples. However, even so, a very few number of people could enter the Heaven realm. Most all halted in the Profound realm.

“If Senior Jiang’s cultivation is ordinary, then what would those people count as?” Chu Feng said in comfort.

“Really?” Indeed, after hearing Chu Feng’s words, a trace of her expression turning to joy appeared on Jiang Wanshi’s face.

“Of course it’s true. If Senior Jiang doesn’t believe me, then in the future, I can bring you to the continent of the Nine Provinces for a stroll and bring you to see the place I grew up in,” Chu Feng said with a certain face.

“Okay! Junior Wuqing, this is something that you promised me! Don’t go back on your words!”

“I will absolutely not.”


Despite knowing clearly that Chu Feng’s words were to soothe her, Jiang Wanshi’s heart still felt quite a bit more comfortable. Afterwards, the two chatted for quite a while more and even ate dinner together. Only after night came, and Qiushui Fuyan had yet to come and find them, did Jiang Wanshi return to her own resting area.

As for Chu Feng, he didn’t worry much. Although Yan Ruyu was in Qiushui Fuyan’s hands, he believed that she had the ability to protect Yan Ruyu well.

Next morning, Chu Feng’s door was knocked. Opening it, he saw that it was actually Qiushui Fuyan and Jiang Wanshi. However, other than them, there was another grand character. Naturally, it was the owner of the Misty Peak, Lady Piaomiao.

According to Jiang Wanshi, Lady Piaomiao had lived for almost a thousand years. So, Chu Feng initially thought that she was an old lady that could not be older than she already was.

However, in reality, from Lady Piaomiao’s external appearance, she seemed to not even pass the middle-ages. Although her image was not outstanding, and could be said to be quite ordinary, there was a unique demeanor on her body. Overall, that woman’s strength absolutely reached an extremely terrifying state.

After she saw Chu Feng, her eyes flashed. Two fierce gazes pierced through Chu Feng’s body like invisible blades, beginning to carefully examine him. Not only did they want to see through Chu Feng’s cultivation, it was as if they also wanted to see through Chu Feng’s nature.

At that moment, even Chu Feng couldn’t help feeling chills going down his spine, because when the gaze permeated his body, he truly experienced how powerful that old monster was. She was even on a completely different level than Qiushui Fuyan, and was a true unrivaled expert.