Chapter 651 - A Strand of Chance to Survive

MGA: Chapter 651 - A Strand of Chance to Survive

But luckily, no matter how much fiercer Lady Piaomiao’s gaze was, it could not see the Divine Lightning in Chu Feng’s dantian. She could at most find out that there was special power within Chu Feng’s blood, and that sort of specialness wouldn’t make others feel that Chu Feng was strange. Instead, it would make them feel he was very strong.

The reason for this is because it was a power that ordinary people did not possess. Moreover, it was power that had absolutely no repercussions. It was something that truly belonged to Chu Feng, and moreover, it seemed like a type of power that could accompany Chu Feng’s growth. It meant that Chu Feng’s cultivation talent was extremely high!

As for Lady Piaomiao, although she could see that Chu Feng was different from the others, her face was still tranquil, lacking the slightest bit of change. She calmly asked, “You’re Qiu Canfeng’s disciple?”

“Senior, this junior is Chu Feng, and correct, Qiu Canfeng’s disciple,” Chu Feng replied truthfully with clasped hands.

“Why have you not shown your true countenance?” Lady Piaomiao saw through the mask Chu Feng wore to conceal his face, but it seemed like she hadn’t seen Chu Feng’s real appearance.

“Senior, this is my master’s wish. However, I do not dare to hide anything from Senior.” As Chu Feng spoke, he took the Transformational Mask off his face and revealed his actual appearance.

“Junior Wuqing, you...” After seeing Chu Feng’s real appearance, Lady Piaomiao did not have much of a reaction; Jiang Wanshi, however, had a face full of amazement.

Although she already knew that Wuqing wasn’t Chu Feng’s real name and that he also concealed his actual appearance, it was still her first time seeing his real face.

Before, she assumed that Chu Feng’s face wouldn’t have too great of a difference than the current him, but now, she discovered that it was completely different from her imagination.

Although the real Chu Feng, in terms of looks, couldn’t be said to be too handsome, there was a hint of a unique courage in between his brows. Looking at him, it was a lot more pleasing and comfortable to the eyes in comparison to his guise. It also made people feel that he would have great achievements in the future with only a glance at his complexion.

But what made Jiang Wanshi shocked was Chu Feng’s actual age. Judging by his complexion, he clearly wasn’t even a young adult. It’d be more accurate to describe as a youth.

A youth stepping into the Martial Lord realm. That was simply unheard of, which made Jiang Wanshi involuntarily exclaim and wonder what realm Chu Feng’s cultivation talent reached.

“Although in terms of cultivation, you aren’t at the peak, your aptitude is still fairly good. Qiu Canfeng has a very good eye.

“In a few days, my Misty Peak’s Martial Marking Immortal Realm will open. Are you willing to enter?” Lady Piaomiao asked.

“I am.” It was a rare chance, so there was no reason to refuse.

“Put this in a safe spot. When the Martial Marking Immortal Realm opens, you will not need to pass through examinations and can directly enter. Also, in the future, you can come into my Misty Peak whenever you want to.” As she spoke, Lady Piaomiao gave a badge to Chu Feng. It was the Misty Badge.

“Chu Feng thanks Senior.” Although Chu Feng already had such a badge, to be able to obtain one personally granted by Lady Piaomiao was still a type of honour.

“Wanshi, how old are you this year?” Lady Piaomiao looked at Jiang Wanshi.

“Senior Piaomiao, Wanshi is exactly twenty-two years old this year,” Jiang Wanshi replied respectfully.

“Mm. From your aptitude, six years later you should have no problem entering the Martial Marking Immoral Realm. However, to succeed you must continue working hard. Do not disgrace your master’s name,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Wanshi will definitely work several times harder.”

Although there was still a smile worn on Jiang Wanshi’s face, Chu Feng could tell that she was feeling huge pressure.

Lady Piaomiao granted Chu Feng the Misty Badge when she met him the first time, but Jiang Wanshi, as Qiushui Fuyan’s proudest disciple, had yet to obtain the Misty Badge even by coming there so often. It meant that Lady Piaomiao had yet to approve of her.

“Qiushui, I’ll leave first. Talk to Chu Feng about that child’s matter.” After leaving those words behind, Lady Piaomiao disappeared. She didn’t even pass through the door.

Afterwards, Qiushui Fuyan brought Jiang Wanshi into the palace Chu Feng was in, and only after closing the door did she say to the two of them, “Lady Piaomiao’s character is like this, but she has a good nature. Don’t mind her.”

Chu Feng smiled lightly at her words. People were different from one another. Some seemed very kind on the surface, but in reality had venomous hearts. Virtuous and righteous on the surface, but committing all horrid things possible.

However, some people were not affable in their speech and gave others a feeling of coldness, yet had a heart that saves those in pain and trouble. He felt that Lady Piaomiao was such a person. So, he didn’t mind and asked, “Senior Qiushui, was the child Senior Piaomiao referring to just now, Yan Ruyu?”

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Qiushui Fuyan seemed a bit odd. Then she said with a smile, “You are very smart. Lady Piaomiao has already seen Yan Ruyu and not only is she in her hands, she even spent the entire night yesterday trying to exorcise the demon in her body. Regretfully, the demon in Yan Ruyu’s body isn’t that easy to exorcise.

“I heard her say that the demon in Yan Ruyu’s body likely came from the Ancient Era and was initially in a formless state; however, Yan Ruyu should have cultivated some sort of special technique so it caused the formless heart demon to be rebirthed in her body.”

“Yes. Yan Ruyu had cultivated a Forbidden Mysterious Technique once. It is possible that the demon occupying her physical body revived through that?” Chu Feng asked with a bit of shock.

“It’s most likely that. Although it seems outrageous and unbelievable, from what Lady Piaomiao said, there was indeed a wicked demon like that in the Ancient Era who used that method to revive.

“However, that demon could only revive in the body of the person who first cultivated that technique. Thus, from the start when Yan Ruyu cultivated that technique, the demon had already entered her body.

“From what she said, this demon has likely always been like a parasite in Yan Ruyu’s body. It let her slowly grow as it gradually consumed the entirety of Yan Ruyu. Then, when the time is ripe, it takes over Yan Ruyu’s body with a quick swipe and completely revives then.

“However, the current situation is obviously a bit special. Most likely some incident happened causing the demon to be unable to continue its concealment and unavoidably, it had to appear. That’s why Yan Ruyu’s awareness still exists and the current situation—the demon struggling to usurp her body—is happening.

“And I’m thinking that the person who caused this incident to happen is you, right?” Qiushui Fuyan asked.

“It is likely me.” Chu Feng nodded his head embarrassedly.

“Ah you...” Seeing Chu Feng nod his head, admitting. Qiushui Fuyan’s eyes glittered as a hint of a faint smiling expression emerged. It was as though she knew what the reason that forced the demon to appear was.

However, Qiushui Fuyan did not blame him, nor reveal it. She said to Chu Feng, “Although you have wronged, you don’t need to blame yourself because if it weren’t for you, awaiting Yan Ruyu would only be a road of death and the string of survival she has right now can be said to be fought for by you.”