Chapter 649 - Real or Fake Badge

MGA: Chapter 649 - Real or Fake Badge

“Brother Tie Fan, look! Isn’t that the damn brat who nosed into our matter?” Suddenly, from the latter half of the line of people, someone pointed the sky and exclaimed. It was the several people who clashed against Chu Feng discovering him and Jiang Wanshi.

“Hmph. Who told him to be so meddlesome. It looks like they will sleep outside the Misty Peak tonight,” Tie Fan said and smiled in a schadenfreude manner.

The Misty Peak closed their entrance before the sun set, and judging by the number of people in line as well as the examination speed, they were able to enter just before sunset. But if Chu Feng and Jiang Wanshi wanted to queue up now, they no longer had the chance to enter before nightfall.

However, had Chu Feng not interfered and immediately came to line up, it would have been them who were in front currently. So, that was why they took joy in their misfortune, and felt that it was well-deserved.

“Look! What’s that thing in that boy’s hand?”

“Damn! Isn’t it the Misty Badge? It was definitely given to him by that damn woman.”

“That’s true! It’s the exact same as the ones in ours hands! He wouldn’t be trying to use that fake badge to mix in right?”

“He shouldn’t. No matter how much more stupid that boy is, he wouldn’t reach this degree of stupidity,” Tie Fan and the others discussed as they looked at the Misty Badge in Chu Feng’s hand.

“Senior Jiang, normally speaking, how long does Senior Piaomiao need to handle that demon?” Chu Feng asked Jiang Wanshi above the horizon.

“I’m truly unsure. If it’s quick, then just a moment; but if it’s long, then several days. According to my master, even though Senior Piaomiao has overwhelming strength, she had once fought against the demon for several days, and even returned with injuries,” Jiang Wanshi replied.

“It’s that powerful?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt greatly shocked. If what Jiang Wanshi was true, then wasn’t the demon sealed by the Misty Peak a bit too powerful? Merely an illusion projected out could injure Lady Piaomiao. What if it were its original body? How powerful would it be then?

But being shocked was being shocked. A matter like that wasn’t something Chu Feng could interfere in with his cultivation. So, he said to Jiang Wanshi, “Senior Jiang, doesn’t this mean that we don’t know when Senior Qiushui will return? If she can’t return today, won’t we have to stay out for a night?”

“This...” Jiang Wanshi mulled over it, but she indeed did not know when Qiushui Fuyan was going to return.

“What I think is... let’s try out this Misty Badge.” Chu Feng smiled as he held the badge in his hand.

“Junior Wuqing, you should absolutely not do this! Do you believe this badge is genuine?” Hearing that, Jiang Wanshi’s face changed greatly and she hurried spoke to stop him.

However, Chu Feng lightly smiled and said, “No matter if it’s real or fake, we’ll know with a try. For some reason, I feel like that girl won’t do anything detrimental to me.

“Besides, so what if it’s a fake? At most, the crowd will laugh at us for a while. Afterwards, we’ll just go and line up. Senior Jiang cares about the eyes of men, but I, Wuqing, do not. You don’t need to accompany me; I’ll just go alone.” After speaking, Chu Feng leaped forward and flew towards the entrance.

“Junior Wuqing, wai—” At that instant, Jiang Wanshi had planned to chase after him, but ultimately, after pressing her lips together, she retracted the foot that had already stepped out and did not continue following because she believed firmly that the badge was definitely a fake.

Although she, Jiang Wanshi, wasn't much in comparison to the geniuses there, after all, she was a disciple of a famous master. Of the many experts’ disciples in the Lovers Terrace, she was still one of the persons at the top. So, she didn’t want to lose face.

“Brother Tie Fan, look! That guy is actually flying towards the entrance! He wouldn’t truly want to use that fake badge to try and get in amidst the busyness right?” One of the rank one Martial Lords Chu Feng struck back before spoke as he pointed at the sky.

“It’s unlikely, unless his brain’s been squashed from before. Only then would he do such an idiotic action.” Tie Fan shook his head. He didn’t feel that Chu Feng seemed to be a person with no intelligence.

“He’s really doing it! Look, he is truly going over!” the person continued.

“Damn! This isn’t true is it? Could it be that he is truly a fool?” And seeing, with his own eyes, Chu Feng landing at the forefront of the queue, even Tie Fan jumped from fright with his face full of disbelief.

“Oi? What are you doing? Why aren’t you waiting in line and have stood in front of me? Now scram to the end of the line!”

The one who stood at the front of the line was a rank one Martial Lord. The person before him just entered, and it was his turn to take out his identification objects to be examined. However, he didn’t expect Chu Feng to suddenly come down from above and land right in front of him. That made him furious.

“That’s right? Where did such an uncivilized thing come from? Haven’t you seen everyone else queueing up here? Who do you think you are to dare not to wait in line?” At the same time, the people behind the man were also angry. After all, they had arrived painfully at that location through a lengthy wait.

The one currently guarding the Spirit Formation entrance was a white- and grey-haired old man. He was also a Martial Lord, but his cultivation was very high—he was a rank six Martial Lord. It was even one rank higher than the outstanding genius of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Ya Fei.

He examined Chu Feng. However, he didn’t feel that Chu Feng, with his cultivation, was able to receive the Misty Badge. So, he very strictly said, “Return to the line right this instant! If you break the rules, regardless of where you come from, do not blame me for being impolite!”

“Oi? I have the Misty Badge. Do I still need to wait in line?” Chu Feng calmly smiled at the old man’s rebuke, then flashed the badge in this hand.

“Hahaha, Misty Badge? A person like you, receiving a Misty Badge? From what I see, you bought it from that beggar woman just now right?” But after seeing the badge in Chu Feng’s hand, before the old man even spoke, the crowd behind him started to loudly jeer and laugh, all of them feeling that the badge in Chu Feng’s hand was fake.

As for the old man, he didn’t look straight at the badge in Chu Feng’s hand either. He coldly shouted, “You truly know not of repent. I’ve already warned that you cannot take a fake badge and try to mix through, yet you remain so ignorant and view my words as wind brushing past your ears. It seems like today, I must give you a lesson.”

As he spoke, the old man’s sword-like brows slanted inwards, boundless pressure then surging out straight towards Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng feared naught when he faced such danger head-on. He held the badge and said to the old man, “You didn’t even see and already know that this is fake?”

*hmm* And also at that moment, a formless forced burst out of the badge in Chu Feng’s hand. Not only did it engulf the old man’s pressure in an instant, it even forced him over several steps back.

The old man’s face couldn’t help changing greatly, and when he looked back at the badge in Chu Feng’s hand, his eyes were full of shock. He then hurriedly stood back to where he was, bowed and saluted respectfully to Chu Feng, and said, “This one has been a fool and hadn’t seen it was the true Misty Badge! I ask you for forgiveness!”