Chapter 648 - The Woman Repaying the Favour

MGA: Chapter 648 - The Woman Repaying the Favour

“You’re too handsome sir! To repay this life-saving favour, I am willing to give my everything to you.” After Tie Fan left, Chu Feng suddenly felt a softness behind his back. Turning his head around, he saw the woman leap towards him from behind and tightly hug him.

At that instant, Chu Feng discovered that she was truly dirty to an unordinary degree. Aside from her big eyes and white teeth that she revealed when she smiled, she was simply black all over. In addition, her dark skin wasn’t a natural colour, it was the accumulation of grime and dirty stains, along with the smell of a sewer.

It had to be said that her gift of hugging did not give Chu Feng any bit of comfortableness. Instead, it made him feel slightly awkward because she was really too dirty.

However, Chu Feng, who was cultured and refined, did not push her away when he was toyed by her. He waved his hand and flung her away.

Then, he said to her, “If you do many unrighteous things you are only committing suicide. Although they are wrong by being greedy of small advantages, you are also wrong by selling fake badges. This is in the territory of the Misty Peak. If you allow them to know about this, I’m sure you will face a great disaster. So, it’s best for you to quickly leave.”

Only after saying that to her did Chu Feng look at Jiang Wanshi and said, “Senior Jiang, let’s go.”

“Mm.” Jiang Wanshi nodded, then followed him. At that moment, even more complex expressions appeared on her eyes as she gazed at Chu Feng.

Previously, she personally saw Chu Feng defeat four rank one Martial Lords without even moving, and moreover, after defeating a rank two Martial Lord, Jiang Wanshi praised Chu Feng’s powerful strength even more.

They were both disciples of famous masters, but thinking of the differences between her and Chu Feng, and recollecting when she even put up an arrogant attitude when they first met, she couldn’t help feeling a bit ashamed.

“Sir, wait!” But just at that moment, that woman ran over again. However, this time, she didn’t hug Chu Feng and stopped a meter away from him. Spreading open her hands, she gave a badge to Chu Feng, saying, “Sir, this Martial Marking Immortal Realm only opens once every six years. At present, almost all of the peak geniuses of the Eastern Sea Region have come here and they are lining up outside right now. All of their identities must be individually examined, or else they are not allowed entry. Just now, you said you belong to no school nor sect, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to enter.

“However, as long as you hold this badge, you have no need to queue up and can enter.”

“Lady, there is no need for you to worry. The two of us can definitely enter,” Jiang Wanshi said extremely confidently.

“You seem to be very confident, and I’m sure you must have some sort of background. However, the Misty Peak has always viewed all equally. Right now, of the so many peak geniuses at this place, which one of them doesn’t have some background?

“All of them are obediently waiting in line. On what basis are you allowed in? Or perhaps you are an outstanding genius, and have already received the Misty Badge that the Misty Peak sent out? And that you can receive the best treatment and directly enter?” the woman asked tauntingly as she waved the badge around in her hand.

“You!” Hearing her speak like that, Jiang Wanshi was slightly infuriated, but very soon she controlled her emotions. Rather than showing anger she smiled, and said to her, “I have indeed not received a Misty Badge, but I have no need for your counterfeit.”

“Oi oi oi, how do you know mine is a counterfeit? Have you truly seen the Misty Badge? Besides, I am giving it to this sir, who helped me. What are you doing, being so blabby?” The woman was very domineering and had actually forgotten all about Jiang Wanshi supporting her up as she fiercely refuted her.

As the two of them were having a war of words, Chu Feng was instead carefully examining that badge. He discovered that its shape was very beautiful, as if it were the wings of a swan. Moreover, within contained indescribable strange gas. Although, from the external appearance, it was not different at all than the ones Tie Fan and the others had, but looking into it, there was an enormous difference.

Looking back at the woman’s logical and mighty appearance, Chu Feng felt more and more that she was not a simple person. So, he stopped Jiang Wanshi, and said to the woman, “That’s fine, I’ll believe you once. I hope you aren’t troubling me.” As he spoke, Chu Feng accepted the badge.

“Don’t worry, why would I trick you? Hehe.” The woman grinned and even cast Chu Feng a lascivious look. However, with dignity like hers, it really couldn’t create any power of attraction to Chu Feng.

The woman was quite tactful, however, and immediately left after giving the badge to Chu Feng without any more nagging.

Although Jiang Wanshi expressed confusion over Chu Feng’s action of taking the woman’s badge, she didn’t say anything. Thus, Chu Feng and Jiang Wanshi flew towards the Misty Peak that they nearly reached.

The Misty Peak was, in reality, a vast mountain range. The area it covered was broad and made people praise at its perfection. But, there was only one entrance to that vast mountain range.

It was because there was an invisible Spirit Formation covering the entire mountain range. Up until now, there hadn’t been a single person who could break through that Spirit Formation. To want to enter the Misty Peak meant one had to enter through the Spirit Formation entrance.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Misty Peak, Chu Feng and Jiang Wanshi discovered that it was as the woman said: at present, there really was a large number of groups gathering at that place. They were all of the younger generation, and were all from famous sects or were disciples of famous masters. The weakest was in the ninth level of the Heaven realm, but even more of them were Martial Lords.

Even though most of them were rank one Martial Lords, they were in realms akin to legends in the continent of the Nine Provinces. At present, there were actually so many who appeared there, and most were even young Martial Lords below the age of thirty.

That was enough to state one thing. Putting aside the limited resources in the continent of the Nine Provinces, with just talent alone, there were huge differences. The people in the Nine Provinces were unable to step into the Martial Lord realm was more because of their own lack of comprehension ability than the lack of resources.

So, it couldn’t be helped when Chu Feng and the others were so overpowering in the Nine Provinces yet after arriving in the Eastern Sea Region, their overpowering strength was greatly diminished.

The people in the Eastern Sea Region were not the lackluster people of the Nine Provinces. At least, if one randomly released any of the people who currently appeared in the Misty Peak to the continent of the Nine Provinces, that person would become an exceptional genius whose name would be passed down the generations.

However, even though these geniuses were strong, there was still some distance between them and Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng was not complacent because of his aptitude. Instead, he pondered. If the geniuses of the Eastern Sea Region were already like that, how powerful would the geniuses in the Holy Land of Martialism be? Perhaps they would surpass himself by a large margin right?

Then no wonder the Holy Land of Martialism became the holy land of cultivators. Perhaps in their eyes, Chu Feng and the others were truly no more than garbage unsuitable for cultivation.

“Dammit, I didn’t expect the opening of the Martial Marking Immortal Realm to attract so many people! It’s reasonable for the geniuses of the Martial Lord realm, but even people in the ninth level of the Heaven realm near the age of thirty are here too? Do they truly think they have the qualifications to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm?

“With so many people lining up for their identities to be examined, when it’s our turn, the night will probably be dark! It seems like we can only wait for my master to come.”

Looking at that scene, Jiang Wanshi lost all spirit. Although she had come to the Misty Peak a few times with Qiushui Fuyan, it was all when she directly brought her in. Other than Lady Piaomiao and the people with rather prestigious statuses in the Misty Peak, there was simply no one who recognized her.

And, the ones guarding the entrance at present were ordinary servants in the Misty Peak. Although they had decent cultivation, they were no more than servants. They didn’t recognize Jiang Wanshi, so she couldn’t do anything either. They could only wait for Qiushui Fuyan to take care of the demon quicker and bring them in then.