Chapter 130 - Trying So Damned Hard to Die

Chapter 130 - Trying So Damned Hard to Die

“Damn! Is this Yun Che retarded?”

“What kind of figure is Sikong Du! Even he said that Feng Yue’s defense is abnormal, yet Yun Che actually still went up to seek death! Simply incomprehensible.”

“Tsk! Does he think that he’s special just by being first in the Profound Strength Assessment? It looks like he’s too used to being arrogant elsewhere; he’ll be taught a good lesson this time. There’s plenty of time for him to cry later.”

“With an IQ like this, he’s actually the first in this group’s Profound Strength assessment. The heavens are simply blind!”

Sounds of mockery flooded Yun Che’s surroundings. Right now, everyone’s impression of Yun Che could be summarized in one word:


Yun Che paid no attention to the voices around him and looked directly at Feng Yue’s sneering face with a indifferent gaze.

“To deal with you, do I even need any preparation?” Feng Yue faced Yun Che and contemptuously beckoned at him with his pinky, “You can attack anytime, and it’s not a problem even if you need to prepare a little while longer. Hahahaha.”

“Very well.” The corner of Yun Che mouth slightly widened as he took a step forward. He opened “Heretic Soul”, and the once peaceful profound energy in his body suddenly began to madly expand and berserk, just like an evil dragon being jerked awake. The aura surrounding his body suddenly changed as well, and the air current restlessly flowed about in chaos.

The moment this aura of profound energy was emitted, Sikong Du, Instructor Qi, and even Feng Yue’s expressions had all changed; because this aura of profound energy was so formidable that it was definitely not something that belonged to a Nascent Profound practitioner. This was especially true for Feng Yue, as he actually felt a kind of oncoming pressure all of a sudden.

“My first move, HAAH!!”

Yun Che bellowed loudly, as his figure fiercely charged forward, leaving a long array of afterimages. His right fist, instilled with profound energy, struck directly at Feng Yue’s chest.

Even before his fist arrived, a gust of suffocating wind had already rushed towards Feng Yue. Feng Yue was slightly startled in his heart and did not dare to be careless anymore. He hastily gathered all the profound energy in his body, and a two-meter tall, light-yellow barrier instantly formed before him. This was his clan’s “Profound Earth Barrier” formed by using his family’s profound art. With its degree of toughness, no profound practitioner of the same level had been able to destroy the barrier in one strike before.


Yun Che’s fist fiercely smashed onto Feng Yue’s Profound Earth Barrier, as the berserking profound energy violently released; the enormous sound emitted, was actually akin to the collision of two giant boulders.

A large chunk of the ground underneath Yun Che’s foot instantaneously crumbled. This enormous sound almost shocked everyone in the area dumb. Looking at Yun Che who was on the stage, they all stared wide-eyed, and were unable to recover from their shock for a long time. It was because they simply could not believe, that this was actually a strike from a profound practitioner of the Nascent Profound Realm .

The barrier in front of Feng Yue’s body trembled violently and lines of quickly spreading cracks appeared one after another. In an instant, the entire barrier became covered with cracks and was almost about to completely collapse. And at this time, the strength in Yun Che’s fist had also finally run out.

Yun Che slowly retracted his arm, and watched the Feng Yue who stood there without moving in the slightest, and said casually: “As expected of a profound technique specialized in defense, it is indeed a little interesting.”

Looking at the Profound Earth Barrier before him that was covered with cracks, Feng Yue’s complexion became extremely ugly. He was simply unable to accept and believe that his Profound Earth Barrier was be ruined to this extent by one strike from a profound practitioner of the Nascent Profound Realm. After hearing Yun Che’s words, he barely forced out a laugh, and said gloomily, “It looks like I’ve underestimated you. However, this should roughly be your full power, no? Heh, this is just a single layer of Profound Earth Barrier after all. I can construct three layers at the same time, do you believe me?

“I do!” Yun Che nodded very seriously, then said with a beaming smile: “If I said I had only used half of my profound strength for my first strike, would you believe me?”

“Half? Hahahaha!” Feng Yue laughed with disdain: “That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.”

“Then you can laugh as much as you want.” Yun Che took a step back and once again aligned his right arm horizontally: “Prepare to receive my second move!”

Just as Yun Che’s voice faded, a layer of crimson flames suddenly flared up on the exterior of his body. While the flames leapt up, the Phoenix blood within his body began to vigorously burn. The aura of Yun Che’s profound energy abruptly changed, and became even more violent and fiery.

“Fire Attribute Profound Art? He actually possesses a Fire Attribute Profound Art!” Sikong Du said in a low voice, surprised.

Right at this moment, Yun Che’s second move struck out violently; it was still only a plain punch without any embellishment. The instant the punch struck out, it was just like a water dragon erupting from the sea. Following the movement of his body, it struck towards Feng Yue, carrying unrivaled violent Profound energy and crimson blood-red flames.

The pressure exerted upon Feng Yue from the power of this one strike, was more than twice as strong as the previous strike.

The expression on Feng Yue’s face finally changed greatly. In this instant he realized, in shock, that Yun Che’s previous claim that he had only used half his Profound strength in the first strike... was actually true!

“Triple Profound Barrier!!”

Feng Yue finally began to regret. Before he had declared the “Pact of Three Moves”, how could he have thought that Yun Che, who was only at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm, could actually display this sort of frightful power. At this time, how could he dare to reserve even a little bit of power; with a low growl, the exterior of his entire body emitted a yellow light, and three Profound Earth Barriers consecutively appeared in front of his body in an instant...


As if it was fragile glass, the first Profound Earth Barrier directly shattered into pieces and completely dissipated.


The second Profound Earth Barrier cracked completely. Then, it started to collapse from the crack, and dissipated in a similar fashion.


Yun Che’s right fist landed heavily on the third Profound Earth Barrier and, amidst a short pause, it also shattered. The fist which had gone through all three Profound Earth Barriers proceeded forward and directly collided onto Feng Yue’s chest with a dull sound. Feng Yue’s body shook a bit as his expression paled, but he still didn’t move backwards.

The three Profound Earth Barriers had all been destroyed by Yun Che, but had also managed to reduce most of his Profound energy.

“This is not...… possible!” Feng Yue forcefully swallowed the fresh blood that had surged up to his throat, the color of his face as white as paper. Even though he still hadn’t taken a step back, that one strike from Yun Che was still extremely violent after penetrating through three layers of barriers, and directly gave him an internal injury.

The surrounding people were all frozen still, especially Sikong Du and Instructor Qi, who understood Feng Yue’s strength; both had an expression of shock. To destroy three Profound Earth Barriers consecutively in one strike… Even if it was a strike with the full strength of a fifth ranker of the True Profound realm, it would still essentially be impossible to achieve this!

“No wonder Instructor Qin valued him so much. This Yun Che actually.....” Sikong Du did not know how to describe the shock in his heart with words. He finally realized that Yun Che did not accept the “Pact of Three Moves” out of stupidity and impulsiveness, but had done so out of genuine self-confidence. However, the concern in his heart did not lessen; because, after two strikes, Feng Yue still had not taken a step back. And this strike was obviously a strike with Yun Che’s full strength. Feng Yue only needed to continue defending using Triple Profound Barrier; the chances of Yun Che defeating him…. was very small.

“Not bad, not bad indeed.” Yun Che earnestly nodded his head. That expression of his was just like the strong praising the weak, and it almost made Feng Yue feel like throwing blood: “Then, the third move!”


The air around Yun Che moved about violently, and the fiery light around his body suddenly soared up dramatically, shrouding his entire body. The heat emitted flames, causing the surrounding area to drastically rise in temperature, and Feng Yue, who was relatively closer to Yun Che, felt a burning sensation on his face.

The expression on Sikong Du’s face drastically changed again, and Feng Yue became ugly to the point that it was as if he had just eaten a pile of dead flies…… Those suddenly surging profound flames, proved that Yun Che’s strike earlier…… still wasn’t his limit!

“That tiny Floating Cloud City, actually produced such an abnormal brat!” Sikong Du’s face was filled with shock as he looked at Yun Che: “Although he is only at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound realm, but to be able to output such immense strength, it is completely enough to directly enter the Middle Palace!”

Feng Yue’s intestines had almost completely turned blue from regret. Originally, he had prepared to help Ao Yan harm Yun Che through the “Pact of Three Moves”, but now, he had practically dug his own grave. He had actually personally said earlier: if he lost, in the future, he would walk on his hands whenever he saw Yun Che. The only reason as to why he had said something like that, was because he didn’t think about the possibility of himself losing at all… Facing Yun Che right now, whose Profound power had increased again, his heart spasmed. If he really lost, one could only imagine how enormous of an humiliation and insult that would be.

If it was only the two of them, he could’ve gone back on his promise. However, this was the Central Plaza of the Blue Wind Profound Palace, which was completely flooded with people. The event here had long been surrounded with layer upon layer of spectators, along with Elder Qi, Sikong Du, and Qin Wuyou, who was also watching from a distance…... All were witnesses personally seeing and hearing the event! He simply had no escape route.

Going all out is the only choice! Feng Yue clenched his teeth…… Even though this profound technique would permanently reduce his profound strength by one level, it was better than enduring the great humiliation that would come otherwise!!

“The third move!!”

Yun Che slowly took a step forward. With a light stomp, the rocks under his feet instantly cracked. Yun Che’s body had already soared up high; striking down from mid-air, his flame-covered right fist struck at Feng Yue’s newly-constructed Triple Profound barriers with all his might.


Under Yun Che’s strike with full power, the first Profound Earth Barrier was just like thin paper, and punctured with just a poke.


In the short moment of half a breath, the second Profound barrier also directly shattered.

Feng Yue’s complexion changed again and again. He fiercely bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a large field of bloody mist, which sprayed all over the last barrier.

This bizarre action caused Sikong Du to freeze for a moment; right after, his expression violently changed, and he muttered in his mind: Crap!! This Feng Yue, just for victory, actually didn’t hesitate to use such forbidden technique of irreversible self-destruction!

“Profound Blood Barrier!!”

In the midst of Feng Yue’s muffled yell, all the profound energy in Feng Yue’s body began pouring unreservedly into the barrier’s last layer. Instantaneously, the barrier actually became a frightening crimson color amidst the fog of blood he had sprayed out…...


Yun Che’s right fist landed heavily upon the last profound barrier; yet the sound emitted was actually a dull sound of impact. After, it was unable to proceed forward at all. Behind the barrier, Feng Yue’s pale face began to distort into a hideous grin: “Hahahaha! Yun Che, with just a Nascent Profound Realm practitioner like you, how could it be possible to break my defenses…… This barrier of profound strength, is my most powerful Profound Blood Barrier! Even if there were ten of you, don’t even bother to think about breaking it… You have already lost, just wait till you have to forever leave Blue Wind Profound Palace. Hahahaha!”

The Profound Blood Barrier was a forbidden technique from Feng Yue’s clan. When used, it would need to consume the user’s Vital Blood and a tremendous amount of profound energy, and would permanently decrease the user’s lifespan and profound strength; it was usually used only to protect one’s own life under life-threatening circumstances. After deploying the Profound Blood Barrier, Feng Yue knew that he had already won, but had paid a huge price for it. So even though he was laughing maniacally, his heart was full of regret, resentment and unwillingness.

Yun Che’s strike with all his power smashed onto this Profound Blood Barrier as his profound energy exploded out, yet it was unable to affect the Profound barrier in the slightest He first furrowed his eyebrows, then squinted his eyes as all the profound energy in his body that seemed as if they were being swept up like a tornado, flooded into his right arm with incomparable frenzy…

“Falling… Moon… Sinking… Star!!”


The flames on Yun Che’s body vanished while the flames on his right arm instantly soared many times higher. Feng Yue’s maniacal laughter stopped and he stared wide-eyed at the crack which appeared at the point where Yun Che’s right fist and the Profound Blood Barrier came into contact. A pair of pupils contracted to the size of a needle hole.

Impossible! How can this be possible! Why are cracks appearing on the Profound Blood Barrier? Impossible! This must be an illusion! An illusion!!




Lines after lines of cracks that rapidly appeared one after another, were just like steel swords that stabbed into Feng Yue’s fragile heart. The sound of the cracks spreading was like the low crooning of a devil that made his mind teeter at the brink of collapse...