Chapter 635 - Su Family’s Request

Chapter 635 - Su Family’s Request

Fifteen kilograms… Ah, no, twelve and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal went into the Yun Family’s Medicine Pavilion, and the entire Yun Family rejoiced in jubilation for a long time. As for those hundred Overlord Pellets, Yun Qinghong had not made it known yet because it was a landmine that was even scarier than fifteen kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal. Even he himself had still not gotten over the shock and awe brought about by the revelation of those hundred Overlord Pellets.

Originally, the thirty-five kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal that Jasmine required was a far-fetched and exceedingly remote target for Yun Che. In addition, before today, he had not even seen any Purple Veined Divine Crystal before, much less owned any. He didn’t even know what it looked like. But today, he had come away with fifteen kilograms just like that.

“So as it stands, we are still lacking twenty kilograms.” Yun Che said in a satisfied voice, “Six years ago, when you mentioned the thirty-five kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, I was scared stiff. But who would have thought that in a mere six years I would attain so much of it all at once… After all, nominally I am still the Yun Family’s Young Patriarch, so I had to leave half of it to them. But don’t worry, the remaining twenty kilograms… it definitely will not take too long.”

“...You mean that these fifteen kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal are reserved for me?” Jasmine asked in a strange tone.

“Of course. Thirty-five kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, this was something that I had solemnly promised you from the beginning.”

Jasmine flatly replied, “Do you even know what fifteen kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal entails? It is enough to create one hundred of this world’s highest grade grand profound formations! It can allow a huge profound ark to fly continuously for several hundred years! It is enough to refine countless spiritual medicines of the highest grade. Moreover… you have the body of the Dragon God, the protection provided by the power of the Rage God, so you can directly and completely absorb the spirit energy within! Even if you do not continue cultivating, just by absorbing this energy alone, your profound strength can, within the span of several decades, break through the peak of the Sovereign Profound Realm, and even surpassing the Little Demon Empress isn’t out of the question.

“Are you sure you want to leave all of it for me?”

Jasmine was far, far clearer than Yun Che was on what fifteen kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal really entailed, especially in regards to Yun Che, a mysterious being among all the mysterious beings. Because the energy of the Purple Veined Divine Crystal was simply of too a high a grade and strength to be absorbed directly, if one tried to forcefully absorb it, the best case scenario would be the harming of one’s profound veins. The worse case scenario, on the other hand, would be for that person’s body to implode! In addition, most profound practitioners could only absorb the energy of the Purple Veined Divine Crystal after it had been refined several times, and it still required to help of several Sovereign Profound Realm powerhouses to assist in the process. Moreover, the entire process had to be done with extreme caution, and the energy that one really absorbed was not even a tenth of what it originally was… and that energy, that was not even a tenth of the original, was equivalent to a century or even several centuries worth of painstaking cultivation.

Not only that, but Yun Che was different. He had the body of the Dragon God, the bloodline of the Phoenix and the Golden Crow, and the protection bestowed by the Great Way of the Buddha, so he could directly absorb the energy of the Purple Veined Divine Crystals… In several decades, he could directly enter into the latter stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm and reach the peak of power in his current world without needing to cultivate any further or go through any more tribulation. This was an irresistible lure for any profound practitioner.

But Yun Che slowly and resolutely shook his head. “Before I procure the thirty-five kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal for you, unless it is to save a life, I will definitely not lay a single finger on it.”

Jasmine fell silent for a while before letting out a faint and tepid snort. “Hmph, looks like you’re still human after all.”

“~!#¥%... what the hell did ‘you’re still human after all’ mean? Does that mean that I was previously a beast in your eyes?” Yun Che shouted as his eyes widened.

“You mean you aren’t? From other people’s point of view, you are surrounded by halos of light. But your beastly, lecherous, perverted, despicable, and shameless conduct… Do you think you can hide it from me?!” Jasmine yelled as she coldly and disdainfully laughed.

“...” Yun Che’s face had gone completely red, and he was unable to utter a single word for a good long while as his face scrunched up as if he wanted to cry. Jasmine’s soul was fused with his lifeline, so she was completely inseparable from him. Furthermore, now that it had been a whole six years, she could even guess what his thoughts were, much less see what he had done.

In this world, other than Yun Che himself, Jasmine was undoubtedly the person who understood him the most… Whether it was his good side or his dark side.

However, after all these years, this was the first time Yun Che had heard Jasmine pay him a compliment, so that was the greatest comfort… if the words “you’re still human after all” can be counted as a compliment that is.

On the second day, after Yun Che had just finished infusing Yun Qinghong with the energy of heaven and earth, he received news that Su Xiangnan and Su Zhizhan had come to pay him a visit.

The Patriarch of the Su Family had even brought along the Young Patriarch to come for a visit, so Yun Qinghong naturally went to receive them. But right after they had finished greeting one another, Su Xiangnan said in a rather cautious fashion, “May I inquire… if your noble son is present today?”

“Che’er? What is Brother Su looking for Che’er for?”

“It’s like this… One hundred years ago, due to a moment of rashness and anxiety, my father tried to forcefully open his Heaven Gate, Earth Gate, and Palace Gate. He failed and heavily harmed them instead. Not only was he forced to go into perpetual isolation, if he does not carefully control the circulation of his profound energy and if it comes into contact with those three profound entrances, it is extremely likely to cause his profound energy to go berserk… the pain he experiences in that case is actually secondary. What we really fear is that his internal organs would get injured again and again. Our Su Family has tried countless methods to try to cure his condition in the last hundred years, and we have gotten over one hundred famous and highly skilled doctors to help him… But the Heaven Gate, Earth Gate, and Palace Gate are located in the core of one’s profound veins. If they did not have complete confidence or if their attention wandered for even a fraction of a second, it would cause harm to the profound veins, so all these so-called genius doctors did not dare to attempt it… Brother Yun should also have heard of what happened to my father. It has already been a full one hundred years, and we are well and truly at a loss over what to do.”

Su Xiangnan’s father, Su Hongbo, was the old Patriarch of the Su Family. One hundred years ago, he was ranked amongst the ten supreme individuals in the Illusory Demon Realm. So the matter of his profound entrances being harmed was something that Yun Qinghong naturally knew. Not only that, it was something that was basically known by everyone in the Demon Imperial City because this was the most famous case-study on the negative side-effects of forcefully trying to open one’s profound entrances. Unfortunately, it just had to be that these three profound entrances were located at the core of his profound veins.

Yun Qinghong nodded his head thoughtfully and replied in a measured voice, “Seeing how anxious Brother Su is, could it be that Senior Su’s condition has worsened yet again?”

“Sigh.” Su Xiangnan let out a low sigh. “Father found out about Duke Huai Palace’s evil schemes just a few days ago. He also found out the truth behind the tragic deaths of the previous Demon Emperor and the Little Demon Emperor. He was filled with sorrow and self-recrimination, hating himself for being dragged down by the injury to his profound entrances, hating that he had been completely oblivious to the fact that the Demon Emperor’s clan had faced such a great crisis and the fact that he had not done anything to help. In a fit of rage and impulsiveness, the profound energy that he had kept suppressed for several decades forcefully broke out and ran wild… in the end, this resulted in that energy coming into contact with those injured profound entrances, causing his profound energy to go berserk and rebound on himself which resulted in extremely serious internal injuries… His other injuries are secondary because he can always recover from them, but the injuries to his profound entrance has caused great pain and weariness to my father, and now it is even more… Sigh.”

“Senior Su’s injuries are indeed a great tragedy.” Yun Qinghong also let out a sigh. “So could it be that the purpose of Brother Su’s visit was to...?”

Su Zhizhan took a step forward and bowed as he said, “Uncle Yun, we have heard that Young Patriarch Yun has outstanding and uncommon medical skills. Your profound veins had withered, and all the famous miracle doctors could only wring their hands at the cold poison that ate away at your body for twenty years. But Young Patriarch Yun, in the span of two short months, completely cured you. Uncle Yun had personally said himself that he could even completely cure the loss of blood essence… Such medical skill just might be able to solve the issue of my grandfather’s injuries to his profound entrances.”

Su Xiangnan cupped his hands as well and entreated him, “When we heard Brother Yun mention his noble son’s medical skills that day, it truly astounded us. My father has suffered from his profound entrance injuries for a whole hundred years. To allow my father to get rid of this suffering has been the greatest wish of our Su Family in these last hundred years. With the passage of a hundred years, it turned into a pipe-dream long ago… if your noble son has a way to cure my father, I, Su Xiangnan… will be eternally grateful.”

When they mentioned Su Hongbo’s injury, Yun Qinghong immediately knew the purpose of their visit. After all, the fact that Yun Che had exceedingly outstanding medical skills was purposely disclosed by him. He replied, “Brother Su’s words are too serious. I’ll just call Che’er over. However, Che’er has just finished treating my injuries, so he might be a little tired…”

“It’s fine, I’m not tired at all.”

Before Yun Qinghong’s words had completely fallen, Yun Che’s voice rang out from beyond the room. He strode into the room boldly and directly replied the Su Family father and son, “Patriarch Su, Brother Su, I indeed have some medical ability. If I am able to cure old Senior Su’s old injury, then I feel compelled to assist in any way I can. Allow me to go along with you to pay a visit to the Su Family right now.”

Yun Che had made a timely entrance, and not only did he not show any signs of rejecting them, he even accepted the request right away. Furthermore, his expression was exceptionally calm and confident. If he did not have great enough medical skill or confidence, then why would he behave in this manner… the Su Family father and son, who had come with the hope that this would occur, felt that hope immediately soar. Su Xiangnan said in a grateful tone, “Young Patriarch Yun, no matter what happens, this Su thanks you first.”

“Patriarch Su is being far too polite, please just call me Yun Che…”

After that, Yun Che followed Su Xiangnan and Su Zhizhan to the Su Family.

The Su Family was a flourishing clan that was ranked in the top three among the Twelve Guardian Families. Due to this, it was natural that their foundation was thick and robust and their aura was uncommon. Even before nearing the Su Family’s gate, a potent and severe sword wind assaulted him, and he could faintly hear the low murmuring and whistles of the wind. The Su Family used a sword as their weapon, and they cultivated an extremely strong wind element profound art. In addition, the “Divine Wind Sword” that Su Zhizhan used to defeat Helian Ba four months ago had not only shocked the entire crowd, but it had also made a deep impression on Yun Che.

After entering the Su Family gates, Yun Che undoubtedly received the rapt attention of all the members of the Su Family. After all, in this period of time, “Yun Che” was the name that resounded the loudest in the Illusory Demon Realm, and his reputation was so great that it had nearly surpassed all of the Guardian Families.

“Father, this person is the Yun Family’s Young Patriarch, Yun Che.”

“Junior Yun Che greets Senior Su,” Yun Che said as he strode forward to pay his respects.

Su Hongbo slowly lowered himself into a sitting position, and as an incomparably strong late stage Monarch, his face did not show a trace of old age. His face was pale, and his aura was extremely weak and hollow. But when he measured Yun Che, his originally dull eyes regained much of their color. He slowly nodded his head and, with much admiration, said, “What an outstanding youth. In recent times, this old man has heard your name being mentioned the most. But alas, my body has failed me, and I was not able to attend either grand ceremony. Not being able to witness your brilliance was a great loss indeed.”

“Senior’s words are too extravagant,” replied Yun Che as he took a step forward. “This junior has some skill in the medical arts, so I have come at the request of Patriarch Su. So, if it is alright, may this junior check the condition of Senior Su’s profound entrances?”

“Haha, sigh.” Su Hongbo let out a laugh first but it was followed by a muted sigh. “It was all the fault of this old man that, when I was full of vim and vigor, I overestimated myself and had to eat this bitter fruit. Now that a whole hundred years have passed, the heavy injuries to my three great profound entrances have caused them to be completely destroyed. I am afraid there is nothing that can be done about it… That you would come for the sake of this old man already fills this old man’s heart with gratitude. If there is nothing that can be done, please do not blame yourself for it.”

From Su Hongbo’s expression and words, it was clear that he had long ago lost most of his hope in regards to the recovery of his three great profound entrances. Yun Che gave a faint smile and said, “Senior Su, you do not need to be so pessimistic. Let this junior first take a look at the state of your profound entrances.”

Yun Che arrived at the head of Su Hongbo’s bed and stood at his back. He extended his left hand and gathered profound energy there. At this time, Su Xiangnan’s voice rang out as he asked, “Nephew Yun, is it not necessary for him to take off his outer garment?”

“Oh… there is no need, he can remain as he is,” Yun Che said without a hint of hesitation as apprehension raced through his heart… Tricking his wife Qingyue and those ice beauties from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was one thing, but what the heck would he want an old man taking off his clothes for?!

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