Chapter 634 - Purple Veined Divine Crystal

Chapter 634 - Purple Veined Divine Crystal

Yun Qinghong concealed his aura, lightened his steps, and prepared to leave the secret room. When he reached the exit of the secret room, a blazing purple light suddenly flickered, accompanied by a sharp, ear-piercing hissing sound.

Yun Qinghong subconsciously looked back, and shockingly saw more than ten streaks of twisted, flickering purple lightning surrounding Yun Che’s body. This lightning was increasing with rapid speed. Shortly after, it had increased to a hundred streaks… to hundreds of streaks… to a thousand streaks, and Yun Che’s whole body was bathing in the chaotic, raging lightning.

At this moment, Yun Che slowly reached out his palms with them facing upwards… A ball of lightning started growing quickly in the center of his palms, until it grew into the size of a fist. It appeared to be an extremely deep purple, and the aura it released was irascible but brisk. The feeling it gave wasn’t that of a pure energy ball, but of a lively creature.

“Lightning… spirit!?” Yun Qinghong was so shocked that he lost his voice on the spot.

Lightning spirits were the spiritual bodies of lightning that could only be developed when the person’s own profound veins and lightning element reached an extremely high affinity. Once one was able to develop lightning spirits, it meant that the great attainments of his lightning profound energy had reached a whole new realm, whether it was the cohesion of the lightning profound energy, the speed of release, or its power, it would all be completely different. It was an extremely obvious watershed in the attainments of lightning profound energy.

Yun Qinghong cultivated the Purple Cloud Art for a whole thirty years before he used his own profound energy to successfully birth his first lightning spirit. It shocked the entire Yun Family… and even the entire Demon Imperial City, because looking at the Yun Family’s history, thirty years, was a miracle that had never happened before.

But Yun Che had just contacted the Purple Cloud Art today. Not to mention thirty years… it hadn’t even been forty-five minutes!

This was not a miracle… this was simply a fantasy story!

Could he have cultivated another lightning type profound art, so his profound veins already had an extremely high affinity towards the lightning element? But… there was not a trace of lightning aura in the profound energy that he used when he fought with others before! He also said himself that he had never cultivated lightning type profound arts before; on top of that, the main attribute of his profound energy was fire. Lightning and fire conflicted with each other, so he should instinctively reject the power of lightning… In any case, even if he really had cultivated it before, and he started cultivating since he was in his mother’s womb… at the very most, it would only be a little more than twenty years…

Yun Qinghong’s heart rose and fell like the waves. He stood there blankly for a long time before he snapped out of it, left the secret room, and planted a barrier in front of the door of the secret room that only allowed people to exit but not enter.

With the collapse of Duke Huai Palace, the reign of terror in Demon Imperial City was finally over. The city wall was covered with blood letters, and each of the signatures on the blood letters were names that were once well-known, and even greatly reputed in the Illusory Demon Realm. And the Guardian Families and Duke Palaces that were punished by the Little Demon Empress all became honest and straight-laced. Especially the patriarchs and dukes with whom the Little Demon Empress implanted a slave imprint. Pledging loyalty to the Little Demon Empress and the Demon Emperor’s clan became everything to them for the rest of their lives.

Demon Imperial City finally settled down. Under the command of the Little Demon Empress, each major force, city and domain in the Illusory Demon Realm started searching for Duke Ming’s whereabouts. Yun Che treated Yun Qinghong’s body regularly during the day, and pondered the Purple Cloud Art in the secret room during the night… Aside from that, the thing he had to do every day was to “provoke” the Little Demon Empress… Even though he would get thrown out in all kinds of ways every time, he would definitely show up, rain or shine.

On this day, when Yun Che came out of the secret room, the sun was already riding high. Once he stepped out of the large door of the secret room, he suddenly felt a high level, incredibly thick spiritual aura. Simply by contacting this spiritual aura, the slight tiredness in his body was all gone, his five senses became extraordinarily clear, and even the profound energy in his profound veins woke up from its sleep and became excited.

“It’s the aura of Purple Veined Divine Crystal,” Jasmine said, “and it’s an extremely large amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystal.”

Extremely large amount of… Purple Veined Divine Crystal?!

Yun Che had been to the Medicine Pavilion many times, but he never found the existence of Purple Veined Divine Crystal in any of those times. After all, in the past hundred years, the Yun Family ran behind on their high grade profound crystal expenses. But today, the thick aura of divine crystals suddenly appeared. Could it be…

Yun Che followed the aura and arrived at his family’s Great Assembly Hall. Yun Qinghong and all of the elders were there, and more than ten Black Profound Jade boxes were placed neatly in the center of the hall. Even with the best-quality Black Profound Jade, it wasn’t able to cover that incredibly thick aura of power.

“Che’er, you came just in time.” Yun Qinghong said with a smile, “These are the Purple Veined Divine Crystals from the seven families. Two and a half kilograms from each family. There are exactly seventeen and a half kilograms here, no more and no less. Also, there are twelve and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal seized from Duke Huai Palace’s secret room. The Little Demon Empress granted all of them to our Yun Family. In total, there are thirty kilograms.”

“Thirty kilograms… that is a lot of Purple Veined Divine Crystal! Even if our Yun Family only gained and didn’t spend any… it would take hundreds of years to accumulate, or even close to one thousand years!” exclaimed a Yun Family elder.

“This is just like a dream.” The hands of one of the elders who was slightly closer to it kept on trembling.

In the great hall, everyone’s faces were red and their excited emotions couldn’t calm down for a long time. They belonged to the top families in the Illusory Demon Realm, and were the highest existence of the Illusory Demon Realm, but even they had never seen this much Purple Veined Divine Crystal in their lives.

Thirty kilograms. This was not a great number in weight, but when it was in reference to “Purple Veined Divine Crystal,” it was extremely exaggerated; it was an astronomical number that could stun an expert of the profound way! In the whole Illusory Demon Realm, to more than ninety-nine percent of profound practitioners, the Purple Veined Divine Crystal was a divine item that existed within the legends, and to even see it in their lifetime would be an extravagant hope.

It was also the first time that Yun Che had seen this legendary Purple Veined Divine Crystal. Black Profound Jade had an extremely strong isolation ability; when carrying the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, it wouldn’t reveal any of its aura. But when it was holding the Purple Veined Divine Crystal, it was still able to reveal a spiritual energy with such thickness, so it went without saying how enormous and dense the power it held was. Especially at this moment, when he was close, it was so thick that he felt like he was almost in a sea of spiritual energy… He didn’t doubt at all that this spiritual energy had already shrouded over the whole Yun Family.

And this was while the Purple Veined Divine Crystal was still sealed in the Black Profound Jade!

“Those seven families had already delayed for a few months, we are already treating them well by not asking them to pay an interest rate. But… this much Purple Veined Divine Crystal, why wasn’t it stored in the Medicine Pavilion immediately? Leaving it here with the spiritual energy leaking is kind of a waste,” Yun Che said.

“Hohoho.” Yun Duanshui laughed faintly and said, “Young Patriarch, our Yun Family was only able to receive this much Purple Veined Divine Crystal all of a sudden because of you. If it weren’t for Young Patriarch, forget about divine crystals, we wouldn’t know whether or not our family would still exist in Demon Imperial City. So, including the Patriarch, all of us believe that only Young Patriarch has the qualification to handle these Purple Veined Divine Crystals. If Young Patriarch doesn’t say anything, none of us have the right to move it ourselves.”

“That’s right,” The other elders all nodded their heads in agreement, and their expressions showed that they were in deep thought.

It wasn’t random when Yun Che proposed to use the Purple Veined Divine Crystal as a wager at first; it was because he originally needed a large amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystal. He stepped forward and said, “If so, then I will be straightforward. Because of a certain important reason of mine, I do indeed need a large amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystal. Then… this thirty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, I want to take fifteen kilograms of it, and the other fifteen kilograms will belong to the family. Not sure if everyone… will agree to this?”

“Hahahaha,” Yun Waitian laughed loudly. “Young Patriarch, what are you talking about? Even if you take all thirty kilograms of it, it would be right and proper. From the top to bottom of our whole clan, none of us would disagree. Young Patriarch only took fifteen kilograms, and left an entire half to the family… This is already a generous gift to our whole clan, how would we have a reason to disagree?”

“What the Great Elder had said was what we were thinking in our minds,” The other elders all laughed… To them, what Yun Waitian had said was absolutely correct. Even if Yun Che took all of it, it would be natural and right. And leaving a whole half, this was already a boldness that no one would be unimpressed by.

“Then I will accept it with respect.” Yun Che stepped forward directly, and took exactly fifteen kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal… To prevent it from it being eaten by Hong’er, he first stored the fifteen kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal into the spatial ring, and then placed it inside the Sky Poison Pearl.

“Also, I have a suggestion for these fifteen kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal.” Yun Che faced everyone and said, “Take ten kilograms of it and divide it in four portions. Each portions will be two and a half kilograms, and give it to the Mu Family, the Under Heaven Family, the Su Family, and the Yan Family.”

“Ah? This…” Yun Che’s suggestion stunned all of the elders. They all showed inconvenience in their faces, and the Fourth Elder said in a subtle tone, “Young Patriarch, we have no right to interfere with how the Purple Veined Divine Crystal will be handled, but, giving an entire ten kilograms to other people for nothing, this is a little…”

"I agree with Che’er’s suggestion.” In contrast to the elders’ shock, Yun Qinghong laughed instead after a short moment of thought, “That day when we were fighting with Duke Huai Palace’s forces, the Mu Family, Under Heaven Family, Su Family, and the Yan Family stood by our side, and they all sent their best from the young generation in their family. That battle concerned our Yun Family’s honor and fate of going or staying, so in a way, they fought for our Yun Family. These Purple Veined Divine Crystals were the wager from that battle, so even though at that time, it was said that it would belong to the Yun Family, but it is logical and natural for us to share some of it with them.”

“And this, of course is not the main reason.” Yun Qinghong continued, “After this period of ups and downs, in the eyes of the people, our Yun Family’s status has already surpassed the other Guardian Families, and no one can compare to us. Especially now that we received thirty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, I believe that the entire Demon Imperial City would be discussing this. With these Purple Veined Divine Crystals and the favor of the Little Demon Empress, anyone can predict that not for long, our Yun Family would be high above all the other Guardian Families in prestige, strength, and position. However, being too outstanding would instead form faults and invisible gaps between the families with which we once breathed the same air.”

All of the elders seemed to have understood all of a sudden, “Could Patriarch and Young Patriarch mean…”

“That’s right. Purple Veined Divine Crystal is the highest divine item in the world. Anyone received it would treat it like their own life. If we shared it with them, it will be enough to show them that even though our Yun Family has returned to our glorious state, we would not be proud and arrogant, and would still value our relationship with them. At the same time, these two and a half kilos of Purple Veined Divine Crystal is too valuable. They will receive our good will, but will firmly reject it, and in the end, it will still return to our Yun Family.”

Yun Qinghong smiled slightly and said, “As a result, not only will we not lose any Purple Veined Divine Crystal, we also showed them our attitude. What we need to do is only make a few visits, but it will be extremely important to the future of our Yun Family.”

Yun Che nodded lightly. The father and son pair gave each other a look and smiled.

Yun Qinghong’s words enlightened all of the elders. Yun Waitian was convinced and said, “Patriarch and Young Patriarch are most considerate. This is indeed necessary. We will head over there personally at this moment.”

This concerned Purple Veined Divine Crystals, so of course they could not be at ease having someone else deliver it.

The four elders immediately started moving. Each of them carried two and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, and each went to the Under Heaven Family, the Yan Family, the Su Family, and the Mu Family. It was as Yun Che predicted; for the Under Heaven Family, the Su Family, and the Yan Family was reluctant of receiving the gift despite being grateful. But at the Mu Family, there was an unexpected result…

“Hahahaha! Since it is my son-in-law and grandson being filial, of course I can’t reject it.” Mu Feiyan was beaming with joy, laughed loudly, and waved his hand, “Old Three, accept the gift and deliver it to my courtyard. Two and a half kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, this is the largest gift that this old man has ever received. Wait until this old man warms it with my hands and then store it into the Medicine Pavilion… It was not all in vain when this old man married his daughter to the Yun Family, and gave birth to the Yun Family’s phenomenal Young Patriarch, hahahaha!”

Mu Feiyan accepted it cleanly and efficiently. The Second Elder of the Yun Family, Yun Duanshui, who went there to give them the “present” was stunned on the spot…

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