Chapter 636 - Title of Genius Doctor

Chapter 636 - Title of Genius Doctor

Yun Che extended three fingers and pointed at Su Hongbo’s back, precisely on the locations of his Heaven Gate, Earth Gate, and Palace Gate. Profound energy entered, and then, the condition of these three profound entrances quickly appeared in Yun Che’s mind.

Su Hongbo’s three great profound entrances had indeed been seriously injured long ago, but they had not been completely crippled. After all, the Su Hongbo of a hundred years ago was still a late stage Monarch. How could his profound entrances be that easily destroyed? The injury could be described as “extremely serious,” however, and since it had been like that for such a long time, these three profound entrances were already completely blocked. Simply repairing his injuries was harder than hard. As for opening them… that was as difficult as ascending to the heavens itself.

With Yun Che’s medical skills, if he poured in all his effort, then he could completely heal these three profound entrances. Furthermore, the risk of accidentally harming the profound veins was minuscule. However, it would take an extremely long time. Even if he incessantly healed him everyday, it would still take at least half a year.

But if Yun Che opened them first, then healed his injuries, restoring the injuries would become extremely simple due to profound energy being able to spread on its own. So simple that it wouldn’t even need any external help; his body could recover on its own… But back then, when these three profound entrances had loosened, Su Hongbo’s attempts to forcefully open them had all ended in complete failure. Now, not only were they completely blocked, they were also in a seriously injured state. To any profound practitioner, even if they were to obtain the assistance of a famed genius doctor, wanting to open them was fundamentally impossible.

If Yun Che were to merely use his medical skills, it would also be impossible for him to accomplish this.

However… Yun Che possessed the heaven defying power of the Sky Poison Pearl, a Heavenly Profound Treasure.

Beneath the Sky Poison Pearl’s impeccably strong purification, this kind of medical violation that defied common sense was as easy as pie.

“Brother Yun, how are my grandfather’s profound entrance injuries? Is there anything you can do?” Su Zhizhan nervously asked, hopeful after seeing Yun Che’s actions.

Yun Che smiled lightly. “Don’t worry, Senior Su’s profound entrance injury isn’t as serious as you think it is… Senior Su, relax as much as you can, and don’t use profound energy. Later on, when an aura enters your profound energy, please do not resist in any way.”

Yun Che’s words caused the Su father and son pair to reveal expressions of pleasant surprise. Su Hongbo chuckled. “Do as you will.”

Yun Che focused his mind, and a green lightly flickered from the palm of his hand. Three strands of a purifying aura that came from the Sky Poison Pearl followed Yun Che’s profound energy and entered Su Hongbo’s profound veins, making contact with the three damaged profound entrances with incomparable precision.

Su Hongbo’s expression was always extremely flat, so flat that it was even somewhat glum. This was because he himself knew better than anyone how grave his injuries were. He had long since given up that there would be a day in which his profound entrance injuries could be completely healed. Otherwise, why else would he be able to suffer through a full hundred years of pain? It was just at this moment that his entire body suddenly jolted and both his eyes abruptly widened. His eyes radiated extreme shock and incredulity; even his entire body was violently trembling.

Su Hongbo’s appearance shocked Su Xiangnan. Throughout his entire life, he had rarely ever seen his father express such a great deal of emotion. “Father, what’s wrong?”

Su Hongbo turned his head as his lips trembled excitedly. “Opened… My Heaven Gate, Earth Gate, and Palace Gate… have all opened!”

“WHAT??” Su Xiangnan and Su Zhizhan were all stunned in place, not daring to believe their own ears. Su Xiangnan quickly advanced forward, held out a hand to press it on Su Hongbo’s body, and carefully inserted his profound energy… Subsequently, his face revealed the exact same expression Su Hongbo had… complete disbelief.

“How… How… How is this possible…” Su Xiangnan cried out.

Being able to completely heal wounded profound entrances was already their greatest desire for the past hundred years. As for opening these three profound entrances… forget about even hoping for it, that thought never even crossed their minds because that was simply something that could never happen.

But this impossibility had actually happened before their very eyes.

Yun Che withdrew his hand and casually stated, “Even though the profound entrances have been opened, the injuries are still present. However, with this, the injuries to these three profound entrances should be able to naturally heal under the nourishment of profound energy. Still, it’s best if Senior Su does not use more than seventy percent of his profound energy in the next two months, or else it may worsen. It should be more or less completely healed after two months.

“Two months…” Su Zhizhan gaped.

“Oh, if you want to heal a bit faster, there’s a way for that too.” Yun Che continued, “I will immediately prescribe some medicine for Senior Su when I get back. Dispatch someone to come to our Yun Family to fetch it early tomorrow. When that time comes, take one every day and put it near your injured profound entrances. Use profound energy to guide the medicinal energy inside the profound entrances, and continue doing that for around one hundred breaths. In at most fifteen days, you should make a full recovery.”

“Fifteen… days?!” Su Zhizhan gulped down his saliva, and his mouth gaped open even further. When he had said “two months” earlier, it was because he felt that it was simply too short of a time period since Su Hongbo’s profound entrance injuries had already gone without any cure for more than a hundred years. Yun Che, who seemed to think that this period of time was a bit long… had directly cut it down to fifteen days.

“Nephew Yun…” The shock in Su Xiangnan’s heart had greatly surpassed his excitement. “Even though I have heard from your father that you had extraordinary medical skills, I never expected that it would actually be… this world shocking, this mind blowing! All of the genius doctors in Demon Imperial City cannot even match up to a single hair on your head.”

Even though Su Xiangnan’s words felt extremely exaggerated, they had actually come from the very bottom of his heart. As a Guardian Family, the doctors he was able to invite were naturally the best genius doctors in all of Illusory Demon Realm that were fully worthy of their titles. However, the innumerable doctors they had invited in these hundred years, along with the numerous types of medicine and profound jade used were all useless. Yet Yun Che had directly opened the injured profound entrances… this was more than a million times more difficult than simply healing it. The results as well, were as different as day and night.

And he had merely used more than ten breaths of time to do all this.

He had absolutely no idea how Yun Che had done it, nor would he thoughtlessly ask about it. But just based on this outcome alone, he knew that the level of attainment Yun Che possessed about medicine… had perhaps transcended what both his imagination and comprehension. It was no wonder why Yun Qinghong had previously said that his medical skills had surpassed his profound strength.

“Patriarch Su is flattering me.” Yun Che said politely, “Senior Su is fine now, and this junior was just lucky that he didn’t fail. I won’t disturb you any more and will now take my leave.”

“Wait!!” Hearing that Yun Che wanted to leave, Su Hongbo leapt off the bed with a “whoosh” and grabbed Yun Che. His previously pale complexion was now flushed red with excitement. With his three injured profound entrances completely unobstructed, not only had his hundred years of pain completely ended, his cultivation speed would also be faster than before… This was not merely healing his injuries, it was essentially giving him a new lease on life. The feeling of his profound veins being open to this extent nearly moved him to tears.

“Little brother, how can you leave just like that after you have done such a great favor for me? At the very least, let our Su Family express our gratitude.”

“No need.” Yun Che waved a hand and casually said, “Being able to heal Senior’s injuries is this junior’s honor. Besides, to me, this is nothing much. It’s not worthy of being a ‘great favor.’ This junior will be quite busy with some affairs soon, so I won’t stay any longer. I’ll pay a visit some other day… Farewell.”

Yun Che executed a junior’s salute and cleanly turned around and left.

Seeing Yun Che’s clean departure, even though the tides in Su Hongbo’s heart rocked violently, he didn’t feel that it was right to urge him to stay. He earnestly roared at Yun Che’s departing figure. “You have not simply healed this old man’s injuries, you have also saved this old man’s life, allowing this old man to finally live his second half freely! Listen here, just based on you saving this old man’s life… if anyone in Demon Imperial City dares to bully you, tell me, and I’ll eliminate their entire family myself!”

Su Xiangnan wryly smiled on the side. “Father, he managed to injure Duke Huai before, so his profound cultivation is probably not lower than Yun Qinghong’s. The Little Demon Empress also treats him differently compared to others. He’s shrewd, and the way he thinks is frightening and even more incomparable. Adding on his heaven defying medical skills… in this Demon Imperial City, no one should be able to bully him.”

Su Hongbo turned his head, glared, and snarled. “What are you standing here for? Why haven’t you gone to send him off?”

“Yes, yes…” The Su Family’s father regained their senses and hurriedly chased after Yun Che.

The next day, Su Hongbo, who had rarely ever left the Su Family over the last hundred years, strutted around in Demon Imperial City, continuously paying visits to seven or eight of his old friends. His face flushed with spirit, and it was as though he was several hundred years younger. That clear and hearty laughter nearly rang throughout all of Demon Imperial City. At the same time, the news of him no longer being restricted by his injured profound entrances and the fact that they were all opened due to Yun Che’s medical skills had spread through the entire Demon Imperial City… combined with the many previous rumors of Yun Che’s medical skills. Yun Che’s title of “genius doctor” had fiercely swept through the entire city like a storm.

It was obvious what would happen next. On the third day he had come back from the Su Family, many people had went to the Yun Family to seek treatment. And those who dared to ask this of the Yun Family were naturally duke rank nobility. Demon Imperial City was the Illusory Demon Realm’s highest existence, so the doctors it possessed were also Demon Illusory Realm’s best. If the genius doctors within Demon Imperial City were powerless, then it meant that the infliction was beyond help…

Like Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou’s withered profound veins and Su Hongbo’s seriously injured profound entrances.

And the majority of those who sought medical treatment also had those kinds of “beyond help” inflictions. After hearing those rumors, they quickly came over carrying a sliver of hope… Yun Che, who was somewhat prepared for this, had welcomed them all. Later on, no matter what “incurable illness,” “incurable injury,” or “incurable poison”... all of them had shockingly improved for the better at an even more astonishing rate.

Without exception!

Leaving the world’s most influential hegemons stunned one after the other, they all lost control of their emotions.

Towards Yun Che, their gratitude and the countless of thanks were all secondary… and they simply viewed him as a celestial being.

Following Yun Che’s perfect treatments, more and more “incurable patients” came. His medical skills had also started to almost become legendary, and reality was also like this… it was as though there was no illness he could not cure. At the very least, there were none among his patients who had claimed that he had failed to treat them. In addition, all these people, for the most part, had all been determined by Demon Imperial City’s “number one genius doctor” and “medicine kings” as incurable.

Strong power or force could allow others to owe one a debt, but incomparably great medical expertise could make others owe their lives!

What kind of place was Demon Imperial City? How many experts were gathered in Demon Imperial City? A portion of them owed Yun Che half their lives or even their entire lives; what kind of concept was that?

Furthermore, as people who cultivated the profound way, anyone could encounter severe injuries, toxic poison, and even fatal injuries. Anyone could encounter mishaps in cultivation and breakthroughs. If they were able to have a good relationship with the Yun Family, especially with Yun Che, then wouldn’t that be like having one more… even several more Exempt From Death talismans?!

This was an incomparably obvious truth that any profound practitioner was clear on.

This was also why Yun Qinghong had deliberately spread word of his medical skills.

Yun Che’s medical expertise was originally great, and he even had the additional heaven defying power of the Sky Poison Pearl. Even though Yun Qinghong originally thought that Yun Che’s medical skills were surprising, in these short days, he realized that he had still severely underestimated his own son… No matter which incurable disease it was or what serious injury had been incurred, they all made complete recoveries with ease. It was like he had actually attained the realm where nothing was incurable!

So much so that he had caused those so-called number one genius doctors of Illusory Demon Realm to feel ashamed to death.

Yun Che had the identity of the Yun Family’s Young Patriarch. In the Demon Empress’ Grand Ceremony, his stunning performance caused his name to spread through the world; he came back with the Little Demon Empress; he even seriously injured Duke Huai… and now, his title of genius doctor was widespread. Unwittingly, whether it was inside or outside Demon Imperial City, Yun Che’s prestige had surpassed that of the twelve Patriarchs. His name had also become the most frequently mentioned two words.

Even the Yun Family’s prestige had also been boosted once more by Yun Che’s legendary medical skills.

In the end, no matter where Yun Che went, even Guardian Family elder rank persons and Duke Palace dukes would immediately take the initiative to greet him, be overly friendly, and would not dare to slight or offend him in any way… because even though slighting those of the young generation was right and proper, slighting Yun Che… was making their own lives difficult.

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