Chapter 600 - Endless Molten Lava

Chapter 600 - Endless Molten Lava

The searing heat wave in the air above the Sea of Death was even scarier than the profound flames released by a normal Overlord. The fire spirits wandering above the air were all releasing the aura of the Tyrant Profound Realm. Furthermore, it was said that deep within the Sea of Death, fire spirits of the Sovereign Profound Realm were bred.

Duke Ming and Duke Huai’s bodies were frozen as they helplessly watched Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress fall into the Sea of Death. Duke Ming waved his long sleeves and took Duke Huai with him through space. Almost within the instant they traveled, backed away from above the Sea of Death to its edge. Because as strong as Duke Huai was, overstaying there would still be unbearable.

“Hmph! Letting them die just like that… It’s too easy for them!” Falling into the Sea of Death would certainly mean their deaths. There was not any possibility for them to survive it, because even if it was his royal father, Duke Ming, who fell within, he would be melt into ashes in the time of at most ten breaths. But Duke Huai didn’t get too much pleasure from it; instead he gnashed his teeth from feeling unhappy with the result!

Because Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress could be tortured and killed at his will, he used all of his strength, but he was extremely surprised that not only was he not able to kill them, but instead gave them a chance to kill themselves… especially Yun Che! Even though Yun Che died and completely perished right before his eyes, Duke Huai couldn’t fully release the anger that was bottled up in his chest the whole day, and this made him incredibly uncomfortable.

“When you couldn’t kill them just now, this duke already knew that they would choose this way to die,” Duke Ming said softly.

“It’s this child’s incapability,” Duke Huai lowered his head and said.

“Let it go.” Duke Ming looked at the Sea of Death that was forever boiling with indifference in his eyes, and followed with a slow, cold sneer, “Today’s Grand Ceremony was a complete mess, but it was a blessing in disguise! The return of the Demon Emperor’s Seal easily made the Little Demon Empress gave us a chance to kill her! And Yun Che barging in was another additional reward! Dying in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, perishing in the Sea of Death, not even half a trace of it would remain. Even if he really had a powerful master, or a strong force behind him, they will never be able to trace it back to us.”

“This is all heaven’s will… Heaven is favoring our clan!”

“That’s right, it is all heaven’s will!” Duke Huai laughed loudly, “The Little Demon Empress died. There is no longer a Demon Emperor’s bloodline in this world! After this, the Illusory Demon Realm will belong to us! Congratulations royal father… No, I should congratulate our clan finally following the heaven’s will and getting what we wished for, and will control the Illusory Demon Realm from now on!”

“Don’t celebrate so early yet.” Duke Ming said slowly, “The Little Demon Empress’ death was only the end of the generations of Demon Emperor’s rulings. There are still a lot of obstacles on your path of becoming the emperor! Those Guardian Families and Duke Palaces that will be loyal to the Demon Emperor’s clan ‘til death are all great obstacles. Especially the Yun and Mu Families; according to what Yun Che had said earlier, they are already suspecting this duke’s existence.”

“Don’t worry, royal father,” Duke Huai said while seeming confident, “when the Little Demon Empress was alive, they were already suppressed to an extent that they didn’t even have the guts to do anything! Now that the Little Demon Empress is dead, they lost their backbone, and are more like a sheet of loose sand. Perhaps they would even rush to our Duke Huai Palace to surrender… Talk about an obstacle that’s worth considering, hmph, simply relying on a revived Yun Qinghong still cannot help them thrive in this environment!”

Duke Ming didn’t show any expression, and slowly nodded his head, “Royal father still cannot show his face in this short period of time. The path has already been paved successfully. It will be up to you to get rid of the last obstacles. If you can’t even do that…”

“I will definitely not disappoint royal father!” Duke Huai said in an arrogantly, definite tone before Duke Ming finished speaking.

At this moment, Duke Ming suddenly turned around, looked to the south indifferently, and said in a low voice, “People from the Yun Family and the Mu Family are here… There are twelve people in total. Hmph, their lineup is enough, but unfortunately it’s too late!”

“Then what should we do now? Avoid them?” Duke Huai said, his expression didn’t show any surprise or panic.

“No need.” Duke Ming raised his arm, and held up the Demon Emperor’s Seal, “Do you know why even though I still make the effort to seize this Demon Emperor’s Seal even when I have the absolute confidence in putting the Little Demon Empress to death?”

Duke Huai answered, “Royal father said, when the people of the Demon Emperor’s clan have the Demon Emperor’s Seal on them, if they are in danger of life, the Demon Emperor’s Seal will automatically drink the Demon Emperor’s blood in order to launch the blood escape, and the power of blood escape can help them escape out of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley… Also, if the Little Demon Empress finds the chance to escape to the spot where she first entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, she could use the Demon Emperor’s Seal to directly leave Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley…”

Having spoken of that, Duke Huai was suddenly enlightened, “Royal father, could it be…”

“That’s right,” Duke Ming grabbed the Demon Emperor’s Seal, “In order to escape Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, it needs the Demon Emperor’s blood. But in the memory of the Little Demon Emperor, it clearly recorded that dukes with a thin Demon Emperor’s blood can also do so! It would only take more blood.”

“In the entire world, only the two of us know this secret. It is known to the common people that if you want to get out of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, you can only wait until the seal forms itself again, and then be forcefully discharged. Aside from this, there is no other way!”

“If so, when we use the Demon Emperor’s Seal to escape Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, and after this you show yourself in the Demon Imperial City, then everyone would know that you couldn’t have been in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley! After the news of the Little Demon Empress disappearing in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley spreads out, if the Yun Family and the Mu Family go against you, you could use this to shut them up, and even accuse them!”

Duke Huai’s eyes immediately brightened up; he could almost see the incredibly awful look on Yun Qinghong’s face when that happened, “Royal father is wise!”

“Let us wait temporarily for an hour,” Duke Ming said softly as he looked at the Sea of Death once again.

Duke Huai stuttered, “Could royal father be worried that… but falling into the Sea of Death, there is no possibility for them to live. Even if it was royal father, you would also…”

“Hmph!” Duke Ming scoffed lightly, “This Yun Che reveals a lot of strangeness! You weren’t able to kill him with all your powers, making me feel like this person cannot be judged with normal reasoning… it even made me feel an instant of a sense of danger!”

“Even if the Little Demon Empress doesn't die, he must die!” Duke Ming said coldly, “This Sea of Death is the molten lava of the Golden Crow that has been boiling for ten thousand years!”

“This can count as a reward for him making this duke feel an instant of the sense of danger!”

“Yes.” Even though Duke Huai thought Duke Ming’s cautiousness was too exaggerated and even ridiculous, he didn’t dare to disobey. And one hour was far from enough for the Yun Family and the Mu Family who had entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to arrive here in time.

The only result of falling into the Sea of Death was becoming ashes, no matter who it was.

The Little Demon Empress closed her eyes… Disappearing into the Sea of Death was at least far better than dying in the hands of Duke Ming and Duke Huai. It was just that she was destined to not be able to take revenge and reconcile this hatred higher than the heavens. Even the truth would remain unknown forever. Even the whole Illusory Demon Realm would fall into the hands of Duke Huai Palace.

She had an infinite amount of unwillingness, but at this moment, she was incredibly calm. She didn’t know if it was because death was close within reach, or because… of this man by her side who was hugging with her tightly.

She felt her entire body sinking into the boiling lava, the sense of burning was flowing everywhere. What was even more scary than the burning feeling, was the sense of death. But the time passed by breath by breath, she still didn’t feel her life disappearing, didn’t lose her senses, but the sensation of sinking was particularly clear. The burning feeling around her still existed, but it didn’t become stronger. Even though her body had been seriously injured, she was still able to endure it completely.

The Little Demon Empress opened her eyes in confusion, and found a pair of bright eyes looking straight at her. Yun Che grinned and said, “Heh… did… you… think… that… you died… already?”

In her sight, besides Yun Che… everything else was dark red like the color of blood!

Whether it was front, back, up, or down… the slowly boiling lava was everywhere!!

They were in the world of molten lava right now, but somehow this molten lava didn’t touch their bodies. Surrounding them was a three meters thick layer of bright, red flames. This layer of bright, red flames was thin, but it completely isolated the endless molten lava around them… Even the burning temperature of the molten lava was significantly reduced!

The Little Demon Empress knew how scary the molten lava of the Sea of Death was. No one in the Illusory Demon Realm would disagree calling it the scariest thing in the world. Isolating the molten lava in the Sea of Death… not to mention her, even if her royal father were still alive, it would be absolutely impossible to do it.

But that layer of flames… the bright, red flames from Yun Che, was able to do it.

“This… What is going on?” The Little Demon Empress’ voice was as if she was in a dream; she still couldn’t believe her eyes.

Yun Che clenched his teeth tightly. He had the power of the Heretic God; even if the molten lava of the Sea of Death was ten times scarier, it wouldn’t be able to harm him. But he must pour all of his powers into isolating the molten lava and the scary heat to protect the Little Demon Empress. Even though he had an incomparable fire controlling ability, this was the fire from the holy Golden Crow after all, and the molten lava surrounding them spread for a thousand miles endlessly. If wasn’t an easy task for him to completely isolate it.

It was incredibly difficult for Yun Che to say the few words to the Little Demon Empress. Facing the Little Demon Empress’ questions, he already didn’t have the strength to explain, instead he clenched his teeth, and said difficulty, “I don’t know… how long… I can last… Duke Ming’s temperament is even more cautious than Duke Huai… Right now… they must still be guarding outside… so we cannot… leave yet…”

“Right now… I cannot be distracted to attend to you… If you want to kill Duke Ming yourself for revenge… try your hardest to lock in your vitality… At least before I can’t hold on anymore… you absolutely cannot die!”

With a broken lifeline, normal people would have died instantly already. Even an Overlord could only struggle to survive for a couple hours at most before dying… Even though a Monarch with a broken lifeline would also die for sure, if they supported themselves with all of their strength, with the profound body and powerful profound strength they had that exceeds the common people, there was a possibility for them to live for another several days, even dozens of days!

“...” The Little Demon Empress stared at Yun Che for a while. When she closed her eyes, the word “death” had already completely disappeared from her mind, and it was replaced by a strong desire to survive with deep, complicated emotions. She stopped being aware of the environment around them, forgot where she was, channeled the rest of the profound energy left in her whole body, and used it all to lock up the last of her life vitality… She must live; even if it wasn’t for revenge, it was for the hope Yun Che gave her with his everything.

“You idiot, hurry up and channel the Great Way of the Buddha!” Jasmine said in an exasperating tone, “In this molten lava environment, the active rate of the elements are no less than the spatial storm of the Primordial Profound Ark! The force of nature you absorb in every breath using the Great Way of the Buddha will be several dozens of times greater than of the outside world! Not only can it heal the wound on your body fast, your healing ability will also far surpass the depletion… and here you are questioning how long you can hold on for!”

“Of course I can hold on for as long as I want to!”

Yun Che’s eyes widened… when he realized it, he almost wanted to slap himself on the face… He was overthinking it under the shadow of Duke Ming, he ignored the fact that the Sea of Death was in an extreme elemental environment!

When he was first in the extreme elemental environment in the Primordial Profound Ark, his Great Way of the Buddha could absorb several dozen times the force of nature compared to normal, and kept him alive while his body was being destroyed by the spatial storm… Of course he could do it here!!

Yun Che focused his mind shortly, and a dull golden pagoda appeared spinning above his head. Instantly, pure natural essence flowed into his body like a stream… In merely the time for one breath, this stream already surged and became a flood, flowing into his whole body in an almost crazy level… Yun Che’s brain immediately became clear, the tiredness of his body was speedily decreasing, his outside wounds were healing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, even his broken meridians were healing at a speed that normal people couldn’t even believe.

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