Chapter 599 - Sea of Death

Chapter 599 - Sea of Death

“Oh? Little Demon Empress, you don’t seem too well. Your heart vessel has been severed and your internal organs are all damaged. You must be feeling quite miserable now, right?” Duke Huai laughed arrogantly, “This duke has been unable to do anything to you, but now that my royal father has personally acted, even if you’re the Little Demon Empress, you’re still vulnerable.”

“Oh, judging by the looks of the two of you, did you imagine that you could have escaped? Hahahaha…” Duke Huai started to laugh hysterically, “This duke had thought that you two would choose to honorably end yourselves so that we couldn't get the chance to kill you ourselves. However, I did not imagine that there would be anyone in this world that would have such a laughable imagination. Since you want to escape, then run all you want. Let this duke see where you can escape to, hahahahaha!”

The speed at which Duke Ming had appeared was much faster than what Yun Che had imagined. His gaze turned cold and his breathing also became heavier. Duke Huai’s hysterical laughter and arrogant words caused his soul to fluctuate while he concentrated solely on Duke Ming.

“Hug me tightly…”

Within the Little Demon Empress’ mind, Yun Che’s voice suddenly rang, “Hug me tightly and no matter what happens later, don’t loosen up nor let go… As long as you have any consciousness, remember to not let go!”

“This is our… only hopes of escape! Believe me!”

The Little Demon Empress was stunned.

What they were facing now was the true definition of peril. Even without Duke Ming, Duke Huai alone could easily put them to death. Now, even if Yun Qinghong arrived, there was no possibility of survival.

As for Yun Che, in front of this frightening person from Illusory Demon Realm, no one would believe that he had any chance of escape… It would be impossible for even a slim chance of a struggle.

However, as though she did not have any control, the Little Demon Empress opened her arms and followed Yun Che’s instructions, hugging his waist tightly...

During the Demon Imperial Reign Ceremony, he had continuously defied what people thought to be impossible with earth-shattering results and repeatedly turned their laughter into shock… By himself, he rebuilt the reputation of the Yun Family and decimated Duke Huai’s foolproof plan… causing her to feel deep admiration for the first time in her life.

Now, she also could not help but to trust him.

Hugging this twenty-two year old man who was weak and yet ignored all danger to protect her suddenly made her feel more assured. She was immersed in this mysterious, foreign and incomprehensible feeling. In the depths of her head, a muffled voice seemed to be telling her, “This is… the feeling of relying on someone…”

Duke Ming raised both his hands and looked towards the sky saying, “Princess Caiyi, your Demon Emperor’s bloodline has already ruled over Illusory Demon Realm for ten thousand years. It’s time for this to end. From today onwards, there will no longer be any Demon Emperor within Illusory Demon Realm, and my son will no longer be Duke Huai. Instead, he will immediately ascend the throne and become Emperor Huai! As for your Demon Emperor’s clan, you’ll be soon be forgotten by the Illusory Demon Realm. And you, Princess Caiyi, will not only be the last ruler of the era of Demon Emperors, you’ll also become the shameful conclusion to that era of Demon Emperors. It’s such a pity you won’t live to see all this.”

“Royal father,” Duke Huai said, “let me deliver their ends to them. These two pathetic worms are too lowly for royal father to personally act. Especially Yun Che… let me kill him personally to quell the hatred in my heart.”

Duke Ming glanced and faintly said, “You’re a mid stage monarch and the person that is about to ascend the throne of Illusory Demon Realm. Yet, you actually took initiative and are so desperate to kill this person whose age and strength are far below you. In front of him, you have failed miserably.”

Duke Ming’s faint words caused Duke Huai’s body to stiffen as he hung his head in shame and say, “I am useless…”

“No, this duke did not say that you’re wrong.” Duke Ming slowly continued, “This was the first time in your life your plans were messed up; your emotions lost control, you were shamed, and all this was because of a mere youth older than twenty. This was something you could not comprehend. and perhaps you have not realized but in your heart, he has already planted a demon… The only way for you to completely exterminate the demon in your heart is to personally kill Yun Che.”

“Kill them!”

Duke Huai suddenly looked up and replied, “Yes!”

“Also! Facing someone you must kill, no matter how weak that person is, even if he’s like the meat below your knife, you must not toy with him! You must eradicate him in the shortest amount of time possible!”

“I will remember royal father’s teachings!”

Duke Huai immediately appeared in front of Yun Che, and locked onto him with a strong aura. Duke Huai smiled as his casual and arrogant gaze made it seem as though he was looking at two pathetic worms, “Yun Che, this duke has been thinking for the past few hours how he could tear your corpse to shreds personally to quell my hatred. However, it’s no longer important now. This duke going to be the ruler of Illusory Demon Realm soon, and you no longer have the qualifications for this duke to hate you. You don’t even deserve to be looked in the eye by this duke. Having the Little Demon Empress accompany you in death sure is a lucky thing.”

“Then, you shall continue protect the Little Demon Empress in hell!”

Duke Huai’s face revealed ferocity as he raised both his hands and laughed hysterically. A skull-shaped crimson-black flame then appeared above his head and grew more than thirty meters in size instantly. The sky was now darker, and the fire spirits and lightning spirits escaped frantically as though they were scared of something...

Duke Huai had always put Duke Ming’s words in his mind and this blow of his was nearly ninety percent of all his strength. This fallen flame that was used against a Sky Profound Realm profound practitioner was no longer simple overkill… this was strength that could even destroy the Little Demon Empress in one move in her current state.

There was an instant of darkness as the massive Fallen Flame Devil shot straight towards Yun Che with a devilish howl… Although their main motive coming to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley today was to kill the Little Demon Empress, both Duke Ming and Duke Huai targeted their attacks at Yun Che and not the Little Demon Empress.

Perhaps within their consciousness, Yun Che was the bigger threat, as compared to the Little Demon Empress.

Such a frightening attack would put even an Overlord to death, needless to say someone in the Sky Profound Realm.

The profound energy in the Little Demon Empress surged as she wanted to defend, ignoring the dangers to her heart vessel, when she heard Yun Che shout, “Don’t move!!!”

Yun Che retreated at full strength as his right hand supported the Little Demon Empress’ waist tightly. However, under the pressure emitted by Duke Huai, it was extremely difficult for him to move as he saw the Fallen Flame Devil approaching… At the instant the Fallen Flame Devil was about to hit him, he turned abruptly and allowed the Fallen Flame Devil to strike against his back...

“Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!!!”


Following a deafening blast, the Fallen Flame Devil that came from Duke Huai exploded and filled the air over tens of kilometers, which made the surroundings seem as though it was a world where the flames of doomsday had arrived. Yun Che had been swept several kilometers away, as though he was wind blown by a typhoon…

Seeing the figure that was a distance away, the smile on Duke Huai’s face stiffened and even Duke Ming’s expression darkened, “What?!”

A strike that was nearly full power from a mid stage Monarch. Even a hundred or ten thousand Sky Profound practitioners would be destroyed instantly without any trace.

However, Yun Che had only been sent several kilometers away and his body was still intact. Although his aura was extremely weak, he was still alive! Even his consciousness did not seem to dissipate… He was still carrying the Little Demon Empress and rushed towards the north with a speed that was not possible for his profound strength.

“He actually… didn’t die?!” Duke Huai’s eyes stared widely and did not revert for some time as he could not believe what he saw or felt.

However, how could he know that Yun Che had possessed the body of the Dragon God, was under the protection of the Great Way of the Buddha, and had undergone eighteen months of refinement within the spatial storm without using any profound strength. A normal tyrant was unable to harm him.

Furthermore, the protection of Sealing Cloud Locking Sun and his high resistance against flame profound arts… Even a blow at full strength by him, Duke Huai, was unable to take Yun Che’s life!

“Hmph, although he did not die, he’s severely injured. All his organs have been shifted and half of his meridians have been severed,” Duke Ming said calmly, but the shock in his eyes still did not dissipate. A Sky Profound Realm practitioner forcefully receiving a blow of a mid stage Monarch without dying, and still even possessed enough strength to escape… Even for someone as strong as Duke Ming, it was something that shocked the depths of his heart.

If this person did not die… When he matured, his strength would be frightening!

Luckily, he was bound to die today!

“Quickly give chase… and kill them!” Duke Ming said deeply.

Yun Che pushed his Extreme Mirage Lightning to its limits. While severely injured, his vision was sometimes clear and sometimes blurred. However, his speed did not drop one bit.

They were originally already at the borders of Golden Crow Lightning Crow Valley and now, just below them, was a bloody red scene —— That was the sea of lava which had been boiling for ten thousand years.

One thousand and five hundred kilometers of the Sea of Death!

A warm fluid gradually flowed onto the Little Demon Empress’ hand. She then turned and looked at her palms… Her two slender and snow white arms had now been completely dyed with blood. It was as though she had just been soaking in a sea of blood.

The Little Demon Empress’ body trembled slightly.

She looked up, her eyes meeting Yun Che’s at that instant. From Yun Che’s face, she could not see any signs of pain; instead, she saw a gradual smile, “Don’t worry, I’m alright.”

The warm voice and the gentle smile seemed to have its own indescribable magical powers as it strongly touched the depths of the Little Demon Empress’ soul, making her lose focus and forgetting how to speak.

“Do you feel that… I’m very outstanding, heheh!” Yun Che laughed. As they went closer and closer to the Sea of Death, the surrounding air had become ten times hotter than what a normal human being could bear.

Little Demon Empress, “...”

Behind them, Duke Ming and Duke Huai approached swiftly, and within a few breaths of time, they had already closed the distance by half. However, when they were finally above the Sea of Death, their speeds had clearly slowed down. Perhaps they had guessed what Yun Che had done, or maybe it was because the Sea of Death was too frightening and they did not dare to approach it.

“They actually entered the Sea of Death!” Duke Huai gritted his teeth. Before, he did not manage to kill Yun Che in one move and looked as though he still could not comprehend.

“Looks like you’ve chosen an honorable death!” Duke Ming replied faintly, “Hmph! Alright, it’ll save us the trouble. The eventual results of dying in our hands would also be being thrown into the Sea of Death.”

Yun Che’s speed had also slowed down until he completely stopped. He did not turn around to see how close Duke Ming and Duke Huai were, but instead, looked ahead at the blood-like sea that seemed boundless, “I do not know what your chances of survival are from me doing this… However, this was the only way that I imagined where we had any chances…”

“Hug me tightly… Close your eyes…”

Yun Che released his profound energy and Phoenix Flame. The scarlet flame wrapped around him and the Little Demon Empress and yet, it did not make Little Demon Empress feel any sensation of heat… Just the feeling of a warm breeze blowing around her.

Yun Che closed his eyes and exhaled heavily. His hands wrapped around the Little Demon Empress tightly as he removed his profound energy that was causing them to float and crashed down along with her… They fell straight into the Sea of Death below them and silently sunk into the seemingly boundless, blood-like sea.

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