Chapter 269 - Steamrolled

Chapter 269 - Steamrolled

The appearance of an absolute beauty, would always attract the gazes of an extremely large number of people in a short period of time. However, Xia Qingyue was different. What she attracted were not just mere gazes with her every appearance, she could, even more so, cause the souls of everyone present to leave their bodies at that one moment.

Xia Qingyue gently floated down, and stood next to Yun Che. She wore completely white dress, her snowy complexion was dream-like, and her icy eyes glittered like the stars as a long white ribbon gently fluttered, while encircling around her body. Instantly, everyone had completely lost their voices, every single one of them stared blankly at Xia Qingyue, and their gazes were misty, as though they had suddenly fallen into a dream, and saw the legendary fairy from the moon palace descend onto the mortal realm...

Heimu Qingya continuously took a number of steps back. His right hand was trembling out of extreme pain; all five of his fingers were broken, and they were twisted beyond unsightly. He raised his head and looked towards Xia Qingyue, and after being stunned for a moment, the shock in his heart reached an extreme degree… He was actually struck injured by a girl who looked only about seventeen or eighteen years of age! The density of the profound energy contained in that strike earlier, caused him to tremble in fear. And the icy profound aura being emitted out from Xia Qingyue, had even more so, caused the nerves in his entire body to tense up… Because that was a type of strength that completely suppressed him in terms of level!

Behind him, the hundreds of Blackwood Stronghold disciples who were blown away by the cold wind, fell onto the ground one after another like a bunch of cooked dumplings. However, none of them stood up, as all of them screamed out and grimaced in pain. Because, on all of their bodies, large or small amounts of ice crystals had formed. The parts covered by the ice crystals would freeze up in the short time of a few breaths, and they would even force them to completely lose consciousness, instantly causing them to basically become unable to stand up.

Heimu Qingya’s brows trembled wildly. Raising his left hand, he pointed towards Xia Qingyue. “Who… Who… Who are you!?”

The tremor in Heimu Qingya’s words were evident. After taking Xia Qingyue’s hit earlier, he was once again locked on by her power, he was thus the one who could feel the terrifying amount of strength Xia Qingyue possessed to the greatest extent. At such an age, coupled with such profound strength, it was enough to cause the Blackwood Stronghold Master’s spiritual world to be turned upside down out of shock.

Xia Qingyue looked at Heimu Qingya with cold eyes, and did not say a single word. Yun Che’s eyes shone brightly, carrying Su Ling’er, with a whoosh, he went to her side. “Qingyue my wife, you’re finally here. If you had not come over, you would have been a widow for the rest of your life!”

Yun Che said, and even put out a frightened look. Xia Qingyue’s eyes slightly moved, as she felt completely helpless. Others were not clear of Yun Che’s strength, however, she knew of it clearly enough… With his Star God’s Broken Shadow, even if it was Heimu Qingya whose strength had reached the Sky Profound Realm, he should not even think of touching his figure that easily.

When Yun Che uttered the words “Qingyue my wife”, one after another, those male disciples who were slightly obsessed with her, felt as though a dagger had stabbed into their chests as they cast gazes of extreme jealousy and envy at Yun Che… All of their attention were firmly attracted by Xia Qingyue’s fairy-like appearance, and did not have time to comprehend just how terrifying of a strength she possessed. And probably, the first instance they saw Xia Qingyue, subconsciously, they would never connect her with the two words “strong expert”. Because, with a beauty of such degree, with just a smile, she was capable of dominating the world, there’s simply no need for her to possess such great strength.

“Beautiful big sister, you’re awake… That’s great… My name is Ling’er.” Being carried so tightly by Yun Che’s chest in front of so many people, Su Ling’er seemed to be a little embarrassed. Her little face was flushed red, and she greeted Xia Qingyue with a very soft voice.

Xia Qingyue turned her gaze to the side, and gently nodded towards Su Ling’er. Her lips slightly moved, however, she was unable to smile… Perhaps, she had already forgotten how to smile. At least, Yun Che had never seen her smile before.

To those elders who had great strength, what they were amazed by were not just Xia Qingyue’s looks. When she pushed Heimu Qingya back with only a single strike earlier, it caused none of their expressions to not change in agitation, and their entire faces were filled with shock and disbelief… However, immediately after, they quickly consoled themselves. A little lady who was just seventeen or eighteen years old, no matter how monstrous she was, it was basically impossible for her to push back an expert at the Sky Profound Realm. It must have definitely been luck, or, Heimu Qingya must have simply used only a very small portion of his strength in that strike of his...

Although they auto-suggested this to themselves, when Heimu Qingya moved earlier, their senses, however, clearly told them that not only did he not hold back with that strike, rather, he had used a hundred percent of his strength!

Su Hengshan stepped forward. When facing Xia Qingyue, his demeanor actually had a small amount of respect. “This miss, I’m Su Hengshan. Earlier, miss was injured and was in a coma, it seems like you’re completely fine now, nothing is really better than this. Thank you for lending out a hand earlier, to save… my little girl.”

Yun Che nodded. “Mn, Qingyue my wife, this is my father-in-law whom I have just admitted to. This time, it’s all thanks to father-in-law for taking us in, only then did we have a place to settle in.”

As he called her “Qingyue my wife”, he introduced her to his “father-in-law”. This scene caused a large number of people to stare with their tongues tied. However, unfortunately, this astonishingly beautiful girl did not even have a hint of jealousy and discomfort on her face. She turned around, and gently bowed towards Su Hengshan. “This junior, Xia Qingyue, thanks Clan Master Su for the hospitality.”

“It’s nothing much, you’re too courteous.” Su Hengshan hurriedly waved his hand to reply. Although he was already middle-aged, when facing Xia Qingyue, his eyes still did not dare to make contact with hers. He silently sighed in his head. Then, as he turned his gaze towards Heimu Qingya, anger instantly spread throughout his face. “Heimu Qingya! You little man! I have long known of your despicable name, however, I never expected that you could actually be despicable and shameless to this extent! Our Grandwake Clan’ fame being on par with your Blackwood Stronghold in these recent years, is basically a huge humiliation!”

Su Hengshan then switched his gaze again, looked towards Su Wangji, and said. “Grand Elder, the incident earlier, you have seen it clearly yourself as well. Su Hengyue had associated with such a person. Not only is he suspected for betraying our clan, he’s even more so a mockery to all of us! And you, as our Grand Elder, actually stands on his side. Even though I am Clan Master, I am also your junior. I have endured time and time again. Even when Su Hengyue had censured me time and time again, I have never retaliated! However, today… back then, when Blackwood Stronghold held the intention to abduct Ling’er, I can still tell myself that you people do not have any idea of this matter. However, just now, when Heimu Qingya suddenly moved to attack my son-in-law, not only did you guys not stop him, you people still looked calm and behaved leisurely… Grand Elder, Su Hengyue, although I really did not wish to see an internal conflict within our Clan, and have people with ill intentions to make a joke out of us, I am not a fangless tiger either! In the current Grandwake Clan, ultimately, I still call the final shots!”

“Enough!” Su Wangji’s expression was extremely ugly. He glanced at Heimu Qingya whose right hand was still trembling, and Su Haoyu who had fallen on the ground due to heavy injuries. He then patted on the armrest and stood up. “The incident today shall end here… Hengyue, bring Haoyu away!”

Su Hengyue’s expression twitched. He glared maliciously at Su Hengshan and Yun Che, had the disciples behind him carry Su Haoyu who was out cold, and without saying a single word, he began to leave hatefully. Su Hengshan’s words were right, ultimately and currently, he still made the final calls in Grandwake Clan. The reason why he dared to come here so aggressively today, was due to his largest reliance on Su Haoyu’s incomparable talent. On this point alone, he had gained the support of a large amount of people in the clan. Added with Blackwood Stronghold’s strength, it was enough to give Su Hengshan a huge amount of pressure. However, he never expected that, while this was going on, a random Yun Che would actually charge right in!

Su Hengshan’s eyebrows twitched. He stretched out his right arm, however, after stretching it out halfway, he retracted it again. While containing his boiling anger, he allowed them to make preparations to leave. And at this moment, a cold snort suddenly resounded.

“Wait a minute!!”

Yun Che took a step forward, and coldly stared at Heimu Qingya who had a stiffened expression. “This place is not my territory, so it’s not really suitable for me to say words like ‘you guys think you can come and go as you please’, however… Blackwood Stronghold Master, the fact that you tried to kill me earlier, could it be that you’re thinking it will end just like this?”

Heimu Qingya’s eyes narrowed, and began to laughed coldly. “What? You’re still thinking of keeping me here?”

At the moment, although Heimu Qingya was laughing coldly from his lips, his body did not feel the least bit comfortable. His back was even covered entirely in cold sweat since earlier. His five fingers on his right hand were not just simply broken, he could feel wisps of extremely ice-cold energy flowing in his entire right hand. These wisps of cold energy were like ice daggers; for every second they flowed, it was as though a dozen daggers gouged in and out of his hand, causing him to feel a heart-piercing pain. However, even when he used all of his strength, he was still unable to force out a single strand of these wisps of cold energy.

He was the one who wished to immediately leave the most, because, facing Xia Qingyue, a deep fear had already grown in his heart.

“Keep you here? Hahahaha, you’re thinking too highly of yourself. Just by your ugly and sinister face, despicable and shameless soul, I would even fear that it’s too dirty to keep you here as food for the houseflies. I simply wish to have you pay the proper debt you owed me earlier!” Yun Che turned his head, and sternly said. “Of course, this is just a personal grudge between Heimu Qingya and I, and it has completely nothing to do with the Grandwake Clan…”

After saying till here, Yun Che suddenly raised out his hand, pointed it at Heimu Qingya, and said with a furious expression. “Qingyue my wife! It’s him! Earlier, he actually moved to kill me! This hatred for his attempt to kill your husband, even if I’m able to endure it, you can’t endure it, right!?”

Xia Qingyue’s eyelashes slightly raised, her pair of cold eyes had already locked onto Heimu Qingya. Before Heimu Qingya could speak up, the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon on her body suddenly swung out at lightning-speed, and directly brushed against Heimu Qingya’s chest.

Heimu Qingya’s pair of eyes sank, and growled. “Arrogant junior! You think I’m afraid of you!?”

Heimu Qingya’s palm moved. With a black iron spear grabbed in hand, his spear spun out a gigantic black vortex in the midst of his growl, taking on the seemingly powerless Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon.

This was a might coming from a Sky Profound expert, and those nearby, who were slightly near to him, all suffered a shortness of breath due to the pressure, and some were even suffocating.


The moment the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon made contact with the black metal spear, an ear-piercing tearing sound rang. That vortex which carried a gigantic amount of energy was like a piece of tissue being torn apart, a blooming ice lotus suddenly smashed away the spear while heading straight towards Heimu Qingya.

Heimu Qingya’s expression paled greatly from shock, and hurriedly retreated. The surrounding people looked even more dumbfounded… Heimu Qingya’s strike earlier, he had completely used his full strength, however, this girl actually… blasted it away with a single blow!

“I shall aid you!!”

Seeing that the situation was getting bad, Su Hengyue quickly bent his body, and pierced his sword towards the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon… The two powers who were among the top ten Sky Profound experts in the river, were actually working together to fight against a teenage girl who was only seventeen years old. Everyone had never seen, nor heard of such a scene before, and it could only be depicted as inconceivable.

Yet, Xia Qingyue’s expression did not moved a single bit, and only her hand movements had slightly changed.

Instantly, The spiraling ice lotus split in two, and smashed towards Heimu Qingya and Su Hengyue respectively...


Su Hengye’s block was not of the slightest use. The moment his longsword made contact with the ice lotus, even his arm was sealed in ice as well. Of the two ice lotuses, one of them pressed onto Heimu Qingya’s chest, while the other pressed onto Su Hengyue’s chest, and then, they exploded at the same time.

The two of them screamed at the same time and flew in opposite directions, smashing into seven or eight Blackwood Stronghold disciples, and caused them to faint on the spot.

Their bodies were completely stabbed with shattered ice flower that caused countless piercing wounds. Half of their bodies were sealed in ice, and they were basically unable to move for a brief moment. As they laid on the ground, their expressions were completely lifeless. They were basically unwilling to believe everything that had happened… Not just them, Su Hengshan, Su Wangji… and even Yun Che, were staring with dumbfounded expressions.

Two experts at the Sky Profound early stages, the pinnacle of strength in the entire river east, were actually, by a teenage girl… defeated terribly with a single move!!

With just a single move!!

When Xia Qingyue pushed Heimu Qingya earlier, Yun Che had already determined that after she finished refining the Emperor Awakening Heart Pellet, her strength had definitely surpassed Heimu Qingya’s! Not only could she have entered the Sky Profound Realm, she might have leapt into the mid-stages of the Sky Profound Realm...

However, he definitely had never expected that, when facing the combined attack of two experts at the Sky Profound Realm, Heimu Qingya and Su Hengyue, she actually simply used a single move to defeat them!

Even if it was someone at the mid-stages of the Sky Profound Realm, it would basically be impossible to do something like this!

Could it be, the current Xia Qingyue, was already… at the late-stages of the Sky Profound Realm?

“Jasmine, what’s the level of Xia Qingyue’s current profound strength?” Yun Che asked with a slight tremble.

“...As expected of the Sky Poison Pearl, ranked fifth among the Heavenly Profound Treasures, such perfect refinement to an extreme degree. In all of the large thousands of worlds, only the Sky Poison Pearl is capable of doing this.” Even Jasmine’s voice carried a hint of shock. “Her current profound strength, has already stepped over the Sky Profound, and is ranked in the Realm of the Emperor Profound! She has even surpassed Chu Yuechan, and has reached the second level of the Emperor Profound Realm!”

“Currently, these two at the second level of the Sky Profound Realm are no different from infants who have just learnt how to walk in front of her! If she had not held back, these two people would have already become ice particles!”

Yun Che: “......”

Yun Che: “......”

Yun Che: “What… did you…………... say!?!?”