Chapter 270 - Borrowing Power to Induce Fear

Chapter 270 - Borrowing Power to Induce Fear

According to Jasmine’s earlier words, the usage of the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus allowed an expert of the Earth Profound Realm to directly leap into the Sky Profound Realm. However, the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus that Xia Qingyue consumed was refined by the Sky Poison Pearl; its effectiveness must be several times more powerful than the legends stated. Yun Che thought about the possibility that she might directly leap into the mid stage of the Sky Profound Realm… and perhaps even the mid to late stage...

He absolutely did not imagine that she could crossed two whole realms from the Earth Profound Realm into the realm whose very name caused people to tremble, the Emperor Profound Realm! She became an identity that countless people looked up to, a Throne!

A female Throne who was only seventeen years old!

“This… is… too… ridiculous… right!” Yun Che groaned to himself.

What kind of concept was the Emperor Profound Realm? In the entire Blue Wind Empire, the number of Thrones combined did not exceed ten people, but these ten were existences who were at the peak, peak realm within the Blue Wind Empire. Every one of them had a reputation that far exceeded the Blue Wind Emperor. And among these Thrones, the youngest was originally Heavenly Sword Villa’s Ling Yuefeng; then, due to some coincidence, the one who originally had at least ten more years until breaking through, Chu Yuechan, directly broke through because Yun Che gave his Dragon Yang to her, thus replacing Ling Yuefeng as the youngest Throne.

But Xia Qingyue was only seventeen and a half!!

This was far beyond an exaggeration, it might as well be a fantastical story! In the Blue Wind Empire, this was completely completely unprecedented… perhaps even impossible.

And in the east river region of Supwake Country, a Throne… was god! A god that could crush everything! Although the east river region of the Supwake Country didn’t have the highest levels of profound realms, it absolutely wasn’t low either; however, there had been three hundred years before the appearance of the previous Throne. In history, the one that appeared before was over seventy years old.

“The power it takes to go from the Sky Profound Realm to the Emperor Profound Realm requires ten times the amount that it would take to go from the Earth Profound Realm to the Sky Profound Realm. Her astonishing breakthrough, is perhaps related to her Nine Profound Exquisite Body.” Jasmine thought out loud, but this wasn’t heard by Yun Che.

The experts on the side of the Blackwood Stronghold and Su Hengyue, including Su Wangji, originally wanted to take action, but after seeing Heimu Qingya and Su Hengyue get defeated instantaneously, it was same as if their heads had been smashed. Their eyes stared wide open and they severely trembled all over. That look of exaggeration was like they had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

Su Hengshan’s mouth gaped open, he was also shocked until his brain became stupid. After a long while, he lightly muttered to Yun Che: “Little brother Yun, may I ask about this lady’s… current cultivation level?”

“Oh!” Yun Che raised his eyebrows. Using a loud enough voice, he answered with incomparable casualness: “My wife’s talents are so-so. She’s already seventeen this year, but she had only drifted into the second level of the Emperor Profound Realm. Even saying this might make everyone mock us.”

“Wu… Wu… WUT!”

Yun Che’s words were like a thunderclap that exploded beside everyone’s ears and made them shudder all over. A terrified expression was birthed within their gazes that glanced at Xia Qingyue. Su Wanji was shocked so much that his butt fell back down to his chair.

Normally, if one said that a seventeen year old girl had the cultivation level of the Emperor Profound Realm, everyone would treat them like a lunatic. However just then, they clearly saw the simultaneous defeat of two strong experts at the Sky Profound Realm by her hands, with their own eyes… This was a strength that was only possible within late stages of the Sky Profound Realm!

This girl perhaps was a genuine seventeen year old Throne!

The atmosphere at the scene changed quickly. Everyone’s attention focused on Xia Qingyue. The shock that she brought shrouded everything else. All kinds of grudges that happened earlier in the face of this huge shock were practically negligible.

Seeing the reaction of the people in the surrounding, Yun Che’s heart began to lament… This was the benefit of absolute power. When there was absolute crushing power, there was absolute crushing control. People will fear, dread, respect, worship and serve… No one would dare to bully, shout, persecute, nor assassinate...

To genuinely achieve self-protection and protected the people by your side, possessing absolute power is the only solution. Everything else was bravado.

This was something that Yun Che always strived for with all his might.

If he didn’t use that Emperor Awakening Heart Pill on Xia Qingyue and used it on himself instead, then the power he possessed today might have been… at the Emperor Profound Realm. At the time, when he was originally at the Elementary Profound Realm, the strenuous effort, cultivation, and breakthrough time made this realm an absolute fairytale, he didn’t even think about this realm back then. Today, before two years had even passed, he was already standing beside an actual Throne, and at the same time, had a brief encounter with that kind of power.

Looking at Xia Qingyue at his side, Yun Che’s heart moved slightly, but he didn’t have a speck of regret, and didn’t think the least about what he might have gained and lost. The fact that Xia Qingyue was his wife was completely enough.

Looking at Heimu Qingya was being helped up by his two guards, Yun Che’s gaze sank, and he callously laughed: “Heimu Qingya, the debt of capturing my fiancee, Su Ling’er, and trying to kill me, have you thought well about how you would pay me and my father-in-law?”

Heimu Qingya breathed in a large breath of air. The cold energy circulating within his body made him wish that he was dead. He gritted his teeth and replied angrily: “Payment? Heh… if you have the guts, just kill me!”

“Kill you? You think I wouldn’t dare?” Yun Che’s face immediately clouded: “My father-in-law is a venerable Clan Master, he must consider everything from a greater perspective. Even if you took action against Su Ling’er, he will probably be apprehensive toward your matter. However, I’m different… you’re just a teeny weeny Blackwood Stronghold Master. Killing you is no different that killing a dog! Qingyue my wife, kill him!”

These words of Yun Che ruthlessly reminded everyone, and made them simultaneously think: To be able to foster such a power at such a young age, there must be some terrifying power backing them up! The sects they came from, the levels they were at, were so high up that they didn’t even have the qualifications to look up to them.

Then for their level, perhaps killing a Blackwood Stronghold Master really was no different than killing a dog!

The awakened Xia Qingyue was especially obedient towards Yun Che. When Yun Che spoke those words, cold energy rushed forth from her body and a delicate lotus bloomed in the middle of her palm. Then, with a dance of her fingers, it suddenly flew towards Heimu Qingya.

Followed by a bone chilling killing intent, a stream of cold energy assaulted his face. This strike caused Heimu Qingya’s soul to leave him. Those words that he said earlier were just spiteful words that he said without thinking. After he finished, he realized that he wasn’t facing the Grandwake Clan at all, but a Throne that didn’t belong to the Grandwake Clan at all! If a Throne wanted to kill him, what did they have to fear!

The chilling light of the dancing ice lotus looked incredibly gorgeous, but as it approached, all the hairs on his body stood up. He didn’t have the slightest doubt that if he touched that ice lotus, he would undoubtedly die with no chance for flukes.

Under the threat of death, Heimu Qingya shouted out weirdly. Under his serious condition, he used more power than ever before to escape backwards at an incredible speed as if a grasshopper, to dodge the ice lotus that came from Xia Qingyue; however, he landed on the ground like a dead dog, and wasn’t able to stand up even after a long while... As the Hold Master of the Blackwood Stronghold, he was an expert of the Sky Profound Realm. Perhaps he never thought about the possibility that one day he might be in such a miserable state.

Xia Qingyue’s brows moved slightly. As she turned her snow white hands over, another ice lotus blossomed from her palm. That ice lotus from earlier clearly told everyone that for even the Blackwood Stronghold Master, who ruled the river east, she could kill them as long as she wanted to without the slightest bit of doubt. When the second ice lotus blossomed, all the faces of those who belonged to the Blackwood Stronghold had a huge change. Su Wangji ferociously stood up and roared with his old voice: “Stop! Don’t do things that are so absolute, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Yun Che raised his eyebrows and stared at him while coldly saying: “When he wanted to kill me, you watched from the sides. When we want to kill him, you come out grumbling? Ah, my father-in-law and my fiancee, Su Ling’er, are all people of the Grandwake Clan. Looking at their faces, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you earlier. If you dare to speak another word, I’ll have my wife kill you immediately! Do you want to try it!”

Su Wangji’s eyes stared wide open and his body trembled all over. A stutter came out of his throat, but in the face of Yun Che’s cold and harsh gaze, he nevertheless, forcefully swallowed the word “you” which almost came out of his mouth. Then, he heavily sat back down on his chair and did not dare to speak anymore. A fear of death was instinctual, as Grand Elder, he usually rode roughshod over people and indulged in his aloof position. He never experienced an actual death threat; this was an absolute and genuine first time. Facing such a threat of death, that so called backbone and courage, all became the coldest fear. He shuddered all over and didn’t dare to speak another half a word.

Honestly speaking, Su Hengshan could be said to be extremely relaxed and pleasurable right now. Heimu Qingya was his mortal enemy, and he could never do anything about him. As the Grand Elder, Su Wangji never paid any attention to him. Even if he was angry, the only thing he could do was endure. Right now, looking at Heimu Qingya and Su Wangji, who had kept quiet out of fear, he had an incredible pleasure in his heart. However, with his nature, he naturally didn’t want to see things go to such an extreme. He came up and patted Yun Che’s shoulders, shaking his head to say: “Little brother Yun, let it go. Even though Heimu Qingya is despicable, he still has an outstanding reputation in the river east. If he’s killed just like this within the Grandwake Clan, it would eventually be somewhat troublesome. He has suffered a severe injury now, and it looks like he has no chance of recovering even within half a year. Let him pay a price, and then let him go.”

Yun Che didn’t feel that it was unusual at all for Su Hengshan to say something like this. He bitterly smiled and said: “Father-in-law, Su Ling’er and I announced our betrothal in front of everyone. Why are you still calling me ‘Little Brother Yun’, it’s too undeserving… If you don’t like calling me son-in-law, Father-in-law can call me Yun Che directly, or ‘Che’er’.”

Su Hengshan stared blankly. Looking at Yun Che’s appearance, he obviously put today’s ‘betrothal’ completely and genuinely into his heart. He began to laugh: “Look at me, with only the betrothal on my mind, I actually forgot to change the way I address you… Che’er, my words earlier, what do you feel about them.”

Yun Che smiled and said: “Since Father-in-law has spoken, Che’er will naturally comply. Only, what kind of price does Father-in-law want him to pay?”

Heimu Qingya’s mind had already been stretched to the limit and cold sweat dripped down from his forehead. Hearing their conversation, his mind shook. He rapidly took out a spatial ring and threw it to Su Hengshan without saying a word in the process… In order to live, he had no choice to soften up, and hand over the ‘price’ in front of everyone. Under this disgrace, his chest wanted to break apart, but he still couldn’t say anything.

Su Hengshan took the spatial ring and swept it with his profound strength. There were three whole stacks of Purple Cloud Profound Iron in there. With the rarity of the Purple Cloud Profound Iron, this was practically an entire year’s worth of Blackwood Stronghold’s harvest. He nodded with satisfaction and waved his hand toward Heimu Qingya: “Since Blackwood Stronghold Master is so gracious, then this Su won’t be impolite either… Have a nice trip, I won't be sending you off!”

Heimu Qingya’s chest violently heaved up and down. Then, his eyes flipped, and he immediately fainted. His two guards promptly helped him up and looked at Xia Qingyue with terrified gazes and didn’t dare to stay any longer. The disciples of Blackwood Stronghold who accompanied them all followed behind and left dejectedly.

Yun Che secretly let out a sigh a relief in his heart. Then, he looked at Xia Qingyue with grateful eyes.

At the time when he met Su Ling’er, her entire world was filled with melancholy and murk… and combined with Su Ling’er’s status, one could imagined that she, at the time, must have encountered a huge change within her family and all kinds of desperation.

Yun Che never knew from start to finish just what kind of disaster her family encountered. However, looking at the busy, unrestrained and carefree Su Ling’er today, he never wanted her to repeat the life he had in the past. As a result, he borrowed Xia Qingyue’s absolute strength today and used his tyrannical words and actions to help the Grandwake Clan establish a terrifying might, creating the facade of a might supporter for all those who held malicious intent towards the Grandwake Clan… Although counting on a short-term facade in hopes that the Grandwake Clan would not fall into its previous fate was bit too naive, this was the only thing that Yun Che could do...

Even though… this was only a dream world… After twenty four hours, everything would turn into nothing… but he did all that he could for Ling’er only because of his love for Su Ling’er, and the shame in the depths of his heart.