Chapter 313 - Meeting the Primordial Azure Dragon Again

Chapter 313 - Meeting the Primordial Azure Dragon Again

Although Fen Moli was extremely strong, his reserves of energy and strength were not proportionate, and character-wise, he was as irritable as a fire, or else he wouldn’t have struck out at Yun Che during the Ranking Tournament due to Fen Juebi being injured gravely. The mockery in Yun Che’s words angered him greatly, “Little maggot! Your death is nigh yet you’re still reluctant to beg for forgiveness! Your escape from calamity sixteen months ago is really a great gift the heavens have granted me! Today, I’ll guarantee you a torturously, painful death that’ll have your corpse in pieces.”

“Just with your ability?” Yun Che sneered, “At the Ranking Tournament, just as I had defeated that trash Fen Juebi from your Burning Heaven Clan, you struck out at me despicably under the watchful eyes of the audience… From behind the shadows, you’d launched a sneak attack when no one was prepared! What Great Elder of the Burning Heaven Clan are you? Bullshit! Such a mad dog which bites without care for honor or pride, a mad dog like you which stinks unbearably, you think you’ll be able to kill me, Yun Che?”

As the impressive Great Elder of the famed Burning Heaven Clan, Fen Moli would usually not even have the chance to hear a single disrespectful sentence towards his person, so it was impossible for him to hear such toxic words. Instantly, all his hair rose up. Angered, sparks crackled around, and his hands shook uncontrollably in his extreme anger, “You little maggot… I’ll take your life first, then I’ll shred your mouth to pieces!!”

Fen Moli exploded, and a terrifying aura seemed to have exploded like a bomb from within him. A deep purple dragon-shaped flame burst into life from his body, and surged around him. Following which, the dragon-shaped flame circled around his arms, heading straight for Yun Che.

Fen Moli had struck in such anger, so it was safe to say that this attack was completely without any reservations. Wherever his body was, great cracks would appear in the ground beneath his feet, forming deep crevices that rapidly grew in length. Fen Duancang and Fen Moyu, who were on either side of him, were instantly thrown back by this bout of mad rage. Also having trained in the Burning Heaven Arts and familiar with Fen Moli’s strength, they couldn’t help but fear for their lives. Clearly, Fen Moli was completely enraged. Under Yun Che’s scornful words and thorough derision, all his rational thoughts were thrown to the wind. They backed away instantly, not wanting to get hurt unintentionally by Fen Moli’s attack in his anger. As for moving forth to help... that was even more of a joke!

A colossal wave surged up and the dried leaves and trees from Yun Che’s front, sides, and even back, began to wildly burn, yet he was still not the least fazed. Rather, he laughed manically, “Hahaha, a mad dog like you dares to claim to be an elder? Mad dog Fen Moli, eat your Granddaddy Yun’s sword!!”

His explosive aura did not frighten his opponent, but rather, it earned him an even more vicious scolding. Every cell in Fen Moli was about to explode, and each of his pores were shaking in fury, “You mongrel! I’m not fit to be called human if I don’t separate you into a million pieces!!”

The flame dragon on Fen Moli’s arm grew even more irritable. Gathering all the energy in his body and concentrating it on his arms, he swore to launch an attack that was bound to reduce Yun Che to the finest flecks. Yet Yun Che did not seem to have any intention of escaping or dodging. He lifted his heavy sword and rushed at him with a loud roar… He could feel exactly how terrifying the attack he was about to face was; that was the pinnacle of strength brought about by extreme rage by the extremely strong opponent who was half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm!

Just when the two were about to collide, the heavy sword in Yun Che’s hands suddenly disappeared and his defensive energy exploded in an instant.

“Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!”


Vibrations passed through the air, and the land wept miserably. A tongue of purple fire up to three hundred meters long shot up, dyeing the entire sky purple. The area around them of three hundred meters in radius was instantly engulfed in a sea of purple fire. One dragon-shaped fire after another weaved through the chaos. Vegetation, trees and even rocks; all of these burned up… And within the fire, a lone figure shot out into the distance like a shooting star, disappearing instantly from Fen Moli’s line of sight. A voice filled with hate and murderous intent came arrogantly from far away.

“Fen Moli, you old dog! One of these days, I’ll end your miserable life with my own hands!”

After Fen Moli had put all his strength into that attack, his body was, for a short period of time, in deficit. But he could clearly feel that what he had struck wasn’t Yun Che’s body, but an extremely resilient protective barrier. That protective barrier might have been crushed by him, but it had resisted at least ninety percent of his strength, and he had not been able to deal any large damage to Yun Che. And Yun Che’s voice, from far away, was still filled with strength, not seemingly to hold any traces of being weak or seriously injured.

In a moment, he understood. Yun Che had been inciting him to anger on purpose, and then he had borrowed the power of his full out attack under immense anger to escape!!

Fen Moli’s entire being became like gunpowder situated just a while away from the scene of an explosion; all the blood in his body was about to explode… He was actually fooled yet again! Like a foolish dog, he had been led by his tail! His entire body shook uncontrollably, and like a mad dog, he rushed towards where Yun Che had escaped to, shouting with a violently ear-splitting voice, “Yun Che… I’ll kill you!! Kill you!!

Fen Duancang was shocked for a while. He was very familiar with the way Yun Che had escaped. Because just three days ago, it was the exact same method Yun Che had used to get past the countless layers of obstruction that were separating him from Fen Juecheng! He had borrowed the strength of Fen Moran’s full out attack to rush right in front of Fen Juecheng straight away. However, to achieve this move, it was definitely not that simple! Yun Che’s ability to forcefully endure through Fen Moran’s hit and come out completely unharmed was already enough to shock him then, but he didn’t dared to believe that Yun Che would have actually been able to survive that full out attack by Fen Moli and still come out without any heavy injuries! Rather, he had borrowed the power of that attack and escaped!

That was an attack of full strength from someone who was half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm! How could it be that easy to borrow such strength! Even if his opponent was an exceptionally strong practitioner who was similar a half step into the Emperor Profound Realm, taking on this hit directly would definitely cause him to be injured heavily.

If that was a type of protective profound skill… then what a great protective profound skill it was, to be strong to such an unthinkable level!

“Let’s chase up, quick!”

Fen Duancang and Fen Moyu followed Fen Moli quickly as they headed forwards.

Although “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun” had completely resisted ninety percent of Fen Moli’s strength, the remaining ten percent made Yun Che extremely uncomfortable. Yun Che clutched at his chest, and after flying far away, his body’s impulse finally vanished. After he had descended, he took a good look at the terrain, and again, he utilized the Frozen Cloud Wall. At the same time, he waved his arm, and the Profound Handle flew out, heading towards the valleys in the Northwest direction, while he rushed in the Northeast direction towards the Black Forest while under the protection and cover of the Frozen Cloud Wall.

This, was actually a replay of the skill which was also used the last time.

But the Profound Handle was too mystical of an existence, that even a person like Fen Moli could not understand it at all! In this location that Yun Che had specifically chosen, all the terrain was shielded from sight, so even being in midair would not be of any help in chasing down a person. They could only rely on locking in on that person’s aura. However, the berserk Fen Moli had undoubtedly chased straight away in the Northwest direction, rushing straight towards a valley, until “Yun Che’s aura”, which he had locked in on suddenly completely vanished.

Fen Moli’s footsteps stopped, and Fen Mocang and Fen Moyu also chased up quickly. They surveyed their surroundings, and furrowed their brows, “That punk’s aura actually vanished… What’s going on?”

“He won’t be able to escape!” Fen Moli’s eyes scanned the surroundings with deadly coldness as the fire on his arms ignited, “His aura just suddenly disappeared here, so he must have used some method of concealing his aura and identity… He should be nearby, he won’t be able to escape!!”

While speaking, Fen Moli’s right arm shot out violently. A dragon of flame crashed into the mountain on the right with a bang, completely leveling most of the mountain’s walls into flatland.

“Don’t think I won’t be able to find you just because you’re hiding! Even if I have to incinerate every inch of ground, I’ll still leave your corpse without a burial ground!!”

In his enraged howls, shots of purple flames fell from the sky, exploding mountain after mountain, and large holes were also dug into the ground. Before long, the once desolate and empty dried-up canyon that no profound beast was willing to stay in was filled with utter destruction and a large sea of flames began spreading rapidly...

Just when the dry canyon was experiencing a disaster which could see no end, Yun Che had already made his way into the depths of the Black Forest. After ascertaining that no one was following behind him, he let out a sigh, falling into the shrubbery while clutching his chest.

The clothes on Yun Che’s body were already tattered beyond recognition, and his chest was a mess of flesh and blood, yet it was merely a superficial injury, and it had not caused any harm to his internal organs. After taking a few gulps of breath, Yun Che sat up slowly. Placing his left arm on his right elbow, he pushed forcefully, and with a “CRACK”, his dislocated arm was pushed back to its original position. He shifted and allowed half of his body to rest against a large tree. Closing his eyes, he quickly activated the Great Way of the Buddha.

With the misguidance of the Profound Handle, and the muddy aura of the Black Forest, along with the overgrowth of strange trees, it was extremely easy to get lost within this place. It was difficult for men from the Burning Heaven Clan to be able to find him for a long while. After resting for two hours, his body had already recovered to around sixty to seventy percent. Opening his eyes, and making sure of where he was heading towards, he cautiously made his way northwards.

Undoubtedly, the misguidance of the Profound Handle was absolutely perfect, because amongst the practitioners in the Blue Wind Empire whom he knew of, none were able to correctly recognize his aura. Therefore, even though Fen Moli and his men were extremely certain that Yun Che had escaped in the northwestern direction, when the seven men searched, they were only able to discern it to be in the northwest. By the time they finally move northeast in frustration and defeat after not being able to find him for a few days, Yun Che would’ve cautiously made his way through the extremely dangerous Sky Profound Beast territory and gone into the heart of the Wasteland of Death.

This was a spacious and empty piece of land. Some parts were bumpy, while others were as smooth as the blade of a knife.

Although two years had already passed, traces of the fierce battle between Chu Yuechan and the Flood Dragons that year were still here. At the same time, there were no extra marks left behind by profound beasts… Although both Flood Dragons had already been destroyed, their remaining might and the faintly discernible dragon aura still warded off the beasts from the Wasteland of Death, and none dared to go near.

On the spacious and empty land, the only hill that had not been destroyed seemed all the more lonely and eye-catching. Below the hill was a pitch-black cave entrance.

“I’m finally back here.” Yun Che muttered quietly. After looking around, he quickly rushed towards the cave beneath that hill.

Stepping into the cave, the light was quickly consumed by gloom. Everything here was the same as he remembered it to be… What was most memorable about this place… was that it was the location he had united with Chu Yuechan.

Also, because of their union here, their destinies were intertwined, their strands of fate were no longer able to be apart from each other… and there was also an unexpected crystal of life.

After stewing in his thoughts for a while, Yun Che shook the distracting thoughts out of his mind and lifted his head, “Primordial Azure Dragon, are you still there?”

In the split second that Yun Che’s voice fell, an expansive, limitless wave descended, as if the blue dome of heaven had collapsed. At the same time, a pair of azure blue eyes that were as deep as the valleys peered opened in the dark firmament above.

“Human, you who have inherited my bloodline have returned, and this time, it has happened sooner than I’d expected. In less than two years, you are already at the late stages of the Earth Profound Realm… well done.”