Chapter 312 - Dire Situation

Chapter 312 - Dire Situation

However, this red-clothed old man evidently didn’t think this way.

He looked down from atop, his gaze locked firmly upon Yun Che, roared, and pounced down like an eagle: “Little maggot, I want to see where you’ll run this time!”

The red-clothed old man’s name was Fen Moping, who was also an elder-level existence from the “Mo” generation of the Burning Heaven Clan. As an ultra-strong Sky Profound Realm expert, those feelings of pride and superiority that were sufficient to disdain Blue Wind had already accompanied him for tens of years; how could he take a youngster that had just turned nineteen seriously? Although Fen Duancang and Fen Moran stated how formidable Yun Che was, he simply didn’t believe it at all. Admittedly, sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm at only nineteen years of age was astonishing, but it was only the Earth Profound Realm after all; no matter what, it was impossible to be a match for the Sky Profound Realm! He believed even more that Fen Duancang and Fen Moran’s statements towards Yun Che were exaggerated, and that their words were exaggerated only to cover up their own low level and faults.


Fen Moping evidently didn’t have any notion of wasting words with Yun Che. His hands pushed out, and an enormous purple-blue flame python descended from above. Accompanied with a roar that caused one’s heart to palpitate, it seemed as though it was a genuinely angry dancing python.

Yun Che raised his head and reached out to grab at the flame python. In the first second, everything was tranquil and quiet, but in the next second, the profound energy in his body bubbled forth like a volcanic eruption, and Yun Che grabbed onto the flame python in one swipe...


In the midst of Fen Moping’s shocked gaze, Yun Che’s arm actually directly passed through the flame python. With a swing, the flame python was directly ripped into two halves, and with another swing, the originally terrifying python-shaped flame instantly became numerous small flame particles which rapidly vanished in mid-air.

“Wh… what!!”

Fen Moping’s face was filled with incredulity. To have directly ripped apart his flame with one hand, few could accomplish this, even if this had happened in the Burning Heaven Clan. In the midst of this enormous shock, feelings of unease finally began to rise in his heart. However, at this time, after diving down, the distance between him and Yun Che was only ten meters. His face became overcast as he immediately resorted to using the Burning Heaven Blade. As if a dragon, the flames directly hacked at Yun Che.

Although the eight great Sky Profound practitioners from the Burning Heaven Clan had split up to look for him, the distances between each other wouldn’t be too great. The instant Fen Moping had found him, he would’ve immediately contacted the others, and they ought to be heading this way. Thus, he had to resolve this in the shortest time possible and immediately leave this area.

With the Dragon Fault in Yun Che’s hand, he opened Burning Heart, and the immense power of the heavy sword surged out like a tsunami. In an instant, more than half of the flames on Fen Moping’s blade were directly extinguished from the pressure. He only felt that his body was as like a leaf being torn within a storm that could break apart at any time. The shock he suppressed with great effort instantly grew tens of times greater. He couldn’t believe no matter what, that profound strength clearly belonging to the Earth Profound Realm, could actually let out such a terrifying power.

This was simply unthinkable, not in accordance to common sense at all! If he did not witness it up front and personal, he absolutely would not have believed it.

Only now did he finally start to believe that Fen Duancang and Fen Moran’s words… seemed to not be an exaggeration.

In the midst of his shock, Fen Moping no longer dared to hold anything back anymore. The profound energy in his entire body bubbled forth as he produced a great roar, and the flames on his sword ignited once again, facing Yun Che’s heavy sword.


Fen Moping’s sword shattered into small pieces like fragile glass, and the flames above the sword completely extinguished before they even had a chance to explode. Fen Moping groaned, and his body was sent flying like a kite that had its string cut. After landing on the ground, he took seven steps back continuously, then fell on his bottom. He stood up immediately, and did his best to suppress his churning energy and blood. He raised his head, his face filled with alarm and shock: “You…”

After just saying “you”, his pupils contracted fiercely; Yun Che was carrying his heavy sword and directly charging towards him, and his distance to him was less than five steps.

At the time of this matter of life and death, Fen Moping frantically maneuvered the disordered profound energy in his body, constructing a powerful flame barrier. Only a “bang” sound could be heard, and following the collision of the barrier and the heavy sword, the flame barrier was smashed to pieces instantly. Fen Moping rolled away like a rubber ball, and finally came to a stop after several tens of revolutions.

With the obstruction of the profound barrier, although he was battered and exhausted, he hadn’t received any heavy injuries. He stood up with difficulty, pointed at Yun Che, and said with a trill voice: “You… Who are you! Who’s your master!”

A nineteen year old at the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm, and this sixth level Earth Profound Realm could actually cause him to nearly not have enough energy to retaliate. He simply couldn’t imagine what kind of matchless eccentric could nurture such a young man! At the very least, the Four Major Sects of the Blue Wind Empire definitely didn’t have this capability.

Yun Che walked over while dragging the heavy sword, and a cold smile hung on the corners of his mouth: “Who am I? What? You obviously chased me here to kill me, yet you actually forgot my name. I guess I’ll have to remind you again. My name is Yun Che; when you go report to Yama, don’t forget to bring up my name! As for my master’s name, you don’t have the qualifications to know.”

An ice-cold sinister killing intent locked onto Fen Moping, causing his entire body to suddenly feel cold. Although his injuries weren’t heavy, Yun Che’s two strikes had caused the energy and blood in his entire body to go into a state of disorder; he barely had any energy left to run away. He subconsciously took a step back, and said with a stutter: “You… if you dare to kill me, Burning Heaven Clan definitely won’t let you off!”

“What a joke!” Yun Che laughed coldly, “Who’s letting who off, isn’t clear yet! It’s you guys that have been provoking me time and time again. It looks like your Burning Heaven Clan has a habit of relying on force to bully others, and have been killing whoever you want to kill this whole time… It’s a pity, but you shouldn’t have provoked me!”

As his voice descended, Yun Che smashed down at Fen Moping, and the surrounding space around the regions the heavy sword passed through trembled faintly.

Fen Moping stared wide as he shouted himself hoarse: “Junior! Do you really believe… just you alone, can kill me!?”

Fen Moping’s entire body leaped up, and pulled up a hundred feet instantly… Only when one’s profound strength reached the Sky Profound Realm would one be able to use the Profound Floating Technique and fly in mid-air. So long as he reached a high altitude, Yun Che basically wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. As he flew upwards, before he even had a chance to inhale a breath of air, a silhouette suddenly flashed in front of him, and Yun Che’s silhouette appeared… with a fiendish sneer hung on the corners of his mouth.

“You…” All of a sudden, Fen Moping’s pupils became the size of the eye of a needle, and that nightmarish heavy sword also magnified within his pupils… Following an enormous sound, it smashed heavily upon his head.


As if a mine had exploded inside of his head, Fen Moping’s mind suddenly became a field of blankness. Following the complete dispersion of his consciousness, his entire body fell to the ground like a pile of wood. His body landed with a “thump”, never to move again.

Fen Moping had been domineering his entire life; never would he have thought that he would ultimately die in the hands of someone from the younger generation.

“I took care of one effortlessly!” Yun Che walked next to Fen Moping’s corpse, and pulled off his spatial ring. He was indeed worthy of being an elder-level figure in the Burning Heaven Clan; his spatial ring stored all sorts of rare pellets and medicines, and it even had two jade strips with the portions of the Burning Heaven Clan’s profound arts recorded. To other people, the jade strips that contained the Burning Heaven Clan’s profound arts were the most valuable treasures, but to Yun Che, who could casually control the Phoenix Flame, it was basically completely useless.

“Don't get carried away just yet.” Jasmine said coldly: “Big trouble’s coming to you right now.”

At this moment, Yun Che also swiftly turned around… Above the southern sky, three black dots suddenly appeared. The three black dots neared with extremely quick speed, and in the turn of an eye, three red colored silhouettes were already projected. The three’s profound strength presence were all extremely terrifying; especially the one in the center, his presence was even way stronger than the two by his side combined!

Fen Moli!!

Yun Che’s brows sunk, and quickly fled toward the north without even stopping to think. When Yun Che saw them, they had also seen Yun Che’s figure. A furious roar came from the sky: “Yun Che! Let’s see just where you can run to!!”

Amidst the voice as if an explosive thunder, an enormous fire dragon of more than one and half meter thick descended from the sky and landed in front of Yun Che while howling. In an instant, over a hundred meters of the surrounding land was blown flat, and purple colored flames burned as if it were scorching the sky. Yun Che did not dread flame in the slightest, but that frightening wave smashed onto Yun Che’s chest like a heavy hammer and blew him into flipping backwards. When he gained control of his balance, the three in the sky had already descended at the same time, and surrounded him in a triangular fashion with him in the center.

These three people were respectively Fen Duancang, Fen Moyu… and the Great Elder, Fen Moli!

The three tightly encircled Yun Che, sealing all of the direction he could flee. With a glance, they saw Fen Moping’s corpse not too far away, and all of them were greatly shocked. Rage emerged from their face, and the Seventeenth Elder Fen Moyu said with a sunken voice: “You actually killed Moping! As expected, you are good! No wonder you could hold Young Clan Master hostage under the presence of Pavilion Master Duancang, and even caused the Clan Master to make Great Elder take action personally under his rage!”

“Do not be fooled by his profound strength presence, his strength cannot be measured by profound strength rank at all! Even it’s me, it wouldn’t be that easy to win against him. I am not surprised that Moping would lose, but I didn’t actually think he would die so fast in his hands!” Fen Duancang directly took out the Burning Heaven Blade, pointed it at Yun Che and said in a furious voice: “Yun Che, you killed our Second Young Clan Master and clan disciples, held our Young Clan Master hostage and heavily wounded him, and now you’ve even killed our clan’s Burning Heaven Hall Elder! Today, we will definitely tear your corpse into ten thousand pieces!”

Fen Duancang was at the eighth level of the Sky Profound Realm, Fen Moyu was at the fifth level of the Sky Profound Realm, and Fen Moli was a terrifying half step into the Emperor Profound Realm. The three’s strong auras tightly locked him in, and made his chest feel suffocated. His body was so stiff that he could not move for a long while.

“What are you still wasting words with him for!” Fen Moli said furiously. Eight superbly strong masters of his sect chasing one person, and had even lost track of him once; this was already a humiliation that made him lose all of his face. As Yun Che’s path of escape was now blocked, his rage that had been held in for a long time also finally exploded: “This old man will personally send you to hell!”

Fen Moli vaulted up, and both hands pushed toward Yun Che. Instantly, the space below distorted to a great extent as several dozens of meters burst apart and sunk down like tofu. Without much of a sign of induction by profound energy, a huge sea of purple colored flames appeared in midair and flooded toward Yun Che accompanied by a vast air wave.

Yun Che’s brows stood on their ends. Facing Fen Moli, he simply didn’t dare to hold back in the slightest. All of the profound energy in his body surged unreservedly, and behind him, an enormous blue wolf howled facing the sky.

“Heavenly Wolf Slash!!”

Frenzied strength flooded out of the Dragon Fault, turned into a huge figure of a wolf and rushed toward the flame sea that fell from the sky above.


In mid air, the purple colored flame sea and the sky wolf’s power exploded simultaneously. In that instant, it was as if all the sound in the world had disappeared. The berserking strength ruthlessly swept the space. The powerful strength of sky wolf impacted the flame sea into two halves, but in the blink of an eye, it was reversely engulfed by the purple colored flames.


The sky wolf’s mirage was annihilated. Yun Che’s chest stifled, and his entire body violently flew backwards. A wave of powerful energy invaded his body, wantonly destroying his tendons and meridians. A mouthful of blood reversed up his throat, and sprayed out into the sky.


The heavy sword abruptly stabbed onto the ground, and stopped Yun Che’s body. Blood hung from the corner of Yun Che’s mouth. His left arm was dislocated, and all the air and blood in his body boiled to the point of almost exploding. However, a laugh of contempt came out of his mouth instead: “Hahahaha! So Burning Heaven Clan’s Great Elder is also just of this caliber. A strike while furious, was actually endured frontally by me, who’s merely a junior of Earth Profound Realm. It really is a huge joke, hahahaha!”