Chapter 314 - Dragon God’s Marrow, Dragon God’s Soul

Chapter 314 - Dragon God’s Marrow, Dragon God’s Soul

This was also one of the reasons why Yun Che had to cross the Wasteland of Death and come back to this place once again. He spoke with his head facing up: “When I left last time, you said that if I could step into the Earth Profound Realm within three years, you would grant me the Dragon God’s Marrow and Dragon God’s Soul.”

“That’s right, of course I wouldn’t forget.” An elderly voice slowly came from the space above: “On you, there carries a sliver of my hope. I, more than anyone, wish for you to get stronger even faster. As expected, you did not disappoint me. In this low level plane, it is commendable that you could progress so shockingly fast in such a short amount of time.”

“Your current body and psyche, is enough to bear my marrow and the last of my divine soul as well. Now, I will grant them to you… Please close your eyes, and let go of all your mental and physical defenses.”

As the Primordial Azure Dragon’s voice fell, a fist sized crystal that emitted a starlike radiance suddenly appeared above Yun Che. The crystal slowly descended, and floated in front of Yun Che’s forehead.

“The Dragon God’s Marrow, can make your bones like fine steel, and your marrow like an impregnable fortress. The blood and strength you lose, will be endlessly and inexhaustibly recovered with an even faster speed. The Great Way of the Buddha granted you the powerful strength, constitution, and physical recovery capability; even though the body’s recovery capability that Dragon God’s Marrow could grant you is far inferior than the Great Way of the Buddha, your strength recovery capability will far surpass that of ordinary beings! Opponents evenly matched with you in strength, will be destined to not be your match.”

“The Dragon God’s Soul, will refine your spirit and soul, giving you powerful mental strength far surpassing that of ordinary humans. Your soul, will also gain the attribute of the Dragon God from this!”

The crystal that was like the night sky suddenly cracked open in front of Yun Che, and a wave of powerful, ethereal, and vast energy aura dispersed outwards. At that moment, Yun Che suddenly felt like he was within a boundless field of stars. A ball of faintly discernable silhouette floated in front of him… That was precisely the Dragon God’s Marrow and Dragon God’s Soul from the Primordial Azure Dragon. The aura of power coming from them felt so close, as if they were right within the reach, yet it also felt so distant, like there was an entire universe between them… It was a kind of ethereal feeling that Yun Che had never felt before. The plane that this power belonged to, was something that Yun Che fundamentally could not comprehend.

This wave of power that held the Dragon God’s Marrow and Dragon God’s Soul slowly moved towards Yun Che. Wherever it passed, the space actually formed layers upon layers of ripples! Just the naturally emitted aura could already instigate the distortion of space, so the strength, density and grade of the power hidden within was simply impossible to imagine.

“I had wanted to grant you the Dragon God’s Marrow first, then grant you the Dragon God’s Soul after, and help you finish fusing with them as well. But seeing the you today, I have changed my mind. I shall grant you the Dragon God’s Marrow and Dragon God’s Soul at the same time, and also won’t help you finish the fusion process… Everything, will be you on your own! Let me see if you can complete the fusion of Dragon God’s Marrow and Dragon God’s Soul at the same time with your own strength and willpower!”

“If you could really do it, the benefits you will get would far surpass that of doing it with my help! Especially after you conquer and fuse with the Dragon God’s Soul with your own strength; perhaps you would be able to open the ‘Dragon Soul Domain’ that our Dragon God race had frightened all living beings in the universe with!”

Within the voice that was as heavy as the sea, the originally colorless energy suddenly flared out an azure colored radiance. Before Yun Che could even react, it had already suddenly turned into a flash of light and rushed toward the space between Yun Che’s eyebrows… A pain similar to being skewered by a blade assaulted him from the center of his brows, and all of the blue colored light instantly burrowed into his body.

Suddenly, a surge of energy so colossal that it was indescribable dispersed within Yun Che’s body. Yun Che felt as though the inside of his body was stuffed with a boundless sky… In the next moment, his psyche quaked immensely, as if an ocean with undulating waves had suddenly flooded into his soul all at once.

The indescribable ethereal, heavy, and scorching feeling assaulted him. Yun Che’s heart started to fiercely beat as all of his meridians crazily twisted, as though they were all about to burst. In the depths of his soul, a burst of an indescribably powerful will broke in like an avalanche; it was so tremendous and vast that it was like a will that came from the heavens! It even made his soul, that had become incomparably tough after experienced countless perils, to tremble and shrink in fear.

This was the marrow’s and soul’s power that came from the Primordial Azure Dragon; a power that was much much stronger than even a normal Azure Dragon’s blood! Compared to Yun Che’s mortal body, it was unknown just how many times higher their plane of existence were.

Yun Che violently gasped. The veins on his forehead popped and his sweat fell like the rain, but he did not utter any sound from his mouth. Even though his pupils were constricting non-stop, they always retained a hint of a clear and awake brilliance.

Yun Che’s body originally did not fear any flames, but when the Dragon God’s Marrow entered his body, he clearly felt that there was a wisp of an extremely hot flame quickly traversing within his bones that almost scorched and pierced through all of them. The Dragon God’s Blood and Phoenix’s Blood within Yun Che’s body awakened, and simultaneously suppressed toward the Dragon God’s Marrow, sealing it within the sternum with difficulty and started the slow process of integration...

Even though the fusion of Dragon God’s Marrow was not easy, with the help and suppression from the powerful Heretic God’s profound strength, as well as the Dragon God’s and Phoenix’s bloodline, it wasn’t too difficult either. And compared to this, fusing with the Dragon God’s Soul was far more than a hundred of times harder.

If one were to compare the sea of Yun Che’s soul to a clear and tranquil lake, then the Dragon God’s Soul flooding in would be like tossing an enormous chunk of ice into the lake… Moreover, it was the kind of ancient profound ice that wouldn’t melt in ten thousand years!

For a lake to melt this kind of ancient profound ice, the difficulty was comparable to climbing to the heavens! However, for the ancient profound ice to freeze the lake’s water, it would be a piece of cake!

Within Yun Che’s mind, a boundlessly vast starry sky appeared… That’s right, it was a starry sky! A place that only existed in the legends, but could fundamentally never be reached by an ordinary person’s body and spirit. Countless stars scattered all over like chess pieces on a board, and behind him, an enormous blue colored planet was very near; its enormous size occupied his entire vision. At this time, a dragon cry that shook the universe came, and between the ethereal starry sky, a completely azure colored dragon’s silhouette appeared. Even amongst the hundred of thousands of stars, it still appeared to be so colossally huge… The length of its body was perhaps thousands, tens of thousands, or millions of kilometers long… or perhaps it was an enormousness that ordinary people fundamentally could not comprehend.

The aura it emitted was immeasurably vast, and it carried a kind of intimidating pressure that directly entered the soul and marrow.


So that’s the Dragon God… the Primordial Azure Dragon!?


The azure dragon’s silhouette meandered through the starry sky, and suddenly let out a long roar. Suddenly, the surrounding tens of thousands of stars burst apart in an instant within this dragon cry, and then turned into the smallest specks of dusts in the world.

With just a long roar, it had destroyed countless stars with ease!!

Yun Che’s soul trembled wildly; how terrifying of a strength was this! So this, was the great strength of Gods? In the myths passed through folklore, True Gods could trample the land, stare down at the sky, and could create as well as destroy the world with the simple gestures. To a god, destroying stars only needed a short amount of time. However, those were just myths and legends, fiction fabricated by bored people, and sublime stories told to children for them to relish on.

And the god that Yun Che was seeing at that moment... was the True God amongst beasts; it was unknown just how many times stronger it was compared to the True Gods in legends and tales! To destroy stars, there was not even a need for time, it only needed one roar!

The starry sky started to tremble… That, was the tremble of fear coming from his soul. Under the Primordial Azure Dragon’s intimidating pressure, it was as if the heaven and earth itself would bow down. It looked down upon all the things in the world, looked down upon all life, and looked down upon the way of heaven and its rules. Everything in the world, was under its dictation.

Before it, Yun Che felt as though he was a peck of dust before the starry sky… Let alone struggle against it, he couldn’t even bring out the courage to look directly at it.

Yun Che was never a cowardly person. Even if he was to face an enemy twice, ten times or even a few dozen times stronger than him, he still wouldn’t truly be afraid. However, what had invaded his soul right now, was the soul of a divine beast! Even though it was merely a tiny wisp, it nonetheless came from the Dragon God!

The enormous azure dragon seemed to have discovered him, for a pair of eyes even bigger than planets locked in onto him. Then, carrying an indescribably monstrous and imposing pressure, it rushed toward him. In an instant, the pressure that would seemingly turn the world upside down caged him in.

In actuality, even though the Dragon God’s Soul was powerful, it could quickly and easily integrate with Yun Che’s soul with just the last of Primordial Azure Dragon’s will to guide and control it. But facing the current Yun Che, the Primordial Azure Dragon’s will instead gave him a monstrous trial… to fuse this wisp of Dragon God’s Soul using his own mental strength. He clearly knew just how difficult this was to a mortal being of a low plane, but if it used its will to proceed the fusing process, Yun Che’s control over this wisp of Dragon God’s Soul would be at most forty percent.

And if he uses his own soul’s willpower to fuse with the Dragon God’s Soul, not only would he strengthen his own soul even more, his control over the Dragon God’s Soul would also reach a perfect one hundred percent!

That required him to make this wisp of Dragon God’s Soul completely, and entirely, become his own soul!

It was indeed impossible for ordinary beings to achieve it; but since Yun Che possessed several divine arts on his person, it may not necessarily be impossible!

The vast universe, was precisely the ocean of Yun Che’s own soul.

And that colossal azure dragon, was precisely the Azure Dragon’s Soul that entered the sea of his soul!

He had to completely conquer and integrate this Azure Dragon’s Soul within his own soul’s sea! And during this process, he also had to divide out a part of his mental strength to integrate the Dragon God’s Marrow that entered his bones!

If the fusion of the Dragon God’s Marrow were to fail, he would at most, be physically injured. But if the fusion of the Dragon God’s Soul failed… the sea of his soul would be directly destroyed! He would become a living dead without any will at all!


Amidst the dragon cry, the entire starry sky was trembling. The azure dragon’s silhouette darted toward Yun Che, and enormous body covered Yun Che’s entire field of vision in the blink of an eye. The starry sky within his vision disappeared, and only the monstrous mouth, that seemed as though it wanted to swallow the entire heaven with one bite, was left.

Yun Che’s entire body was frozen stiff as his soul stirred… If he wanted to integrate the Dragon God’s Soul, what he needed to conquer first, would be the quaking of his soul under the Dragon God’s Soul’s absolute suppression.

The sound of his frenzied heartbeat clearly traveled to his soul. The azure dragon’s silhouette came closer and closer, and reflected a stretch of the most profound deep blue within Yun Che’s pupils… At times, Yun Che trembled, and at times, he stiffened. And right at this moment, his soul that was originally suppressed to complete silence, suddenly began to stir crazily, as if boiling water. A roar came out of Yun Che’s mouth: “This is my domain… even if you are the dictator of heaven and earth, when you enter my domain, you’ll have to obediently submit to me!!”

Amidst the roar, Yun Che widened his eyes, and voluntarily rushed toward the azure dragon’s silhouette… like a speck of dust rushing toward a star without any fear of death.