Chapter 701 - Divine Phoenix’s Chaos

Chapter 701 - Divine Phoenix’s Chaos

Feng Xiluo had died, died at the hands of Yun Che… Moreover, it was truly a death without an intact corpse. All of the Divine Phoenix elders and disciples were stunned. Even though Feng Xiluo's life was grasped within Yun Che's hands just a second ago, the elders and disciples still subconsciously refused to believe that Feng Xiluo would actually lose his life. He was a Divine Phoenix Prince, a person of the most revered status in Profound Sky Continent. In this world, who would really dare to kill a Divine Phoenix Prince?

Feng Hengkong did not anticipate this as well; especially because Yun Che personally said that he had to “consider for the sake of Blue Wind”. When he provided three conditions, Feng Hengkong was even more certain that Yun Che would not dare to do anything too extreme. He had begun approaching step-by-step while speaking with a sharp tone, expecting that Yun Che would be frightened and even reveal an opening. However, he had never expected, no matter what… that by his second step, Yun Che had actually dealt the killing blow then and there!

Making him, the Divine Phoenix Emperor and Divine Phoenix Sect Master, helplessly watch on as his most beloved son turned into ashes before his very eyes.

“You… you…” Scarlet colored flames shot out from every single strand of Feng Hengkong's hair on his head, and even from those that were on his body. Both his pupils dyed red with blood; the baleful aura coming from him was intense to the point that none of the Phoenix Elders had ever seen before. “You… die!!”

In his extreme rage, Feng Hengkong suddenly struck out, grasping toward Yun Che’s throat with his right hand. Without any restraint, the tremendous amount of profound energy that was released instantly formed into a enormous flood of flames which pounced toward Yun Che’s entire being as though it was a enormous beast that lost its mind from rage.

At the same time that Feng Hengkong attacked, Great Elder Feng Feilie, Second Elder Feng Feiran, and Crown Prince Feng Ximing also attacked. Feng Ximing laid out a huge Phoenix Domain that completely surrounded Yun Che while the profound energy of the other two elders formed into two similar profound formations… These profound formations discharged a huge amount of attraction which prevented Yun Che from escaping.

“Devilspawn… Meet your end!!”


These were the Phoenix flames from a Phoenix Sect Master that was extremely furious. At the moment of its eruption, just the overflowing shockwaves alone violently threw thousands of Phoenix disciples into the air. In an instant, there were miserable cries all around.

Within the light of the flames that spread out to several hundred meters away, one silhouette rose up into the sky, hovering tall in the air. Yun Che, completely untouched, with a face carrying a faint elation, sneered as he looked down below him, “Feng Hengkong, how does it feel to watch your son die in front of you? Is it so painful that you wish you can make mincemeat out of me? Haha… Then, do you know how many of my Blue Wind citizens endured a pain millions of times greater than yours?!”

“Yun… Che!!” Feng Hengkong’s voice was violently trembling. In his whole life, he had never been so furious and so resentful. “Today… this emperor... will definitely… tear you apart with our own hands!!”


Amidst the chaotic of the explosion, thirteen Phoenix Elders surged into the sky together. Following them, Phoenix flames of the Tyrant Profound Realm also shot through the skies, engulfing the firmament and completely enveloped Yun Che in an instant… However, even when the entire sky was engulfed with flames, what came through was not Yun Che’s miserable screams; rather, it was his hysterical laughter.

“HAHAHAHA… Feng Hengkong, honestly speaking, I was really worried that you would’ve immediately agreed to those three conditions, or else I would’ve found it really difficult to actually kill your son. However, as expected, you did not let me down.

“Today, I’m only going to kill one person from your Divine Phoenix Sect for now. Tomorrow, I’ll still bestow your Divine Phoenix Sect another opportunity to redeem yourselves. However, the chance tomorrow won’t be as benevolent as today. As for the consequences of being disobedient, that won’t be as simple as merely one person dying either!”

Feng Feilie roared in a violent rage, “Your death is imminent but you still dare to speak insolent words. You, the devilspawn that destroyed the Phoenix God Sculpture and killed our Fourteenth Prince, are still dreaming about leaving this place alive?!”

Profound energy erupted and Phoenix flames surged. Not only did more than a dozen elders attack at the same time while propelled by the anger and humiliation of their prince’s death, all their attacks were also killing blows without the slightest bit of mercy, to the point of not even taking the surrounding disciples with relatively low cultivation into account.

Yun Che’s body turned illusory before five carbon copy images of himself instantaneously dispersed to five different directions. The speed of these images were all extremely fast, as every single one of them shot out from the thirteen elders’ encirclement. Even their afterimages was not touched by the elders.

As the afterimages dispersed, Yun Che’s real body had long ago broke away from the Phoenix flames that rolled through the entire sky during the time the elders were dumbfounded. Appearing over a hundred meter away, he went into the distance with an extremely quick speed amidst his wild laughter.

“Feng Hengkong! From now on, do your best to enjoy this splendid game I’ve especially bestowed upon you… HAHAHAHA!”

Even with thirteen Phoenix Sect Elders attacking at the same time, their target had actually escaped in an instant. Much more than shock, they were so angry that their chests were about to explode; they crazily pursued him in the direction that he escaped towards, “You still want to run!! Today you will be…”

The roars of the elders slowly faded as their speed gradually slowed down as well. Soon, all of them stopped at the same time as they blankly stared in the direction where Yun Che had flown off, as though their souls had left their bodies.

That was because Yun Che’s speed was simply too fast.

While he flew, the profound aura that he released was only of the Emperor Profound Realm. Furthermore, it was only the early stages of the Emperor Profound Realm, yet his speed was so fast it could startle the heavens, earth, and even ghosts! The Phoenix Elders were all in the mid to late stages of the Tyrant Profound Realm, and their strong profound energy allowed them to travel extremely quickly. However, in only three breaths of time, Yun Che went from being less than fifteen meters away to nearly disappearing from their sight… and in the next breath, he had already completely disappeared from sight.

In addition, this had happened while the elders were pursuing him at full speed.

The thirteen Divine Phoenix Elders were all dumbstruck as they each took in deep breaths... Just what kind of speed did Yun Che possess?!

Such shocking speed, how could this be from a junior who only emitted the aura of the Emperor Profound Realm?

Fast to the point... that it made these powerful Phoenix Elders frankly give up in despair after merely chasing for three breaths of time. They could only look on helplessly as the person who destroyed their Phoenix God Sculpture and killed their prince left completely unscathed.

Not only were the thirteen elders that were in midair stunned, all those who had witnessed Yun Che’s speed were all dumbstruck. When Feng Xiluo had landed into Yun Che’s hands, they had all attributed it to their own carelessness, but now, they realized what put Divine Phoenix Sect through such a disaster was obviously a godlike speed.

Feng Feilie’s twitching eyelids suddenly tightened, as he remembered something and said in shock, “That is… Extreme Mirage Lightning?!“

“What?” Feng Feiran exclaimed as he turned around in surprise, “Extreme Mirage Lightning… isn’t that Thief God Clan’s ultimate skill? In addition, it’s only passed down to the sons and no one else. Currently, the only one who can use Extreme Mirage Lighting is the Ghost Mirage Sacred Hand, Hua Minghai. How is it possible that Yun Che…”

“What are you guys dawdling about for… Hurry up and give chase! Chase! Cut his corpse into a thousand pieces!!”

It was obvious that Feng Hengkong had lost control. Although he was the Divine Phoenix Sect Master, his son had just be killed in his presence right in front of his entire sect. The impact of this was so big, that even he, as a sect master and an emperor of a nation could not calm himself in a short moment of time.

“Royal Father, you need to calm down… Yun Che cannot escape our Divine Phoenix Sect’s network of people.” Feng Ximing came forward and said consolingly.

“Sect Master… You must restrain your sorrow. Regarding the Fourteenth Prince’s death… We will definitely deliver justice for him, ” All the elders gradually went forward with faces of rage and anguish.

“...” Feng Hengkong took a deep breath. After relaxing for a while, he finally calmed down a little. He turned and looked at the place where Feng Xiluo was obliterated by Yun Che. Even with the eyesight of someone in the pinnacle of the Tyrant Profound Realm, forget about the remnants of a corpse, he could not even find any shred of clothing left behind.

Feng Hengkong clenched his fists tightly, shaking to the point where it seemed as though all the bones in his hand were about to break. However, his voice was surprisingly calm, “Send out all the idling disciples within the sect… kill Yun Che at all costs… when he’s found… kill him on sight!!”

“Understood! This son will go instruct them immediately.” Feng Ximing nodded in acknowledgement before leaving hastily.

“Second brother,” Feng Hengkong shouted towards Great Elder Feng Feilie: “Please personally send a sound transmission to Xue’er and tell her that there will be a distinguished guest visiting the sect in the coming days. Therefore, I won’t be able to leave and it’s also not suitable for her to come over… Tell her to rest assured and stay at Phoenix Perching Valley for this period.

“In addition, for this period, you will personally monitor Phoenix Mountain Range’s Great Phoenix Formation!”

Feng Feilie understood the meaning behind Feng Hengkong’s words and slowly nodded, “Don’t worry, Sect Master.”

Feng Hengkong closed his eyes. His body trembled in rage and his face filled with agony. He viewed Feng Xue’er to be more valuable than his life and always could not bear to hide anything from her. When she had awoken after being unconscious for three years, he was initially overjoyed. However, in the past few days, he had been forced to deceive her time and time again.

However, his worry was completely unnecessary as Yun Che definitely would not go look for Feng Xue’er. After confirming that Feng Xue’er was not at the sect but probably at the Phoenix Perching Valley, Yun Che heaved a sigh of relief. He hoped that Feng Xue’er would not appear… if she did appear, he would really not know how he should face her.


The Phoenix God Sculpture was destroyed, the Fourteenth Prince was killed, the Divine Phoenix Sect was now in chaos, and an uproar started to spread within the entire Divine Phoenix City. Many Phoenix Sect disciples searched every corner of the city and even went as far as searching the outskirts. They seemed like a group of panicking headless flies as they searched for the whereabouts of Yun Che.

Within the region of Divine Phoenix City, the Divine Phoenix Sect naturally had a vast and intensive network of people and intelligence. Furthermore, by sending out a large number of disciples, they thought that Yun Che would have nowhere to hide. However, from high noon until night had fallen, let alone capturing him, not a trace of Yun Che was to be found.

At the center of the Divine Phoenix City, standing at one end on the seventh level of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, Zi Ji stood in front of a transparent window that was filled up with various unique profound formations. As he looked down at the restless Divine Phoenix City, ripples constantly appeared in his eyes.

“Sigh, he really is someone who cannot be fathomed.” Zi Ji sighed as he said to himself, “Although I had guessed that he would probably kill to show that he was serious, I never imagined… that he would go ahead and kill a prince. This was obviously something that only a madman who has completely lost his sanity would do.

“However, just from the conversation I had with him previously, he probably doesn’t want to become complete mortal enemies with Divine Phoenix Empire… After all, based on his character, he would definitely consider for the circumstances and future of Blue Wind Empire.

“However, his behavior and intent are so contradictory. What exactly is he trying to accomplish…”


A soft noise that ordinary people would not be able to detect rang softly in Zi Ji’s ear. He stretched out his fingers and touched the air lightly. A profound formation that was only half an inch wide took form. From it, came a voice that had been deliberately suppressed: “Yun Che has been found.”

“Oh? Where is he now?” asked Zi Ji.

“A hundred kilometers southwest of the city, on a hill. His clothing did not change nor did he disguise himself.”

“...Without changing his clothes and looks, he actually managed to get out of Divine Phoenix City without being detected by Divine Phoenix Sect,” Zi Ji’s face revealed signs of puzzlement and shock. He had to admit, if he were to be placed in the same situation, he would not have been able to accomplish the same feat. He would even go so far to say that there was no one else that could probably do it as well, except for…

Escaping and escaping without leaving a trace were two entirely different concepts.

“If you all were about to discover his whereabouts, he would have most likely found out about you as well,” Zi Ji said.

“That is indeed the case. But as you said, once he saw that we had the Black Moon emblem, he did not attack us. He only seemed to barely open his eyes, before continuing to… to…”

“Oh? What was he doing outside of Divine Phoenix City?”

“...It seemed like he was sleeping.”


“In addition, according to a source within Divine Phoenix Sect, the movement skill that he used to escape made him fast as lightning… seems as though it was the Thief God Clan’s Extreme Mirage Lightning!”

“Extreme Mirage Lightning?” Zi Ji’s eyebrows jumped fiercely. Even at the level he was in, the words “Extreme Mirage Lightning” still reverberated like thunder in his ears. This was because the Extreme Mirage Lightning was a profound movement skill that even the Four Great Sacred Grounds regarded as being the best in the world. It could cover up one’s aura and the ability it granted to travel long distances could be said to be unparalleled in this world. If a Throne that possessed Extreme Mirage Lightning and used all his abilities to hide himself, even an Overlord who was within ten steps would not be able to detect him. If he used it to escape at full speed, the Overlord would only be able to eat the dust behind the Throne.

There was only one successor left for the Thief God Clan! And that successor's profound cultivation has only reached the early stages of the Emperor Profound Realm. Yet, his name was something that even everyone from the Four Great Sacred Grounds knew… all of this was because of Extreme Mirage Lightning! While only being in the early stage of the Emperor Profound Realm, he could freely enter and leave the Divine Phoenix Sect unscathed. This displayed the might of the Extreme Mirage Lightning.

“Can you verify this news?” Zi Ji asked with a frown. In his knowledge, Extreme Mirage Lightning was something that has always been passed on to sons and never to anyone else… it was not even allowed to be taught to a daughter. Also, at the level of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, there had always been rumors: Sun Moon Divine Hall yearned for the Extreme Mirage Lightning, and had once secretly investigated the whereabouts of descendants of the Thief God Clan. They tried using coercing, enticements and even murder, but were still unable to obtain what they wanted.

Even when facing Sun Moon Divine Hall, the Thief God Clan still refused to hand over Extreme Mirage Lightning, so how could it appear on Yun Che?

“The successor of the Thief God Clan in this generation is someone named Hua Minghai. He has snuck into the Divine Phoenix Sect several times in the past few years. He was detected twice when he had triggered a profound formation, which then caused several Phoenix Sect Elders to chase him, only for him to escape using Extreme Mirage Lightning. Therefore several of the Phoenix Sect Elders were very familiar with the profound fluctuations emitted when Extreme Mirage Lightning was used. The aura of the profound movement skill Yun Che used when he escaped was very similar… However these are all merely speculations and there’s no concrete proof.”

“…” Zi Ji was silent for a long time. Then, he replied faintly, “Pay close attention to Yun Che’s movements, but don’t disturb him; furthermore, don’t reveal anything that concerns him to anyone else except for me. Also, have those stationed in Blue Wind Nation focus on observing the events happening in Blue Wind Imperial City.”

“This subordinate understands.”

“Wait… the one called Fen Juechen, don’t lose track of him either.”


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