Chapter 700 - What Now?

Chapter 700 - What Now?

Four Divine Phoenix Elders attacked at the same time. Due to the surging Phoenix flames, the air was instantly dyed scarlet and rumbled as though lava had just been spewed out from the depths of an erupting volcano.

A sneer still remained on Yun Che’s face and when the four Phoenix Elders charged over, he also mobilized, releasing a similar scarlet fire type profound aura as he charged at the Phoenix Elders, not just targeting one of them, but instead all of them!

The four Phoenix Elders all saw the figure of Yun Che approaching them with a violent and terrifying aura!

Upon witnessing this scene, nearly all the surrounding members of the Divine Phoenix Sect who were watching let out a small cry. As for the Phoenix Elders, they all had a calm expression, and some of them even snorted in disdain, “Hmph, playing with afterimages…”

During an intense and close battle, afterimages could cause an opponent to lose his concentration for an instant; as a result, the opponent would be forced to be passive, eventually losing the battle. However, as one’s profound realm increased and their experience became increasingly vast, one would have the capability to differentiate the location of the actual body by spiritual perception. Therefore, at a high level such as the Tyrant Profound Realm, unless one used a special profound afterimage technique or specialized in using afterimages, it would likely serve no help to the user… and it might even cause him harm.

But in the next moment, they simultaneously had a drastic change of facial expression...

Because when they used their spiritual perception, the aura emitted by the four Yun Ches… were exactly the same! And they were all extremely strong…

All of them seemed to be his real bodies!!


The sounds of four Phoenix Flames explosions merged together, and the blinding light from the flames that surged into the air dyed the sky scarlet for a short moment. Some of the Divine Phoenix Sect disciples, who were relatively weaker in profound cultivation, hastily retreated. In the midst of the strong Phoenix flames, all four Yun Ches faded away… The four “Yun Ches” they had attacked were actually just afterimages!

At the same time the four Phoenix Elders attacked, another blinding light shot out from a peculiar blind spot, and the speed of which was as fast as stars shooting across the sky. When Feng Hengkong and the other Phoenix Elders had realized the existence of the fifth ‘afterimage’, it was already above their heads… It was so fast that they could not even react in time.

A miserable cry was followed by the eruption of Phoenix flames. Yun Che’s right hand was now tightly holding onto a person’s throat; as Yun Che raised his arm, that person was lifted off the ground.

“Fo… Fourteenth Prince!”

The person being choked by Yun Che… was the Fourteenth Prince of the Divine Phoenix Sect, Feng Xiluo!

From the moment the four Divine Phoenix Elders attacked, to the moment Feng Xiluo fell into Yun Che’s hands, there was only enough time for lightning to flash. When Yun Che had lifted Feng Xiluo off the ground, not even a tenth of a breath had passed since the four elders attacked with their Phoenix flames.

Feng Hengkong and the Phoenix Elders swiftly turned around and witnessed the sight of Yun Che clutching onto the throat of the Fourteenth Prince, Feng Xiluo, and lifting him off the ground. They were all stunned as their expressions turned extremely ugly. The pupils of the four elders who had just “exterminated” Yun Che dilated as they could not believe their own eyes.

This was the territory of Divine Phoenix Sect, and the Sect Master, Feng Hengkong, had even personally come. There were also fifty Phoenix Elders present in addition to countless Divine Phoenix Sect disciples of different levels. On the other side, there was only a twenty odd years old youth who was not even hurt when the four elders had attacked him at the same time; on the contrary, he had even gained a hostage.

And the person he held hostage was a prince of the Divine Phoenix Sect!

Furthermore, this Fourteenth Prince was hiding behind all the elders, and it could be said that he was hiding at the safest place within the entire Divine Phoenix Sect… or perhaps even within the entire Sky Profound Seven Nations!!

More than a slap on the face, this humiliation suffered by all the members of the Divine Phoenix Sect present was like being smacked in the face with feces.

This humiliation was at least a thousand worse than the one they suffered when Yun Che single-handedly defeated the geniuses of their younger generation three years back. If this news spread, the Divine Phoenix Sect would be the laughingstock for generations.

“Royal father… Save… me… Ugh…”

Feng Xiluo uttered with a hoarse voice filled with pain. However, Yun Che immediately tightened his grip, disabling Feng Xiluo from utter another word as his originally handsome looking face was now ashen and contorting in pain.

Three years back, he could still force Yun Che into a tough battle, but now, although he was still higher in terms of profound strength, in terms of actual battle capabilities, Feng Xiluo could not even be considered worthy to face him. While he was in Yun Che’s grasp, it was not that he did not want to struggle, but Yun Che’s strength was just too much for him to put up a struggle. He could not use one bit of his profound energy, and he could not even move his pinky one bit.

“Fourteenth Prince!!!”

“Release the Fourteenth Prince at once!!!”

“If you dare to hurt the Fourteenth Prince one bit… our Divine Phoenix Sect would ensure you that you won’t have a proper resting place when you die!!!” Crown Prince Feng Ximing roared in anger.

“Let go of him!” Feng Hengkong rushed to the front but dared not move another step. His expression was downcast while his heart was still shocked at the speed Yun Che had displayed just now. “Yun Che, you should know his identity! If you dare to harm him, not only will we not leave you with an intact corpse… we will also exterminate your entire bloodline!!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Yun Che smiled coldly. Not only had he not loosened his grip on Feng Xiluo, he had even tightened it.

Cr-ack! The sounds of bone being shattered rang clearly in the air.

“Fourteenth Prince!”


“You!” Feng Hengkong was instantly enraged as he ferociously stepped forward; he was no longer able to maintain the composure he initially had. It was widely known within the Divine Phoenix Empire that among his fourteen sons, Feng Xiluo was the one Feng Hengkong doted on the most. However, he was now being strangled like a dead dog in front of him.

As the emperor of the Divine Phoenix Empire, this was definitely something that had never occurred to him, even in his dreams.

“Hahaha…” Facing Feng Hengkong, whose expression turned ten times more ferocious than before, Yun Che didn’t show the slightest hint of fear as he looked at him straight into the eye; only a cold mocking smile appeared on his face as he said, “Feng Hengkong, your son is in my hands. As long as I will it, I can instantly extinguish his life… yet you still have the guts to threaten me. Should I praise you for your foolishness or should I pity this so-called prince whom in your eyes, is only an unimportant and worthless trash?”

Feng Hengkong’s chest rose with intensity; it looked like it could explode at any moment. He said with a sinister voice, “Yun Che! If you dare…”


The sounds of bone shattering was once again emitted from the throat of the Fourteenth Prince, causing Feng Hengkong to fall into silence. Due to his extreme rage, Feng Hengkong’s bones also let out cracking sounds. All the other elders, princes as well as disciples were also shocked and angry.

“So what would happen if I dared?” Yun Che spoke as he narrowed his eyes into slits. Feng Xiluo, who was in his hands, was similar to a ghoul as his ashen face contorted under his fear and pain.

At this time, Great Elder Feng Feilie immediately sent a sound transmission to Feng Hengkong, “Sect Master, for Yun Che to come alone, he obviously does not plan to go back alive. A madman who has no regards for his life is capable of doing anything… Fourteenth Prince is currently in his hands, so we must not anger him! He’s only holding the Fourteenth Prince hostage and hasn’t committed a killing blow yet. It’s obvious that he has some motive… You need to pacify him and save the Fourteenth Prince before doing anything.”

Feng Hengkong took a deep breath as he tried his best to calm himself down, “Alright! Let him go, this emperor promises to let you go and no one is allowed to stop you.”

“Oh?” Yun Che smiled cheekily, “Divine Phoenix Sect Master could cause my Blue Wind Empire to turn into a river of blood at one command, and yet you’re suddenly acting so magnanimous now? You’re even going to pardon me of the ‘heinous crime’ of destroying your Phoenix God Sculpture?”

“Hmph!” Feng Hengkong snorted, “Our son’s life is much more valuable than yours! Before this emperor changes his mind, you’d better let him go and scram from here!”

Yun Che still had a sneer on his face; it was evident that he did not have any intention of letting Feng Xiluo go. In a leisurely manner, Yun Che said, “Feng Hengkong, it seems like not only is your personality far more disgusting than I have imagined, you seem to be an idiot as well. Just how did a person like you become the Sect Master of the Divine Phoenix Sect… it seems like everyone in this world has overestimated the might of the Divine Phoenix Sect. Use your pig brain and think it through. For me to come all the way here, do you think that I would leave empty-handed?!”

Yun Che’s words had undoubtedly caused all of the Phoenix disciples to nearly explode in rage; their sharp and vicious gaze could almost tear Yun Che into the smallest shreds. With each and every insult Yun Che threw at Feng Hengkong, the principles and values of the latter as a ruler seemed to shatter into pieces in front of all the Phoenix disciples. Feng Feilie frantically rushed forward and gave the enraged Feng Hengkong, who looked like he was going to explode at any moment, a look, before directly asking Yun Che, “Alright… Yun Che, since you’re holding our Fourteenth Prince hostage, our Divine Phoenix Sect will accede to your demands! Just list down whatever conditions you have!”

“Very good.” Yun Che nodded in satisfaction as he leisurely continued, “Based on the heinous crimes that your Divine Phoenix Sect has committed, I had originally wanted to exterminate all of you, only leaving Xue’er behind. However, it’s a pity that I’m still a consort of the Blue Wind Imperial Family, and there are some matters that I have to consider for the sake of my empress. Also, because Xue’er had saved my life before, I shall not kill anyone and give your Divine Phoenix Sect a chance.”

A single person, standing in the territory of the Divine Phoenix Sect, saying that he wanted to exterminate the entire sect... was now giving them “a chance.” The entire Divine Phoenix Sect did not know whether to laugh or to cry. However, their Fourteenth Prince’s life was still in Yun Che’s hands. hence, they did not dare to make any noise...

In this world, was there anything that would be more indignant than this?

In the next moment, they were going to find out… that there actually was!!

“If you want me to let your Divine Phoenix Sect off, you just have to agree to three conditions.” Yun Che, who was surrounded by the Divine Phoenix Sect, had imbued his voice with profound energy and spoke in a voice that every corner of Divine Phoenix City could hear, “Firstly, within thirty days, the entire Divine Phoenix Army must get out of my Blue Wind Nation’s territory. Not one person or a strand of hair can be left behind!! Furthermore, you are not allowed to step foot into my Blue Wind Nation for the next hundred years!

“Secondly,” without waiting for the Divine Phoenix Sect’s reply, Yun Che had already continued, “You, Feng Hengkong, must personally pen a letter of apology towards my Blue Wind Nation! This must be announced to the world!!

“Thirdly, you must compensate my Blue Wind Nation ten billion purple profound coins!!”

Calling back the Divine Phoenix Sect troops was not a surprising condition. They had all guessed that this was probably the reason why Yun Che had come. However, they did not expect that this was only the first of his conditions. When Yun Che had finished saying his second condition, all the Phoenix Elders nearly exploded with rage… For them to apologize to the lowly Blue Wind Nation? This was undoubtedly an absolute joke.

When Yun Che had finished saying his third condition, even all of the disciples present nearly passed out in rage.

Compensation… Ten billion purple profound coins.

Exchanging it to yellow profound coins… that was a hundred trillion!

The first condition was to protect Blue Wind Nation, the second condition was to make the Divine Phoenix Nation lose all their face, and the third condition was to cause the Divine Phoenix Nation to suffer a huge loss… From Divine Phoenix Sect’s perspective, this was the biggest joke in the world! Though Feng Xiluo was indeed a Divine Phoenix Prince, even if Yun Che was holding Crown Prince Feng Ximing hostage, the Divine Phoenix Sect would never apologize to the lowly Blue Wind Nation, let alone talk about the third condition.

Did Yun Che think that he was holding the Divine Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix God hostage?!

Feng Hengkong’s rage turned into laughter, “Yun Che, did you think that just by holding our son hostage that we would not dare to do anything to you! This emperor has already given you a chance to live, but you are stubbornly seeking death…”

“No, no, no!” Yun Che interrupted while laughing coldly, “I am the one giving you all a chance! In my entire life, I have never offered such a magnanimous chance, yet you seem to be unwilling to accept it. Tch… On behalf of Xue’er, let me remind you one last time that you should take ahold of this chance. If you still fail to appreciate my kindness and choose to remain stubborn, I will not offer such ‘discounted’ terms anymore.”

When Yun Che said his last sentence, his face was as vicious as a cobra, and his laugh was as sinister as the devil’s.

“HAHAHAHA!” Feng Hengkong laughed loudly. However, the laughter was sinister and filled with anger. He swung his arms, stared at Yun Che like an eagle, and walked towards Yun Che step by step, “My Divine Phoenix Sect has reigned on top of Profound Sky for five thousand years, and we have never feared anyone, nor has anyone ever threatened us before! Those that dare to offend my Divine Phoenix, whether it be a person, clan, or nation can all be eliminated at the lift of my finger! This emperor really wants to see whether or not you have the guts to kill my son!”


The moment Feng Hengkong’s sonorous voice stopped, a ball of fire also erupted from Yun Che’s body.

Feng Hengkong stood rooted on the ground as his pupils contracted. His body first became stiff, then it trembled vigorously… several terrible shrieks that could nearly pierce the heavens rang beside his ears.

Within the flames, Feng Xiluo’s body turned into millions of pieces and dispersed. Before he died, he didn’t even have the chance to make a sound; even the pieces of his corpse were quickly burnt into ashes by the flame. Yun Che pulled his arm back and swung his right hand strongly in front of his body. With a cold smile and a sinister expression, he calmly asked, “What now?”

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