Chapter 1409 - It’s All Fated!

Chapter 1409 - It’s All Fated!

Half of the profound beasts who were attacking the city wielded the power of the divine way, while the other half didn’t. Most of those who wielded the power of the divine way were at Divine Origin Realm or Divine Soul Realm, and… there were less than a hundred Divine Tribulation Realm profound beasts, Yun Che discovered after a simple sweep of his mind.

The fact that Mu Feixue was here with a thousand Ice Phoenix disciples in addition to the original defenders of the city meant that the crisis that was plaguing the ice city had already been lifted.

Yun Che relaxed, but didn’t show himself or leave the area. He was waiting for Mu Feixue to finish dealing with the profound beasts before following them back to the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

He had returned to the God Realm for very important business, and everything had to be dealt with great caution. He wouldn’t be interfering with any business that was unrelated to him.

In fact, he wasn’t even planning to let anyone know that he was still alive unless absolutely necessary… The one person he was going to meet before heading to Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was Mu Xuanyin and Mu Xuanyin alone.

It was because he knew that she would never harm him.

After Mu Feixue and the Ice Phoenix disciples had arrived, countless blue explosions occurred throughout the disaster area and forcefully drove back the monstrous waves of profound beasts. In less than fifteen minutes’ time, the defense line had been pushed back at least a couple of kilometers.

Everyone in Illusory Smoke City was cheering loudly, certain that the crisis was already over.

But Yun Che suddenly looked upward before muttering to himself: Not good!

The frenzied profound beasts were cut down piece by piece and pushed back faster and faster with every passing moment. Even better, the battle didn’t seem to have diminished Mu Feixue’s ice phoenix aura in the slightest. The young woman was even firing blue slashes all the way to the center and the back of the profound beast group, freezing or shattering countless enemies upon contact. Those profound beasts that shattered from her attack were so thoroughly frozen that not a drop of blood was spilled in the process.


A dozen or so thousand-meter tall ice trees rose up from the ground all at once, surrounding up to tens of thousands of profound beasts in the middle… the explosion that came after resulted in a torrent of ice and a shockingly huge hole at the center of the profound beast group.

Suddenly, Mu Feixue froze for a second before her attention became centered at the front.

Two large white figures had appeared at the back of the profound beast group before she realized it, and their auras were so scary that she felt cold all the way from head to toe.

They were Divine Spirit Beasts!

Two of them no less!

Moreover, the impossibly heavy pressure they exuded was a clear sign that their cultivation was higher than hers!


The roar resounded throughout the entire snowy region like falling mountains and crashing waves. It completely suppressed the cheers that had burst out of Illusory Smoke City just a moment ago.

The terrifying roar and the icy pressure that followed afterward caused every defender’s expressions’ to change drastically. They looked to be dumbstruck and in complete disbelief.

“It… it can’t be…”

“No! That’s impossible!”

A three hundred meter tall giant jumped up into the air and landed squarely at the forefront of the profound beast horde, facing the one with the most profound beast blood on her hands, Mu Feixue, directly… The very course of the wind itself seemed to be altered drastically by the single leap.

All wishful thinking was extinguished mercilessly by the appearance of the white giant.

“It’s… it’s the Giant Glacier Beast!”

The Giant Glacier Beast was a powerful Divine Spirit profound beast who lorded over a large snowy region. Usually, it hid itself at the center of the profound beasts’ territory and almost never came out. On average, a Giant Glacier Beast was spotted only once every couple hundred years.

That was why a Giant Glacier Beast was practically a mythical level profound beast to the profound practitioners of Illusory Smoke City.

Although the Snow Song Realm had been dealing with profound beast rampages all over the place for over a year or so, no one had ever seen a high level profound beast lord like the Giant Glacier Beast until now!

It was clear that the crimson influence had been growing steadily worse in the God Realm, and the level of profound beast that succumbed to its influence was growing higher and higher as well.

However, the Giant Glacier Beast clearly hadn’t lost its mind completely despite having its negative emotions amplified. It kept its strongest aura firmly locked around Mu Feixue, but it also knocked back all the Ice Phoenix disciples and city defenders with its fury while they were still far away.


Mu Feixue dashed towards the distance and dodged the Giant Glacier Beast’s attack. The attack took out a huge chunk of the ground and a great number of profound beasts after missing.

“Senior Sister Feixue… Run away!” a male Ice Phoenix disciple roared.

“Fairy Feixue, run away!” The mayor of Illusory Smoke City shouted on top of his lungs while coughing blood, “It’s a Giant Glacier Beast!”

But Mu Feixue rushed down even faster to meet the Giant Glacier Beast as if their warnings hadn’t reached her at all. Blue light condensed around her sword, and an ice phoenix cried out when she thrust her weapon at her enemy.

She was the Snow Song Realm King’s direct disciple, and her master had ordered her to resolve the profound beast crisis… there would only be death in battle, and no escape!


Blood flew everywhere when her ice sword stabbed into the Giant Glacer Beast’s back, but the ice phoenix’s divine power imbued inside the sword was instantly stopped in its tracks by a tyrannical strength. Then, the Giant Glacier Beast turned around in an attempt to crush Mu Feixue with its giant body.

Mu Feixue’s delicate frame could only be described as tiny before the Giant Glacer Beast’s three-hundred meter tall body. Moreover, its strength was so monstrous that the simple swing was powerful enough to lock down almost all the space within the area, preventing Mu Feixue from dodging out of harm’s way.

Mu Feixue didn’t show any panic, however. She withdrew her sword and instantly switched from offense to defense. She conjured layers upon layers of ice to diminish the Giant Glacier Beast’s attack and flew backward temporarily in retreat… But before she could even recover her breath, a new figure covered in shattered ice roared loudly before pouncing straight towards her. It was yet another Giant Glacier Beast.

Its appearance shocked the crowd so much that their eyeballs could have fallen out of their eye sockets.

“A… another one!!?”

“Ah… how… how can this be…”

One Giant Glacier Beast was a hundred-year rarity already, but two at the same time in their tiny Illusory Smoke City!?

“Run… run away!”

“Run away, Senior Sister Feixue… Waah!!”

The pressure summoned by the second Giant Glacier Beast was so terrible that a great number of Ice Phoenix disciples were dropping from the sky like flies before it had even gotten close.

Mu Feixue had just defended herself from a direct attack from the first Giant Glacer Beast, so she was in an exhausted state after that. When the second Giant Glacier Beast suddenly pounced towards her, she was barely able to lift her sword and summon a wisp of deep blue light.


The snowy region exploded yet again, and this time Mu Feixue was knocked back several kilometers through the air. However, she didn’t allow herself to fall to the ground, and after braking in midair the outline of a phoenix appeared around her yet again. Her body was shaking a little, and her face had turned deathly pale for just an instant, but she paid her health no heed and charged again at the two Giant Glacier Beasts amidst a cacophony of alarmed cries.

“Sigh, yet another stubborn woman,” Yun Che shook his head.

Mu Feixue wasn’t powerful enough to fight against one Giant Glacier Beast, much less two at once. However, their speed was also clearly a weakness of theirs. It would’ve been easy for her to escape them if she so wished.

But was obvious that the option didn’t cross her mind. 

“Senior Sister Feixue!”

“Fairy Feixue!!”

The onlookers’ cries were deafeningly loud and desperate. Mu Feixue wasn’t just any Divine Ice Phoenix Sect disciple, she was the Great Realm King’s direct disciple and an honored person whose status was high enough to make an emperor bow before her. She was the one person who couldn’t be allowed to die even if every Ice Phoenix disciple and Illusory Smoke City citizen were to die on this battlefield.

Mu Feixue didn’t show any signs of such self-awareness, however. She ignored the very real possibility of her own death and tried to take on both Giant Glacier Beasts by force.

Encouraged, the profound beast horde pushed forwards to keep both the Ice Phoenix disciples and the Illusory Smoke City profound practitioners busy. They were powerless to help Mu Feixue in any way.



Mu Feixue looked like a single leaf trying to hold on for dear life amidst the tidal wave that was the two Giant Glacier Beasts. Her flight pattern was growing increasingly erratic and disjointed, but she stubbornly pulled the two Giant Glacier Beasts away from Illusory Smoke City bit by bit with her sword and skill anyway.

If the Giant Glacier Beasts were allowed to step into the city, the only outcome would be complete destruction. Mu Feixue was undoubtedly staking her life to defend it… but even then, her resistance was set on a downward slope.


Blood splattered across the air like mist, and Mu Feixue crashed heavily into the snow like a shot sparrow.

However, she immediately climbed back to her feet and flew back into the sky… Her white clothes were drenched in blood, her long hair was messy, and her face was deathly pale. However, her eyes remained as soul chilling as ever as her ice sword screeched out in bleakness and relentlessness.

“...” As he watched Mu Feixue battle the two Giant Glacier Beasts, Yun Che’s vision flickered for just an instant.

He was reminded of the day Chu Yuechan had faced down two Flood Dragons alone… The two women had shared similar countenances, similar figures, similar temperaments, and even similar powers. Now, they were even sharing a similar crisis...


Mu Feixue crashed heavily on the ground again, and this time it took her half a breath’s time before she got back up into the air. The back of her clothes was completely drenched in blood, and even her sword was dripping blood slowly.

“...” Yun Che frowned deeply and tightened his fists a little, but still he forced himself to stay down and wait… She wasn’t so spent that a clean escape was impossible.

But Mu Feixue refused to back down.


The Giant Glacier Beasts’ roars were still filled with unquenchable anger, and they attacked Mu Feixue again with furious strength. This time however, Mu Feixue dodged far, far away from them, held her sword in front of her and… sprayed a mouthful of blood onto her ice sword.

The ice phoenix bloodline in Yun Che’s body shuddered slightly. Yun Che immediately recognized what she was doing...

It was Mu Feixue’s blood essence and ice phoenix origin blood!

The world suddenly turned silent in this moment, and Mu Feixue’s eyes slowly turned colorless. A frost power far stronger than what Mu Feixue should’ve been able to muster descended from the sky and froze the profound beast group and even the two Giant Glacier Beasts in mid-stride.

Mu Feixue’s pupils grew less and less focused as a deep blue profound formation spun slowly at the tip of her sword. She raised her sword slowly… and the color of the world itself had conformed to her power. Everything started to turn from white to light blue, then light blue to ice blue...

A terrible chill and terror invaded the souls of both human and profound beast regardless of distance. Everyone’s gaze was uncontrollably attracted to that blue wisp as the world grew bluer and bluer.

Yun Che’s pupils was similarly being dyed a deep blue color. For some reason, Mu Feixue’s transformation gave him a familiar feeling… Then, his pupils contracted sharply all of a sudden.

It was because he remembered where he had seen this technique before!

Six years ago… Flame God Realm… Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison… when Mu Xuanyin had been facing down two ancient horned dragons at once… 

It was Broken Moon Oblivion!

When Mu Xuanyin had executed Broken Moon Oblivion, she had had to expend most of her vitality and blood essence! If Mu Feixue were to execute the same technique, then… she might as well be committing suicide!

Unable to stay silent any longer, Yun Che dashed towards Mu Feixue like lightning.

On the first day he came to the God Realm, he had told himself at least a million times to keep a low profile and stay out of trouble… But he managed to make a big mess of things anyway.

Today, just less than two hours ago, he had made the Little Demon Empress and his wives a solemn promise to stay out of trouble and be careful… 

Yun Che slapped his forehead hard… It’s all fated, dammit!


A bolt of lightning dropped down from the sky, driving the two despairingly powerful Giant Glacier Beasts back in an instant. Then, Yun Che stopped right in front of Mu Feixue, pressed a finger to her sword, and forced the power she had just gathered with her life back into her body.

Yun Che shot a glance at the stunned Mu Feixue and allowed the corner of his lips to curl upwards. Then, he adopted an extremely impolite and frivolous tone, “Dear fairy, must you insist on wasting your life on two insignificant profound beasts? It’ll be a great loss to all men if we were to lose a pretty little thing like you!”