Chapter 1410 - Did She Change?

Chapter 1410 - Did She Change?

Yun Che’s frivolous and impolite words caused a bit of anger to seep into Mu Feixue’s deathly pale face and unfocused pupils, but she was unable to muster any power at all while still under his control.



Angered, the two Giant Glacier Beasts Yun Che had knocked away during his arrival pounced towards him in unison. The two Divine Spirit beasts’ combined strength was so powerful that a large section of the ground had been deeply depressed.

The Ice Phoenix disciples and the city’s profound practitioners felt like a terrible weight was bearing down on them, stifling their ability to breathe even though they were at least dozens of kilometers away from the two profound beasts. All they could feel was a deep sense of fear as the Giant Glacier Beasts bore down on Mu Feixue like two shadows on death.

Yun Che turned around and shot the two pouncing Giant Glacier Beasts a stare.

In an instant, the terrible, overlapping might of two Divine Spirit profound beasts suddenly vanished into nothing. It was almost as if their power was nothing more than a fragile soap bubble.

Before the people could even recover from their shock, Yun Che leisurely extended his hand and… 


Two purple lightning bolts cut through the air and penetrated the two Giant Glacier Beasts with ease… With Divine Spirit physiques, the two profound beasts were supposed to be a million times tougher than refined steel. However, the purple lightning bolts had easily punctured thirty-meter wide holes in their torsos, like they were made of rotten wood.

The two Giant Glacier Beasts froze in midair for an instant before they collapsed backwards amidst a torrent of blood. When they fell back into the profound beast horde, the remaining purple lightning suddenly spread out and exploded into two giant lightning fields, catching countless profound beasts in the blast and drawing even more despairing cries.



The lightning’s roar was heart wrenchingly loud… But the profound practitioners in front of Illusory Smoke City were too busy staring at the scene with widened pupils and twisted expressions to react… 

The Giant Glacier Beast… The two Giant Glacier Beasts that had thrown them into the depths of despair… were dead just like that!?

This man had come out of nowhere… and killed them so easily, like he was crushing two grasshoppers who just happened to be blocking his view!

“Dead… They’re dead…” The governor of Illusory Smoke City muttered in a daze. He wasn’t able to recover himself until a long time later.

“...” Mu Feixue was equally stunned by his feat.

Since Yun Che had decided to help, he saw no need to hold back any longer. He waved a hand and caused the sky to rumble ominously as hundreds of lightning bolts rained down from every direction in an instant. Every time a lightning struck the ground, it would explode into a giant lightning field and destroy every profound beast that was caught inside it. The entire snowy region had transformed into a borderless sea of thunder in just an instant.

The purple lightning completely flooded the white of the snow and everyone’s eyes. Every Ice Phoenix disciple and Illusory Smoke City profound practitioner was staring at the scene while feeling like they were living inside an illusion, slack-jawed, and wide-eyed.

In every lightning field, countless lightning bolts were causing havoc and destruction. However, it almost seemed the lightning bolts had a life and consciousness of their own as they conducted, spread out, and dragged smaller groups of profound beasts into the death traps again and again, all the while without ever wounding or even touching a single profound practitioner in the process… Not even when the profound practitioner was just inches away from them.

Mu Feixue’s sword slowly hit the ground. Yun Che was just a hand’s width away from her, and she seemed more and more spellbound the longer she stared at his back… 

Yun Che swung his hand outward, and the world instantly ripped away in one horrible tearing noise. An entire chunk of the ground hundreds of kilometers wide was uprooted by force before Yun Che tossed all the exploding profound beasts and dead bodies toward the distant horizon… A thunderstorm followed after the chunk of land had landed on the ground.

The world returned to silence once more after the thunderstorm had finally ended. This city was threatened to be overwhelmed and trampled by a profound beast riot just moments ago, but now? There wasn’t even a single profound beast that could be found within a fifty kilometer range.

Even if there were some distant profound beasts that were far enough away to not get caught in the death zone, they wouldn’t dare to take a step closer to this city after all that.

Now that the danger was over, Yun Che shot a glance at the stunned crowd in front of Illusory Smoke City before asking, “Are you okay?”

His eyebrows suddenly raised imperceptibly as he spoke.

It was because Mu Feixue was staring him straight in the eye. Her eyes looked weak and unfocused, but she kept staring at him even after he was done asking his question. She didn’t give him a reply, but she didn’t look away either.

In Yun Che’s memory, Mu Feixue was an indifferent woman all the way to the bone. She would normally never meet someone’s gaze like this. In the past, he had tried seeking her out for conversation based of their “special” relationship, but she had either looked away, ignored him or even walked away on the spot.

“...?” Yun Che rubbed his nose once before smiling, “Dear fairy, I’ll feel shy if you keep staring at me like this, you know.”

Mu Feixue’s sword suddenly slipped out of her grasp just as Yun Che was done speaking. Then, her body collapsed downward after a tiny tremble.

“Senior Sister Feixue!!”

In the distance, the frozen Ice Phoenix disciples finally broke out of their reverie and rushed towards them.

Yun Che subconsciously wanted to reach out and hold her, but he changed his mind halfway and switched to a ball of gentle profound energy instead, setting her down slowly on the ground.

Although he had interrupted Mu Feixue’s Broken Moon Oblivion by force, he couldn’t reverse the damage to her blood essence or her expended vitality. Moreover, there was the damage she took from the two Giant Glacier Beasts to consider… Mu Feixue would be in a weakened state for a very long period to come unless he chose to heal her with the power of the Rage God or light profound energy.

Mu Feixue slowly moved into a sitting position as the ice phoenix mark on her forehead glowed weakly. Then, she began working on suppressing her wounds and unstable energy and blood.

“Senior Sister Feixue!”

When the group of Ice Phoenix disciples finally arrived in panic, the highest level female profound practitioners among them immediately moved to Mu Feixue’s side and formed a protection formation. Meanwhile, the leading male disciple walked up to Yun Che and bowed, “Thank you for saving our Senior Sister Feixue during our time of need, senior. The Divine Ice Phoenix Sect shall remember this favor for eternity.”

Yun Che immediately recognized him as Mu Hanyan, a male disciple of the Ice Phoenix Divine Hall. He was one of the participants of the Profound God Convention and a representative of the Snow Song Realm… although his battle result was horrendous to say the least.

Still, he clearly knew the right words to say to a benefactor…

Yun Che waved him off stylishly before saying, “You’re welcome. It’s nothing big.”

Behind them, the profound practitioners of Illusory Smoke City had finally made it over as well. The governor of the city immediately dropped on his knees and thanked Yun Che tearfully, “Senior… thank you so much for saving our lives! If you hadn’t been here, Illusory Smoke City would’ve succumbed to the profound beasts already. Please, you simply must receive a kowtow from us, great benefactor.”

After he said that, every city defender including himself went down to their knees and gave Yun Che a solemn kowtow.

“...” Yun Che grinned and was about to say something. However, he suddenly sensed something and raised an eyebrow.

He had been feeling a gaze on his back since the moment he had turned around… and unless he was sorely mistaken, the gaze had belonged to Mu Feixue. For whatever reason, the woman had decided to stare at his back instead of suppressing her wounds. Her gaze hadn’t even strayed an inch to the sides.

What the hell? Mu Feixue was the kind of woman who found taking even an extra glance at god himself bothersome, so there shouldn’t be any reason for her to stare at a stranger for such a long time… Could it be that her temperament had changed after she had become Master’s disciple?

“Please tell us your name, oh great benefactor. Illusory Smoke City shall record and remember it for generations to come… If you have a favor you to ask of us, please don’t hesitate to risk our lives and limbs!” the governor of Illusory Smoke City declared.

It was true that those two Giant Glacier Beasts would’ve flattened the entire Illusory Smoke City if Yun Che wasn’t here today. He felt no pressure whatsoever in receiving their thanks.

Yun Che waved his hand again with a casual expression, “I told you that it’s nothing big, you don’t have to keep it in mind. Oh… my name is Ling, Ling Yun. But again, you don’t have to keep my name in mind.”

Mu Feixue, "...”

Mu Hanyan immediately replied, “This junior’s name is Mu Hanyan. This junior promises to report senior’s name to our elder… Er, if you don’t mind, may I ask where does senior come from? And… are you a Divine King, senior?”

Yun Che had used the power of lightning just now. He was clearly not a member of the Snow Song Realm.

Yun Che said, “You are correct, I am a Divine King, and I’m not a member of the Snow Song Realm. I happened to be passing through this place when I saw the commotion. As for my circumstances for being here, it’s better if you don’t ask.”

Everyone was shocked to hear Yun Che’s admission.

It was because a Divine King would be a palace master or an elder even in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect!

The governor's back bent even lower as he said reverently, “It has been a hundred years since Illusory Smoke City has been this blessed. Please, join us at the city so we may express our thanks and gratitude properly.”

“It’s fine, I still have a journey to make. Anyway, you guys should focus on cleaning up this mess instead.”

Mu Feixue’s unwavering gaze was causing Yun Che to feel a little uncomfortable, and he was just about to leave after tossing down those words. But suddenly, the gaze on his back started trembling unnaturally...

Mu Feixue shuddered and spat out a mouthful of scarlet blood. Not only did she fail to suppress her wounds, it had gotten worse without warning and making her face look even whiter than before.

“Senior Sister Feixue!” The Ice Phoenix disciples turned pale with shock. They hurriedly produced all kinds of healing medicine from their pockets, but they dared not apply a single one onto Mu Feixue. It was because she had lost a tremendous amount of blood essence and vitality besides her injuries, and external energy might very well worsen her injuries instead of improving them.

Yun Che shot a glance at Mu Feixue and inspected her condition… Her wounds were severe, but it should’ve been well within her control. She was clearly suffering from a rebound after he had forcefully interrupted her Broken Moon Oblivion.

It was obvious that Mu Feixue had only grasped Broken Moon Oblivion not long ago, and she didn’t have full control over the technique. Although Yun Che had successfully stopped her from executing the technique, the rebound effects were still pretty severe.

Had Yun Che chosen not to interfere, she would’ve died on the spot even if she managed to kill a Giant Glacier Beast in the process.

If he were to leave her like this, Mu Feixue was sure to suffer some hidden damage even after she had recovered. Worse, she would lose a large majority of her talent as well.

“Let me help you. Don’t move!”

According to his knowledge of Mu Feixue, she would never allow a man to touch her no matter what the situation. That was why he had touched her in her solar plexus and injected a stream of Rage God energy and world spirit energy into her body before she could react.

At the same time, he had mustered his profound energy to hold both her and her profound energy down just in case Mu Feixue had decided to resist violently. But to his surprise, all Mu Feixue did was shudder once before… submitting to him completely. She didn’t throw any verbal or physical rejection at him.

“???” Yun Che eyebrows jumped unconsciously… What the hell is going on? Did she really change while I was gone?

She can’t have recognized me, right?... Nonono, that just wasn’t possible. His physical and verbal disguise had always been perfect, and he had used lightning profound energy when he had saved her from danger, not to mention that he was supposed to be dead to the entire God Realm.

Moreover, he barely knew Mu Feixue as a person even though they had been in the same sect for three years. Even better, the only real interaction between the two of them was the time he lost partial control, jumped on her, and stripped her after he was poisoned with the horned dragon’s blood by Mu Xuanyin… The episode even ended with him knocking himself out at the very end.

After that, she never spoke with him again.

Long story short… He absolutely refused to believe that she could recognize him!

Although Yun Che’s action hadn’t alarmed Mu Feixue, he had shocked every Ice Phoenix disciple around him… Everyone was wide-eyed and exchanging glances with each other when they saw Yun Che making direct contact with Mu Feixue’s body, even though it was just a finger.

Thanks to Yun Che’s Rage God powers, Mu Feixue’s complexion quickly became much better. Her unstable energy and blood had returned to normal as well.

Mu Feixue should be able to deal with the rest.

After the treatment was done, Yun Che withdrew his arm and shot the confused Ice Phoenix disciples a glance. He waved his arm in an impatient manner before complaining, “How troublesome. Speaking of which, what the hell are you kids waiting for? Take her back to her sect already! Or is your senior sister not dying fast enough to tickle your sense of urgency?”

No one dared to offend an Ice Phoenix disciple in the Snow Song Realm, but all they could do in front of Yun Che was nod like pecking chicks before Mu Hanyan came forward, “We will take senior sister back to our sect right away. But… may we know where you’re headed, senior Ling? If you don’t mind, will you let us invite you back to the sect and express our thanks?”

“It’s fine,” Yun Che turned around impatiently, “I have plenty of things to do and I can’t afford the time. I wouldn’t even have bothered if she wasn’t so pretty… so long!”

After that, he turned around and appeared dozens of meters away from the group in just a step. But instead of continuing on his journey, Yun Che suddenly froze and looked towards the front.

The impatience in his eyes faded away into heavy seriousness and a terrible chill.